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Found 116 results

  1. I've finally decided to make a router table, and incorporate a lift (probably Jessem Rout-R or Mast-R). Most of the prefab router tables I see have the router centered on the table. This would seem too waste a lot of the surface area behind the router bit. What bit clearance do you have on your table, and would moving it back a bit improve the use?
  2. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use.
  3. View File Workbench Magazine March-April 1967 Spanish Style Table This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. Submitter John Morris Submitted 05/03/2019 Category Furnishings  
  4. Finished a couple more projects (except the locks) and finally took pictures. This one is a Murphy Bar.
  5. With all the stuff going on, I finally got my Brand New Saw Stop contractor saw all put together. I had it all in my garage for some time in boxes. I had to put it aside as I needed to get all of my tools and stuff out of the tubs and onto some new shelves and get my wife's stuff in order so she can put the car in the garage. So here are a few pics of the new table saw with the mobile base which works really good.
  6. This is my first woodworking project for 2019 and one that I had planned last year, or maybe even 2017. If all goes well this will be a small table fitted for a corner in the upstairs bathroom that we remodeled two years ago. I made the vanity for that remodel, and this table will (hopefully) match and compliment the vanity. I made a cardboard template so that I could get the size I wanted and determine how it might look using some of the scraps left from the remodel. It is approx. 34" across the front and approx. 24" on the sides. Made from red oak, and it will have an oak plywood lower shelf. The progress so far is to glue up the leg blanks, cut and shape them. The pieces for table top have been cut out and glued up. And the top aprons have been glued up. Will likely spend a good bit of today sanding. I may get the top aprons attached. A couple pics showing pieces and parts.
  7. I am not in the market for a router table, I sold mine last fall, don't need one, but I just thought I'd share my amazement with what Shopsmith has available for our machines. I did not know they made a router table, very cool. Anyone own one? @Artie ? http://www.shopsmith.com/ownersite/catalog/rm_routertable.htm
  8. I was browsing an Meisel woodworking catalog and found a plan for holding a belt sander on its side and a small work table near the belt. This looks as handy as can be for some cases. I am just trying to figure out how to build it myself and hold the belt sander in place. I have an oooolllldddd Craftsman belt sander. It has the trigger on/off switch in the handle, a tracking knob on the left side. So, my thinking is that I will place it on the right side so I have full access to the tracking knob. I guess I can hold the tool with the handle and rest the belt drive housing in the cradle, then build a box to hold the work table so I had sometimes use it. Does anyone have a plan or have you used one? Do you like it or not? Just kicking around some ideas. Thanks for stopping and for your responses. Here is a link:http://meiselwoodhobby.com/Products/ViewProduct.aspx?id=15135
  9. Grandson wants a Coffee Table for his home....and I need it done by Christmas...Hmmmm...doable? First, need a few boards....back to the usual supplier...$10 for a stack of Ash One board for a top...2 x 4 for legs..and a vise rehab... Even a few scraps were tossed into the van.. Not too sure about the spalted one....middle one was needed... 10' of 1 x 6 Ash....will make a 3/4 x 16 x 36 top....got these three jointed, and glued up.. Let this sit overnight.... Clamps came off...cauls can wait awhile...Hauled that 2 x 4 x 8' board to the shop...needed two blanks cut from it....without including too many knots.. Set up the rip fence.. Roughly all the same size, and square? Marked a few lines...bandsaw to make a few cuts, junior jack to clean up.. Couple cuts weren't working out...reset the rip fence, run the fat ends through...about a blade's width... Brought the better of the two 3/4 x 6 x 6' planks to the shop...was trying to get all four aprons out of it...Laid out the legs on the table top...to get the lengths needed...was coming up a tad short....that short scrap then became the short apron... But..there needs to be a drawer? Ok, simple enough to do.. Make 2 rip cuts...followed by.. The "missing" middle section is now the drawer's front...glue this mess back together.. IF you watch the grain..it will look like a solid apron..until you open the drawer... While that glue up dries...the other 6 tenons got milled...and.. Bread board blanks....have since installed these...sliding dovetails. Have laid out a few cuts in what is left of the 2 x 4....looks to be plenty for the vise rebuild. Should be able to toss that knot into the fire pit...later... Stay tuned...I have the mortise jig all set up..for tomorrow.
  10. Gene Howe

    River Table

  11. The Boss wants a new end table.....brought home 12' of 1 x 6 Ash...and 10' of 2 x 4 Ash....might just be enough? 1 x 6 s went to the shop, this afternoon...needed three planks at 30" long....was able to get 4.... Here is 3 out of the 4....the 4th? Has "issues"..... Has enough waves, to make you seasick....set this aside, before the others get any ideas... Straight edge showed I had a bit of work to do... Marked a line, bandsaw the worst off....set up the fence on the saw...ripped a new straight edge on both edges...laid out to see what kind of panel I had.. Close...we can do better..Clamped one into the leg vise....after I had marked a big "V" across to keep things lined up Joint an edge, then check it...both the #62 and this big guy... No. 7c worked on each edge...I also checked for gaps.. Worked until I had three planks I could glue together into a table top...spread a bead, moosh a bead, repeat... Just glue holding this together....time to apply a few clamps... First clamp was in the middle. Then the ends, then the cauls. Will let this sit overnight....Trying for a 4/4 x 16 x 30" table top.... Boss does want a shelf....might be tricky to do...with tapered legs...we'll see. Just a simple table, tapered square legs (no lathe) 3" aprons...rather plain, actually.. Has a hint of grain to it...will see if it shows up later.... It's a start....stay tuned
  12. Monday, I posted that I’m building a farmhouse table. Gene Howe requested that I keep y’all posted on the progress so here it is. The top is flat on both sides and I have made the skirt and stretchers. BTW, the stretchers are done but on in this picture. Everything is mortised and tenoned and I had to increase my mortising skills. The legs are 5” square and my mortifying machine only raises to 4 1/2” so I cut the mortises with a plunge router and chilled the ends. Speaking of legs, they were purchased and on leg was an 1/8” out of square So the mortise and tenon was “interesting”.
  13. Howdy yall,been awhile since I have been alot has happened,Lost my Father this June,but had a great Military service for him,,I have been doin some work in the shop,added a new edition to it but still need more room lol,have been making a few things,will post them,am trying the Pallet road right now,hoping yall will like them
  14. I'll post images of my beloved machines I am parting with to make way for a new adventure in woodworking. I need to free up space, and head in a new direction for me. I already shedded my bandsaw, router table, and now my trusty ol Grizz 12" 5hp. She served us well. New owner will be here in a few minutes, but for now, take a bow sweetheart, you served us well over the last 20 years! My router table walked out of here on Friday, minus the tools of course. It was another great machine, I made many raised panel doors on it, swung some big cutters on it with my PC 7518 bolted up under, and I shaped a few beautiful sculpted rockers on it. The people I am meeting while performing this task has been a wonderful experience, the gent who came and left with my table, is from Mexico, he builds Aztec flutes and Aztec drums, he showed me his work and it's absolutely beautiful, we sat and talked woodworking, about his hometown of Durango Mexico, and about his family, and mine, and we traded tips for woodworking, his name is Oscar, great guy. I was happy to see my table go to him. He is starting his own business, from his home, building his instruments. My bandsaw, it went to a woodworker from Orange County, the other county over from us, another good guy, a woodworker who is starting his own shop, and he was very happy with my 14" BS with 6" riser. I made another friend in him, as a matter of fact, he signed up here on TPW, @JohnM. This is a big step for me, us, my family, but I am diving in with all three feet, and ready for my new adventure in a downsized shop, making my beloved chairs and shaker crafts. Thanks for following along!
  15. Bought a small grill this Spring and been meaning to build a table for it to sit on. Have a friend who builds decks and he gives me some composite deck material if he gets too much laying around his place so the material for this project was free. The legs are made from railing stock. The cross braces are milled from a deck board and the flat surfaces are made from fascia material. The railing material is pretty rough and requires quite a bit of sawing and planing to get them to a usable state for making furniture. The table top is 42"X20" and stands 32" tall. After all the sawing and planing I had almost 10 gallons of debris. Here is the frame screwed together. My design has no visible fasteners from the top. I used all stainless fasteners and the aluminum cross pieces are to screw the surface material to the table from below. Didn't care for the legs and their height on the grill so I did some heat testing and made some shorter aluminum legs to my liking. Here are a couple small tables I made about 10 years ago. Wash them off each Spring and they hold up well. Put new chains on the swing I made about 12 years ago and used stainless chain since the galvanized rusted badly even though it is under roof.
  16. shawnbrad

    work station

    From the album: my furniture

    live edge work station
  17. shawnbrad

    Eucalyptus Table

    From the album: my furniture

    eucalyptus dining table
  18. Simple my.... Started out as a way to kill time, waiting on parts for the bedframe project....Had a leftover 2 x 10...ripped it down to get some stock for legs.. Had a 4' long 1 x 10...cut it in half, jointed the edges, and now I had a panel for a table top...let it sit, while I finished up the bedproject... Smaller Mitre box to cut these four legs to 25" long...needed planed to make them match.. Yeah..this will wear you out.... Well, time came to make a few parts for the table.. Panel is out of the clamps, edges jointed, ends squared...set down on the bench.. Flatten the faces of the panel. Set this aside... Blanks for the aprons...after I had cut out most of the "bad stuff". Set these aside...needed to work on the legs..made sure one power tool was running.. And those be the leg blanks... Marked out where the apron will go ( in theory) and then made another mark.. 3/4" wide "toe", metal straightedge to connect two points.. Normally, i would hand plane this...not today. Bandsaw to "hog" off most of the waste...mark another taper.. Kind of rough and wavy, needed a jig to hold the leg steady, yet net get in the way.. made a notch that just fit the toe... A screw holds the other end....Now I can plane the tapers smooth... Jack plane to get it close, #4c to smooth it out... rinse and repeat..seven times.. Four legs, each tapered on two "inside" edges.... Part 2 coming right up...stay tuned...
  19. View File Workbench Magazine Jan-Feb 1967 Sheraton Sewing Table This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. A great plan and heirloom project and a great exercise in skill building. Submitter John Morris Submitted 03/16/2018 Category Furnishings  
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. A great plan and heirloom project and a great exercise in skill building.
  21. Free sketchup plans for an Old World Dining Table from Jeff Branch- https://jeffbranchww.com/2018/02/25/free-woodworking-plan-old-world-dining-table/
  22. A friend brought over to me a small table........in parts. She said it has been in her family for more than 150 years. I could see where had been repaired before (maybe 3 times) with hide glue and even it was falling apart. She wanted to keep it as original as possible. The top was awful and it looked like it may have been replaced. There were nail holes on the underside that went in two rows. She said she believed it to be Walnut. When cleaning/sanding some areas, the dust was more reddish than Walnut and the wood was very light. However when I applied a finish to the top, it came out looking like walnut. Having never worked with really old wood like this, I don't know how it ages. Does Walnut act this way as it gets really old? Another thing I found that was unique was that the end of the post, where it goes up in the table, had a tapered slit. You put a tapered shim in and when you tapped the post in, it self tightened. Never even heard of that, but a great idea. The bottom mount board was split in 3 pieces with a forth piece missing, which I replaced. You can also see the red look on the underside of the top.
  23. Our generous sponsor, Woodcraft, is making available a free plan for a dining room table. This is for a limited time. Get your plan at- https://www.woodcraft.com/blog_entries/dynamite-dining-table-done-easy
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