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  1. Another thing I like is a feature that looks like a flame in the upper right corner. It is in either black or orange. If you click on it, it will delete (or burn) all sites you have visited
  2. I recently changed browsers and switched to DuckDuckgo. I was amazed at the trackers on nearly every site. Especially Rockler 104 trackers and Woodcraft 89. I know I"d be even more amazed if I knew how many Google has. Duck Duck identifies and blocks all of them. The Patriot Woodworker showed NO trackers. I am NOT promoting any web site, but I feel safter knowing I am not on a browser that doesen't tell the world my info.
  3. I use dowels often when tuning small to tiny turnings. Many times these dowels crush or come apart. I turn my own dowels when using a colorful wood. I saw where I could get bamboo dowels in standard sizes and ordered a few to see how would turn. When I received them I was amazed at how light and strong they are. I turned one down into a sewing aid for my wife. Here is what I found out. 1. Even tho they are advertised as being in standard sizes, they are metric. Holes must be bored with metric bits. 2. Even tho it is very hard to see, many turning come off in tiny needles. Ask me how I know. ouch. 3. Even tho it is super hard, it absorbs finish like a soft wood. 4. I will use it, but only as support for small turnings and then turn the bamboo down to a point on the ends of the ornaments.
  4. Ron Altier


    More than “cool”. Show us more
  5. I’m still trying to solve issues. The epoxy must be mixed in equal parts and temperature plays a huge part in curing, as well as rpm. Im not ready to give info yet……I thought I was. Maybe soon if I can stick with it (pun intended)
  6. I think I have a handle now on using epoxy on small turned pieces. These pieces came out good and look like a glass finish
  7. Perhaps it was the only way to widen the entrance for a wheel chair.
  8. Welcome to my little corner of the world..........won't you come on in?
  9. I had to think about this one for a while.........
  10. The temp just dropped to 55 during the last rain 10 minute ago. and its not like June 5th at all.
  11. What states are you in? I’m hoping that I can get the lawn mowed before the next rain
  12. I don't know how many of you live in the western states and I am not sure about rain in all states. Colorado, a normally dry state, has had so much rain it is unbelievable. It is June and our reservoirs are full (wonderful) and I am mowing the yard every 3 days. Rain is predicted for nearly every day this week and was the last few weeks too. I have never seen the mountains and areas so green. We are NOT in any flood danger and everyone is thankful. Especially the firefighters. I don't particularly like having to stay in, but it is great having all that rain. Normally our water providers are pleading for us to use less water and raising rates on those who use an excess amount. That brings up another problem. If the water dept don't get their regular income, they may. have to raise rates........we can't win.
  13. What's on my workbench? Not what you'd expect. I was moving some things out for disposal and one was a plastic bottle of dandelion killer concentrate. It slipped out of my hand and hit my work desk. The lid popped off when it hit and splattered on one corner, as well as on my hands. As a Viet vet with agent orange damage, I ran into the house to rinse and wash ASAP. I opened all the doors and did a cleanup with fans blowing, with all my PPE. I then removed the dest top and tossed it. I cleaned up (with protection) all that I could see and installed 3 fans to push and move all the air in the garage thru the open double door. The next day I repeated the whole clean up procedure. The fans still running. When the odor was gone, I installed a new plywood desk top. Next I had a super sensitive odor detector(wife) inspect after the garage was closed up and no fans running. (She can detect odors a mile away) I got the "all clear" and am back in my shop. I still have all doors open, as usual this time of the year.
  14. I'm still playing with the 2 part, 30 minute epoxy. I have refined my set up and application process. I am still learning. Here are some rules I use a low RPM manual setup to regulate RPM 1. MOST IMPORTANT! Clean your lathe and surrounding area of all dust. Just one little mistake will show up and stay. 2 Apply slowly with a small brush while turning at slow RPM 3. Go over any areas that look like they need it. Remember that curing time can creep up on you. 4. Once you are satisfied, allow the piece to continue turning for 45 minutes (curing time is 30 minutes on the epoxy I used) 5. Shut down and allow it stand in the lathe for 24 hours for a full cure. It does look like glass. NOT everyone likes Christmas ornaments that look like that. I do.
  15. My wife and I walk at a nearby lake that has lots of trails. Some are isolated and allows us to release our dog. The area has few trees and the only large ones are Oak trees. I keep an eye out tor possible wood for turning. Many of these oak trees have been down for years. Since this is Colorado, the humidity is low and rotting goes at a slow pace. I pick up interesting pieces that I can carry, mostly small ones. Most of the time they are too far gone and will not turn. But when they do stay together, they can make some beautiful pieces. I usually make Christmas ornaments out of them. The pictures aren't good, but you can see the beautiful wood.
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