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  1. DuckSoup

    Laser Etched Cutting Board

    Nice job on the glue up, it adds a lot to the design.
  2. DuckSoup

    Good Clean Fun

  3. DuckSoup

    Sidewalk Leds

    Great idea for repurposing material.
  4. DuckSoup

    Free for All Forum Changes

    I'm with the majority
  5. DuckSoup

    MWTCA July 2018 'What's It' Project

    Congrats Dan.
  6. DuckSoup

    2 Weeks From Today

    Not a problem Fred, Comes with cups & condiments. I'll get one decaf & regular.
  7. DuckSoup

    2 Weeks From Today

    Fred, there is a DD just north of you, I can stop and pick up some coffee on my way in. They sell fresh brewed by the box .
  8. DuckSoup

    Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You.

    Happy Birthday Al, have a great day.
  9. DuckSoup

    What, Me Worry?

    Enjoy your day & Happy Birthday.
  10. DuckSoup

    Clearance Sale At Woodcraft!

    I received a e-mail for a flash sale for some files and rasp at Woodcrafts. Ordered on the 3rd and were sitting on the porch on the 6th. I can't get my water bill across town in 3 days. Great service.
  11. DuckSoup

    Turning Blanks

    Nice score. I have came across some nice maple head boards over the years.
  12. DuckSoup

    It's August! Time To Gather!

    I'll look up the number for 911 when I get closer to Freds house.
  13. DuckSoup

    Good Night for Me.

    Congrats Steve, well deserved.
  14. DuckSoup

    Dulling the Point On a Brad

    I have done this with finish nails but never thought to do this with brad nails.
  15. DuckSoup

    Good Clean Fun

    Check the door I think its Don Ho.

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