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  1. Smallpatch


    Well since Cal range my bell I thought I would add some confusion to you thoughts... I couldn't make anything if I didnt have a printer and Rapid Resizer>
  2. Smallpatch


    Artie, do you have a printer hooked in to you computer??? If you have a printer then get the program like Rapid Resizer to load on to your computer... This will let you see something you want to load and use like cats or dogs or picture of a house or what ever... Right click on a object and send to Pictures, Downloads or Documents. Then if you have loaded Rapid Resizer which does cost something now click on Rapid Resizer and then bring up the item or picture you want Rapid Resizer to reduce, inlarge or send to the printer and tell it to print.... Artie. I never use blue painters tape. I like to use Scotch brand clear packing tape because it does not leave as much stickum on the wood as Duck brand does. The clear packing tape goes directly on to the wood.Then spray the stickum on to the clear tape...then apply the pattern on to the stickum.. After you scroll saw the letters out pull the clear packing tape off and you are ready for what ever you want to do next, paint, spray or leave alone. Like this this thing I made using the animals. It was in a scroll saw catalog. I cut out this picture and laid it in the printer and printed it out and put it in Downloads. I then opened Rapid Resizer and opened the download files and I had Rapid Resizer to enlarge it to 12" or so from about 2" when it was in the catalog.. I printed out two or three copies, used one and made this and filed the other two away in case someone wanted one later... I found this old religious scene and down loaded it and had Rapid Resizer to make it about 18" tall and glued it on to some prepared wood and cut it out with the scroll saw then carved it with the Dremel.. I,m in the process of trying to learn carving with a Dremel so don't look too close. What I'm trying to suggest is a person needs a printer,, don't have to be expensive either. This Canon MG 2522 is about 3 months old and cost 20.00 bucks from Walmart.. We have had Rapid Resizer for about 20 years and had loaded it on about 4 computers in that time.. It was free back then but I know it does cost now, how much , not a clue.. If you are using Microsoft 7, 8 or 10 you have free letters of all kinds of fonts right there but you do need a printer to print them out. All the names I have used in making signs and things came off my computer. You can find them on some form of Word, or Word Pad like on microsoft 10. You can make the letters any size to fit your space. And it will be better if you make each name or word connected to each other.. See the lines I drew under the names. This will connect each letter so I don't have to try and keep the space between the letters exact. Spacing one at a time while trying to glue them on a board and make straight is almost impossible.. I think I have some made to show how I cut them out and ready to glue on .. Under each letter I have two connecting points . When I first started I only had one connecting point and sometimes one would fall off or break before I could get them glued down. I started out using 2 part epoxy to secure them on the boards but could never use to exact amount of epoxy so now I use Aleene's glue. It dries clear and does stay kinda flexible. Artie the deer and things is hanging in the basement of my motor home when I took the picture...the plywood and what ever stayed in the motor home and the picture is now hanging in my house. I'm not a teacher so I probably have you confused more now than before you read this. But any questions, just ask.
  3. Smallpatch

    Carving A SW Desert Cane

    Gene it wasn't the tool that did the carving, it was the bits.. The Dremel is no different than what he was holding in his hand. John he was preventing from having problems later for those pieces were very small so he was strengthening the wood. What he did was save having to look for those small pieces down there on the ground and glue them back in place.
  4. Smallpatch

    Mini Router Table

    The plans I used were from Popular Mechanics many many years ago.. The mechanics spin handle has a 1/2" socket on the end to turn the two nuts locked together in the center of the picture to lift the entire section holding the router up and down.. the two nuts are out in the open with nothing around them to collect shavings. The flow of air the router creates makes the shavings fall to the bottom of the cabinet. I forgot to add, the router table top is on hinges so I have to lift it and prop it up to change bits. No problem there.
  5. Smallpatch

    Mini Router Table

    I'm a little late but this is the router table lift I built abut 20 years ago. I made brackets to hold the regular and the largest Porter Cable routers but changing them out takes too long so I made another for each router but then I got lazy for the third table!! I don't know why I built in the tracks in the first table for I have never used them... I do like the dad and son use to do on the router forum shows.
  6. Smallpatch

    I keep finding pictures I thought were gone

    This was when I started using store bought carving pieces on the mantle clocks. They were too flat so the first step in real carving was I used the store bought pieces and traced around them on thicker wood, maple, and carved them to match the patterns. So now I have a drawer full of the pattern pieces I don't use anymore. I like to try something different from time to time. Sometimes the changing is accepted into the build and sometimes it ain't! I used ash wood in this clock...Great wood for doing all kinds of things with it.. Store bought carving also on this one! French curved set and a big piece of graph paper is all it took for the design.... The lady that bought it said it reminded her of Christmas candy. If a person got lots of time and a bunch of real fine small brushes and a set of kids water colors is all you need.
  7. First projects I made in 1999 right after I got my new Dewalt. I am exploring more buttons on the computer I never knew existed or at least I was afraid to push them for maybe the computer would explode or disappear!!! And I am finding pictures I knew went gone gone.
  8. Smallpatch

    Funny I don't remember the kids ride

    My kids would have done that when they were small even on the railing! Four of us ate in the revolving restaurant once long ago and with no cocktails or fancy beers or drinks the bill came to 330.00 plus we had to pay to ride the elevator to get up there...The other couple had already made reservations or else I would have stayed on the ground.. The fire alarm went off sitting there eating.. That meant the elevators were shut down.... either walk down the stairs or jump so we decided to sit there and keep eating . And for sure I didn't want to leave any of that expensive food on the plates. The buzzer kept going off for about 15 minutes then they said relax for the small fire in the kitchen is out .... That sound of the buzzer alarm is still pounding on my brain at times... While fixin to eat, the waiter had arranged the silver ware for all right handed people and me being a lefty I rearranged the things over to my left side. The waiter politely came over and put the things back as he had them to start with.. Then later when I ask him for bread to go with my meal he gave me that dumb arse look and stared at me for a few minutes before disappearing..The other couple, our kin folks, but from another important world they lived in just didn't see how we could stay in the lower end of civilization and still enjoy life.
  9. The green machine in the background is a newer ride on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas but I don't remember the kids ride on the railing? If your not familiar with the Stratosphere hotel in Vegas they like to put some thrill rides on top of their building which makes them 900 foot off the ground. Check it out!
  10. Out here where we live but no for I got a picture of one more thief.
  11. Smallpatch

    Small corner table

    Is that lunch sitting on that door?? Is wife gone somewhere. A can of tuna? Oh, your woodworking is mighty fine Cal....so the up stairs is finished? I'm full of questions today.
  12. Smallpatch

    A happy occasion

    This is after I toned down some of the colors. with flash and without.
  13. Smallpatch

    A happy occasion

    Gotcha Old Coasty the next picture of it will be toned down quite a bit. I just had to post this one before I had finished with it.
  14. Smallpatch

    A happy occasion

    From the faces I put one these folks they don't seem too happy but I'm still in the finishing stage so maybe they will cheer up before I get them shined showered and shaved! The baby was wrapped in swattling clothes and I couldn't find any of those while building this picture...
  15. Still not there yet. I put the colors on while the football game was going at noon today. I mix my colors as I go. Gotta darken moms blouse for it is too close to the same as the blanket !

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