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  1. What I did on a outside set of stairs was to put one rail at the required height and another lower for kids that had trouble reaching the normal height one. Where practical I prefer railings on both sides, it is a great help when you are older or had surgery for hip replacements. Roly
  2. Can you mark the chain, reinstall battery and try to stop it at a different point, remove battery sharpen and repeat process. Besides the brake, if it is a worm drive it will be hard to have the chain drive the motor. Remember the gas saw has a centrifugal clutch, the electrics don't. Roly
  3. Very interesting Dan. Just goes to show Mother Nature knows best. Roly
  4. If you do use UV ply, do like kmealy said, dados and rabbits. This is the way I built mine as it holds all the parts in alignment and you have the cut edges for gluing. The UV coating is hard, so be careful as you will get minor cuts on your hands from the cut edges. Roly
  5. Yes the UV coating will interfere with glue ups. I took a light router pass or sanded it off in those areas but there are just a few places where you need to do this such as a prefinished back to a side. Roly
  6. UV finished plywood, normally it is applied to maple or birch ply. You can get it in one side or both sides coated in all the normal thicknesses. I got mine from a hardwood dealer that supplies the cabinet shops. Roly
  7. If you still have the option look at prefinished plywood, the UV coating is almost bullet proof. Roly
  8. If the ground on the controller is good that will be fine to connect to. I have a feeling when the controller was installed the ground to the motor was forgotten. At least run a temporary piece of wire from a ground to the lathe bed and see what happens. A high impedance digital voltmeter can give misleading readings. Roly
  9. +1 As Dan said you will be restricting the air flow with 2 filters stacked and the first one will be the one doing all the work. Roly
  10. For the insulated crimp type connectors, color code Yellow 10-12, Blue 14-16, Red 18-22. I would just use the Wegos, those are normally 12-16 or 18 I doubt if the wire is less than 18 ga. Attempt to pull out the wires from the Wegos, that will tell you if they are connected correctly. If using the spade or round pin you will need the mating sides for different size wire, make sure they will fit together. Roly
  11. What about a polymer roof coating applied to the underside. They do make sound deadening coatings, think of stainless steel sinks. I would think any thick pliable coating would reduce the noise but don't know by how much and be worth the cost. Roly
  12. Are you talking about leveling clips ? I would think grinding floor level in that spot would be easier . Roly They control lippage but don't care if they are level.
  13. The reason for not installing the bonding screw in more than one panel is you are grounding the neutral again. Once you do this inside your home you have a parallel path for neutral current across the ground wire. Regrounding the ground wire is fine such as different panels but not regrounding the neutral. Roly
  14. Roly


    Smallpatch wrote "I think the windmills actually makes for a better drive to the big city for its better than seeing those cows standing there looking for something to eat all day long..." Cows taste better than windmills but windmills smell better. I would rather see the cows. Roly
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