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  1. DuckSoup

    Home Built Sawmill

    Wow, for your application you definitely have it figured out. From the looks of the attachments on the wall all you lack is a name plate & a patent number.
  2. DuckSoup

    Happy Birthday Herb!

    Happy belated Birthday Herb...
  3. DuckSoup

    Ordering A Pizza

    We started having our pizza cut into 6 pieces because we could never finish an 8 cut.
  4. DuckSoup

    Useless conversation and other drivel...

    The whale knife on page 2 of the ad looks similar to the "what's it"
  5. DuckSoup

    How's That Again?

    I hope the person that wrote this isn't one of the assemblers. Gonna be a whole lotta spare parts laying around.
  6. DuckSoup

    Napkin Holder

    The beauty of the pattern is once you peel it off no one knows that that you had lines to follow. I have to agree with what was previously stated, avoid projects with a lot of straight lines. Less stress and frustration. These projects you've posted look great and with more time on the saw you'll get a better feel for the straight cuts. There are some great patterns out there of crosses with vines and such that help take away those long straight cuts. Check your local library for pattern books before you buy. Remember when your going out to the saw your going to relieve stress not create it. Have fun your doing great.
  7. DuckSoup

    The Weather Was Super Nice Yesterday.

    You know Dan it wouldn't be so bad if it would just stay one season. The idea of the seasons changing daily is just getting old.
  8. DuckSoup

    New Blade!

    Set up a fence and you might get some nice inlay from those 2" logs.
  9. DuckSoup

    chopping block bowl

    I'm no turner but the next time I use this pattern for a jewelry box I'm going use his method for the glue up and then just slice to the thickness that I need. Fewer pieces to fit together.
  10. DuckSoup

    Next Project?

    Steve, your energy level is amazing!
  11. DuckSoup

    Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Great job Stick, its always been informative topics.
  12. DuckSoup

    Useless conversation and other drivel...

    101 pages & 2000 replies, second only to the weather and it all started with this.
  13. DuckSoup

    Curly Cherry Hutch

    All are great looking pieces.
  14. DuckSoup

    Tabs on the Weather...

    What is this "Sun" thing you speak of?
  15. DuckSoup

    anyone have expertise in polycarbonate?

    Sign shops have ovens & do vacuforming, this might be the answer. Maybe you could make the curve with thin ply & they could heat and shape it for you. I do know that some glass cleaners will fog Lexan.

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