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Found 22 results

  1. So last weekend we worked on the boat and spent time with our grandsons. I delivered the top made last week to one and returned the toy F1 car to the other. Silly me. There is no reasoning with three year olds. I didn’t get the manual that says definitely don’t give one grandson a top and not the other ! What a circus. So we are returning this weekend to continue working on the boat and deliver another top. Walnut and maple again. I gave this one a brass tip to make it a little different. I will turn the launcher tomorrow and quell the uprising this weekend. Paul
  2. Walked down to the garden this morning and I see the garlic is starting to poke through the leaf mulch. I guess spring can't be too far away. Don't forget to turn your clocks forward this Saturday night or you will be late to Sunday School! Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald took some time to rearrange his turning area. No easy feat and he will probably looking for where he put stuff for some time to come! Our members all sympathized with the amount of work required to do this. You can see their comments in Gerald's post- @Masonsailor Took
  3. Research on the strings for tops didn't yield much. All I found is that the length of the string matters. It said 60" was a good length but did not specify the thickness of the string. I have a spool of nylon sash cord for blinds and started out using it. It is made of nylon and I found it may be too slippery. I got the tops working well with it after some practice but thought the kids may not have the ability or patience for that . I went looking for some type of cotton cord but didn't find anything local thick enough. I did find balls of natural cord at Hobby Lobby that looked good bu
  4. Got the narrow end thingy squared up, got the front footer squared away. Dragged out the slab of a top, ( two board glue up) and decided to try to level things a bit.. You'd think that a plane 3" shorter than that big #6c would be easier to push around....not. Got both faces flattened out Plane is a Stanley No.5-1/2 Type 17 Jumbo Jack same width as a #6, but is only 15" long. Got these flat, maybe a test fit of thingys? Just a few clamps to hold it in place, until I can do a few things with the tape measure... Will need a filler there to keep the top spread out above the doo
  5. With the base finished, all that was left to do was trim out the top with the walnut edge trim. Glue, clamps and some pin nails. I forgot to take photos of the top to apron mounting system but this Sketchup drawing should explain what I did. These are simple wooden clips with their tabs captured in slots that run around the perimeter of the inside of the aprons. The slot is 1/4" wide by 3/8" deep. The clips are cut from 3/4" thick maple and the tabs sized of a snug fit in the slots. Screws are used to secure the clip to the top. The hole is slightly over-sized and the screws are th
  6. Part 2: This build was not going to be particularly difficult. My biggest concern was the maple top. I’ve built smaller edge grain tops before so the process was not unfamiliar; however, the staggered shorter length field pieces had me scratching my head about clamping and gluing. Also, I needed to consider the size of the top versus the capabilities of my shop equipment. My Dewalt 735 planer maxes out at around 13” wide and my little shop made drum sander can only handle very small work. John Moody suggested making the top in several sections and then assembling those sections into
  7. steven newman

    finish is on 2

    From the album: Pine Chester Drawers

    View at the top. This was a glue up of two 1 x 10s. More coves.
  8. steven newman

    finish is on 1

    From the album: Pine Chester Drawers

    showing the top a bit, brushed Nickel handles
  9. Hope everyone is settling into the new year and you have had the chance to play with your new turning toys. Our Patriot Turners- Even though Christmas is over, @Ron Altier is still cranking out beautiful ornaments! Ron explained how he made this one in his post- @PostalTom gave us a heads up about a new online publication from the Woodworker's Journal. They have partnered with the American Association of Woodworkers for this new FREE publication! Click on the above image for more information and sign up for
  10. The story behind this little "What is it", is that I had this 1/2 log piece that came with the lumber stash,pic1. I didn't know what kind of wood it was so I cut a about 6" off the end to clean up and see what I had. It turned out to be Maple. I didn't want to just throw away the piece so thought I would make a band saw box out of it. So I cut the bottom off, cut out the center, glued up the sides and reattached the bottom. The cut on the bottom looked ugly so I made a molding and then made some feet for it and called it a desktop pencil holder. The finish is 2 coats of spray shellac, and
  11. It's been a beautiful couple of days here in south central Pennsylvania. I took advantage of the weather forecast and got most of the plants into the garden. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so that should get them a good start. Our Patriot turners have been busy this week with projects and posts. @Charles Nicholls started a thread on a bowl he is starting to turn. Charles asked our thoughts on the integrity of the bowl blank. Please check out his post and see if you can add any suggestions- In that same thread, Charles posted a picture of a
  12. Family Christmas Dinner is coming up soon. Every year I like to make a handmade toy for everyone to amuse themselves with. This year it is string top with launchers. Should be about 40 of them there. Used some spindles from a crib I picked up at the curb on a trash day. Ran three sides through the jointer for a flat to register on for drilling the holes. Got four launchers from each spindle. Had a bunch of 3/8 X 4 inch metal shafts and was able to turn them to a point on each end and cut them in half for the spindles. I cut the shafts to .2
  13. Gerald


    These are the tops I am working on . Use clear acrylic an it darkened too much. The jewel is a Swarovski crystal.
  14. I made two of them out of Hickory, definitely not a good wood to do this with, or at least the piece I had. The first didn't do well and the designs looked bad. This piece did much better. A good pull will keep it going for nearly3 minutes. Grandkids will get both
  15. From the album: Walnut Night Stand

    Back view, showing the armrests, and the slats for the back. Back rung is a store-bought 7/8" dowel. Finish is two coats of Witch's Brew ( Pumpkin Pine?). The "bench" in the background is my Saw Bench, now over 2 years old.
  16. Charles Nicholls


    From the album: Throw Tops

    Maple top that I made today. It's made with 3 1x pieces of maple that are glued together and then turned.
  17. Had to go and find Mr. Gumption again...when I did, he wound up working the "H" out of me. You know it is rough, when you are dripping on the wood you working on, even had it running down the inside of my glasses Anyway, today task was mainly to get a top almost done. Cambered Jack plane to level the playing fields.. Followed by a slightly larger plane Once the place was flat, time to make a jig. First I needed a center point.. And, as for the jig? Just a scrap of wood, a screw in the middle, set in the center of the panel. Another
  18. Fun to do and fun to play with. Shafts are all maple, bodies are spalted beech or corian. Steve
  19. From the album: Throw Tops

    Maple top that I am making today. It's made with 4 1x pieces of maple that are glued together on a square piece of beech for the center.
  20. Legs look fat, top might be a bit thin..Boss is thinking "Night Stand" Still needs a finish.....have to go and BUY a can of something....this is a side view... Lonely looking thing. This is an end view Thinking MAYBE a darker colour for the legs? Kind of blend things together? Still need to get a box organized, as it is getting a bit full.. You might look through there, and see what kind of tools this will hold.....That smaller box with yellow handles sticking up, holds a set of chisels.....I need to find out what is stashed back there in the steel tool bo
  21. From the album: Pepper Mills

    Top of the walnut pepper mill I am trying to finish. Note the nasty tearout problem on this end grain, doesn't seem to matter what tool I use to try and stop it other than a large forstner bit. That MAY work IF I had one.
  22. I started a few days ago on the Kitchen Island top out of Maple. I went over to the Wood Stash and got enough maple to bring to the shop and start working on. The top has to be 41"x51"x2". I got all of the boards cuts a little over size and ready for the jointer Ran one side across the jointer and ready to run through the planer. After it was run through the planer I stacked it all and put some clamps on it to just check my size and be sure I was going to be okay to start the glue up. That is going to be one large Island top. So last night I was looking at either gluing it
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