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  1. I'd like to know the name of a tailstock part. Instead of coming to a precise point that sticks in the center of your piece, it is just the opposite. It is tapered inward and will have an adjustable piercing point in the dead center. When turning small ornaments, I sometimes break a piece and could repair with another piece, if I knew dead center. I made one of wood and it worked good. However one made of steel would be SO much nicer and easier. Thanks
  2. I went to the VA here in Colorado, you know the state with a VA hospital that had a billion dollar cost overrun. When I went all I got was confusion and a VA guy that made me feel like sh__. Then a friend told me NOT to go to the federal VA without going to the state VA first. I can't tell you how much difference it made. Very personal and convenient. They got me results and helped me so much. I was told that the federal employees can't be fired and don't care. Don't know if that is true, but they sure acted that way
  3. Thanks John, some of those old terms don't fit into my small brain
  4. I want a sanding sealer and decided to check the web for the home made variety. I see where shellac will work OK. However this puzzled me. "As for a sanding sealer, I usually just use shellac. Typically a 1 lb cut." Does he mean diluted 50%? (with alcohol?)
  5. "What's on my workbench?" It would be so much easier to answer if the question was, "What's not on your workbench?" I've been working on a large grandfather clock, with parts on my bench, I have left over jobs there too. My space is so limited that if I try to squeeze another project in, it may pop at the seams. The clock is done and will out of the shop today. Next is clean, toss and organize.............again. And so it goes......with all wood workers.
  6. I did some research on the old mechanism, the company went out of business in 1996. Replacement movements are not available. I was assured that another one would work fine. I ordered it, it would not fit and would take a LARGE structural change to make it work. I sent it back and ordered an c cell, electronic movement and heavy duty pendulum drive, mine is a heavy and long one. It was FAR from easy to install, but I got it in and it sounds great. You would not guess it is electronic. I WILL BE SO GLAD TO GET THIS MONSTER OUT OF MY LIMITED SPACE SHOP!! IT IS NEARLY 7 FT TALL.
  7. I had that same set and used it on my 10" Craftsman saw. I wasn't crazy about using it. It has been years ago, when Craftsman meant quality and the table saw was a dandy. As I recall, the speed of my saw didn't produce great results and especially on very hard wood. I have had it for years..........only in the box. My router now does all that, better and easier.
  8. Those really came out nice. Sanding sealer before sanding can help with the bleed. Thanks Gopher, I've heard of it, but never used it. I sure will try it.
  9. Here is one of the sites I was telling you about http://www.coolhammers.com/color-ply.htm
  10. Hey Ron, how do you get that color in the plywood? You can get them at Rocklers or Woodcraft. They come in different dimensions and sizis, some for pens and larger sizes. I can't give the price, can't remember, its been a while. There are also some web sites that sell them and they have many, many color selections. One site manufactures them and boy they have all sizes. No, can't remember the site, but I found it by searching. another, not so good thing, point.......When turning you can encounter a bad place between two layer and it is really irritating when you about to stop turning, stop the laythe and there is a grain flaw, stands out like a black eye
  11. I had a piece of blue/white ply 1 5/8x1 5/8. I have used this stuff a lot and wanted to try something a little different. I cut a 4" long piece 45 degrees lengthwise. Then rearranged them for glue up. (blocks pic) After turning and finishing, they came out pretty good. I did have some of the blue bleed thru durning sanding, but you can't get around it with these soft woods.
  12. Ron Altier


    Those really look good and I know they will be greatly appreciated.
  13. We had a burning barrel many, many years ago and your barrel made me think of the biggest rat I'd ever seen. I didn't have a nice cover like yours and critters could get in. One evening I went to the barrel after hearing noises from it, when the barrel had not been used for a while. I peaked in to see a huge monster size rat, that was trapped in my barrel. I didn't want to tip it over, a rat that size could do a lot of damage. As luck would have it, a neighbor saw me and came over. I told him about that huge rat and he peaked in. He smiled and told me that the world's largest rat...............was an opossum.
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