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  1. Happy birthday Fred, enjoy your day!
  2. The lights & fan look good Danl. I was never a fan of the tulip shades, they seem to me to give off too much glare. That new fan give a nice clean look to the ceiling. LED's have come down in price in the last few years and I don't see myself ever buying an incandescent bulb again. The one thing I learned how LED's affect a persons eyes is that they pulse, you can see this if you watch a video of someone or something & a LED tv in on in the background. Our local news weather cam shows a gas station in the shot and the LED price signs will slowly blink on & off, my guess is the
  3. Ron and others here recommended this router for me a few months back & I am happy they did. The soft start on this router is nice when doing handheld work. I do miss the single wrench bit change with the Ryobi but I'm pass that now. I did find the price cheaper at Lowes.
  4. The thing I noticed about Ryobi "One" is that that "One" battery comes in at least 12 different ah ratings & none of the flipping chargers are the same.
  5. Worked on the kitchen yesterday morning & cut the grass in the afternoon trying to stay ahead of the rain. I use an old straight edge kitchen knife & re-sharpen as needed. I put tape around the handle so she won't recognize it.
  6. Late to the party, again. Happy Birthday Coasty.
  7. I was ordering insulation earlier this week, need 14 rolls at a cost of 286.72. If I order twenty I'll get 30% off at a cost of 286.80. So for .08 I get 6 rolls. I'll find a place for the other 6. After a couple of days I realize I should have ordered 20 rolls 3 times and then returned 42.
  8. Received instructions & the ok from CID Wednesday to remove the last of the door frames & studs and install a new header. I toenailed (4) 3" screws through the studs and into the second floor floor joist & then a temporary 2x8 to eliminate any movement in the studs. Cut the studs, install the header & jacks and we are moving on. I'll need to bring the old porch floor level with the rest of the kitchen.
  9. A million bucks, payable in the sum of $1.00 a year for a million years. Fortunately the wall that needs to be built out is only 10'. Buying a 2x8 and ripping it in half is cheaper than buying two 2x4's. The 4 ceiling joist I'll need were salvaged from the wall that I removed between the kitchen & porch. The studs are the same as the joist and measure 1 3/4" x 3 3/4". We removed one layer of cement board and 3 layers of plaster from the kitchen ceiling and there was no sag so I figure these should hold a layer 5/8" green board. Underlayment, I've seen as high as 21.00 a s
  10. At this point the only cookies I'm seeing are coming from the Girl scouts. Stove is disconnected so dinner has been salads, rotisserie chickens & take-out. It's a regional thing at weddings. The wife gathers 10 known cookie makers and they as a group decide who, what & how many cookies are to be made. Whoever makes the best clothespin cookies or fold-overs or pizzelles etc. is tasked with making 15 dozen of her best. As I understand the formula, it's 8 cookies per 2/3 of your guest at the reception+ 1/3 more for guest to take home at the end of the reception. At our yo
  11. Unique for sure. Even being able to see them through the glass top I can feel my knees whacking one when I would sit.
  12. I planned on remodeling the kitchen a year ago January but was informed that our Goddaughter's wedding was in April and Patti was baking the cookies for the cookie table. 2020 being what it was scraped the wedding plans. Decided to redo the first floor bathroom instead. Me personally I wanted to eliminate it and use the space in the kitchen but with family members getting older we have the need so it stays. Original owners paneled this room and covered a window in the back wall and then build a closet on that wall. When looking at the back of the house you'll see two windows & a door, more
  13. Good luck with the sale. Post some pics of you are selling.
  14. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!
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