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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you & Marie. Enjoy it with the ones you can.
  2. So Keith, am I correct in saying you left your jig in place after the crosscut & just flipped the narrow piece over and cut again leaving the diamond shapes?
  3. Have the uprights in place & the bottom glued and nailed. Added supports to hold the plywood base for the table saw. I still need to add supports in the middle that will allow me to bolt the saw in place. The right side of the saw will be parallel with the center post & the top horizontal board is the back of the table. The space below the saw will hold a dust bin & storage. The area to the right of the center post I will use as a router table as well as storage.
  4. Have been working on my workbench in-between visits to the VA with my Dad. Have the uprights cut & fit, glued & screwed and installed the bottom.
  5. Good news for sure! Hope you're back to a regular routine soon.
  6. Those look great Dan.
  7. What's weird is "wierd" or should it be "wired"
  8. @Gerald what brand of fence do you have on the table saw?
  9. I have spent some time this year reworking my shop arrangement. Started with a 60 amp service & this allowed me to move the compressor into an attached shed then hard piped it into the shop. Install a small dust system in the shed and connected my miter saw, belt/spindle sander & a port for my ROS. I passed on things to other people that could use them & got rid of things I haven't or won't need. Consolidated everything to the 3 walls in the shop. I realized during the process that walking around my work bench to get to the other side of the shop just wasn't working anymore,
  10. Looking good Steve, room for plenty of keepsakes in there. Plans for a tray or lift out?
  11. Ok, things are working & thanks all for the help.
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