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  1. DuckSoup


    @Artie I would spray the adhesive on the paper pattern, less chance of overspray on the wood. If you just stencil it on the wood nothing else is needed, cut away.
  2. DuckSoup

    Birthday Greetings to

    Sorry I missed the party, Happy belated Birthday.
  3. DuckSoup

    making large circles

    Maybe need to save this in woodworking tips. Thanks Keith.
  4. Definitely a treasure for sure Dab.
  5. DuckSoup

    Woodworking projects

    I think the challenge of making it, for me, is the biggest motivator. My projects tend to follow the wood pile I have. I look for plans that match the wood which slows me down. I should just go and purchase the wood I need for the plan. It's hard to pass up a drawer at the restore and not see a scroll saw project in it. Keeping the projects different keeps my interest up. Short term projects helps with my ADD. Too much of the same types of projects gets a little mundane. My daughters, sisters & SIL like to hit me up with Xmas in July projects. That's a good change of pace. Now that I have an extra 40 hrs. a week my plan is to use that time to go through that stack of "I'll get to that one day" projects. Plans are subject to change.
  6. DuckSoup

    Tabs on the Weather...

    When the morning radar looks like a shark ready to attack......
  7. DuckSoup

    How to Inside Out Vase (Picture Heavy)

    Great looking piece Dan. Thanks for the lesson.
  8. DuckSoup

    Interesting look backwards

    Some how I can't imagine my wife dressing up like this and going in the kitchen to cook. She's thinking we're going out!
  9. DuckSoup

    1st Project of the year?

    I am sorry for your loss Steve, our thoughts are with you and your family.
  10. DuckSoup

    Small corner table

    Looks great Cal.
  11. DuckSoup

    Wooden skyscraper?

    Boy, now there's a blast from the past.
  12. DuckSoup

    Sharpening circular saw blade the old way

    I seen that too Cal, that's one tools that's destine to get away.
  13. DuckSoup

    Food! . Food! and Grub.

    Maybe forgot her diet coke.

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