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  1. If you are talking about mounting the dial and bezel to the wood with three the small holes that takes the very small pin nails, I know of no templet, its guess work.. I use a micrometer to measure the pins then drill pilot holes. Or else they will get bent all to heck trying to get them all the way in...The drill bit I use is in the 60 to 80 number bits... and any of these is about the size of a hair. Just measure the size of the nail then choose the drill bit a hair smaller or even the same size and use a smidgen of glue.. Use to the glass and frame was mounted on a hinge but they got cheaper and did away with the hinge and now the glass bezel sets are press fitted over the ring and dial that will be permanently mounted on the wood. I would suggest where ever you get your movements you need to buy the hands from the same supplier for the hands have different sized holes and will only work on certain movements....If you stick to one supplier like Klockit and order the hands at the same times as the hands since the hands are free with each movement so you know they will fit like they should... I like to use a second hand on my movements for I think it gives that expensive look???? Can you explain more about having to use a templet? Since I have never used something like that I am lost! Some times I find clock dials on line, then send the picture to my computer and have Rapid Resizer print out the exact size dial that I need to fit the area on the wood I am building. The printer paper I use often is gloss portrait paper. If you buy the Atomic movement it is a good idea to glue the movement in to place so it won't move around when you have to change batteries...When the batteries run down all you have to do is replace the battery and it will go to the exact time. There is no way to set the hands so gluing gluing the movement to the wood is the only way to know the hands will go where the correct time is. Daylight savings time, the movement will set its self automatically. The signal the movement uses comes from Colo... and my shop is metal and I have to bring the clock in to the house for it to pick up the signal to start and set its self.
  2. What you got on your mind Preston? I have built lots of clocks and I carry a 6 foot 2 x 4 around in my pocket for protection so how can we help?
  3. And I'm also ducking any lighting that might be coming my way after I said that...to be truthful, no I can't cut glass like that!!! This is what she made a couple of months after both wrist had to be operated on for the glass cutting messed with both wrist!
  4. Hey I just might go out and buy me a brand new SM. I sure need a 20 gift thingy for my funds is just about down and out and that's no fun. I heard Artie was in the loan business.
  5. Junglejohn I am glad I could help... Another thing that might help your pocket book or it has ours.....We keep an eye out for people getting out of the stained glass business and is selling out.
  6. How can you be in Gene, I thought your stuff was in storage unit?..
  7. Not too much I like anymore but I like this. You done a good job!
  8. I don't watch you tube but I have been saving large metal files for years thinking some day I will have time to make a few knives. I might have at least 30 laid back for that day to come. Most of what I been saving are the 14 and 16" models. I noticed a few have BGL engraved on them with the old 6 volt car battery they use to use before they started selling electric engravers.... Dad died in 1951 so that stuff was use during ww2 at the ship yard where he worked. I wonder if aged metal get better with time?
  9. Jim she has been working with glass for over 20 years. She made this lion in about 2005 from this pattern and it is what I did out of wood in about 2015. I'm sure the scroll saw I used was way easier than her cutting the glass. Seems like it is about 20 x 20". Shes never backed off of a pattern that had lots of long long very thin pieces of glass to cut that I can remember!!! After I retired and we moved to the lake she was still an RN but then all of a sudden she said I am through being a nurse and now I want to do stained glass...she had never been around anyone that did that kind of work but all I had to do for her was build her some jigs that was square. She wanted me to build frames for her works but would bring the terribly out of square things to me and expect me to whup out something right quick... All the rest was her learning from where ever..... She ruined both of her wrist from all the pressure she exerts cutting the glass and had to have both operated on last year but still refuses to stop working glass.. The operation did fix her up. So from what I am reading from your post and was mentioned here from a couple of guys is practice practice practice.... I installed a real big exaust fan in one end of her shop with a big air conditioner in the other end to get that acid smell out real quick. Another thing you need to do....!
  10. Yep, Cal is right for my wife is good at glass cutting and sometimes she just breathes on the solder to get the right heat. JJ if I may ask a question do you use the little straight glass cutter or the cutter built in the shape of a gun???? When wife first started out all she had were the straight models but the day she switched over to the larger cutter the frowns left her face and she would come in the house with smiles a mile wide! It was that or maybe she had a boy friend hid in her shop????
  11. I want nothing to do with who ever owns that room.
  12. These were of the experimental mode. The picture was right after I sprayed so some of the shine will go away by the time they dry. I did spend a day or two more on the last one which is on the right side..
  13. Nothing fancy here just water base stain and clear lacquer. And one had about two more days of grinding than the other. Suppose to be two carvings in this picture??

    © not that I know of

  14. I don't think I have ever seen a warning like this in our area, a real flood!
  15. Thats good to know Gene. If I ever have a need to move I might go that way....Never seen one like that but the last time we were shopping was around 22 years ago.. How big can you go with units like that..
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