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  1. One more picture and its sure not going like I would like. Lots of times what my brain tells me sure ain't the same after it gets turned in to reality... She will get the operation in the morning....This might be whats making this carving piece impossible to consentrate on.
  2. If it got wet over night you might want to dry it as quickly as possible. Solid wood glued up has a tendency to show some glue lines and be able to feel them over time and hopefully you can keep it a controlled temperature surroundings.
  3. Pat it might be easier and safer if you just bought a 12" disk. I just now checked Grizzly's price on a 12" disk for their G7297 model sander and is 38.00. I use 3 different 8" disk in my shop with different grits and for what I do the 8" disk is much cheaper on sand paper for I cut up the regular 9 x 11" sheets and use the 3M spray stickum. I did check the 9" disk price only and it is about one dollar cheaper than the 12" disk only.. I bought 3 Delta 1" x 42" belt-disk sanders some years ago at auctions and use 36 grit belt and disk paper on one machine, 60 grit belt and disk on another machine and 120 grit belt and disk on the third sander and this works prefect for my so called carving challenges... I use to think I would buy the 9" disk only and replace all three machines but actually these already do great the way they are...I did notice if a person goes larger than 9 inches wide on the disk then the sand paper goes sky high compared to the regular 9 x 11" regular 3M or Norton paper. I don't consider the other sand papers to be equal in quality so I never check their prices! But there again that is only my opinion and if guys are happy with what they use that's what its all about....
  4. Gene the box it came in originally makes it worth more to collectors so you might aught to put the 71 away somewhere and wrap that box up so it don't get any scratches.
  5. Good to see you back with those sharp things in your hands... but remember what happened last time.
  6. Wow I think I roped a tiger on this project.. When looking at this next carving thingy I thought it was not as hard as the last project so I decided to add a few more taller twist and turns that from the picture compared to the wood it is different here and there... Don't know if and when I will get back on this for wifeee will be having some hospital visits we are not to thrilled about but is necessary... I scroll sawed this out yesterday and carved just enough this morning to see it will be a chore before completed.
  7. I thought that is where spaghetti came from or at least that is what it taste like to me!
  8. That don't look like my Celtic knots
  9. Never bought painters tape at HF but I do buy their nitrile gloves and their epoxy. Their 100 pk 5 mil gloves yesterday was 5.99 and the 6 0z epoxy was 7.99
  10. Dan I don't like to watch videos so just tell me what brand should I look for while browsing Harbor Freight?
  11. AL B my dad was a welded in a ship yard in Cal. in WW11 and then we had a Forney AC-DC at home and I was taught welding at home after school. Never done it for a profession but I keep a big portable unit still today...I built a few metal buildings out of oil field pipe and the biggest was a 40 x 60 I had just finished when we decided to retire and moved to the lake and my beautiful building I had to say by-by to and it killed me allllllllmost. I keep those three flat strips hanging in my shop and yes I did have to run some wet or dry sand paper along the edges but are as slick as if they were made for straight edges by a company for that purpose….
  12. Greg welcome.. My biggest woodworking ideas go in to carving now but can't help you for I use the power tools and they do cause lots of dust. I have two good sized dust extractors but lately I started using a real small shop vac with the nozzle about 8 or 10" from where the grinders throws the dust....and I'm happy with the outcome. If you ever decide to go the Dremel route and the air tools check out some of my pictures. I have no secrets as to what I do with the wood. I been begging others to start carving so I can have someone to discuss processes. Smallpatch
  13. I'm with John on what's it for and how many do you need.
  14. Don't know what happened to the picture I posted this morning for this is the actual color. It does have an extra amount of blue added but not that much...I might have to make one that color next time? Sorry about that?
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