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  1. Its hard to pass up a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.
  2. Cal and his wife are getting interested in seeing the world again more up close so this little trip might catch their eyes.. at least it is larger than a row boat so smooth sailing should be in order....They might have been talking about the small rig on this side of the larger boat and if so you might want to take two life jackets each, just in case. I just wondering if a person has to get 32 different passports in 32 different languages so there will be no problems along the way...so many questions needs to be answered...… This little trip evidently has already started so getting your names in the pot for the next adventure might be good advise... Speaking this many languages is not especially required but it might help to make sure you won't be getting ripped off here and there..
  3. Artie thanks for thinking I was the one suggesting red ink,,,,,,,,,, I have never used red ink...Black is what I use.
  4. Gene the first woodworking show I went to was in 1999 and I remember this guy was giving a demo on an Epilog lazer machine.. someone handed him a business card and he clamped it in that machine and in a few minutes he handed me the burnt results... I was very impressed. So that first year two machines had me convinced... it would be that Epilog or the Legacy Ornamental Mill... and so this many years later I am still learning on the Mill.... and I realized either machine would be an enormous headache for my little brain.... I am glad to see you are getting your feet wet so don't ever think of letting dust collect on that thing.
  5. We had only bought this first house a couple of months prior but I had started rebuilding much of it to suit my dreams.... newly married couple with not near enough tools but something I was trying to do I could have used this special gadget....So I wrote it down and into the next hardware store I started looking for this great tool that would save many problems plus all that time I could save.. So I been married over 55 years and yes I have used it one more time in all those years.. Even though it took longer to find it than going to the store and buying another one......and it still looks new for I keep it inside the plastic cover... Since I bought this one I bet there have been maybe 20 or more different versions of it come on the market..
  6. Gene if I can keep going 50 more years at this, my learning curve seems to be getting easier with each completed project...but wait,,,, we found a book of how to draw people.. especially their faces...gonna have to add 50 more years for this to soak in to this little brain. Las Vegas seems to have their share of guys sitting there on a stool doing a portrait of someone and jf we happen back the same way we see him finishing his task and all these people both male and females artist can produce the most beautiful pictures. To me, portrait painting artist are tops in my book...I started to say if I could do that really good I would give my right arm in exchange but no that wouldn't work, oh well... I did use every kind of paint stain mixture on these last two projects. Some you have to wait real long to dry or else things can go wrong in a hurry..
  7. Finished this picture. Don't know why it got my attention enough to spend time trying to recreate it with wood.. Still not glued in so the gaps are still showing. I used baltic birch on this picture..
  8. I use my VA pill bottles for lacquer stain mixings and I guess they don't leak or else not while I'm using them. Sitting on the shelf maybe so? It would be better if they were clear instead of white!
  9. Hey Ron can you find any used bicycle wheels in your area? These wheels work real good and run a long time with out messing with them. I pack the bearing with regular car wheel bearing grease and these pictured I build in 08-2014 and haven't touch them since I put them up... The fins that are blue are light weight steel and came from some metal window blinds. The red ones are thicker about 1/16" and easier to weld. The fluorescent paint only stays that color about two weeks and fades real bad. The laid back Texan is made of aluminum as is the arrow. I built a little jig to hold the fins in place while welding them and they will run with a very light breeze. Used bicycles at garage sales are real cheap. I use a part of a go-cart wheel for the swivel which takes two good sealed bearing so they will last a long time also... So far they have all been balanced real good with out having to mess with weights after I weld them up...I've use spoons on one which looked okay.. I buy the metal at a metal building supply and they will slice ten foot pieces the size you want like shown which are 2" wide then I use the metal cut off saw like in the picture to cut the length I want to use.. HD or Lowes has metal racks but buying the short pieces from them are way more than what you can get at a metal supply
  10. John I agree...….Sitting in the waiting room yesterday every person in that room had their head stuck in their phones except me.....I guess that is why I am so out of touch with the world... My wife bought me one of those cheap things at Walmart and it never leaves my desk where the computer is....She does keep it charged but right now I don't even see it here anymore... We did request when our kids come to see us to please leave their phones in the car....They actually do that,,,,,,, but every few minutes it gets the best of them and they go wandering out to their cars to see if there are any important messages like what street are you on now or what room are you in now. Just so many important questions that needs answers.... Yes I do read the news and visit the weather channel before I go out to the shop on the computer but I leave it sitting on the desk at all times.... I just wish all these companies that provided insurance for these cars would have a clause added to the policy that if a cell phone is on in the drivers seat when an accident occurs then the insurance company will not be responsible... Or something like the motor will not start if a cell phone is on.. Yes I am mean but hey, driving a vehicle needs all of a persons attention not just when one wants to pay attention..
  11. I like it when the owner operator of a band saw knows its the guy who is setting up that saw is the reason it will not perform like he wants it to. I have different band saws for different styles of sawing...The biggest saw I keep a resaw blade on it and it only cuts in a straight line. No curve sawing with it ever... I don't even want to chance getting it un set if that is a word...Too much time goes into getting one set... My smaller saws a 12" and a 10" are for every things else. No 10" bandsaw that is being sold now is worth having in a shop...even if one is given to you. Not worth the space it will take up in your shop.. Too much plastic in these saws where nothing is ridged enough to stay set. A person will have better cuts using a scroll saw than a 10" band saw.
  12. Smallpatch

    Red birds

    This is what I was concerned about. The picture I started with I changed and added a few things more so than what I normally do so trying to get the right sizes for each thing to put things here and there did have me wondering..
  13. Smallpatch

    Red birds

    A tube of white acrylic, water base, paint. I put it on thick, let it dry for a day and night then sprayed satin lacquer. I tried gloss first but no happy. Three or four heavy coats smoothed it out like it should look. A little leary for that quick coating with lacquer for it could cause lots of air bubbles if too early.
  14. Smallpatch

    Red birds

    No where near done yet so these colors will change as I squirt on the finishing touches.. I have also decided the best possible place for viewing would be in a very dark surrounding..like with no flashlight then you see nothing. The snow is the only place that has any clear over the stains so no telling what will show up next.. Nothing glued down yet so I still got time to play around with it.. For sure the frame will turn green..

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