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  1. Dan I was like you said the critters always beats us to the fruit...except this year. I had been hanging CD disk up in the pecan trees to keep the squirrels and blue jays away so dumb me after about 20 years we are finally getting peaches pears and almonds using the CD disk....The disks must shine at night enough to keep the raccoons and foxes away cause we still have peaches that's still hanging about a foot off the ground. The two pear trees are so tall I only hung the disk as high up as I could reach with out a ladder and it seem like all the pears are still there.. Just hang them so they will turn in the wind and not get caught around the branches....Wife has been calling friends asking them to come get some stuff...
  2. I still have to smooth the big pieces. I think I will try to add some more to the flowers also. More learning! Another tool thats important in my carving is a regular electric sander. I use them upside down sitting on a thick soft rubber drawer liner on the table saw. The two roosters were completely sanded with an old Skil 459 or a Milwaukee # 6000 1/3rd sheet sanders. I bought the two new Milwaukee's a month or two after I got out of the army in 1960 and are still being used on my projects all the time. Not a clue as to how old the skil sander is...When I got the winning bid for those 7 Dewalt 788 scroll saws from the auction at Killeen, Tx that sander and 4 DA's, 2 Delta 1x42" belt disk sanders, lots of all kinds of clamps punches and chisels and lots of other things were free... I was high bidder on the scroll saws so they told me to load up all the rest of the tools and equipment that they didn't put bids on. They just assumed this other stuff was not important enough to make a list for the auction..This auction was over 200 miles away but the bid of 420.00 really surprised me I was the highest bid... No one signed up for the wood shop classes for a few years, so they thought this stuff would go to the trash.... The Milwaukee is flat on the top where the air gets to the motor so I set it upside down over the table saw slot with the big shop extractor on...the edges of the sanding pads can get most all the curved carved stuff only leaving a small amount for the hand sanding...Mom always told me that thing sitting on my shoulders was for thinking so don't forget it...
  3. Steve I never felt like anyone doing the same type of woodworking was competition unless they were next door to me. Any things I might can help even for later on I what I'm here for.. even some of these real small tips that took me ages to discover I think might help is okay with me. Gene we moved back to Texas when I was a freshman in high school. We didn't know at that time and dad was told he had brain cancer a short time later....One of our good friends in Cal. told us it was probably a good thing we left out there when we did for all my class mates ended up on drugs and never amounted to anything. But with no money for mom to put food on the table for me. my sister and her so she got a job working at a dry goods store in a town of 400 population. Amazing us two kids got out of high school...My days after school I would go in to a little lean to shed where mom had stored the only thing we had that dad bought in Cal. was a Forney AC_DC electric welder and the only rods that were there were a blowing type when you struck an arc for burning holes in thin metal and no welding rods at all but for the next three years I actually made those rods kinda weld things together or so I thought... Nothing much there to weld together an certainly never made anything but was my entertainment. My folks had been promised a house there in Ropesville to move back to Texas and take care of grand pap and grand maw and what it was to start with was two chicken houses maybe 12x20 each and I helped put them together with dad and a few of my uncles and it turned in to a 4 room thing. They did put a sink and a commode in and I had to dig the cesspool after school each day for about six months while the waste was flowing in one end as I was extending it on the other end..and was being covered with railroad ties and sheet iron. Back then there were no lateral lines and it started about a foot or two past the house...No kind of blower in the summer and lots of covers in the winter. Mom said we never could afford a heater in the winter. We did have a coal oil oven and cook top.... I was told later it took all my second year in high school to complete that cesspool... Ropes is solid caliche rock starting about six inches down...You know thinking back I was sad cause dad was gone but was kinda happy with my life...
  4. So far my Gatorade project has turned out better than I expected...I'm a wild experimenter and some things kinda sit idle for a long while before I can find a cure but then my wife can sit back and write down her thoughts on improving some of my projects....But she won't enter in to the discussion when I first start something new!! Too bad You Tube and Google wasn't around when I was a teenager.
  5. I quit early today but got a little done I could tell I was getting tired and nervous
  6. Gerald I do have some help. A 42 x 1" belt- disk sander, a 9" oscillating drum sander with 4" drums on down to 1/4", a 4 x 42" horizonal belt sander and a few Dremels helps take the work out of woodworking. For the type of stuff I like to build these things are real important. This picture shows what I did yesterday after I took that last picture. I saved a little labor on these two pieces for after I cut out the part that will be carved I used the band saw and cut down the rest of the area so there won't be as much sanding and shaping left to do. And you might know it I forgot to have Rapid resizer flip one of the patterns but they will be on each end and probably no one will notice. Then this morning I finished putting together my GA 88 ?? for the empty bottles were all over the shop falling in the floor...Maybe later I can get back on the box after some mowing. Its completely out of the way and in an area that was not being used. Now I will add some shelves on that wall for more storage...
  7. Cal, its maple. For me its the best wood if I want to go light or dark and ash I like if I want to highlight the grain in the wood. Steve I would have a terrible time trying to transfer my pattern on to the wood if I traced it as wobbly as my fingers are holding a pencil. I use clear packing tape on top of the wood then using spray adhesive spray a medium heavy coat over the tape then apply the pattern. Scotch brand I like for it does not leave a residue on the wood that has to be removed with a thinner which is a waste of time. The spray adhesive I seem to go back to the Elmer's brand even though I have used all of them over the years. Some are way more expensive than the others...…. and I think the Loctite showing is a permanent type. Its not a good idea to put the adhesive on today if you are planning on not cutting the wood till a few days later...The name on the can, temporary, means use it now. If you wait too long the pattern will come loose in places and that's not good... I only make one pattern then if I need the same pattern only flipped as the two in the picture I use a program called Rapid Resizer and it will flip the pictures for me. This pattern was drawn up around 2"x 4" and I resized it to fit the area I was working on.. I like my patterns with a very thin line for I use the real thin scroll saw blades and I get straighter and more accurate lines if I straddle the thin lines with the blade. I think a carpenters pencil was used drawing this original pattern, not good. Cal are you forgetting to post pictures of your new found hobby or have you guys been on one of those 120 day trips around the world.
  8. Here are the two pieces I did today. Not completely finished but mostly the hard work is done.
  9. I meant to say shape the wood before the pattern goes on. Can't do it on all projects but the flat stuff I can save lots of extra labor. Almost like taking candy from a baby... The end results is still up to the person operating the tools and machines but hey I can save lots of labor before its finished... Hand carvers,,,,, eat your heart out....This is still part of one of the boxes. You can see the three holes in the backer board. I left the front edge in one piece from one end of the board to the other to have something solid to glue all the pieces back together.…...This is after I get all the pieces groomed to suit meself, I will attach the front piece back to the backer board to have something steady to glue all the pieces back together....This all sounded good thinking it out but didn't put it on paper so I could remember it all the for the next project....The screw holes will disappear later, I hope! Just a thought if a real hand tool carver was to carve this 4x8" piece it would probably take 10 times longer than I can do it after I cut it all up first with the scroll saw... Any thoughts on that??
  10. This is what I got done today. The box size is smaller for I set out to make two of these so the box is half as big... easier that building 2 boxes... Lots of first times already today in what I have done...but I will just show the pictures and forget about trying to re type my words. I did have to point the cold air up for it kept blowing the pieces in to the nice spit shined concrete floor and I must have been saving electricity today for I can see just a little dust here and there...
  11. Ain't that great. I clicked off to see what the temp was and when I came back to finish this post,,,, It disappeared, shucks. I meant to say that sucks.
  12. When someone says this is the best gaul-durn tool I have ever used. Then someone ask how many other of the same type of tool do you own or have used in making your comparison. Its the only one but.....Joe said it was the best he ever used... Then if you are able to check these guys on things like have they always been a wood worker. Do they just do wood working on weekends and have an office job to make a living...Are they of an older age to have lots of experience with wood working tools. John mentioned a guy who use to recommend high dollar tools and even if it was the very first tool of that type he ever had in his hands he would go ahead and give his opinion but it was much too strong of an opinion...I remember he recommended a Wixley.. Oh it was the cats meow. But then a couple of years later he happened to drop it and it broke.... and it sounded to me like he thought it should have survived not being very high up and the way it was dropped...Then he started bad mouthing Wixley but his reputation could make anyone let go of more money than lots of guys had and some rightfully voiced their displeasure of being talked in to things they couldn't afford and as they were just trying out at being a woodworker and didn't have the money to invest in that German brand of tools he always talked up.... In my way of thinking if I load up my tools and drive across Dallas to do a special job and being good at what I do took me many years of experience then yes I might own a Festool or a Leigh or a Forrest brand but I don't own any of those brands. Back when I bought a new cabinet table saw I was in a cheap store one day and this guy was buying some table saw blades and we got to talking and he said you know I really watch what I buy that is real cheap but I bought a blade like this a couple of years ago and hey I am back to buy more of this same thing....Okay since I also needed a new blade to go with my new saw and since it was 6.95 this is not too much to spend to give these blades a try...So to make a long story shorter I came back in about a year later and bought a case of this same blade...… this amount of money equals I Forrest blade. This was almost 20 years ago and I am on the 4th blade and I don't think anyone can tell me from the things I build what brand of blade I am using or how much it cost....I like to buy from a garage sale or auction. I can't afford new expensive tools.. but can repair anything.... I think leaving a persons purchases up to the individual and let him spend his hard earned or for that matter easy to come by money. This country would be bad off if every one thought and acted alike. True story. This guy working for me at the track I noticed had a new set of deer horns installed on his car. I asked if they worked or was a gimmick, He said they work great. Okay, so how long have you had them on your car... about six months and I ain't hit a deer yet.....How long you been driving, abut 15years.....So you bought them to save having to go to the body shop to fix dented front ends. that's right....so tell me how many deer have you hit with your car in the 15 years you had your license. I never have hit a deer.....
  13. Steve this might be a smart move on her part for that should put me to trying to turn out something much better than I normally do things...Sure I will do my best to make her happier than if she had said she wants it so so...Don't you think??
  14. During the summer I like to occasionally check how Phoenix, Arizona is doing compared to where I live. This is a good way to go outside and enjoy our weather. Makes me want to put a warm jacket on if I stay out there very long!!!!!!!!!!! I read somewhere Phoenix is running out of water, ouch..
  15. This piece has something to do with the suggestion this grand daughter told me many moons ago. Owners won't let you drive a nail in to their walls....I no this might seem a little too much for the ordinary but it got me to thinking! You guys have me confused with you sizes for if this piece turns in to two separate projects then the 6x6 is too small... and now the separation part has me confused. Another thing she told me......In New Orleans you can't turn left at any intersections that is controlled be traffic lights......I wanted to argue with her but when we were in that town we just never needed to turn left.
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