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  1. Roly


    Smallpatch wrote "I think the windmills actually makes for a better drive to the big city for its better than seeing those cows standing there looking for something to eat all day long..." Cows taste better than windmills but windmills smell better. I would rather see the cows. Roly
  2. Level 91 ! Way beyond me at 9. Roly
  3. Thank You, never heard the term before. Roly
  4. What is a scorp ? Roly
  5. You do realize WoodGears.com does do April Fools day jokes and this project was marked April, 2019 on the video. Just saying . Roly
  6. I also use VLC with Win 10. Roly
  7. Agreed , this type will also fit slat wall. Can also be used to hold wire baskets with items to sell. Roly
  8. Sounds like the splitter is not in alignment with the blade. Take a straight edge and see it the front and back of the splitter is in alignment. Roly
  9. Probably a little relay somewhere did it. As I understand the diesel engines just operate electric generators and as load is applied more engines come on line all propulsion is from electric motors. So it probably was not engine oil but lack of magic smoke after it leaked out. Seems like a manual control should be available for emergency. Roly
  10. Didn't they loose the engines first ? Roly
  11. This was about our biggest electrical fire. Basically a bad connection started a chain of events 138 kv Roly (picture from a local newspaper)
  12. It has been pretty will covered but like Artie I never run less than 12 ga and a 20 amp circuit. The cost is minimal. Roly
  13. You don't have snow snakes on the roads up there ? (for the banana belt people like Stick, a light dry snow will form into a tube shape behind a vehicle and squirm across the road ) Roly
  14. The shot gun will also clean out the gutter. Roly
  15. I have a feeling you will get wet also. You might want to give a little bend to the straight section to put it out in front of you. Roly
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