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  1. I was not happy with the results when I misused this when I applied over my spray finish and had to remove it. It was softer than I thought and it came off easier than I had anticipated. Probably because I used it over my finish. I had good results when I used it over finely sanded wood. Rack this one up to experience or forgetfulness. I did have good results on raw, sanded wood. It sanded smoothly and a second coat came out great.
  2. Yes I made a parting tool, at least it looked like one. I wasn't happy with it.
  3. I made my own carbide tool also. I used an old carbide tipped saw blade. I cut off a couple of teeth with a grinder, leaving enough of the steel blade to attach to a handle. Yes it did work, however the angle and size of the tooth limited the use. It was a fun project, but no so successful for me.
  4. This finish is more of a grain filler finish and it does a good job. As you can see the label does not give a surface prep and assumes it is clean/dry wood only. It actually does a good job filling and as a final coat after hand sanding smooth on these small turnings. You can see on this piece that some more sanding will be needed and a finish coat.
  5. I turned a piece down and sanded to my satisfaction. Then I used my spray normal clear spray finish on it.......I forgot about the ultraviolet curing finish. NO problem. I used the UV stuff on top----that turned out to be a bad thing. The liquid did not flow evenly and hardened that way. It can still be sanded down but It did much better on a smooth sanded wood surface, it flowed evenly and dried that way.
  6. I bought a tool rest several years ago and it has become my favorite. The body may be cast, but the contact surface is either chrome steel or stainless. It is still as smooth as the day I bought it. I've had it over 10 years. I'm not sure, but I think it came from Rockler. My lathe is mini and the surface is about 6" Oh yes.......I'm turning scraps again.
  7. Yes, Kevin I did. As kids in Ohio we hiked the woods a lot. I was once given a persimmon to taste. I touched my finger tip on it and tasted my finger. Kinda what I thought a rotten lemon or lime would taste like.
  8. I've turned a lot of it. I always go thru a lot care to use my face mask and eye protection. (PPE) The wood presents special challenges. I always keep my PPE on when working with it. If I walk away to do something, I Keep PPE on, being sure to be careful with the dust on my body. I Clean up before I take PPE off, the dust on my clothes, and area, could still be problem. Much of what I turn has never been kiln dried and is from cut firewood. Its possible that the dust will present NO problem, as you have seen from others here, however that is a risk I will NOT take. Being over cautious is not a bad thing.
  9. The board I used was one I selected and glued to make the blank. I played with it until I felt I got a good mating pair and glued into a piece 1 and a half inches sq x 7 in.
  10. Apply at room temp. It settles out in a glass like coating, much thicker than a normal finish. Immediately place it in the sun, turning after a few minutes. It does harden enough to keep from running in the first minute. I turned my piece 4 times to allow all sides to get the sun. It seems tacky, however you can sand it down to remove any area flaws. I hand sand. If you have NO flaws......one coat will do. I'm still learning, but I like the way it covers.
  11. What length are these? This one is about 4.5 inches. I took what I could get. I added the end pieces out of solid wood.
  12. I had more than a few problems with this one. As I'd turn it down, I discover another powder rotten place. For that reason, it is not a perfect sphere in places I used the ultraviolet light curing finish. That too is a learning experience. It needs to be room temperature for the best cure. It can feel like it is sticky and uncured, but it is sandable. The sun is absolutely the best cure, the ultraviolet flashlight, is not near as effective. Still learning on this stuff. overall, I do like it.
  13. This morning I read a headline "90s retro music" WHAT!! I just got used to writing the date with a 2 for the century and then another 2 for the decade. Now this. Am old or what?
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