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  1. Nice setup and I envy your new lathe. Do you have plans for a dust vacuum. It sure would be nice to keep the dust down in your small area. Maybe something as simple as a 5 gallon vac with the hose held near your work on a flexible shaft. Great pictures too
  2. I made a project for my neighbor and specifically stated," I don't want paid or anything in return, just enjoy" This evening she showed up with two pieces of wood she got at Woodcraft. Both are 2x2x12". One is Bloodwood, I've used it many times. The other is Lignum Vitae, never heard of it. It is a dark brown wood with nice grain marks. The lady said that the guy told her that if you heat this wood with a torch, it changes color and I think she said it glows. ????????????? All I could say was "wow thats great" I googled it and did not see anything about using heat or glow Can
  3. Whats on my workbench? I do have a couple of things and was eager to start on one. HOWEVER, this morning my wife said "Don't forget you have your dentist appt at 12:30" Yes, my first ever root canal. Kinda shot my day for sure. Sometimes I think that people with dentures are better off. NO more dentists, no root canals, no extractions and no cavities!!
  4. Color coded, maybe. Today she repeated herself "I want a curly Maple handle". Then she pointed at an ornament made of spalted Apple and said "just like that wood there"
  5. An update on the measuring cups. Each of the cups has a piece tack welded on, to accommodate the handle. The one on the 1/3 cup came off. I called PSI and explained my problem. I located the order number, identified the cup and they immediately set up a shipment to replace the bad one. I was pleased the way it was handled. Great service.
  6. This came from Amish country in Ohio about 25 miles from where I used to live. It had been in storage a hundred years.
  7. My wife wanted one handle in curly Maple, one in Walnut (done) one bloodwood, & one Yellow hart. I got out my only small piece of curly Maple and started turning. I learned a long time ago (married 53 years) that my wife and I do NOT share the same views on colors, shapes and other things. So I only turned the piece down enough to see its true curliness. I did NOT do much turing or go too deep. I found out that wasn't curly or decorative enough. I'll turn the other colors and by that time (covid shot done) I'll go out in the world and find some curly Maple.
  8. No, I used my homemade piece as shown in the pictures above.
  9. Those look great! Beautiful work! I wanted to make a couple, but my wife doesn't like nor use pepper much and I looked for someone who loved pepper. I saw my son-in-law use an old pepper mill at dinner and made him a couple for his birthday. He loved them.
  10. Thanks Lew, I had completely forgotten about the threaded brass insert. I tried and it worked great. My wife was concerned about washing and ruining the wood. No problem now, just unscrew it.
  11. I have a mini Jet wood lathe. Yes that is 1/4 cup
  12. My daughter got me a couple of wood turning gifts for my birthday. One was a pizza cutter and the other was a measuring cup set. All required me to turn handles. I have posted the pizza cutter, it came out nice. The measuring handles were set up to be turned on as a pen would..........I had none of the required equipment and have no desire to make pens. I went to Youtube (Sam Angelo) and found a way to do it without any more new lathe parts. I turned a wooden headstock piece to mount the workpiece on (not sure what to call it) you can see in the first picture in the chuck. It worked fine and
  13. I got my second scheduled Covid shot at Coors field parking lot. There were 9 rows of cars and 9 bays giving shots to people in 3 cars at the same time. Very efficient. You could leave immediately or remain for a few minutes if you wanted.
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