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  1. The hardest thing to do with a scroll saw is sawing straight lines. This brings out the best in me I guess . I drew out a square which I will make in to a frame for these red birds I am starting to carve. And to make it even harder on my eyes the first top and bottom lines were not where they should have been drawn so I redrew the top and bottom lines in the right places. And this presents an even larger task for I had two lines very close to each other and if a person don't keep their mind on where the blade is it would end up looking like the profile of a hand saw blade. And why didn't I erase all the lines to make it look that much better? And if a person lets his mind wander about that football loss that line being sawn line will wander all over the place... The blade is a #5 size flying dutchman Is this the reason why most of those scroll saws sits over in the corner collecting dust?
  2. I'm never happy with , what you see is what you get. I like to try other things not that important to any one but me. So here I am fixing to carve me some red birds and I noticed the big trees in the back ground???? So, I'm watching them ungrow!
  3. Danl it might be cheaper paying you for a round trip ticket to do that instead of one of these out of work ya hou's I see walking the streets with their hands in their pockets not looking for a job.
  4. The leaning oak trunk and part of the apricot tree is probably rusting the metal roof on the shop. I first started cutting the small limbs up on a tall step ladder with a hugh set of people powered tree limb cutters to make way for the back hoe to hook a large cable up in the tree trunk and back off out yonder with the back hoe and when it would be cut about half in two have me wife back up with the backhoe and pull it back away with it where it will fall out of danger of ruining some roofing. Well I was up there with those big cutters on a 12 foot step ladder and two sides of my shoulder started stinging like many wasp started stinging me many times... No wasp as I had put an awful sprain on both sides of my left shoulder.. This was about 2 months ago. It happened to be the same shoulder that had the rotater cup replaced about 15 years ago and the doc told me then if I mess up that shoulder again it probably can't be repaired again...So I assumed this was what happened so I decided not to go to the doc and live with the pain on both the front and the back of my left shoulder until my wife made me an appointment and let the doc tell me for sure what he could do...Well since he is just a little smarter than me he changed my life again. He didn't even have to set a date to operate which I wanted to believed was the only way to relieve this much pain in two large places. He didn't even act as if it was important and just got a needle and gave my one shot in the back side of the shoulder and said the front is connected to the the back area so no shot needed in the front even though the pain is on both sides of my arm bones. Then said come back in 6 weeks if you still have any more pain.... Hey I can now sit here and type and hold my quart size coffee cup with my left hand when I need a sip with out gritting me teeth.' But none of that fixed my problem with the trees and the shop. And there is a pear tree and the end of the shop which is about 40 foot tall and the only way we get any pears from up high in the tree is stand there and wait for one to fall. I do use 2 20 foot long 1" pvc pipes glued together for the pecan season but the pecans don't get hurt falling out of the trees like the pears gets squashed when they fall that far. When I set out that little double stem live oak seedling from my neighbors yard I thought that was cute and would be a conversation thing later on.. I was right for we talk about it all the time hoping lightning might hit it and disintegrate it so I won't have to the slow and painful way.
  5. Take my advise if you have any place inside to store lots of wood then go every few days and get as much as you can for they will eventually throw the stuff in the dumpsters and you are saving them lots of extra labor but do leave the pile or piles in neat stacks and that will make them happy. You could make them a clock with the shop name in large letters and the owner will think of you every time he looks at the clock and don't get cheap on the build....The wood needs to to inside to stay the same condition as it is now so if you have to build a shed for this lumber do it for this stuff has gone sky high in price. I got the same deal with a metal sales and construction company and took my time for I only loaded up when I was there buying new metal. Sadly this place closed up in about three years and the scrap was sitting there in one of those very long skid loader trash bins and the owner told me to load up all the metal I wanted every time I was there.. and just didn't take the time to go back often and load my long bed pickup with that much metal. Now I am buying flat strap round and angle all the time that I could have had for free.
  6. Dan I down graded from an 18 volt Dewalt which was way too heavy and would not stand on it own to three light weight 12 volt Harbor Freight models. 16.95 each so three drills with just one battery each still gives me the extra batteries. I pick one up and almost throw it over my head its so light weight. The last cheap drills were from Tractor supply and lasted about 3 1/2 years before the batteries went south so not knowing how long I got left to work in the shop going a shorter lasting time with the new tools I buy gives me a few more bites of food. Also here's something I come up with to do in the shop that others might want to do .....The expensive name brand drills and things I have should have thrown away because they have worn out, broken or the batteries gone bad I keep in the racks in plain sight along with the cheap brands and if someone breaks in to the shop and steals things to go pawn I would think they will take the higher priced tools for they would bring more money at a pawn shop so in other words they would be leaving me with the tools that still have a few years left so I don't have to be out more money right quick. Even though I have insurance I don't like to use for in return they just raise the premiums. I'm probably the only one who thinks like this but it does keep my thought on other things more pleasant to think about.
  7. I bet there are lots of cedars growing close to lots of you all so I want to show you all what can be built in a few hours with very little tools to buy for you all can use what you all allready have in you alls shop. I doubt if every one all ready has those cutters that makes large dowel looking ends so with just one more tool to buy just look at some of these prices a person could sell these stools for.... Or for the people that can't sit up straight these stools with backs But I think they have an advantage over folks who can't think ahead very far for this place is called Over Stocked and that right there makes folks think they are having to sell these things at a big discount right there...which all my neighbors are in that category so I'll bet they already have a bunch of stools stored somewhere cause they can't turn down bargains... And I was just now thinking every one of us here on this Patriot site could have 30 or 40 of both types of these stools built each and every day at these prices... World cruises and flights to outer space would be on every ones minds...I could even buy one of those electric counters just to keep track of all that money. Then we would have to consult some of the big big wigs to find out which off shore accounts they are using. Matter of fact the name Artie has been passed around here in a secret way who puts nothing but 100 dollar bills in the cans folks hold up while singing and sitting along the sidewalks in his neighbor. And those that play instruments in addition to singing is given a bottle of brew and its Artie's way to trying to pay back which is really sad for Artie is one of those souls that sits there holding his can. I really thought these stools would be a money maker until I just now see where they are giving free shipping. Now that's a problem right there. And when I figure out what kind of a problem that is I will let you all know.
  8. Well I can see its not a fee-mail so he must be your son? You need to take that hat light away from him and exchange it for your head bandana. You have been a hippy long enough!
  9. Cal when I brought up the blotching I was implying if a person uses a spray gun or an air brush to apply the stain or dye or what ever this eliminates blotching. This will let a person sneak up on the desired darkness of the wood with out going over board. Your staining goo- ru must have missed that class. Gerald this Passache does not have rubber O rings. Its also about 22 years old. I also have the same brand thats about 40 years old but it was the one I got tangled up in the little hose with my foot and jerked it in the floor and bent a few things. So Gene, whats are it.
  10. Cal I wouldn't know where to start.. But from what you said mineral spirits is never used in my spray painting even when I did use a large spray gun or now with the air brush. Most all my finishing now a days starts with a water base acrylic paint thinned down with you guessed it, water, when using the air brush. Also if I use many different colors I always start with the lightest shades first then cleaning the small bottle with a flushing of more water then add the next lightest color. Nothing is completely clean from the last color. Its not important unless I'm matching something and here anymore I don't worry about matching something for it is usually the first of being made. I have a sink in the shop so there is no extra work in spraying multi colors. Once all the colors are on its real important to let the things dry for a day or so for the rattle cans are lacquer and don't like to go over water soaked wood. Cal there are many different shades of acrylic metallic paint on this butterfly and I sprayed all the colors before any could dry so they would bleed in to each other and make it look like I knew what I was doing!!!!! Now a days it is better to leave things more ruffer than I use to so it will not look like a CNC machine made them. I bought this air brush from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon which they had all ways for one item . The rubber band around the hose is there for a reason. The small hose does come with the air brush. I lock the hose around the table saw fence so I won't hook the hose again with my foot and jerk it in to the floor and bend things - in to ruined!!!! The air brush set comes with a different set of needles and orifices to be able to draw very small lines with paint... this is a Passache #VL 0712 model and I do use an air regulator and water trap. And all due respect to Gunny its a large set and not an in line model which all my customers told me they didn't work and catch all the moisture....so I quit selling them years ago. A small air compressor can be used with an air brush. Lot of times I use about 20 lbs of pressure on thinned down paint... What else do you have questions about???? I do store the air brush with lacquer thinner in the bottle after flushing the gun out with the thinner. The small air hole in the top of the bottle needs a tooth pick tightly inserted in the hole and if it goes for many days between uses then the lacquer thinner will disappear so it needs to be watched for that... I think most parts seems to be stainless steel but its still better to store the air brush with lacquer thinner. These 2 0z bottles of acrylic paint I use are the 1.49 version and most of the time I buy the metallic acrylic type. I try to shy away from the acrylic metallic --glitter-- paint for it is very thin with actual color and probably the reason the glitter will show up better. The consensus around here when a person is staining their projects is to get a can of Minwax or something similar and smear it all over the project....then the word blotched is used...... unfortunately.
  11. No there are holes tapped already in the ones from Grizzly and they are about 12 bucks each. They use to give more to choose from so I got some with the a hole on top and a couple with the hole on the side but either way one can work with either. And from looking at the top of the bolt it looks like regular threads for the metric has it stamped there.
  12. I don't need any magnetic switches in my shop but these magnets are the best thing since sliced light bread for a number of my jigs for the safety factor around the table saws and a few other places I use them.
  13. Are you sure just boots on will keep you warm in the winter time????
  14. Then is when they need a reminder as to how they use to feel. So I made a little stand so it will sit around in plain sight and not put away in some drawer somewhere. Everyone at times needs to be reminded how it use to be. So pull it out of the cake, clean the sticks off and wa-la its there to remember how it all started........and hopefully the love is still there forever.
  15. I ran across this picture a few minutes ago looking for something. I think this is more important than doing a good job of building it. Most of the things I build lately hangs on the wall so these things are the first to be seen when entering a room so hey, practice the finishing process and make things baby bottom smooth to the touch.. take the brushes out to the dumpster and hook up some air hoses....Its the only way to go
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