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  1. During shop clean up, I found some narrow strips of walnut from an old forgotten job. The were approx a quarter inch sq. by 10". Since we are still under self quarantine, I have lots of time and decided to make a glue up using these strips and some maple & pine. It came out kinda nice.I made two of them and may turn the other one in the opposite direction. The oval is about inch and three quarters. I haven't been turning much lately and it is nice to get back where time has no meaning. It goes by so quickly when you are having fun.
  2. This is prob way off base, but my first look reminded me of my wife's yarn winder. It screws down for a tight base and rotates with a crank to wind up yarn, maybe wire.
  3. I don't understand that reaction. I didn't carve it, I worked with the wood. Sawed it so it would sit properly, dug it out for a flat place inside. NO carving at all. Photographs of woodworking are the biggest part of woodworking on this site.
  4. Last year our local park area offered free firewood as they cleared an area. I went to that area to look for gnarled or interesting wood. I wanted it for turning. After I got some cut open at home, I discovered that most was indeed, firewood. However some had other possibilities besides turning. The knot pictured looked good after I cleaned out. I figured it would make a beautiful religious setting. This how it ended out when I completed it. Pictures are inside and outside of the knot
  5. I know what you mean, I guess we are all made in the same old mold
  6. I have some of those also. Can't find them until I make a new one
  7. I did a limited clean up in my shop. Limited because I was looking for one item that I misplaced.(lost) While in the process of going thru an assortment of small drawers and bens, I discovered a few things that I had saved from other projects, that I may need for future projects. Then I had to stop and think what project I may have saved it for. I think that you know where I'm going with this because you probably do the same thing. I think my "one of these days I may need this" days are over. Not only am I running out of space in my shop, I am running out of memory in my brain. I find things for projects that I threw away or things I can't figure out. Some things are super confusing and then I find out that my wife stuck it there because she thought "I keep stuff like that. Time to downsize storage, time to rethink my thinking,,,,,,,,,,,,,, again.
  8. Don't think he liked it too well, haven't seen him back yet
  9. I finally got a picture of elusive and rare four footed, long tailed humming bird as it ate at our feeder. First time I've seen this happen.
  10. Beware!! These carbide cutters get dull quickly!!!! When accidently pushed into a spinning chuck. I did it. However, it can be rotated to a new cutter surface. Just don't do it again
  11. Thank for the the advise, due to a condition in my hands, I can't do the gripping necessary to carve.
  12. No wonder it is the largest living organism, covering a 6 mile area, if one area gets a good rain, the whole tree does. A real "root canal sys"
  13. I have not seen many big ones up close. Our area is not that old. In the mountains it looks like they could be a foot or more across. The boards I have are glue ups. The widest board used is prob 6" During dry times when I don't mow my lawn, I can have aspen roots sprouting up all over my lawn. The tree can be 40 feet away in my neighbors yard. I did have two aspen in my yard, both died in less than 10 years, however their roots started other trees...........in my neighbors yard.
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