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  1. Kevin everything I do I use the 1/8" bits with the Dremel and the flex shaft. Its smaller to hold on to and controlling it is better. This is before I added any clear finish. This measures about 10 x 6 or so inches. About the biggest thing I do is 3 foot long or less. These horses were done using just three or four 1/8" bits. The horses I finished with about 4 or 5 coats of lacquer I like the Saburr Tooth bits. No need to buy a whole set. I did when I first started in 2016 learning to carve and I still have not used every bit in any set I have bought...I don't use the light wood real carvers use. I know its easier and quicker to finish a project and I don't own any carving knives just air or electric power and I like maple....If you already have a good air compressor Harbor Freight has two little air die grinders both being right angle drives for 15 to 20 cucks each and I sure like these...They both take 1/4" shaft bits if I ever need that big of a bit. The tools you mentioned are too big and bulky for the carving I do... I do some carving every day and have still not worn these bits out yet...…..hard to believe they last that long but better on the pocket book. The bits might gum up a lot if I was to use them on pine but I don't even like that stuff in my shop for it ruins the sand paper on all the power equipment. Do post some things you are working on for everyone likes to learn that way. If you happen to be needing to grind down lots of wood kinda out in the open then this 259845 Wood pulverizer on page 17 down at the bottom of the page will sling wood faster than almost anything and seems to last forever. Expensive yes but it will save many hours of labor.. 1/4" drive.
  2. Smallpatch

    Just playing around

    a picture from Pinterest
  3. If you mean you will finish the pieces before you glue it together you sure got to watch and keep the glue area completely clean.
  4. This business is giving a bonus of 10,000,000 dollars to split between 198 employees for a Christmas gift.... I think that is about 51,000 each....
  5. Also I read where it takes 7 years for a planted nut to produce any nuts so that might be why the trees keep producing nuts forever when they finally start... I think the only native pecan tree in Texas is the Burkett, but not sure and now if a person goes to a nursery most of the trees being sold now will go under indian names...
  6. Gene I would argue that fact for the oldest pecan tree or so the sign says in texas is in the bar ditch on 1-20 between Abilene and Fort Worth and it still produces pecans and we stopped there one time and dug up a little sapling sticking up about 8" high and took it to Lubbock and set it out in the front yard of our house. This was about 55 years ago and it is now a producing monster. The highway mowers usually keep things mowed down but from early spring till the weeds get tall enough to be mowed is when the nuts that gets into a little soil grows the most real quick. We were lucky and got there between mowings and dug it up. Lots of Pecan trees just past the deepest part of bar ditches all over Texas with monster pecan trees and folks that live close by usually keeps the area under the trees clean of fresh pecan nuts so now its hard to find any little trees.
  7. Cal about those snowflakes floating in the air I didn't answer your question a few days ago. Okay, about those holes,uh
  8. I'm starting the clear process over the stain. Not using anything different but I do try to do a different color each time. This started years ago for I had lots of finished things customers could look at and decide what they wanted. Turned out it was better than a color chart like paint stores uses. My problem was trying to remember what I used and how much of...
  9. Danl I'm just playing right now I was just showing Gene how quick power carving is compared to someone who carves the old tried and true method. I have to go the easy route. I don't own any carving knives and glad of it....
  10. I got to this point in two days. Sunday I put the pattern on and using the scroll saw I cut it out.. Yesterday I carved on it and sanded some. This carving was on a page of carvings pictures on Pinterest... I have decided its not me that should take the credit for if I didn't know how to run a scroll saw I would not be posting pictures here....I put the pattern on during the football games Sunday then yesterday I unleashed the mighty Dremel 3000 and for sure with the flexible shaft... That 3000 don't go anywhere unless the flex shaft is tagging along with it. Its the piece in the middle. There is a story behind those holes pardner. Remind me to tell it to you someday...
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