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  1. No paint on mine. The outside will have roof flashing on the exterior and insulation sandwitched on all the flat surfaces. And for the location, the wrought iron table will not be used for eating in cold weather so that is where the box will sit.....cause it will stay drier with the over head roof.. Amazing how two different minds work for same results...building a hot cat house!
  2. Your cats must be bigger than mine...my opening is 5" wide and 8" tall at the tallest point. And I am thinking of making the door way into a hall way to try and keep more heat that they build up inside instead of trying to warm up the world.
  3. Decided to check to see how big I need for the opening before it gets impossible to change the size Two apartments in one...maybe the heat of two cats sleeping close might be a help? A wall will separate the cats. It will have store bought insulation sandwiched between boards in all areas...Maybe I'll build another one for me in case I get run out of the house. I think I'll install a bell in there in case they might need more blankets.
  4. when I had my furniture finishing shop I had a partner who did all the upholstery. Back then lots of couches and overstuffed chairs to match...Upholstering is lots faster than finishing. Good fast money for those guys if they can feed the material through the sewing machine straight. I don't know why there is not more upholstery shops like use to be.
  5. I have been using a Dewalt for 20 years. They didn't have the 735 back then and now the 735X being a two speed And the Dewalts has 3 blades at less than 600.00 at Home Depot todays price which would be no freight if you are close . And a vet gets 10% off of that. Never heard of Cuteck and a review could be written up be anyone from their own company??? Also if you buy from a company and something goes wrong it would be easier to deal with them than maybe having to send it back to where ever that might be which could also be at your expense? So why chance an unknown. Lots of guys here use the Dewalt. The two speed could be worth it. Mine don't have it and wish it did!
  6. Hey Woodbutcherby a couple of cat boxes are on my menu also.. We have been furnishing Meow Mix for the 20 years we have lived here and now decided to build something to keep them warmer in the winter. I had left an opening under the house for them but realized other varmints have been sleeping there and tearing out the insulation so...No pets inside my house...can't stand the smell and wouldn't want to spend money for someone else to keep them clean for us, so, outside only.
  7. Al B I would like to see the bandsaw box unfinished and with the finish on!!
  8. Gene I meant to leave the last picture out of that post. This way a guy could maybe figure out how he would go about it for there is no exact place to start measuring ...Those holes and dowels were almost from a blind mans eyes. Lining up 4 holes on the front and 4 on the back and to get the front in line with the back took a mornings worth of thinking plus the whole day yesterday. I laid the parts out on my 20x30 inch graph paper and with a few wood block here and there I finally decided to drill some holes in the legs then trying to match up those holes on the clock body on the area where I had carved which was somewhat hilly made me grit my teeth each time the drill bit dug in to the wood???? Thinking this out originally I had intended on placing flowers over the dowel holes but now I think I will stick stained buttons in the holes and place the flowers elsewhere?? No cradle. Glued in dowels. This part of the build went smoother than I had expected!!!!
  9. Have been dreading this next adventure of attaching the legs and getting both front and back legs in alignment. Wonder how any one would attack this chore? I drilled the bottom of the legs so I could stick a dowel in to hold them while spraying on the clear.. I have already attached the legs but was wondering how anyone else would handle this chore. Will take a picture and post it soon.
  10. Somebody slipped an antique post in on you Billy Jack. They all might be dead by now??
  11. Cal I needed a brighter red and I decided to use printers ink yellow which is water base and when I mixed it in with a dye stain lacquer base red stain it clabbered up and looked terrible in the baby food glass jar. I then got the acetone and poured it in over the clabberd mixture and and it smoothed out and this is what I used. After the stain dries I use the all pro 3m 200 grit to sand off the edges to make it look like this is an older finish like people almost wore the paint off keeping it clean! Maybe she will use it as a hood ornament on her new red SUV. It should match the color maybe!
  12. Here we give them our phone number and that shows the clerk we are in their records as good bad or ugly and a vet.
  13. Gene I have never checked with Lowe's here to see for I have never needed a special order through their store... The other day when I had to renew my drivers license I wanted veteran included on the card so I had to take my DD214 and show it. No big deal but that 10% adds up here and there.
  14. Cal the air brush is not that hard to keep clean. When I get through using it I run a little lacquer thinner to clear it out then leave it full of thinner sitting on the shelf. About three weeks ago I still had not run the thinner and it took a little extra time to get the spray to widen out like always...Plus I have been spraying that water base stain and the glitter settles so I also clear it out with lacquer thinner also... I don't know if anyone does what I do and that is mixing lacquer base stain with water base stain. I do this sometimes for certain colors and there is a problem with it mixing and the stain will get like clabber milk…. I have never let this out but to get the two to mix like it should then instead of using lacquer thinner switch over to acetone and wa la the two different base stains will mix. I doubt if the know it all paint masters know this..... When the two clabbers just add some acetone and the mixture will smooth out...my little secret.
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