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  1. Ron Altier

    Hot melt glue gun failure

    Every once in a while, you have a job for a glue gun. I had such a job today. I have a small gun for small easy jobs. I have a large gun I got from Sears years ago, I've used it a lot. Today I chose the large one, haven't used it for more than a year or so. I plugged it in and got a coffee. When I returned it had overheated and the glue was coming out with bubbles in it, all by itself. I have never trusted any heating tool to control itself enough to allow it to go unattended for more than a few minutes. I'm glad I didn't today
  2. Ron Altier

    First Resin Turning

    When you use negative rake, which way to the cuttings go? When I turn resin the normal way, they go everywhere. Into the chuck jaws and streamers into my light, etc.
  3. Ron Altier

    FINALLY some order

    Not like the ones I have..........Hd and Hf look the same. Both are China made and both are same.
  4. Ron Altier

    FINALLY some order

    Not surprised.........all are made in China. I don't always (most of the time) remember what I put stuff in. So these have helped greatly!
  5. Ron Altier

    Noodle cutter

    Here is a project for you. I have no info, but I think you could figure it out. My wife makes home maid egg noodles, however she insists they must be cut by hand
  6. Ron Altier

    FINALLY some order

    I used to use pill bottles, just about any thing that would hold things. Then I saw these see thru containers. NICE! You can take the whole thing with you or pick out any single compartment. I have all my "stuff" where I can see at a glance if it is in there. I have some from HF and HD
  7. Ron Altier

    FINALLY some order

    I like that a lot, now if you have a good place to store it, you have it made. What we need is a system that automatically pulls out our storage boxes on request and when we are done, it automatically returns them to a storage place
  8. John, I read a post asking fellow turners to donate christmas ornaments to a group that paints them. I'd like to email them and see if they would take some of my "not so proud of" finished or partially finished pieces. If they paint over them, they could look good.

    Any info you have can help


  9. Ron Altier

    Oh my, colonoscopy again

    My Dr did not like the way my PSA was slowly increasing. Went from 1.5 to 2.5 over 5 years. He insisted I have the cancer test. I got it and had the most aggressive kind of cancer, in the worst stage. They did the Cyber knife, a computer controlled precision radiation treatment. That was 5 years ago and at my last visit, he said I was in the "cure zone"
  10. Ron Altier

    Oh my, colonoscopy again

    At one time they said that if you have clear results, NO more colonoscopy check after 75 My Dr informed me that it has been raised to 80 and if you have polyps, more after that. I'd think at 80 something else will kill us first. Maybe a jealous husbands.
  11. Ron Altier

    a few new (to me) tools

    The wedge tip screw starter/screwdriver was used in the power plant all the time and still is. Except ours had extended plastic insulation nearly to the tip to eliminate short and shock hazards. I've still have mine and have only used it a couple of times in 20 years. Looks like you have one for every day of the week
  12. Ron Altier

    Another brand went to the Dark Side

    I wonder if the high import taxes on Chinese goods figured into this
  13. Ron Altier

    Colorful Ornament

    I made a few cuts and glued up, turned down. I came out pretty much the way I thought it would
  14. Ron Altier

    Colorful Ornament

    It comes in inch and half by inch and half......10 to 12 inches long. Its been a while since I got some, I think Rockler
  15. Ron Altier

    Colorful Ornament

    I've been playing in the colored ply again. I kinda like how this ONE turned out. It looks different from all sides

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