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  1. Coons are pretty tough critters, and he must have been a big one to have left that dent right there on the curve of the cap. Exactly my thought. I have to think he didn't make all of that damage. Maybe this isn't his first trip. We have heard loud noises before and couldn't figure what the heck it was. Maybe he enjoys jumping from the roof
  2. He didn't seem hurt much, I watched the video a couple of times as he walked away
  3. Our door bell "live cam" came on last night right after Karen heard a loud crash. She was sitting on the couch with a window behind her. My truck cap is right outside that window. She looked to see a racoon rambling off. He hit my truck cap and it has a large dent in it. The coon had to have been climbing the house or fell from the roof about 20+ feet and hit the carrier. As you can see, he left a large dent.Our front doorbell camera caught him rambling off in the front yard. I just put a small security light on the side of the house, thinking it would scare him. The coon probably landed out of it range or it went by so fast the light didn't catch it. Its a wonder she didn't make a mess on the couch. I would have. Now that is entertainment! Check out that dent
  4. I finished the octagon birdhouses and put a preservative finish on them. They are designed to be bolted on a pole, just for small birds. The hole is one and one eighth inch dia and the depth is about 8". The old houses that they will replace have been beat up by sun and hail damage. I made them complex to help kill time during self isolation. Some of the wood is rough looking because I had scavenge wood from everywhere, including outside areas of doubtful quality. Should last a while.
  5. Never heard of that happening before. No only a great decoration, but a bee trap too!
  6. Thanks Lew, that is a good, simple explanation and it boils down to storage space. That was a problem with my old iphone 6, however with the 10, I have more storage than I'll ever use.
  7. We get alot of Finches, Chickadees and Wrens. I made the holes 1-1/8 ". As for the perch, I've made about 5 or 6 houses using this size hole and with a perch. All the small birds actively use it. My biggest problem by far is the wasps that will occupy and actually kill these small birds. Next is the sun and hail damage. Hail as big as a tennis ball can wreck them. I also have to make air vent holes/cracks or it would cook them inside. The openings can't be big enough to allow wasps in. When I open them in the fall to clean them out, I've found dead birds and big active wasp nests. I did solve that problem with some very thin teflon sheets installed on the inside of the roof. However a friend suggested that I use cooking parchment paper because it is so slick. That is what I installed this time. We have a variety of bird of prey here too, Owls and hawks (from small to OMG) There are times when my wife gets the dog in for fear he may look like some big birds lunch.
  8. I read where it was changes made to iphone 10 or newer. My old iphone 6 was fine with me, until I dropped it. My daughter gave me her old iphone 10 when her employer bought his management a newer one. It took a lot for me to adjust to the simple things........not to mention the complex ones
  9. Recently my iphone has been saving my photos in the heic format. This file is not accepted here. I recently had an update and it changed my settings. I finally found the setting and changed it back to jpeg. It took a while. I was sending pictures to myself and saving them as jpeg so I could use them on this site. I don't know how which file is best both look good to me. If you try to explain it to me............ keep it simple
  10. My wife suggested that I replace some of the sun/hail damaged bird houses. I like to make them out of cedar fencing boards. However, I am stuck at home and must use what I have. I had one nice Pine board and decided to make it a little more complex to make the project last longer. So I made each as a hex house. I cut the boards to length, cut them thru the center lengthwise and ended up with enough pieces to make 2 houses. I have the house bodies assembled and glued with waterproof glue. The bottoms and tops are removable, as you must clean out each year. I checked a web site that gave hole size and they recommended air holes for ventilation, so I left cracks. If I bored holes, the wasps get in and kill the birds. Happens every year. I lined the top with nonstick oven parchment paper so the wasps nests won't stick and I put some vaseline down the top sides about an inch also. Now the problem, The wood that I was going to turn the roofs with is gone. Either some thief came in and got them or I've used them. Oh, I'll find something. Even if I have to use the neighbor fence
  11. I've also found some on Amazon, the difficult part is finding the name of these things As for going to Home depot, it is less than a half mile away.
  12. All of the bling comes from hobby lobby in the ear ring/jewelry making area. Many of the small balls have a small needle attached to them. I drill a tiny hole, glue and insert. Pieces that fit on the outside, top and bottom I use epoxy, just be creative/inventive as you go
  13. I went for a walk to one of our parks, about a quarter of a mile from home. Its part of a huge trail complex and you can see for miles. With no school, many parents were out with multiple children, mostly on bikes. A quick count totaled about 50 or more. I got a text while I was resting on a park bench. Karen said that the county now has a "stay at home" policy. Big deal, I have been doing that for nearly 2 weeks. I don't mind I have my wood shop toys. However with all those kid at home for weeks, there may be a sanity test also. Stay safe everyone
  14. Thanks Lew, I think I'll stay away from acrylics for a while. I think I'll practice social acrylics distancing by making some bird houses. The sun and hail have beat the old one badly. I was cleaning out the old bird nests today and discovered an old bees nest with one active bee on it. It was hooked on where I didn't put the teflon sheet. I'm out of teflon this year I may try those baking sheets my wife uses. They are super slick and I don't think the nests will stick. Will let you know.
  15. I got them at Rocklers. I assume the same companies supplies most of the wood stores. The last time I visited Wood craft, their selection was limited. I also have to say that I got these pieces a couple of years ago and this was my last larger piece. Suppliers may have changed since.
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