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  1. Next I glue up for the base and the two bowls these will be carved hopefully. When glue is dry I will put these on the mill since I don't have a 3 5/8" forstner bit and hole saws make the wood look like heck so I will let a router bit make the holes. This is why the bottom piece is not rounded yet for this is where the screws go to hold the pieces on to the rotary indexing table on the mill.. I don't know if anyone is familiar with the Legacy Ornamental Mill but it can do almost anything one want to do with wood... Problem is an idiot has trouble figuring out how to set it up for dif
  2. These are better. Trying to decide which spindle to use for the center of this thing I'm thinkin of building. I'll make me up a bunch of pieces before I decide if this project is a go or not.
  3. Thanks Lew we have an adapter like that. Our VCR only has two outlets so wife found one her sister use to have and it does have three connections but then a notice came up on the TV screen we first have to check with the provider before it will work...great, now our provider has to have a fee for that also I guess. We don't have much choice if we want internet also. When we use to spend the three months in Colo. during the summer months we had Direct TV for we could take the receiver out of the bedroom and hook it up to the tv's in the motor home with one of those automatic antenna's t
  4. Thanks Cal. I got doves in two feeders so gotta go turn them upside down and let them fall out... How do you cook dove?
  5. The picture is about shot but maybe I can add other shapes and goodies???? I did find a couple of glass containers to hold the sugar and what ever that other stuff might be? No idea yet? Even though I had the big vac and the outside dust extractor going the mill really kicks out the shavings. And now after looking at the picture real good I think I need to make a different shaped center pole every thing will be stacked upon. We been trying to hook up the old VCR to this newer TV and come to find out it don't have enough places to plug in the three wires needed to make it work com
  6. Fred, give this a thought...when I'm copying something on the lathe I hang the item to copy right above the piece I am fixin to copy so both pieces are within two or three inches of each other...this way my eyes are on both pieces at the same time..........It does work better if one is crossed eyed.
  7. Gunny, they do make square tubing for those square holes!
  8. Well, this old Sears screaming mimi vacuum was bought in 1984 and got a little close to the fire the other day. It still works with no leaks happy to say.
  9. I wish these white winged doves would learn how to get out of the feeders!!!! When one gets in there the others likes to pile in also but none can ever find the hole to get out. There is two in this time. Sometimes I let them stay until three gets in..It seem like they don't know how to point their heads up.
  10. Boy some differences of opinion...wet sanding before a finish is applied....Not me for I blow it all as clean as I can get it before the finish goes on and I use a very fine bristle brush to help un clog all the loose stuff...as I blow.
  11. I don't understand the heading to this post. Did this guy start this post or what?
  12. felt lining material. finished in satin lacquer.

    © none

  13. Smallpatch


    It has about 30 coats of lacquer.

    © no

  14. Paul I guess I can't call what I do carving for all this was accomplished using grinding thingies. No carving with knives. My knuckles are too wore out to hold the knives and put pressure enough to push the knives through the wood. I have three Dremels hanging up and I sit back in my office chair and grind away... Its actually fun...
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