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  1. https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2019/Porter-Cable-Table-Saws-Sold-Exclusively-at-Lowes-Stores-Recalled-Due-to-Fire-Hazard-Made-by-Chang-Type
  2. I have to agree Cal, 100%.
  3. A lot of color on those maps Jess, look good. Nice looking bells @Gerald.
  4. I have to agree with @Artie the NEC is a minimum requirement, locals can always ask for more. When I was an apprentice working with a journeyman in a electrical room we had to turn the power off to a breaker that also fed the light in the room, the dead front was off the panel. He turned off the breaker before I turned on the flashlight and when I did he told me to turn the light off. He then showed me a little blue arc coming from a breaker, with the light back on he showed me that the screw on the breaker was never tighten and the wire had welded itself in place and the arc was from other strands of wire trying to make connection. Don't know how long it was like that but from that point on every time I was tasked with terminating a panel before I put the dead front on I would double check every breaker. In commercial panels there are 42 breakers plus neutral wires & grounds, its easy to miss a wire from a little distraction. Over time I have missed some and found some others have missed before me and was glad for the double take.
  5. Read a lot of positive reviews for the rapid resizer. I may have to try it out. I like you have found over time that solid material isn't always the best choice. Good tip on the second hand book stores I'll have to look for one in my area. As always Jess, great looking pieces.
  6. Jess the clocks look great. I always wanted to do an Apostles clock that Wildwood has a pattern for. I purchased several books by Patrick Spielman, then my mother in-law told me I can just go to the library and get the books for free & copy the patterns I wanted. That's pretty much when I had the idea for a pattern book. I remember when you did the 12 days, its a nice pattern and yours came out great. As for Ducksoup, its a life long love of the Marx Brothers movies.
  7. Happy Birthday Herb, have a great day!
  8. Great tip on the stack cutting. I cut Xmas gift tags out of luan & let the kids paint them, I can do 6 at a time. I have done the same and created a master pattern folder. Just copy what you need. I've gone as far as marking the type of wood & the time it takes from start to finish.
  9. Gator, our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. This has only happened one other time and I know she means business. The first time involved a 9 day stay in the hospital, 3 of those in intensive care, from a scratched knuckle that developed into sepsis. I'm occasionally reminded that I've received "last rites" once and that scratch or cut needs to be cleaned Now. By the way, I'm the "head of the house" & I have her permission to say so.
  10. Hope you feel better Allen, I know cool damp weather can play havoc on the bones.
  11. A little bit of though yielded big results. Nice job Dan.
  12. After several weeks of spring weather and being somewhat productive in the shop on some clocks & cheese boards I'm making someone put the malocchio on me & the last 7 days has been laced with 3 separate injuries to my right arm. The LOML left for work on Friday and took the shop keys with her, a later text told me I was grounded for a couple of days. Over the weekend I installed a new faucet in the kitchen & cleaned the stove, trying to build up my "atta boy" list and get my keys back.
  13. Great looking desk, should get years of service from it.
  14. DuckSoup

    What Lies Beneath

    Beautiful piece.
  15. Welcome Sid, look forward to seeing your work.
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