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  1. What's wrong with using Formica by cutting it up in narrow strips and alternating light and dark colors?? I remember we put a formica top table out side for about 25 years and it out lasted the wood legs.
  2. these flowers are for my next project...However I've not decided what that project will be yet?? This was actually to see if I could up the quality of what flowers I have made in the past and today I was just toning down the bright colors I started with.. I used the scroll saw for the flowers.
  3. My dado set is the least used things in my whole shop...why not use the table saw for those cuts? This is what I use more than anything else when using the table saw. Well maybe these things are used more than the Incra.
  4. Gunny if you need more exhaust fans a heating air conditioning shop around here throws the ones they replace out back and are a give away item. Only some of the latest motors are combined with the thermostats. I had them leave my old unit here when they put in a new unit...and with a three speed motor I use the speed that works best for where I installed the two I use. Both are squirrel cages so I can replace the air in here slow or fast.
  5. Got the flowers ready for the next project. I hope the colors calms down after a clear coat or two for I don't want them to be the center of attention!!
  6. I didn't get much done today just what you see took all day. Lew I would explain it to you but if you don't have a scroll saw my words would be wasted. All the pieces to the flowers were cut with the scroll saw.
  7. And I am starting with the little things that normally is the last things I add to a project to give a person more things to look at in case the main object was poorly made to start with and that maybe some folks didn't like and I was hoping the small things would keep some folks to do a double take and see something interesting... So, I have spent the last three days making flowers and actually tying to reproduce something like nature keeps coming up with even with no patterns or plans... I can see some improvement in my flower making from the first rose I made some time ago t
  8. I think I remember when Skil was owned by Skil and I think they started out many years before I was born. Just a little after the auto's hit the roads. Now they are owned by a Chinese company. I'm glad that when we need to get in the car and go somewhere we still don't have to go to the front of the car and turn a crank to get the motor started. But it would keep the very young off the roads.
  9. I get my plans or thoughts on how to go about building something by studying the pictures I get off of Pinterest and I just now looked and there are many pictures of apothecary cabinets. Then if pictures is not enough how about getting the 10,000 plans from the guy that advertises all those plans and his name is Roy something? Roy Foley for I just now looked it up. Or Ted someone has the 10,000 plans!
  10. I might also add I work with smooth Maple and Ash and the grain in the Ash is a little ruff on the lead so pine and any ruff wood might not work so good. I use 2 sizes of lead .05 and .07 mm Most of the time the scroll saw is used with the drawings so the reason a very thin dark line is best for me.
  11. I just happened to have a pencil I use all the time right here. Its the best I have found. I like my lines the smallest I can make with a dark line and these are great. The package of refills are not too expensive and last many months. And no if you are upset these are probably not for throwing in to the corner so try to take your anger over to a stack of hardwood and punch it for a while. I have 6 or 7 holders attached to the walls around my shop and one of these stays in each holder very easy to get to. I would have taken a picture of the lead but its too small to s
  12. Cal, no extra weight except the 3/8" cold roll rod in the middle. I ended up with extension pieces about 1 1/4" wide between the pole and the cups. So that's not too far away from center to need the extra weight at the bottom. 2 part epoxy was used in almost all the joints that needed gluing together. Harbor Freight 8.95 size and I still have most all of the two tubes left. I always use the 6 minute epoxy and any one time is always about a thimble half full is more that I need at any one time. I also use the bottom of a coke can for my mixing and I then use that part thats
  13. I used a metal rod in the middle of the pole so I could make the lids swing out of the way when needed to get the goodies of the cups??

    © Can't find any copy wright, must be too old of an item for that?

  14. I did notice when I change from a 1/2" blade down to a 1/4" wide blade I do have to reset the saw so I only use the 1/2" wide blade only on the 18" band saw. I think Alex in his presentation of correctly setting the saw up he mentions the blade needs to run exactly in the middle of the top wheel. He might have said both wheels but I just go by the top wheel. Then I have a 12" saw I use the smaller blade on to turn tighter curves with... I believe Alex was at one of the early woodworking tool shows and think goodness I happen to be at that show and he cured my band saw problems...
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