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  1. I hear what your saying Gerald. Thanks. I appreciate any kind of thoughts.
  2. and I could never decide what it is I am making so I put it up maybe ten times and forgot about it till today again. and I have no complaints of what I have done so far but still I don't know what it is I'm making. Its an 8 sided thing and maybe 5" in diameter and 10 inches tall and I have 4 sets of carvings like this. My brain seems to be hung and won't help anymore.
  3. brought some stained glass from a torn down church and wanted a wood frame instead of!!! Now I get to get even with him for going up on my taxes. Oh wait, I just remembered in Texas when a person turns 65 his taxes stays the same for the rest of his life...and he was not a criminal judge so I guess our paths never did meet. I didn't even touch the glass and the frame made it look better....
  4. They use a blade like this to keep the handle locked in to place. I have a few my inlaws left me but I don't use them.
  5. Don't you try to tell John Morris for he said it had a flat lid...…. with no bevels anywhere!!!!
  6. Ron the strangest thing we have had with wasp, we were in Las Vegas about 1996 and in one of the mauls, all the large casinos have their own large maul with very high class stores, and the only thing we ever bought in any of the stores were lanterns?? they were putting some things on special as we walked in and it so happened we had been looking for a bunch of coal oil lanterns to hang out at the go-cart track to experiment with citronella and coal oil and hopefully this mixture would burn and run off the mosquities and they had about 20 lanterns for like 3.95 so I bought all of them. Long story shorter, we used about ten of the lanterns with the mixture and yes and no for it might have run some insects off but not all …..anyway when we moved here the rest of the lanterns got here somehow so we hung them under the covered decks only this time I didn't put any oil in them and they hung there for looks....so in the late fall when it is starting to get cold the wasp are looking for a place to go and they start filling up the lanterns and you can see the pile getting deeper and deeper inside the lanterns. They crawl in the little vent holes then can't find their way out? I guess. Or I think that is what happens. I could sure make lots of money if I could just find some one looking to buy dead wasp.. I never did figure out why a high class store like that had those lanterns in the first place??? Wife said they were used in their decorations with nothing inside the tanks!!!
  7. Also thinking about your area there is probably not near as much for hawks to choose for food as where we live. So yes I have heard of eagles trying to haul off very young kids...
  8. They do have a railing but I think that is for strength since the metal is so thin I I guess the floor outside the nest could be used by hawks....In all the years we have had the houses in the air all 96 nest we have never seen hawks flying around the houses.....they do come to the yard and catch rodents and things on the ground like kittens...
  9. Lew none of the martin houses has perches or holes for perches on the ones for sale for Purple Martins.
  10. Lew I think I agree.. also here the eastern starling lays eggs in a sparrows nest and leaves all the next phase to the sparrows to raise the young. None of our nest we build has perches installed. 20 years ago yes we did add them but someone chewed the perches off.... I didn't sit out there and try to see who did it so I always had my opinions. One way to keep the starlings out was to put smaller holes. Ron, I would suggest putting different size holes and put the boxes close where you can keep an eye ball on them and see what's happening. When we first moved here 21 years ago I think?? I bought and installed the 12 room two story plastic houses way up on long poles and for years we had lots of Martins during the early summer months but they like to leave and go back south when it starts getting real hot so that ticked me off but the swallows stay till it starts freezing before they leave and the only place they build nest is under my dock.... Every where!!!!!!! and all that poop we have to clean up but hey, they do help by eating lots of mosquitoes so I think it is worth the extra time we have to spend cleaning.... If a person was to buy a metal break from HF and then buy a roll of flashing from HD one could build the same 12 room martin houses. I built one back when I saw the plastic would not last and that house is still as good as the day I put it up there....Its the one I put on a break over pole so I could take the bolt out and using a rope let it down and clean it out and get it ready for the next year...Texas A&M put out a good book about how to take care of the houses and to cover them up after the Martins leave so other birds would not use them.... because if you don't cover the holes then when the male Martin shows up in the early spring he will have to fight who ever is using the hole he used last year... A and M says the Martins uses the same house and the same hole every year... All it takes for Martins to start staying at your place is having a small lake or stream, have lots of trees and shrubs to harbor mosquitoes and insects and have the house as high as you can get it and have a good clear exit for when the young birds jump out of the next the very first time. No obstructions for their free fall might go all the way close to the ground before they flap their wings to take flight. They do prefer metal over wood for the metal does not hold an odor like wood does and if all a person only has wood to use then dig a hole and bury the wood pieces for a few days to remove the odor....And its best to cut all the pieces first to size!!!.. I did have only one of the eight houses no Martins ever used and it had lots of bushes and growth under the house so I do agree with having a good clean drop- way instead of a run-of a run way!!! It happened to be on a short, 10 foot wood pole and in about 5 years something rotted and the house feel to the ground and smashed to pieces.. I can't lower the break away house anymore for two oaks have grown too much to even try...I didn't proof read this so I do hope it is understandable...
  11. Ron, pictures does help but the problem of trying to warp it all back to the right shape I think is almost impossible...but spending half of your life trying to prove it can be done...I think each one of the slats have slight bevels cut on each side of each board and when glued together gets that nice curved top. I still think it would be quicker to build a new top and and all you need is a table saw that the blade can be set a very few degrees cut on each side of each board so get after it. I wood also use two slats underneath for something to glue it up on and these would be needing a band saw to cut the gradual curve in each side of each slat.. And I think more of a curved top would look much better.... Also the two slats could be left under for more support for not warping later or the two slats could just be used for the gluing only...either way.. I would leave them under with glue and screws... So there.
  12. Ron you might get a little smaller and think about making some wooden ear rings... Wife has been showing me some ear rings made of metal and gems and she says if they were carved of wood she thinks they would sell easy...…. and in these pictures of different ear rings there is some that are 4" so size don't matter to some girls. But the most important thing is ear rings and things of the same nature will sell all year and not limited to just before Christmas.
  13. You can spend the rest of your life fighting it and in the end it will still be warped. I would suggest every time you go in to the room where it is sitting ,,,,,,, just look the other way or replace the top. Good luck on what you choose to do!!
  14. Fred my scroll saw does a good job of blowing the dust away from the blade and blows the dust to the right side. I keep a box fan with a good filter attached to the intake side of the fan to catch the flying dust...and it sits touching my right knee. I keep all the used furnace filters from the house to reuse in my shop. I never was a fan of the hanging expensive fans they sell for I always thought the dust falls to the floor so I have three of the 20 dollar box fans sitting around where dust is made in the shop and it seems to work along with the big unit that sits in the big part of the shop that blows it all outside...And if you want to get fancy build a little slide in area for the filter which makes it much better to change filter in front of the box fan. A person can buy the stand Dewalt sells for their scroll saws but three legged and a person would have to stand up to use their set up and I don't think I would have ever lasted very long if I had to do stand and saw.. I built a table 20" tall for the saw which is a perfect height for the office chair I use on rollers for I wheel back and forth to the little flat area where I do my carving. The saw is not bolted to the table and the saw sits on some car tire tube pieces... Also if the scroll saw is bolter to the table and you want to cut something three of four foot long then something is always in the way either over to the left or to the right side of the saw. And with it just sitting there I can slide the saw one way and then the other for long items. I like the Dewalt for I can stand a dime up on the table while the saw is running. Some saws you can't do that even some Dewalts. this area I use is close to the corner of the shop so I saved a small computer fan that is about a foot higher than the table and the fan pushes the carving dust away from me towards the box fan which runs all the time. I don't know how anyone buys their furnace filters but HD sells a large package at a bargain each year so we get the best they sell and I reuse them in the shop plus one is attached to the front of the biggest window unit they sell so I keep lots of clean filters ready. Now, when I am carving with the power tools I go the extra mile kinda for some of the little 1/8" bits can grind away wood faster than can thought of so I add the screaming Sears large shop vac with the hose intake end just a foot or so from me on top of the table and it runs any time I am carving....And here is the only time I wear the ear muffs for one usually thinks a train is coming in to my shop... The little hose built on the saw only blows the dust away that comes out the top of the piece of wood a person is sawing where most of the dust the scroll saw makes comes out the bottom side of the wood and is piled up under the table and I keep the different colors of woods in different jars so when I need to patch large holes or gaps I can mix that same wood with the glue. No it don't make it disappear but it makes me happier to get the patch closer to the right color.
  15. Well, see there I did get smarter this time... But wait!!!! Next time it will happen again and I won't be able to find the right eraser to redo that line!!!?
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