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Found 10 results

  1. Project post was getting a bit long-winded...so 1st coat of varnish was applied today.. Was about the only spot in the house I had enough (barely) room and light.. Mainly out of Curly Maple, there is a bit of Cherry between the desk and the stand... Yes, I even varnished under the lid...need a better spot for the final pictures Not the best spot for a photo shoot? Been rubbing the coat out, getting ready for #2 coat tomorrow...we'll see how this turns out...
  2. Once I got the hardware installed, and some NEW batteries in the camera.... Inside view, showing the lip. I try to pick plywood to show the best grain. Plain jane stuff just is so....plain.. This is the end with the repair. Look right under that center knot... And the other end. Finish will get a rub down tomorrow...sometime... Front view. The hinges are around back... Tiny things, too. Not sure what will go inside this little box..yet. Might be too fancy for a tool box?
  3. More camera issues today....started to install the hinges on that Cherry box, just about got it done, and the camera acted up. Oh well, laid out some toys for this job Had a bit of trouble with those push drills.....changed to a different drill later. Had these two to install.. And I used the square to set how far in from the corners to start the hinges at. Marked a line on both halves of the "joint".. Used that chisel, and a couple others, set it at each spot, smack it twice with the mallet, and move along. Wider chisel to level the playing field. Pencil to mark the holes using the hinge as a guide. pilot holes for the screws.. And repeat until all rebates are done. Waxed the brass screws,and installed the lid. Found a jig to hold the lidded box up enough to add a coat of 50/50 mix. So, now a PIP? This is the front, needs a latch yet...rotate 90 degrees Side #1, rotate.. Ah yes, those hinges. Rotate again.. And the other side. Oh, about that other drill I used for pilot holes? That Buck Rogers drill was having "issues" with holding onto that small of a bit. This was the second eggbeater I tried. First one wasn't able to tighten down enough. The only markings on this drill is a "No. 5" on the crank. Seemed to work well enough. On Dec.15...I will be going through same day surgery for them to scope the knee. Have a lot of "junk" floating around in there. They will also be "sanding down" all the rough spots Uncle Arthur has been leaving. Waiting on the Hospital to tell what time to show up that day. Hoping to get this box done before that happens...
  4. So far, so good (Shhhhh!) so, without much further ado Toys I though would be needed...after all, I did clean the bench off Well, close enough for today...got the parts out of hiding.. Yep, that scrap of pine was stuck to the glued up stuff. Wide chisel to pop it off. This thing had a problem...needed one more leg....Did NOT feel like going through all of THAT again. Made the fourth leg to sit on the surface, with some glue, and a couple screws....and use it as a back leg A steel plate for a keeper. Used to be a junky saw plate. Grinder and beltsander to round it up. Masonary bit to drill the hole for the screw. Sand the plate free of any burrs... Next item.. That counter bore made 8 holes. Then I can back with a normal drill bit and slotted the holes a bit, Brass screws are installed, and the slots are clocked.. And, even match the one in the steel plate. A little more sanding, a bit of filler in two holes.. Standing up on it's own FOUR feet. Will need to trim a "toe nail" or two. bench top leans a bit as well...Got out the BLO/Varnish blend and a cheapo brush. And gave everything a seal coat, from the feet.. To the underside of the top.. Just a seal coat. Will rub this mess down tomorrow, and add a second coat...as for the top? Meh.....it is a start. Need to rearrange a light or two, to get a better looking picture? Or maybe just take it upstairs? I think this will be enough for one day, don't want to push Me Irish Luck any further that need be...stay tuned, the "Finish" line is in sight. I hope...
  5. All the "hard" parts are done. It has a coat of Witch's Brew drying at the moment.. And a side view Letting this dry overnight, then get it ready for some clear Poly Gloss. Has come a long way from just four 4x4x30" scrap timbers.
  6. Legs look fat, top might be a bit thin..Boss is thinking "Night Stand" Still needs a finish.....have to go and BUY a can of something....this is a side view... Lonely looking thing. This is an end view Thinking MAYBE a darker colour for the legs? Kind of blend things together? Still need to get a box organized, as it is getting a bit full.. You might look through there, and see what kind of tools this will hold.....That smaller box with yellow handles sticking up, holds a set of chisels.....I need to find out what is stashed back there in the steel tool box....
  7. Back was feeling great this morning, went down to the Dungeon Shop for a few HOURS! Got things all put together, too. Drum Roll, If you please... Had an "issue" with the bottom shelf. Too wide, and too short. Solution was to notch the shelf to fit around the legs, and add caps onto the ends Screws into the end of the shelf, through slotted holes. Added the hole on top to attach the shelf to the table. IF you want, I can "blog" about all the fun stuff I did today? Debating on a router bit to do the edges, or leave with just a slight sanded round-over? Need to go out and BUY some sort of finish stuff, too. Maybe later I can do a little more writting about this little table...
  8. Well, lots of problems to fight through today. Door has been fine tuned to fit it's new home. Involved a lot of handplane work, I centered the panel to get rid of the gaps, then pinned it place. Was going to use the router to edge the sides and top with.....Could not get that #$@#$ collar out of the fixed base. Ok, we have ways.... Since I had bought this as a kit, I had a plunge base with it. Look right below the left handle, there are two plugs there. Matched the grain exactly between the plugs and the spot where they went. Pared off flat, sanded smooth( dried glue is a bear to get off planes) Got some cleats installed, and installed a floor, of sorts.. Didn't have enough plywood, so I hope this will do? Last two corner blocks were installed, with glue & screws.. And I cut some slots in all four of them. Easy enough to do, just drill a through hole, then rock the drill back and forth until a slot shows up. Reaching inside to screw the backtwo corner blocks in place was...interesting. Good thing the screw held on to my driverbit. Got the door hung, adjusted, and a handle on board. Rounded the corners of the top with a beltsander. Could have used the sabresaw, but the blade would deflect too much. Installed the handle on the door. Set this thing up on the bench, run the router around the sides I could get to, lift the beast up, roatae 180* and do what was missed. And ( drum roll, if you please) a PIP of this Enad Table in Oak I even made a sample, for the Boss to lok at, of a coat of BLO....it looks a bit on the light side. Up to her. Have it sitting beside her chair right now. Kind of leaves an empty feeling... Been awhile since I've seen that much open space.... Awaiting Boss' orders on what to finish it with, then I might post as a Project, IF anyone wants...
  9. Well, got all I can do in the shop with this Project of Pine Boards. So....how about a PIP? Sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. Awaiting some hinges to install the door. Looking at the backside of the cabinet, and a drawer. Knobs match those on the doors in the kitchen And an end view. Have a quart of white primer ( KILZ) and a decent paint brush. Wife was sent out to pick up a set of hinges. IF the weather dries out later this week ( T-Storms right now) I can get a coat or two done. She wants a clear coat on the top. Depending on the price of the hinges, this little Island costs less than $30. Works for me...
  10. PIP Alert !!! And the drawer even works!!! First coat of finish is on and been wiped down. Letting it sit overnight and try again. Now, would you all like to read about what all happened down there? Currently try to do a write up....in my head...
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