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  1. DuckSoup

    opened up

  2. DuckSoup

    Need a Bosch Fixed Router Base?

    The only router my wife knows about is next to the computer.
  3. DuckSoup

    Shelf lengths for inside cabinet

    A story stick never lies.
  4. DuckSoup

    Shelf lengths for inside cabinet

    Set a yard stick on the work bench and measure the length of the stick rule.
  5. DuckSoup

    Exact Level & Tool MFG. CO.

    A favorite tool of a millwright, used it to set-up machines and roll lines. I think the nut on the left was used to set the level true or at a slight slope. You could place shims under the level then you would know how much to raise or lower the machine.
  6. DuckSoup

    box birch

    Great looking box, a lot of heart went into that.
  7. DuckSoup

    Hartville Hardware

    Your right Dan, I remember when it was an Ace hardware in Hartville. I stopped yesterday and picked up a couple of Freud saw blades, but very limited as far as tools go.
  8. DuckSoup

    In Search of Drawer Pulls

    Have to agree with Dan. The cost of 6 pulls has to be way less than your time.
  9. DuckSoup

    Hartville Hardware

    I believe there are 4 roads that intersect, 8 entrances to the circle, and its probably one of the smoothest circles in the state.
  10. DuckSoup

    Simple Lock Box?

    I'm right with ya.
  11. DuckSoup

    Hartville Hardware

    That won't happen. Been married 38 yrs and with the exception of 1 year my wife has lived within one block of her childhood home. If a highway was coming thru she would be the last one fighting eminent domain.
  12. DuckSoup

    Hartville Hardware

    Sounds like a road trip
  13. Your on a roll, way to go Dan!
  14. So is this like the 2nd Saturday?

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