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  1. Some one with more computer savy than me tell me whats happening??? Why is Grandpawdave52 not receiving messages. Whats going on? I sure miss his comments which is a very good way to convince me to do more in the shop. Even I know my work is not near as good as how he tells it. Not to just me but to every one here. Dave don't forget I receive private messages.
  2. Hobby Lobby has some very small screws that a person could get and counter sink some holes and it can end up like it should have looked long ago. No need to change hinges...
  3. Buck good to see you are back with us.....Did I understand you have a new book out?? Smallpatch Jess Littlefield
  4. Gene is John calling you an monk?
  5. Good to hear your docs are on your problem... I just knew you must have been 6 foot under or something else for I asked a couple of questions there in some of my typing and got no answer and I knew you were always answering guys questions even before they had time to post them... Hey, a friend of mine had the same thing happen to him and his doctors being the expermintal type slipped in a little quick crete in to his Prednisone treatment and hey, he walked out of the hospital about two hours after that stiffer than a broom and went to Taco Bell...then on to Dairy Queen for you know what. I don't know who is running the boat while you are away but every time I sign in a little sign pops up saying at the tone your charges will have doubled.
  6. Mighty fine work there young man...It beats the first cane I started building on and the first attempt I started carving about 3 years ago...I thought I was carving a likeness of a young heifer and since there are a lots of cowboys around here I thought it would sell fast at the yearly craft fair we use to go to every year...Anyway the first guy who looked it over said that's a good likeness of a scotty dog.. After he left I took it back out to the pickup and slid it under the seat and I just found it as I was doing a not too often wash job which the last one was about three years ago just three or four days ago. It hardly ever gets moved out of the garage.. Hey, what happened to that great app or what ever for I went to eat and clicked off of this comp. and when I came back to finish it before I posted it,,,, it was gone...and I had to do this whole post again. Curses!!
  7. Artie we do see different things because during the earlier games when the playoffs first started this year I turned a couple of the games off for there was too much ruff stuff happening and don't remember who Boston was playing but they seemed to be taking more cheap shots when the umps were looking elsewhere. And it was mostly # 33 who was doing it...My wife would say there he is doing it again...both of those games was in Boston and she said you can sure tell where they are playing for the umps are always looking the other direction.... Hey, he has the big C on his uniform so he is trying to get the rest of the players to be more into the game. I think that is just common for the longer a player has been playing professional sports the more they know what they can and can't do....They also know who they can get a power play out of and who will cause a penalty even when the umps are watching.. That sports writer for Boston should have all the players he called out for not playing to win to come over to his house and give the guy a few bruises... all the players on both teams were doing every thing in their power to make more goals but he just didn't see it that way...
  8. Gene it will stay straighter with the BB and won't weather crack.
  9. Artie I know it was not the outcome you were looking for...but for once I did root for the winners.... It was a good series for rooters on both sides. Too bad a Boston reporter after the game should have kept his mouth shut...… Those guys gave it their best and should have been commended...
  10. We decided to forget about the yearly craft fair but since I am needing something to pass the time I started looking in those boxes people fill up then shove back in the corners of their shop for many reasons.... So this is a box of scroll sawed things I had planned on filling up with epoxy and embedding keepsake things people like to save?? These Texas and other shapes of cutouts have lots of hours of thinking in to making them and I have a box of peoples names and other trinkets which was to be floating around inside them...We found people will let go of their money easier if they see their names imbedded in things like these... Finally got rid of my camper so this 30 x 62 barn sits there beggin me to come work in all of it instead of just one end of it for my wood shop. Did I mention it has rained more this year than the previous 5 years... I'm beginning to feel like some of those people living in the amazon rain forest that has never seen other humans.
  11. Gene glad you can still remember that far back in time.....hope Phyllis remembers also.. Me, I can still
  12. Its best to screw the back on in case you ever want to refinish it especially if you spray the finish on … spray does not like to go in to the corners very good. Back when they made furniture out of wood most good brands were screwed on ….you will get the wrong advise on this but they are not well informed either.
  13. If this a new furnace the place you bought it from can tell you and they probably sell filters...The company we bought our furnace from sells the best filter that Lowes and Home Depot sells only much cheaper than either store...
  14. John I wondered that myself the first time I saw this picture...Probably much like here. The people living along the coast likes to go to the mountains for their vacations and vise versa and us folks in the middle like to go out on the highways and drive slow and talk on our cell phones so the traffic gets all tangled up so nobody gets to where they are going.. I wonder why some of the cars in picture are trying to turn around to go the other way???? It sure don't look any better than the way they were headed!
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