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  1. I made this Mantle clock in high school shop class for my Grandparents for Christmas.
  2. My Grandfather gave me this pair of Klein needle nose pliers right before I shipped off to my first tour in the army. Never used them i just wrapped them up and put in my foot locker. Didn’t want to lose them.
  3. Recently inherited my Great Grandmother’s rocking chair. I was told that he made it himself. Thought I’d share with you all.
  4. I recently inherited this this old console tv that my Grandpa turned in a cabinet years ago. Thought I’d share because it’s a good idea.
  5. Using circular saw to cut down sheets to manageable sizes
  6. Does anyone have recommendations for breaking down 4’ x 8’ sheet goods easily? Maybe plans to make a jig to simplify this task or a tool purchase? Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good framing nailer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. The extensions on my miter saw are temporary until I decide where I want to put my saw in my shop.
  9. Just Some Shop Organization I’ve been working on.
  10. Made this countertop utensil holder for Mom’s birthday . She picked the color of stain.
  11. Thank you John Morris for mentioning me and all that everyone has done to help me out!!!
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