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  1. Well what do you know about that? I been doing some compound sawing with my scroll saw and didn't even know that is what I was doing. These bowls have been sitting above my head here at the computer for a bunch of years and I didn't even know there was a name for what I was doing to make the curved slats. And don't even know if slats is what they are called! I would saw out one side then have to tape that side back on to where it went so I could have a flat area to slide across the scroll saw to saw out the rest of the slat. It's a good thing I didn't have to learn all these names of things I was doing while wood working of else I might have chose to do something else with my time. Whups, after thinking about how I made those slats.. I believe I used the 12" bandsaw because I keep an 1/8" blade on that saw all the time and never change to any other size.. That saves me all that exact settings of every thing that moves on the band saw for it to work like it should. I have 3 band saws for that reason and it only took 20 something years to finally get the third saw....but now its worth it . I was going to use the scroll saw for it saws baby butt smooth every where the blades rubs but the 788 don't go that wide. Using the scroll saw I would not have had to sand either side of the slats.
  2. I think it would suit me if a clear coat would make the maple as white as it looks now but it won't for I have tried it many times in the past. Thanks for your, wait, you are not helping me!!!
  3. Okay, help me out!! I'm thinking of leaving the outside carving with only clear coats but am afraid it will turn out two brownish. So maybe just a light white metallic where most of the grain of the maple will show through????
  4. This is the bit I use to smooth the inside curves of all my carving stuff. The bits are either 3/32 or 1/8" diameter shafts and the diamond, ruby and sapphires bits all look the same to me and over the years they get mixed up so I just use what ever I reach in and get and if it don't do the job like I want , replace it for another. The outside curves I use the triangled shaped pad on the Dremel multi max sander #6300 which probably been replaced by another number by now. It was bought when I was doing lots of remolding and is a life saver for that type of work with the little flat blades with the saw teeth on one end. Then one day I said to myself hey, I got another sander that might take a lot of the labor of hand sanding and shorten the time I spend on sanding. The triangle shaped pad lets me get into smaller places that the da's or random orbits and the larger flat electric sanders can get into.. I saved all the flat saw blades that were worn out and now I grind off the saw teeth and use stickit sand paper for those little flat areas fingers can't get to. This picture shows me I need to do more sanding along the edges to take out more sanding marks and to straighten the edge lines which will make a world of difference of peoples acceptance to ones work.
  5. I think a person who's running the machines has already tried different speeds if the machine is built that way and what ever turns him. Thats like telling your kids spinach tasted good for they already know thats is a lie.
  6. I just wonder how long it would take to make these two curly ques if a person only had carving knives These still have to be smoothed with the diamond or ruby or sapphire bits.
  7. Cal most all the smoothing of the inside valleys are done with three or four bits. The ones with round bottoms. I cut the Dremel back to about #3 and use small circular motions. So its mostly ruby and sapphires and I do use the 217203 which is diamond but with 3/32" bits and the Dremel comes with different size mandrels If you have a Wood Carvers Supply catalog the only set I bought in 2016 was 881004 , 150 grit and maybe should have bought the 881005 which is 100 grit and the diamond bits. Strange for the diamond bits I could use don't come one at a time except that last number Page 8 shows the ruby and sapphire bits so I use #'s 217304,217308, 217310 and 217312 which are 3/32 size bits. These four bits with the one diamond bit is all I ever use. Amazing how the 1 x 42" belt sander with me applying pressure to the inside of the belt can get more done quicker than all the3 other machines. The Saburr bits are for grinding all the inside valleys. 259401,259202,259462, 259363, 259393, 259395. These numbers are the green colors which are course and then switch over to the diamond, ruby and sapphires. I did buy a couple of sets at first but there are still some of them that hasn't been used. Yes , when I first started playing around with carving attempts I thought I needed the very course 1/8" bits but they will get you hurt real quick like on the bottom of page 10 of their catalog, like # 629529 The things I carve I have no need for those very very high speed carving machines that cost an arm and a leg. They might be to carve eggs but they would catch my maple on fire and I done smelled enough smoke way back yonder!
  8. Well, he didn't show up. I gave zero's on the first test... So I started without him and my phone quit working but did get this little Canon I use to use kinda working. The first few photos was very hard to see for the fog kept rolling in from somewhere but I kept pushing buttons and almost got it clear. I starting without him yesterday and got most of the ruffing done today. Next few days will be more grinding to make all the edges match up. I used a thinner blade than on the last thing. That means slowing the speed down and reducing the tension some.....these blades can be pulled in two easier.
  9. Hey, check out this Grizzly band saw G0 701
  10. Okay, that sounds better than what my little brain was telling me!
  11. I have a different thought on your question....If you are planning on running a log 14 to 16 inch in diameter through a band saw I will tell you that will be very dangerous. Thats a lot or weight you will be pushing through the blade . Just one false move and you might be eating a flying busted band saw blade...and using two people will not make make it that much more safer. But now if you are planning on resawing that wide of board forget what I said. But this will be almost impossible unless you get a band saw with maybe a 5 hp motor and that will cause the price to shoot up through the roof. But don't worry the band saw will already have caused a large hole up there! Smallpatch
  12. Masonsayler, there is one place that displays I believe every thing in their catalog, and it is to be touched and there are folks who will demo each machine for you... and compare different models. And yes there are lots of different brands to choose from and not just Grizzly brands. But all the machinery I can home with is Grizzly. And not one gripe in the 20 plus years I've owned these machines. It was when I retired and I wanted to changed out all my machinery which was all used stuff I had bought over the years since 1954. So while I still had a little money. We took a trailer behind a long bed bed pickup and filled it up with machinery at Springfield, Mo. I thought I was completely happy when I got home with all these goodies. But after I started using a certain size band saw and I think it was a 16" model I called Grizzly and told them I was not happy with this band saw it's just not big enough and they said bring it back and trade it for a larger model. I did just that and paid only the difference in price. Hey, this was in 1999 I think it was and I am still happy with every thing I got that day. A year or two later a remote starter for the big dust extractor quit, I called and told them, they said send it to Pennsylvania which was their repair place at that time .They sent a new one back, no charge. Now Grizzly only has two very big warehouses full of display items to choose from. Bellingham, Wa and Springfield, Mo I believe I could have spent three or four days in that the building in Springfield and not gotten around to seeing all that stuff on display. They also have large displays of woodworkers things and I think these things are very high up on excellence and I figure they might not let me show my stuff
  13. I guess you might say these are special ordered pertaining to the color of glass, the color of the bases, which characters and how many of each. They are not displayed at craft fairs or garage sales. The two daughters are involved on letting their friends and their friends know what she has to choose from..
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