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  1. Ron Altier


  2. Ron Altier

    Now thats funny!

  3. Ron Altier

    So you think you have a big gun

    The barrell dia is about the same as the small grenade launchers we used. One shot and the recoil would put him in the next county
  4. Ron Altier


  5. Ron Altier

    Knitting needle vase

    This is NOT a Christmas ornament My wife knits and crochets. She has a huge assortment of needles. Some projects, such as socks, she uses 5 or 6 at a time. Don't ask, I have NO idea how or why. She wanted a place to store her long needles, this one is 6" high with a 2" dia hole. I used Purple heart and a piece of that had a unusual name that I can't remember. Maple would have worked as well, but my daughter sent me a box of different woods for Christmas last year and I am trying to us some of it. (Some of it is only good for firewood)
  6. Ron Altier

    Gouge hone

    I saw this on the web. A homemade chisel hone. I thing you could set this up at the proper angle and put curved tracks for the wheels to turn allowing you to hone a gouge to the proper angle all the way around the gouge. Do you think it could work?
  7. Ron Altier

    WWII vet

    When I returned to visit I couldn't find him, no one knew anything about him. I checked obituaries, I asked neighbors, nothing. I finally found someone who said he had problem and went to live with his daughter around Cleveland. He was there a short time and died. He was in his 90s. I loved that old guy like a father.
  8. Ron Altier

    WWII vet

    I used to have a huge garden in OH. A really old farmer plowed and disced it for me. He died and I got a new guy. He used an 8 foot rototiller and it did a fine job. He loved to talk and when he was done, we did a lot of that. We became good friends and he never mentioned WWII. I had not seen him for about a month and was concerned. I went to his house and we talked. He said it was easier to talk to another combat vet. He was one of the GIs that landed on Normandy and survived. He was among the ones liberated France. He said that they gave away candy to kids and food to adults. He hadn't been home because he took a freedom flight with other vets to Normandy. He was one of the few that didn't need assistance walking. He said that as they went thru a town, an old lady came over and hugged him tightly, wouldn't let go. When she did and looked at him, she told him she was one of the kids that he handed candy too. He stood about 6 foot 7 with a large nose, easy to remember. They hugged and cried for a long time.
  9. Ron Altier

    help identfy sandpaper

    I've seen auto body sandpaper like that used on the plastic body putty with water
  10. Ron Altier

    EWT Christmas Tree

    Jim, the tree looks great. There is a story to tell. I sent Jim some ornaments about 40 days ago, however I used the wrong address. When I told Jim about the address. He hoped I would get them returned. After a couple weeks, I gave up and sent him a couple more. Yesterday I finally got them back. I contacted Jim for the correct address and he should get them by the middle of the week
  11. Ron Altier


    Here is what a pro said on web; “NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER USE WD-40” on the clock movement. I know clock repair shops that will hand you the clock back and refuse to work on them if the even smell WD-40. I personally have to charge twice as much to clean a movement that has been sprayed with WD-40 or any other type of spray oil. We have to run it through our ultrasonic cleaner several times with fresh cleaning solution each time and the solution is not cheap. DO NOT use sewing machine oil or 3 in 1 oil. There are several companies on the internet that will sell you high quality synthetic oil and some even sell an oiling kit.
  12. Ron Altier

    Glue for Acrylic

    I have used both products for years and each has great holding strength and limited use. Epoxy will weaken if heated, such as sanding on a lathe. CA is sometimes a mystery to me. I've tried it on jewelry, metal, wood, etc. The only sure thing about it is that it will ALWAYS glue your fingers to themselves or other objects. Sometimes it just plain don't work. After a period of time it dries up and the tube/container frozen in place. Yes, I still use both, but now know how to use each. Has anyone tried plastic body filler? It can be colored too.
  13. Ron Altier


    I've been oiling a grandmother and Cuckoo clocks. It is a task that I don't really don't like. Lew said that he had used WD40 with success. I've never done that on the grandmother clock, but do that same thing with cuckoo. I really don't know how long it can last. We got it as a wedding gift over 50 years ago. Her sister gave it to us, they had it on the wall for years and could not stand the noisy bird day and night. The bellows leather has long ago cracked and I replaced it with very thin rubber gasket material. Once as I was hanging it on the wall, the whole thing fell apart in my hands. The glue/wood was so deteriorated that the joints gave way. The back piece of the clock was still hooked securely on the wall. I took it as a challenge and put it all back together, it took me a couple of days of trial and error to get it RIGHT. For years now, when I lube it, I take it to my shop, clamp it in my wood vice, open it all up, blow it out with canned air, insert a rag to catch excess spray and give it a spray with WD40. Then I respray with canned air to blow excess WD into the rag. I set it up to run with it open and exposed. I turn a small fan on it and allow some of the excess to drain and dry up some of the wood so that the WD odor isn't bad. It has been good now for around 10/15 years doing that. I still do the grandmother clock the same one-drop-at-a-time oiling. However now the synthetic oils can last 8 years. I LIKE THAT!

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