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  1. Smallpatch

    Maybe She Should Have Boiled It

    At least it looks like its night when the hummers should be asleep.
  2. Smallpatch

    Safety Caps

    I like the caps that comes from the VA. They can be used either way by just pressing the center in or out... I bet some don't know that and cuss em every time they have to get pills out....
  3. Smallpatch

    Maybe She Should Have Boiled It

    Strange looking sugar water.
  4. Smallpatch

    Safety Caps

    You better not tell California.
  5. Smallpatch

    If You Happen To Be 70 or 80 and Been

    I guess you don't go to Walmart. To bad for they have lots of bargains.
  6. Smallpatch

    Paint Stripper

    Gene the very best stripper was the thin type. I will have people argue with me but that is the ones that never used it ever day like we did.. I had a vat built out of stainless steel. It was only like 2 inches deep but was big enough to sit things in to start brushing the stripper on and keep on till all the paint ran in to the tank...continually brushing more stripper on This was not hard work at all just had to have lots of ventilation. We use no scrapers on flat areas. Using scrapers would just make marks and gouges that would have to be attended to later. Once the lacquer or paint was off, and while it was still damp with the remover, we used 0000 steel and lacquer thinner to dry the complete piece and make sure all the protruding joints that had crevices and edges were cleaned of the old finish.. Within a short while the piece was ready to start regluing if need be and sanding getting ready for the new finish. 99% of everything we refinished had lacquer on for the original finish. But the varnish was just as easy to strip as the lacquer...Only the sure nuff old antiques had varnish and was usually checked down to the wood and easy to remove.All the furniture back then had much thicker veneer so one would not sand in to the next layer unless he didn't know what he was doing....I did watch the new guys at first to make sure they did have some experience and not just say they did.......Yes some did say they had experience even though some kinda lied kinda.. Lots of early american style back then so that meant lots of turned items. If it was too long to lay in the vat just lay it partly in the vat and start brushing the stripper on and once you knew that portion was stripped , run the lacquer thinner filled steel wool around the rungs and it would start drying as your turned it...then move it down and repeat the process till all was stripped... Also if we knew the piece had to be reglued like say a wood dining chair, it was knocked down completely and laid in the vat and rolled back and forth and it about 5 to 10 minutes it was completely stripped ready to be dried with lacquer thinner and steel wool.. No chairs back then had brads shot through the rungs like todays stuff.. I bought lacquer thinner 54 gallons at a time. Remove the plugs, screwed in the faucet that had a long pipe attached that went to the bottom of the barrel and the air nozzle to pressurize the barrel was screwed in to the other hole the plug came out of...Actually I still have those two very important items stored away someplace.. Those items saved lots of floor space for we use to set the the barrel up on a stand horizontal and just let gravity do it thing.. but weighting about 432 lbs to be exact, it usually took more than my helper to get it up there and she was going to nursing school back then so wasn't always available... So if someone tries to tell you how to strip furniture and starts off by mentioning the thick remover, they haven't been there and done that and is just passing more of that hear say which by the way is coming on way too often... Thinner was 90 cents a gallon 54 gal at a time. and Naphtha or Kerosene at the gas stations was 14 cents a gallon. This is what I used in the parts washer... Metal parts!! I think gas stations quit selling these products years ago... for your lanterns and lamps!!!
  7. woodworking all your life, how many times have you needed a longer drill bit...Not many huh. Me too but when I use to have a woodworking repair shop those long drill bits came in handy for making repairs stronger with long wood dowels... There use to be an army surplus store where I would buy the long drill bits. At this place they were also resharpened for a plus there tooooo. Well when we kinda retired we moved and had to find a new place to buy long drill bits... Always on my garage sale list. Now we go to a first Monday about 175 miles away and wau- la they have a guy every time we go that has army surplus things... and lots of resharpened drill bits.... But still yet I only buy one at a time and not every time we go to first Monday. This is my stash of longies which go back to 1955. Oh yes they did sell drill bits way back then. I think they were invented the year before that ?? I think these were all bought right after I needed a certain size and did not have it so it went on my list of things wanted for the next time being at a place with long drill bits...Last time I used some was when I built those fancy quilt racks being a few years ago until yesterday.... I guess I envy you guys that when you go to the grocery store with wife and remember you need one socket or one drill bit and you go and buy sets of things, just because you can. Thats great for the economy, so just keep doing it that way for I have to do things one little item at a time...
  8. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Dave I had a 52 Ford for about 2 years. It had a flat head V8. 54 was when the new V8's came out. The valve seats was bad about cracking and that meant dead cylinders. And the valve seats were in the block and not the heads like the later V8's. Nobody could repair those problems back then but they still charged for ???...This kind of stayed in my mind for the next 45 years or more. I think I bought the 52 in the end of 53 and the next Ford I bought was a new F 150 in 98 and it is sitting in the garage now. Not a lot to show how I pinned the cracks in the tea pot.. I took advantage of the areas I hollowed out for the spout and handle and drilled angling holes as deep as the 3/8" drill bit was long. All the holes got past the middle where the crack is. I did use the next size drill up from the 3/8 cause that deep of hole and a tight fitting dowel with glue all over it would have to be hammered in and for sure I didn't want to push the crack wider was the reason for the next size hole and with glue on both surfaces I worked the dowel back and forth pushing in as I went..If you get the right amount of glue when the dowel bottoms a small amount of glue will be pushed out at the top at the same time as the dowel hits bottom...This learning is lots of years in a shop. Anyone with lots of woodworking knowledge had to have lots of years in the shop..for a person does not do the same kind of work every day. The next time I might have to do the dowel thing might years down the road. After I took the lathe attachment off after dressing up the top of the pot for a finalieee I then had to make a finalieeee then to do some scribbling on it to match the other items.. Your comment about fixin the cracks, If I had have waited till the 54's came out I might have been a Ford person, that is until the 55 Chevy's came out with their 8's. I did in 1956 order a new 2 door hard top from my uncle and ask for the biggest motor chevy had to offer. First and almost last new car I ever had for there was a marriage with children in there in the middle that changed the wants to needs... The uncle at chevy called and said the exact color came in but only had a small V8. Without thinking I said I'll take it...Probably the best thing that could have happened at that time..Upset yes cause I could not race anyone but in the long run of things my car sat while I rode in the fast cars,, My pay check back then could only pay the payments and buy gas. And a 20 cent hamburger ever once in a while. I didn't have rich parents like some. My dad had died in 1951 so maybe my uncle was smart and only ordered the 56 with a small motor on purpose!!!! He probably knew how much I made and was putting me in something that would not get broken many times while racing.. And I did get it paid off before getting drafted in 58...Remember back then car payment were only set up for a 2 year pay out....and I might add at 78.00 bucks a month.
  9. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Thanks guys. I'm seeing a small crack down the middle from top to bottom so before I glue the spout and handle on I will use that area to drill some long dowel holes crisscrossing through the crack. Final got the last piece to the puzzle made today and now ready to smear on some stuff. Maybe a little too tall but hey. I finally took off the brackets that holds it in the lathe so I guess I'm through except for the finish.
  10. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Added a little carving.
  11. Smallpatch

    Photos From Alaska

    The cruise reminded me when we were headed to Germany at the expense of uncle Sam. We had to stop about half way across the ocean for a helicopter came and picked up a guy who was about to die from being sea sick. We had been advised the 8 day trip over there was going to be longer than 10 days because the boat had to circle around a big storm in the Atlantic...We all thought were in a hurricane the entire time since we left NY. Those troop ships holds lots of people but in a big storm gets tossed around like we were in a row boat.
  12. Smallpatch

    Photos From Alaska

    Gene my wife just posted this cruise from her computer to mine to look over. This could be the next one you guys could take. You have fly to Italy and it starts from there. Boy that would give you lots of days to get sick... A bargain.....Only 19.95 per ocean mile. Or for 10.00 a mile you can go in the boat that is beside the big one for the same 118 days.
  13. Been trying to log in to Dremel for two months now. When I type in something, the response is so slow I get THIS PAGE HAS EXPIRED, TRY AGAIN. Make me feel like time has passed me by. I just noticed there are only a total of 429 pictures that have been posted on their site..... since time began......The amount explains how hard it is to navigate through their site....... Thanks John Morris someone put has your head on your shoulders just a tad bit straighter than all those over there....... Now I wonder if it was like that before Bosch came along??
  14. Smallpatch

    High Gloss Sanding Tip

    David can you tell me what the wavy lines are. It seems to be the finish with some being off color a little.. Was the shellac brushed on?
  15. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    No mam, I didn't hollow them out. I don't own any tools for inside work.. Can't even get the lids off...Just like a new dress, for show only... But I am designing a new machine that will enter through the spout and I will be able to direct to all areas inside and grind away making it hollow. So far I only have the on off switch and am trying to out source the rest of the components. Dave, the yard needs mowing!!! Just forget about fixin the truck??

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