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  1. Smallpatch

    Tissue Boxes

    Gerald if that would have been my project...... I would have gotten the band saw, the planner, the drum sander and a few other machines involved and by the time I had invested hundreds of bucks I would have ended up with a tissue box so thin the first sneeze would have destroyed it.......not counting a few days in the shop which would have kept me from getting that tan I have been planning on since winter...So you see I could have made 13 boxes exactly with the same amount of wood,, but I am not supposed to be using oak!!!
  2. Smallpatch

    Glue Test

    Maybe they left it off the list cause they couldn't spell it... I do that quite often or hunt around trying to find a word meaning the same with easier spelling!!!! Life is hard with my brain sleeping most of the time..
  3. Smallpatch

    Up, Up and Away

    I would have enjoyed it much more if it had have smashed him up against the fence.
  4. Finally being able to make your own wooden dowels now instead of having to buy them... Boy that will be saving a bundle that's for sure!!
  5. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Now I'm cutting slots for the handle and spout to fit into. The gap on the top is not there when pushed up like it will get epoxied together,I hope
  6. Smallpatch

    Laguna Tools Graphic Missing

    I have it on my screen using 10. There are four things over there.
  7. Smallpatch

    Help, Did I Die?

    I guess that means its not spring anymore... I love spring time....
  8. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    A little more work.. more thinking than actual doing something...
  9. I noticed a couple of 113 days thrown in there somewhere.. So I might can get more shop days with the grass and weeds dying during those days..... Kind of an automatic lawn care type of thing....
  10. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    I've been fixin places for the four legs. Maybe the hardest part of building a tea pot, securing the legs where they look like they were built for that area.. Better looking lines. After the legs are carved and finished I'll epoxy them in. Then drill through the legs in to the body a ways for some dowels......for extra strength ??? Time it takes for me to build one tea pot.....about the same amount of time for a 4 piece bedroom suite. But the bedroom set would already have some kind of plans where I just wing it on a tea pot. I make one piece at a time then try to figure out how it will attach to the rest and try to make it look like all goes together.Like on all the tea pots I have made, no two are the same size just so I will have to start from from scratch and resize all over again....A person first has to satisfy ones self, after that, just cross your fingers. This other tea pot I did the legs different... Now I got to figure how the set of legs will melt into the rest of it and not look like a sore finger sticking out for everyone to step on. I mounted them on a piece of bb and the pot is just sitting there on the bb.
  11. Tomorrow the temp will be 97 then 8 days in a row 100 to 109.. and since the warmer days are ahead of us for two or three months so you snow birds might give it a thought. Only so many layers of clothes can come off but it will still be hot......need two or three smiley faces here quickly!!!!
  12. Smallpatch

    Skeleton Clocks

    I was asking you Steve. It just seems like it is caged in for no reason.
  13. Am home from the doc and the ice pick sticking in my back has been removed. Thanks....Also two of our three traps have squirrels in them so back toward the big city to find a new home for them....That makes 13
  14. Smallpatch

    Skeleton Clocks

    Did you design this or was it a kit. I don't know why I am the only one to be critical of what it is ..... but here you have a skeleton clock and you are building a frame around it .... like you are trying to hide the fact it is what it is.

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