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  1. Well I decided to do a Newman but not as full. My carving and burning station needed something so cabinet and drawers were the thing. The stock for the cabinet was so rough looking on edges decided to edge band with cherry. Then used #3 plane to reduce it. Well then I have to sand that off, nice and smooth. Ok nothing of the assembly but this is what I have so far. Now a little on doors. This panel was not wide enough so I added a strip of Mahogany using a tounge and groove to secure it in place. Again no assembly pics
  2. I am making a large drawer to store rifles under a bed. The drawer will about 50" wide and 22"-24" deep. Can someone give me some options on where to find some full extension bottom mount slides that will work. Also, I will be installing at least 3 drawer slides.
  3. A test of some common joints under more than one type of stress. https://www.woodmagazine.com/woodworking-how-to/doors-drawers/wood-joint-torture-test-2-doors-drawers Wood Joint Torture Test 2 Doors & Drawers _ WOOD Magazine.pdf
  4. Still have a few of Ash, to use up. Thought I could do something with....I had two other 3/4" x 6" x 54" flat sawn Ash boards, and brought them to the shop. Very wavy edges, set up the rip fence a few times...to remove the worst of the waves, cut out a few of the worst knots....while doing all this saw work...had a cut off fly back at me... I think the T-shirt took most of the hit.....yep, that will leave a mark.. Got 3 blanks ready for a glue up....just under 22" long, to make a panel 14" wide.. Glue clamps and cauls... Wonder whic
  5. From the album: Pine Chester Drawers

    before the stain. details in the corner, and the drawer dovetails
  6. Like many I have a router on the one wing of the TS. And yes it gets in the way sometimes but for larger work it works well. Having been given a Bosch 1604 I saw opportunity in the form of a mini router table. Scanning the shop I found a nice place to stow it away, in the form of a drawer. Lost 3 small drawers but they were only 9 inches wide smaller stuff I can displace, albeit remembering where I did so may be an issue. To make the router lift I am using a small Lab Scissor lift. About 4 inch square with more than enough lift for this task. Put in drawer slides to guide the
  7. I'm watching a video where the presenter keeps talking about the "draws" in the desk. I always figured this was a redneck malapropism. But this person is obviously not a redneck. Merriam Webster does not list "draw" as a valid definition for this. What word do you use to describe these?
  8. I found an old drawer pull made of glass, about an inch in dia. I turned some of the red/pink ply and there it is.
  9. My next job up is building a cabinet/bookcase for a customer. She wants it made to match an existing piece so I’m searching for a pair of drawer pulls. I’ve eaten up an hour online looking to no avail so I’ll throw it to you. Do y’all have a go to hardware shop? Here’ the existing hardware.
  10. GM, guys as an experiment I want to build a drawer when looked at from the front will look normal but be shaped liked this. I was wondering what joinery you might use??
  11. I'll be building a few cabinets and drawers shortly for the shop. I prefer to use hardwood (either poplar or maple) for drawers normally, but I think to save time and get things done a little more quickly I'll use 1/2" plywood (maybe BB, maybe not...haven't decided). But here's my question: when I use hardwood my joints are either DT (for household furniture) or drawer lock joints (for cabinets). But what do you use for plywood? I can't imagine either of my other ones working all the well; and for the record I have tried to cut DT joints in BB and wasn't all that enamored with the results. Bes
  12. Pretty cool and quick way to make a simple drawer https://www.wwgoa.com/video/posthaste-projects-instant-drawer-008593/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=A5439&vsoid=A5439
  13. From the album: Pine Bedside Table

    Showing the opened drawer ( that WORKS!) and the hand cut half-blind dovetails
  14. Hi Y'all, I kept making stupid math errors when cutting out the parts for raised panel doors and drawer fronts, and also drawer boxes. I found other calculators online, but none of them did all the things I wanted, so I built my own. The idea is to input the fixed parameters like rail/stile width and interlock only once. Then, you have places to input several different door and drawer sizes on one sheet. Print it out and carry it to the shop where you'll have the dimensions for all your pieces-parts in one handy chart. Door and Drawer Calculator.xlsx
  15. I needed pulls for a set of drawers and had previously done this on router. Decided to try a shell like look. This went thru a learning progression with the beginning to try 2 pieces of hardwood glued to a faceplate. For this one I used hot glue. The middle piece is glued on with TB11. Finger pull hole on back is done at the router table. This is the finished product for this method. I discovered later that there is an easier way to do this when I built mt bench. Same glue block using brown paper to glue blank on which you will note is the full size instead
  16. From the album: 18th Century Connecticut Blanket Chest

    I don't remember if the raised panel was part of the American Woodworker plan or not, but I raised the drawer bottom panel by hand with a Stanley No.4 smoothing plane. It turned out really nice and I was very happy with the results.
  17. steven newman

    drawer view

    From the album: Pine Kitchen Island

    A look at what this was like BEFORE the coat of white paint.
  18. steven newman

    Drawer End

    From the album: Pine Kitchen Island

    A look at the non-cabinet end. also has a drawer. Legs used to be 2x4s, until I ripped them down. "Silver" knob matches the rest of the kitchen's knobs
  19. Well, a drawer wanted to put up a fight, got me Irish up, it did now. But, suren i showed that bugger who the boss was. Ok, enough of the Mad Irishman stuff. Top is attached to the table base. Got the drawer front sized to it's opening, with a red hair of room all the way around. needed a couple sides to make it a drawer. marked out for the two in a single board I was just going to saw them out like that, but the bench was a might shaky. Laid the board flat, and grabbed a cordless saw.. Yep, one of them new-fangled saws without a cord. So, after crosscutting two sid
  20. steven newman

    drawer details

    From the album: Shaker End Table

    The bottom was 1/2" plywood. Used a plane to make a rebate arounf three sides, to fit into the 1/4" grooves in the front and sides. Back sits in a rebate, and is glued and screwed in place.
  21. steven newman

    drawer opened

    From the album: Shaker End Table

    Showing that the drawer does indeed work. And, without any tipping down when opened out.
  22. steven newman

    Shaker Table

    From the album: Shaker End Table

    Just a collection of white wood boards from Lowes. legs were ripped from a 2x4, then turned on the lathe. Drawer has halfblind dovetails in the front.
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