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Ron Altier

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  1. Ron Altier

    A box and a board

    Love the way you feature the wood grain and beauty.
  2. Ron Altier

    Digital protractor

    I bought one very similar at HD made by Husky. It has been great and very precise. One feature I especially like is the on/off switch. It slides and disengages the battery. Most have a micro switch that easily turns on with a touch. A touch you didn't realize you did. That leads to dead batteries.
  3. Ron Altier

    Easy Build Shooting Bench

    Hey, that is nice. Great job. Sturdy, portable and well planned, designed and built. Not only for shooting, you can do your taxes there too!
  4. Ron Altier

    Recycled shavings video

    I like it, cool. I bet your lathe area looked like Christmas garland too
  5. Ron Altier

    Recycled shavings video

    This is a great video showing the beauty of turned shavings. It is also a great video to show the mess created when turning epoxy and acrylics.
  6. Ron Altier


  7. Ron Altier

    local WW11 Vet

    My brother was in WWII and flew gliders behind German lines. I would have loved to hear about his experiences. However he only shared the good times and only rarely bad times.
  8. Ron Altier

    local WW11 Vet

    Great story!
  9. Ron Altier


  10. Ron Altier


  11. Ron Altier

    New/old ornament

    I found an old drawer pull made of glass, about an inch in dia. I turned some of the red/pink ply and there it is.
  12. Ron Altier

    Dog has to go out

  13. Ron Altier

    How to hold a small leg in the lathe?

    The problem was holding a small piece between centers to turn down. I have used another method for MUCH smaller pieces making Christmas tree ornaments.. I find true centers on both ends, using the lathe. I then drill a hole with the lathe ( size dependent on dia of work piece) and glue in a hardwood dowel. Now I have a safe, sturdy and centred piece to turn. If the dowell is quarter in dia or less, caution must be used by taking light cuts. After turning I cut off the dowel.
  14. Ron Altier


    When I looked at this project, I was amazed how much it looks like one I made in OH. I went to a community garage sale and bought 12 windows for $35. They were old and being replaced, I paid the haul away price. I filled the back wall with one gallon milk jugs, painted black with salt water in them for heat retention. I had 2 benches and translucent roof. I enjoyed it for many years before I move to CO.
  15. Ron Altier

    Waving flag project

    Your flag looks great. The workmanship, time and effort to get it right shows, proudly. Great job.

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