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  1. The white paper was patterns for each piece of wood.. the biggest surprise I got was running out of patterns and trying to get a printer at a library in Colo. to print out the exact size pattern I made at home. This I do believe is impossible and I had to wait till we got back home for just one pattern which got lost somewhere in the traveling. I glued up all the wood blanks at home and didn't glue the patterns on each piece of wood until a few minutes before I was to saw on that piece of wood..The pieces were cut out sitting besides the motor home on the grass... If a pattern is glued on to a piece of wood a few days before one cuts it out with the saw then the pattern will be all wrinkled and it will change shape something terrible.. All the pieces for 4 boxes were scroll sawed out while sitting at a RV park in Colo one summer in about 2006. I had just built a band saw box and it came out with wide gaps here and there...so I says why not use the scroll saw and get tighter tolerances??? I think I finally realized why guys don't do the scroll saw thing for it takes many Vise Grip clamps to preform this endeavor. Plus it takes a while longer to build one of these. The little dowels there I put 4 dowels in each side of each board for alignment while the glue is setting up...This does take a few extra hours to get all the holes drilled. Plus all the drawer pieces gets 4 dowels in each side of each piece of wood also... Just had time to go through my pictures for a few old thoughts.
  2. If you already have a small battery charger then the electrolysis is the cheapest way to go and it does a better job than anything mentioned here and with less labor....It does work much faster if you tie in a used car battery but will work only slower without the battery .. Also the more soda one uses the faster it works... It will bubble I think more than twice as much using the car battery... a completely dead batter won't work though... The good thing here is you can watch it work and pull out the metal to check on its progress. Or when the bubbles stops either add more soda or else the rust is gone... Over the counter products mostly are to remove money from the customers pockets and some requires lots of labor to obtain any results!!! Soda blaster to work and at all needs a large compressor and if you don't want to remove any metal use crushed walnut hulls. Back when I thought I needed one of every used plane there is out there I spent a few years watching the bubbles... Now I have maybe 100 or more planes all in pieces in big boxes and have no idea as to what pieces goes to what shoe or body!! I know all these auctioneers in my area use to call me stupid or an idiot for I was always the high bidder...….If I had have bought every plane on ebay and all those places on line and paid twice the asking price I would have saved money from my dum-bow days. Now I have switched over to making dust and hey,,,,,I am having more fun than in any other time in my life......
  3. Smallpatch

    playing around

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  4. Nope on your question Cal.. but you can find lots of 2 to 8" diameter specimens. I think the permit lets a person take down the bent or damaged or dying trees for 6 days worth of looking before the permit runs out...the permit is free.
  5. Aspen or a very good sample of poplar. Ron , your carving started off with the wrong wood.... Try maple using power tools and some good bits...easier than digging graves. A few of my tea pots are Aspen.. Every time we go to Colo we stop at the mounties station and get a permit to cut a few aspen to bring back home for the lathe. Not the best wood for lathe work but its free...
  6. Try to get the blade so it runs in the middle of the wheels.... Then you have a blade that is running straight up and down when it enters the wood. This is how a blade is made but when a person has it set to run on the edge of the wheels is when it will not go straight through the wood...
  7. With that 10" saw I doubt if you will be able to use a fence for it will be like impossible to get the saw tuned up to use a fence... When using a fence and it is not set perfect the straight edge will cause the blade to go crazy..... My 12 " Sears saw only uses small blades and I have never bought a 1/2" blade and don't think the guides will go that big.. The 9 " band saw I have is so small I have to do all the cutting free handed and with practice this might be your best route to go on yours.... What size blades are you using.
  8. On small things throw the brushes under the bus and use you finger, another well duh!
  9. My go to thing for spreading glue on wide areas is the hotel and motel keys I have saved over the years and there is not much clean up to do using the plastic cards.
  10. I also buy the glue by the gallons and when I go to refill the two smaller bottles because they are empty I take them in the house where I have hot water and give them a good washing. I only have cold water in the shop...more of that,. well duh! I also keep the gallon bottles under my sink in the bathroom just so I don't forget and let them freeze if I stored them in the shop. So I'm already in the house to refill the small bottles …. More of that well duh.... So you guys use other bottles you have to buy. May I ask if you ever wash those bottles out????
  11. I am reading this and thinking, well duh!!!!!!! whats wrong with using the bottles the glues are sold in....Some folks like to make a big deal out of nothing!
  12. Michael we don't drink this water but we do eat some of the things that are grown using the lake water....do you think this type of use is detrimental to my height for after we moved here I stopped growing... I also think it says somewhere in the contract that we should not send any of this water off to be tested because the results might make us die right there as we are reading the results... Dan this was the first time since 1959 the lake had dried up as much as it did and some of the people who were looking for lost fishing lures came upon a few indian graves that had been covered with water all those years....that caused all the authorities to do extra praying for rain before someone in Washington came out and looked things over and fainted....and worst of all the locals figured Washington would order the mile long highway bridge over part of the lake would have to be rerouted through you guessed it, Oklahoma and Texans does not drive through Oklahoma unless. whups, there is no unless for a Texan will shoot themselves dead is someone orders an Oklahoma routing...…..
  13. Dan I think everyone who lives on this lake pays to use the lake water and if they bought water front lots when the lake was opened in 59 then they are grandfathered in ay 50 a year but when I took out my license in 99 it had went up to 150 a year..and I think every one pays to use the water. Most all has their pumps are set up on their land and lays a long line out but I believe I am the only one who's pump is attached on a floating dock? Either set up has their own problems. the ones having to maintain a long pipe laying on the ground gets things caught in the suction and stops up their lines where I have this wind problem and it causes loose connections every once in a while. Also there are very few houses that are not water front...it just happened that way for most folks would rather live in town if they can't live on the water... and for me after about two years we never go down to the water or on the dock and we sold the boat few years ago...but just yesterday me wife made me get a fishing license. She had heard vets gets theirs free and I had been paying for one all these years and getting it yesterday was just to see if it was free for vets? I haven't fished for a few years for I would rather be in the shop!
  14. Gerald this horsey thing must be for that's all there was to do way back then for they lived in the desert part of New Mexico and breaking horses was about all there was to do back then. Thanks for taking the time. Now that I think of it, New Mexico is almost all desert, either high desert or desert desert...
  15. the metal bending equipment one has to look around and find that one size needed to complete this task... And sure nuff this used 8" grinding stone happened to be the exact size I needed for some hold down clamps for the lake pump I'm mounting on the boat dock...I was getting too much wind and it was causing the dock to toss and turn and made extra play in the threads of the pipe coming out of the pump and the pressure shot the 1 1/2" pipe right out of the end of the pump...and then after I had a hose sales shop make me a few feet of flexible pipe to go between the dock and the walk way I think I am almost ready for more water up there on the land side to cause more work for the zero turn. Also if any one likes to do his own work I do have some extra tips dealing with pvc and pumps and sprinklers and that sort of things.. But first I need to locate the things and take some pictures so they can actually show the rights from the wrongs in this line of home up keep...
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