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  1. This Delta No. 318 8in. Circular Saw "Tilty" & 4" joiner combo is another gem from grandpa. I've not run across modern day photo's of this but I've only recently began to look. I found the catalog where this appears. Delta Quality Tools Catalogue G - Oct. 1 1930 - thanks to vintagemachinery.org/pubs/detail.aspx?id=3205 The 4" Craftsman joiner almost looks like the Delta. Maybe a Craftsman guard was used to replace the original? More research is needed here. This is another well kept item and runs pretty well although it could use a little more torque so the deeper cu
  2. Welcome to our community Glenn!

  3. Thanks all. I was amazed that you can buy all the parts and build a new saw for about $31...according to the manual.
  4. Glad to contribute! I've got a couple other little gems I'll save for a later date...Table saw / joiner combo. Grandpa's tools are much cherished at this point and wish my dad and grandpa could share their knowledge today. Both are gone but not forgotten.
  5. Truely Quality work. I stumbled across This site doing a little look up on my grandfathers saw, which I believe to be originally purchased by him. This is an awesome saw and has never let me down and requires very little maintenance. Thought you may enjoy these...Operating the new Delta 24 inch Scroll Saw.pdf
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