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  1. Judy you aught to be completely fogged by all that information. First off it is an ole Oak office chair as most of them back there had a swivel base which was better for collectors . I can't remember what glue they used back then but it didn't work so good as the 4 boards on the seat will have to be taken apart and the extra pieces removed, thrown away, then re-glue.. My refinishing would not start until all the joints are taken apart and flat sand the excess old glue off and no power sander should be used for the wood needs to stay completely flat to get good glue joints. I will use Titebond 111 for its water proof. This chair is why I grew to hate oak wood because every piece of oak furniture I ever refinished almost all had to be rebuilt and most folks didn't have the money back then for all the labor that was involved and I would not mess with any furniture that had my name involved in the restoring if it was not done to my standard. My suggestion, water should never be used in furniture refinishing. It will make the wood expand which is bad. No thick stripper should be used for this kind has to be scraped off and this could cause more places to sand out. If Kleen Strip is anything like Kleen Kutter was or that might be spelled Cutter it should work and you don't want to use a thick remover. This is what I use to use and we bought 5 gal at a time. Just use a two or three inch brush and keep applying the remover and it will end up on the floor. No ruff sanding at all floor as this would cause dents Just keep applying the remover until the wood feels like wood instead of something sticky. Using a soft wide brush start applying the remover and keep putting it on the top first and if you are patient the old lacquer will start flowing to the floor so do this outside in the shade. You might have to use a tooth brush to get in to v's but your big brush should remove all of the finish on the chair. Now when you think you have removed all the finish.. use 0000 steel dipped in lacquer thinner and go over all the wood. Just keep applying more lacquer thinner with the wool until the wood feels like regular bare wood This will dry quick and now is the time to start knocking all the loose joints apart but be careful for some idiot could have used nails or screws to try to tighten the chair back together as they need to be removed before they cause more repairs. I would not recommend you do regluing because lots of different clamps will be needed. While the chair is in all the pieces you can sand off all the wood so it will be the same looks no matter if it is light or dark as long as it looks the same . Or you can wait until every thing has been reglued as the excess glue will need to be removed sooner or later. I try to keep any glue from getting on any area outside the joints as it will change the looks of the wood in those places. The most simple way to put an old antique back to original is use 100% tung oil and not any of the Tung Oil Mixes for none have any tung oil at all. Wood Craft has it and maybe the big box stores now but none use to stock it. Just make sure it says 100% tung oil. I like to thin the tung oil about 25 to 50% with regular paint thinner and any rag works better than a brush as you don't want to apply it that thick. Just cover the wood completely and then use a dry ray to remove any sitting on the surface. Let dry two or three weeks for more coats. I use at least three coats on the wood in the bathrooms where the wet towels hang and they will keep looking great forever. If you use straight 100% it will get sticky and never dry. You just want a little to penetrate the wood each time and none to sit on the surface. The reason I fell in love with 100% tung oil I was doing a large project and I was using a small hand towel to apply it. I just laid it back for I was to use it again in three weeks or so and I just set it back and that job I applied it three times then the last time I folded it up like a bowl so after It completely dried I poured water in it and set it on the sink area. A couple of weeks later the towel still had water standing in it...So this told me to give it more trial and I did a piece of wood on all sides and after 4 applications this was a few years ago and since rain runs off in a few hours my board still look like it did when I started the experiment. I think this chair will look good if just a little sanding all over and not necessary to get it all the way back to the original wood before any stain or color was used. And probably not needing more color added. Just mostly to get all the wood smooth and 220 or 320 wood work great. No need to go any finer sandpaper. There should be 1/4 or sometimes 3/8" dowel holding the arms together and where it joins the rest of the chair and sometimes I replace the dowels for a larger size just to satisfy my little mind. But that's more work. You could wait to do the sanding until after the chair has been completely re-glued and that will get the places smooth to the touch where two pieces of wood are joined like on the end of the arms where someone will be rubbin. So I removed the finish first then after the steel wool-lacquer thinner dried, that\s about 5 minutes, I would take all the loose joints apart, clean the joints, lightly sand all pieces then reglued everything...when glue dried go over it all with hand sanding and trying to keep the same general appearance all over then the 100% tung oil treatment. smallpatch
  2. Wife has been using the newer version but I was still on the same version from before Columbus hit that rock. I honestly think this is the best program for the kind of wood working I do. Sometimes I need a certain size to fit a space no matter what the shape using Rapid Resizer I can get it done. Thanks guys for all your troubles trying to help. Actually it made me do more playing around with the puter and accidently I began starting by bringing up Rapid Resizer and not clicking on my favorites and go step by step for wife made her name for me in an arc to fit the space and I was determined to find something why I could not make my Rapid work for I did not know at the time she had used here lap top instead of my puter and finally found the difference.
  3. This is what I used Microsoft Word for and nothing else in the entire Microsoft 365 program. When I had Word only back when I could get it with out the other things. They use to offer English Town and about 100 other fonts and I could find different letter fonts and microsoft would let me drag a new different font in to their program, use to be free to use Word. Well now neither pay for 365 or get the free Word version has English Town letters and they won't let me add them for any price. Lots of free Fonts has English Town to down load but it loads a page of letters and thats all.. sure I can print each letter of a name but trying to space them to look good is impossible. I now want to add the grand kids names in more enclosed carvings to go underneath Bryan and Clair I did find another site I downloaded and printed out Bernadettes name curved to match the top of the plaque but they didn't offer English Town letters. Hard headed I guess, maybe no big deal to anyone else but I want to keep things like they started out being. Mike and Terri has three kids and they all have kids so I want to add more enclosed names under the original Carving I started with. This is the only part of any down loads I would use. I have Rapid Resizer as it will take a picture from my files and enlarge or reduce it, flip it if needed then print out a piece of paper I use for a pattern but this program does not have anything using letters so the reason I used Word for that part of my carvings or plaques. It will print out something 6 foor square if needed. Sure it will have many pages to tape together but hey I don't have to use a printing shop in town, It will let me change a picture that measured 10 x 10 and print out the same picture that is maybe 10 x 15. I do this often to get a picture a good size for a certain already a already have of wood without having to glue up more wood. Sherri and Jeff, the other daughter and family has 3 kids but no grand kids yet so I will be wanting to add name under their plaques when this happens.
  4. Larry, I'm real good at turning them off and on and the rest has to be done by someone else. Lew I tried Microsoft Word free download but it has just a few letter fonts and are terrible. I did find English Town fonts and tried to load it then Win Zip came on and said things needed to be cleaned up before I could down load anything . Well the cost was like 45.00 a year so I said okay. Well they did clean up some apps of something and said my computer was good to go but then I realized they were not even talking about the English Town fonts I had been trying to down load. Yes the Microsoft down load runs about 7 or 8 bucks a month but Word looks different than in prior years.
  5. I tried loading your suggestion to try libreoffice.org and it almost got loaded and the red line stopped and said error something and would not finish loading... Tried a few times with same results and I think it is my antique computer. Can't afford new one so I will try some other free offers. I got lost in that last post , sorry. smallpatch
  6. Thanks for the suggestion of trying libreoffice.org I will get my wife in here and help me go through this site when she is available when she gets back this afternoon. I will let you know if this is similar to Word and Rapid Resizer...
  7. Cal I understand now. Different parts of the country has different procedures than us down here. When we say funeral that means a day or two after a person dies we hold a service in their church then a funeral procession drive to the grave yard that same day. We went to a funeral in California and they will run over slow moving cars. People can't stand to go less than 100 miles an hour at any time or any where. And we lived out there for 10 years but during WW11 the speed limit was 35 miles an hour. Time does change things. This is a 31 mile drive called Avenue of the Giants which is quite a ways north of San Francisco. This is the best of the one you mentioned, which is west of Las Vegas. The trees are called different from the red woods but are of the same species or something like that. The third picture equals the first two pictures. Actually the red woods go on for miles and miles and highway 101 goes through this area. The most beautiful drive in America is closer to the ocean which is highway #1 which is a few miles west of 101. Most of that drive lets you see the ocean from San Diego in to Washington state. You mentioned train or bus but you will not see very much like if you drive! There is a pretty train trip drive from Durango, Colo to Silverton and back where you will spend a few hours while emptying your wallet but the ride through that is kinda breath taking especially people from Texas which is mostly barren nothing. Maybe a oil derrick here and there but thats about. Gleiser National Park is a drive like no other in the US but this drive is for 20 foot vehicles or less and bicycles have the right of way. Most of that drive has no railings on the falling off side of the mountains for there is no land to put the rails in to. No busses or campers of any type allowed.. A famous saying when we are in the mountains is , "You always put me on the falling off side" We stay off the interstate when we go anywhere for pleasure. A person just can't see anything going the speed limit. My opinion only but train or bus is a waste of money. A commercial bus would be the worse kind of trip for the reason is not every one has the same taste of things to see. A one time trip to Vegas and to the dam will never be forgotten. If either of you has claustrophobia stay out of the dam for it vibrates terrible down the deeper you go in that concrete world. And the Las Vegas Blvd is something else but one needs to go into every casino or every door there is on that street... These folks have so many things to see that is unusual that one needs to walk from one end to the other in each and every casino. And the buffets are something else for any one of them which all casinos has one, you will find different types of food from maybe ten or more countries some in this world. So you need to be hungry when going in. I always thought the buffet prices were real reasonable except the very high class casinos.
  8. Also Lew we have Rapid Resizer which my wife has had ever since she started doing stained glass and it use to be free and maybe still is ? I have a printer so all I have to do is put a picture in the printer and tell Rapid Resizer what I want it to do and tell it how many copies. Rapid resizer does not furnish letters so the reason I need Word for it has many letter fonts to choose from and it will tell the printer what size to make. It will even contour the letters the way I want. I did wife's name to fit the area I needed and had it to curve the name to match the top of the picture so both is needed to do most of what I been doing most of these last 20 years of so. These letters are called Old English style and have lots of ups and downs in a curvy kind of way and to me makes them more fancy This is what I really like for it is what font I have been using on all my names but it is hard to find but Word lets me add more fonts to suit. I add these logs under the letters so the letters stays together as they were put on the paper and I just draw two lines under and make it look like a log before I start scrolling.. If you have ever scroll sawed out any individual letters and tried to glue them on some wood and make them all equal distance to each it is impossible plus getting glue all over every thing while trying
  9. Lew it is cheaper for me to just have Word cause I don't need all that other office stuff. I think it will be about 7 dollars a month
  10. Gene we made it up to the red wood forest a little more than 50 years ago and on the coast is where Cresent City Cal. is where this red wood hunk of wood came from. It stood up in three different shop next to my work tables before I finally had time to build a coffee table with the redwood base . Anybody that ain't seen those hugh trees cannot believe their size and it is worth driving through them before a person dyes, dies... The shops use to get these big stumps by driving up and down the beach and finding lots of them that the lumber jacks would dig them out of the ground and throw then in a river to get rid of them and they would float all the way out in to the ocean then back on to lots of miles of beaches. This redwood was free which was good for the cities to not have to pay to remove them and at the same time created jobs and businesses selling redwood slabs and stumps and the owners of the redwoods forest saved a bundle at the same time. Knowing California now it is probably against the law to clear the land that way but the land needed to be cleared seedlings to be planted causing the red wood sales shops to have to charge their customers and arm and leg for what I paid around 40 dollars for the two pieces for that coffee table. It was so big the only place we had to carry it back to Texas was in the shower stall of our camper which was to heavy to try and get it up on the rack on top of the camper. And this caused us not to take many showers until we got back home. I still have lots of smaller slabs hanging in my shop just waiting for a brain storm to use some red wood.
  11. Great picture Lew. I made things for 40 years before I started taking pictures of the projects. Then when I did start taking pictures and saving them I lost about 10 years from a computer going blank. Its funny for now I do lots of experimenting on everything I make and I am getting a back room full of un accepted things that just didn't turn out like I was hoping. But I tell folks thats the only way a person can get better. Guess I'm fixin to get Microsoft Word back on my computer. We use to have it for wife used it all the time in her stained glass doings and this is how I started making names to scroll saw as that program would let me enlarge or reduce a picture or flip it. We use to have it and it was free for lots of years so now I am up set to have to pay for it but the way I use it like in wife's name here, it's hard to do without it.
  12. Cal you have me wondering how will you know you will have some funerals in June. Hey , that might make grieving easier than when it comes all of a sudden!!
  13. Probably the biggest time saver of anything for the water being that close. These bottles are still with me since we built this shop in 1999 and just think of all the steps and time I saved over those years and finally put in a sink and a potty in the newest shop... sink runs out to water a large honey suckle next to shop but did run the potty to the septic system which I put in all by myself... And I understand lots of states is charging lots bucks for things a home owner could do much cheaper.. But this is the third shop I have personally built and every time I started on another I did have a list of wanted thing to save me time and make life easier, and for next time if there ever is a next time....I put the forms up and had a cement smarty pour me good smooth slabs and I did the rest. Well, wife was there to hold the sheet iron in the right place while putting the screws in it. Yes, I have started another list of important things that would help like electricity coming out of the floor for machines in the middle of the shop and yes in the ground dust extractor pipes with screw in lids if any was not needed at any time. This list is if we ever move but I don't think the old folks homes allows anything like that. And the most important item I bought to use building this last shop was a self levelling laser level. The first shop and no level of any kind so I used telephone poles. Think about it.. The first time I asked telephones poles to help me and son in law install fence post around the four acres for Fun City was in 1982. Almost any time a person needs something for referencing straight up and down for every one can see a few telephone poles. Well maybe not in down town New York City but I doubt if anyone there knows trees produce wood as a by product. No level at all for I didn't even own one at that time in 1982 but I did have a 6 inch bubble level for the wood forms and that was used for all three shops. See how clean the tips of the glue bottles look. This lets a person open one anytime without kussing or throwing a screw driver across the shop.
  14. Cal I was just wanting to see if anyone questioned me making the thing mounted in the old lathe. But not many people was ever around any old Monkey Wards products and they might not want to comment one way or the other and look dumcoff. This is what the Legacy Ornamental Lathe can do plus many other great processes. Are you and the lady of the house through going down every road in America yet..... That reminds me there is a retired couple who has taken a picture of every post office in Texas and every town that has no post office. This was in a believe it or not mag a few years ago....I think we have been to almost all the National parks but never took a picture in any of them???? This must have been before cameras came to town so no proof.
  15. Montgomery Ward but no motor but the rest of it was there and I am loaded with electric motors that I been collecting since I got out of high school in 54. So I have 3 used lathes but I hardly ever use one and that is usually when I am repairing something round that got broke.
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