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  1. Coiled roofing nails For air nailer. Roly
  2. Roly

    For the first time since owning a house

    While the expansion tank for a water heater will lessen water hammer it's main purpose is to prevent a large rise in water pressure when cold water is heated on a closed system. It use to be pressure in excess of main pressure was force back into the main, now most new water meters are designed to prevent any backflow into the main which prevent contamination of the water. So now any excess pressure will be relieved from the T&P device on the water heater before something else fails. Roly
  3. I use the shop vac also. Dosen't hurt to do it several times a season. Roly
  4. Roly

    Fiberglass Rebar

    Menards ad say it is for horizontal applications so I doubt it can be bent. The outside of it is rough with a spiral down it so concrete can adhere. A ad for it shows it being cut with a angle grinder with a cut off wheel. Haven't seen it used yet but in the salt belt it would be an advantage. Roly
  5. Roly

    Shelf lengths for inside cabinet

    if you already have the 1/2" ply for the shelves I would suggest at least a 1" high piece of hardwood on the face to stiffen it up and also look more pleasing. Normally I use 3/4" as the others have said but still face the front edge with a 3/8" or so thick piece of maple champhered top and bottom edge as a wear point when people drag something off shelf. Roly
  6. Roly

    minwax stains

    Glad to hear from you Russ. Drop back more often with photos of your work. Roly
  7. Roly

    utility door replacement

    Instead of white pine look at cedar fence boards, they may last longer and are inexpensive. Roly
  8. Roly

    Dryer Vent Weight

    When your dryer is running and the door is closed where is the air being exhausted entering the dryer ? Hint look at the louvers on the back. Roly
  9. Roly

    Ridge vent

    As I understand a lot of shingle companies require a ridge vent for the warranty. I have also read the leaving the turtle vents just short circuit the air flow by sucking in air at the turtle vents and exiting out the ridge. They say having enough soffit vents is better. I don't know which is best. Roly
  10. Roly

    Dryer Vent Weight

    Is the dryer located in a closed room with a hvac duct that could pressurize the room ? As far as the dryer, it sucks in room air that is expelled to the outside, I wouldn't expect it to be tight. Roly
  11. Roly

    utility door replacement

    I had the same issue, used the Hardie cement board siding for the doors with treated lumber for trim.. Heavy but has not rotted. Roly
  12. Suggest the solvent type contact cement, not the water based type. Roly
  13. Roly

    Screwed By Another Buyout.

    You might want to look HERE . I don't know your model # but are they the L bolts ? Roly
  14. The triangular tubing was to prevent the animals falling from slipping on the slick floor. The animals deposit slick stuff on the floor also. Will a pallet truck be used inside the trailer ? If so the flooring will have to be able to support the weight with the small diameter wheels. Roly
  15. I'm guessing they had a metal detector ? It all makes sense to me but what is the Purity Baking thing ? Roly Hope she is ok !

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