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  1. I'm guessing they had a metal detector ? It all makes sense to me but what is the Purity Baking thing ? Roly Hope she is ok !
  2. Roly

    Photos From Alaska

    We did the land and sea Alaska trip on Holland America. Only on the boat for 2 1/2 days the rest was on a bus,train, and a boat that went 100 miles up the Yukon river . You get to see a lot more of Alaska and British Columbia than on just a cruise. Still a lot of sitting time on the bus as the distances are great. For me the ship would get old after a couple of days. If you like wilderness that is the place to go. Roly
  3. This is just the reversing switch another on-off switch is needed before L1. Roly
  4. Just one double pole double throw switch. Roly CORRECTION the P2 on the drawing should be P1 as this is the motor overload which would be in CORRECTION the P2 on the drawing should be P1 as this is the motor overload which would be in the ungrounded line (hot)
  5. I assume the numbers on your drawing are the switch terminal numbers. What motor wires did you connect to which switch terminal numbers ? I also assume the numbers on the left side is for one position of the switch and the other side is for the other switch position and the opposite sides are all open when one side is closed and all are open when switch is in the off position, Correct ? And a final question is the motor connected for 120v or 240v ? Roly What type of switch is it ? Does not look like a normal motor reversing switch like Stick drew.
  6. P1 the ungrn'd is the line side of the overcurrent protection and the hot side of the 120v supply is connected to this, the neutral side of the 120v supply is connected to what is marked line where T2,T5,and T4 are conned together. This is done so if the protector trips the windings would not remain energized. When connected for 240v the windings will remain energized from the other side of the line when the protector trips. It will work either way but they properly advise which is best for 120v. Roly
  7. Roly

    Cordless Tools

    I would say not as I have Ridgid drills that do the same thing. Something has to lock the shaft when you let go of the trigger. I would say it would be best to slow the drill before letting go of the trigger when unloaded. I have been unable to see the inner workings of the drill to see what is actually locking the shaft as it is part of an assembly. Roly
  8. Roly

    Cordless Tools

    It is the shaft lock making that sound. If you notice the shaft is locked when tightening or loosening the chuck. Roly
  9. Looking at the responses on Redit, I don't think is for wine or champagne ether. Roly
  10. Roly

    How To Match a Stain Color

    If your wife said she liked it, case closed. Roly
  11. Roly

    Gas Range With No Vent.

    I have not heard of any CO problems from a gas range unless they were used to heat a home. I would not think they could sell them without exhaust to the outside if it were a big problem. As said LP burns cleaner which is why a lot of fork lifts inside warehouses are LP. Roly
  12. Seems like the recesses in the board are at the opposite angle they should be to hook the ring on the chains. Looks heavy to carry anything such as firewood. Was thinking something round (like a pipe) goes between the recesses and the rings. Roly
  13. Roly

    Is It A Tool?

    I was thinking that since the brass parts are on the top and bottom it could connect the electric at those points and the steel part was just for strength. More of a plug type item that could change connections to reverse a motor. This would be for the large industrial machines. Just a guess. Roly
  14. Roly

    Is It A Tool?

    Are there any holes in the ends where a handle could be attached ? I am thinking along Sticks idea it is some sort of electrical connection. Roly
  15. Roly

    Garage Door Hinges

    The mounting brackets are different top to bottom also. The tracks are not mounted parallel to the door frame so it just presses against the seal when closed. Roly

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