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  1. What model is this? If I had a parts diagram to look at I can figure out how it is put together. Maybe...  Thanks to everyone for some great offers and suggestions. I have not tried to loosen it yet. It is a nice Porter Cable and I won't give up on it........just yet. I will try to get the chuck off tomorrow, due to a condition in my hands, I don't have a strong grip, but my son-in-law is strong as a horse. I'll let him do it, if I can't. Most of my Lithium power tools are Ryobi. They are good performers and my family gives me gift certificates from Home Depot for Christmas. I don't over use or abuse them and they last a long time. I know that Porter Cable tools are expensive, quality tools and last a long time. I'll take all of you suggestion in consideration if and when I get it apart. I checked today and a Ryobi replacement, minus battery, (I have 3) is $44 THANKS!
  2. Thanks Dave, That's the kind of answer I wanted to try. I would have trouble with disassembly, The one I tried to remove a few years ago, would NOT come apart. I tried every trick in the book. I don't have good strong hands now, so I first wanted to clean and rinse. I thought about submerging the chuck in solvent and turning slowly in both directions with the drill motor and change chuck positions a couple of times. Then do the same turning faster. Then rinse, dry and lube. Sounds like it could work after seeing how you do it. I'll let you know. PS Youtube did not help
  3. I have a Porter Cable cordless drill with a 3/8 keyless chuck and it is about 5 years old. I really like it. However the keyless chuck has started coming loose and dropping what ever I have chucked in it. Is there anyway to rehab it to its normal gripping power or is a new chuck the only answer?
  4. Dadio, I can see where my wife's tulips and daffodils tried.........rabbits ate them as the came out of the ground. Our rabbit population here has exploded. When I get up in the morning I can always see three or more in my front yard. I can walk within 3 feet of them before they take off. I KNOW what you are thinking and I may do it too
  5. They was paying $18 an hour to shovel snow off walks at condos and could NOT find near enough people. One young man was desperate for money and shoveled for 16 hours, 3 days in a row. Not many like him here
  6. Now they are using my text to tell people that they have won big. I've been told that this happens to a lot of people and it originates in NIgeria. I really don't think anyone would fall for it...But....
  7. Nothing was said about damage to the saw stopping system and production line down time. Did I Miss it?
  8. 95% of our roads in our area are clear and most are dry. The sun here seems to be more intense and things dry up very quickly. As stick said, there some lingering problem areas. Highs in the 40s for the next few days and even the grass will start to grow
  9. Ron Altier


    The blizzard is about over for us and has moved east. Airport closed, interstates closed, main roads closed, several thousand without power, many hundreds stranded on highways and it is slowly getting better. I don't know how Stick did, it was much worse in the mountains. Folk that live up there know how to handle the bad weather. We did lose power for a few minutes and heat has stayed on here. We didn't get much snow, maybe 8" but the howling wind blew it everywhere.
  10. Some of my family and friends have contacted me about a spam caller/texter that says that it is me. They ask general type questions and small talk. Then ask if you have got your money or free stuff. If you get such an email, text or call.......IT IS NOT ME.
  11. The area where we live has all underground power lines, a huge advantage. Our gas fireplace will work fine without power and we are stocked up, no reason to go out.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, but It can't move any of the suggested generators. i did find one one the web that lights LEDs and am considering it. I am delaying any more work.........more snow on the way

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