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  1. Smallpatch


    Artie, what size things are you wanting to finish?
  2. Just type in Dewalt 13" planer. This morning there were only two companies now there are three with price less than 100. I already have one so I don't need an extra???
  3. on the 13" Dewalt planer.. Two companies have them for less than 100 bucks where the companies in the US is somewhere around 650.00. Thats not fishie sounding, they are just trying to get us in the woodworking!!! Who will be the first to order from one of those upstanding companies?
  4. Yes it would be something great Paul if I had turned them on a lathe, but I used the lowly scroll saw.
  5. I don't use pine if I have to put a good finish on the wood for if I go through the process of making wider pieces I am using too many machines that the sanding paper gets ruined and its too costly to replace the sanding belts and sand paper so I don't work with pine....The hardwoods I use, the dust falls off the sandpaper so that's my choice.
  6. With grade 5 you will be sharpening real often but that much length they will last a long time. Great job you done on those...
  7. I ripped up some old 2 x 4's from the cockatiel adventures. They will take a staining and finishing like good wood if a person is careful how he does it.
  8. Dan what metal did you use for the awls.
  9. It must get some type of brittle. Long ago I was making a vat to use with furniture paint and varnish remover and had bent the sides up then and was soldering the corners with a torch. It was like 3 foot square and 5 inches tall. I only used enough heat to melt the solder into the spaces but when I went to fill the thing up with remover there were many very small cracks had formed kinda looked like lightening strikes in lots of places in each corner of my great idea. I finally went and bought some flat steel and continued with my project and finished making the vat and added a drain valve so I
  10. to show daughter this redwood table and base and wow, no telling what I posted or if I even posted anything so I left that site...then thought maybe she might see this??? It has taken me many years to remove almost all the bandsaw marks but finally am making a showing but hey only about 50 years of sanding has gone by and it only seems like 49.
  11. Gun I have the Tormek with all the attachments but the drill bit sharpener and I think the Drill Doctor would be a better sharpener....no matter if its higher or cheaper!!
  12. Those look good Rusty. Are both pieces hollow?
  13. Sherri I already been thinking about nothing for a face but a very large smile. Kinda like you two do when I see you. Like if Picasso were to have made it. I turned my thinker on some time ago for I knew this would end up being a big problem and not being able to complete these girls.. I am putting the final touches on moms Nativity thingy's right now..
  14. You know how hard it was to bring Gracie in to this world. Well, for someone who can't even spell face, I am now trying to build some out of wood... A world of difference compared to leaves and vines and those things I been carving... for the last 4 years....those things don't have feelings and expressions and moods that needs to be added in with the carvings so they will show... So we get all these books................. Words and pictures Maybe I now understand what Hank Williams was trying to say about that wooden Indian who just stood there and never said a word...
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