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  1. Broke down the the workbench, cleaned off the catch all and gained some room. Waiting on a trailer & 6 guys.
  2. Scheduled for a vaccine Monday afternoon. Patti get hers Tuesday morning.
  3. Just take the envelope that says " no postage necessary" that is part of the junk mail system and cram the junk mail in it and send it to them. Let them burn it. If they see your name enough times they'll take you off the list.
  4. People 60 and older are eligible for the shot starting tomorrow in Ohio. We are willing to take any appointment that we can get unless it's for the "Sputnik-V" brand.
  5. Maybe check here, they may have a used one that they are willing to sell. https://www.moonminisrefrigeration.com/refrigerated-containers-in-lexington-kentucky/
  6. Started breaking down my old table saw base & router table which gives me some more room to move around. Frame and base are 2"x2"x1/4" angle iron and it gave me a good idea how much stronger I was 30 years ago. Need to clean up the storage area (catch all) under the workbench & then call-in some favors to help me and the new owner get it on a trailer.
  7. Thanks Fred, for sharing that sunshine.
  8. I'm always impressed by the grain patterns that result from wood choices you guys make. This article helped me understand a little better how you guys choose your blanks. Hope the link works. https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/cutting-bowl-blanks-from-a-tree/
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