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Found 7 results

  1. The old Craftsman let me down tonight.. Motor stalled out....even under NO LOAD!..... Motor is a double-ended one, has a plastic cover over the un-used shaft.....always filled up with dirt...got rid of that. Thrust bearings were worked over....since I was tearing the saw down, anyway Yep, nasty looking. There IS a trash bag back there...will be full tomorrow...Drive wheel lost the tire a while back... Might as well install these, as well. IF I hand spin the drive wheel to start the saw up......it will run at normal speed....if I don't, it barely turns, and hums.....air compressor Sunday to blow out the motor...hoping it is just dirty contacts... Grabbed an old file, once I had the drive wheel spinning..and cleaned the crud off the surface.....a bit of vibration in the system....Did a little "balancing" with the file, taking out most of the wobbles.. even on this little pulley.. Acts like there is too much tension going on...yet the belt does flop around a bit.... This thing was frozen in place....hammerdrill and PBlaster to even move the bolt....bearing was stuck....wasn't in the mood for "Stuck" Visegrips to hold the center ring...wire wheel and normal wheel on the grinder to get it spinning again..freely. repeat with the upper one.. Gave up for the night. Need to boil some water Sunday, and get the tires to STRETCH enough to go on the lower wheel...wonder IF I should change out the upper tire... Looks like Sunday has been planned out.... Was trying to rip two drawer sides to width......didn't happen.
  2. Issues with my Craftsman 113. 27350 bandsaw......way to much shaking going on....drive wheel wobbles.....tore the thing down today.... Removed both the belt pulley and the lower wheel.. 2 wheels, only found one key stock....one for the belt pulley was MIA. Large snap ring holding the shaft in place on the belt side.. Metal cap swings down out of the way, once the shaft is out... (nice and cleaned up..) to get the shaft out, I had to remove these two bolts..which went right back in as soon as I could....hate losing parts. Shaft "looked" good when it came out, and the rust removed.. Bearings themselves are fine, it seems to be a problem with the shaft itself.. Mainly on the drive wheel side. Bearing will slide around a bit. Looking like a new shaft will be needed...I did find my snap ring pliers..finally.. Need to skinny the points down a tad, so they fit. Will take the shaft, bearings and all to the TSC Store, and see what they have handy. Bearing No. 3203 RS FAG..... Wondering IF I can find a washer that fits over the snap rings, and can be held in place with those two bolts. Maybe tighten things up a bit? IF I need a bandsaw for the next project..we have back-up.. That little 12" Craftsman 3-wheeler will do for the small stuff....has a 3/8" blade onboard. Would have to dig it out of the hole... And..NO, I am unable to just go out and buy a new/used bandsaw right now....not an option. Will just have to fix what I have.
  3. schnewj


    I need some help, guys. With the passing of my mother earlier this year I, now, have total dominion over the garage space. This allowed me to do a little remodeling, rearranging, and creation of some much needed storage off of the floor. This created a lot of open usable floor space. So, I have moved my Delta 40-690 20" (DeWalt 788) from its home in the garden shed into the garage space to live with my other tools. Now, for the help. The saw was purchased second hand. I acquired it from a retired vet, who was selling everything and moving to Panama. He used it to scroll out service branch plaques. It is in excellent shape but I have no maintenance history on it. Although I have used it a lot, it needs some TLC and it could use a PM on the internals. There is an excellent tutorial on R&R of the bearing, bushing and lubrication of the essential points, that was published in 2014 by Gwinette Woodworkers. In the four part video there was a reference to a bushing parts list and associated bearing numbers. However, the published link for the information no longer exists. The bushing are no problem and were all ordered yesterday. However, the bearings are different story. They aren't listed in the parts breakdowns and since the Gwinette list no longer exists I have no means of ID ing the bearings short of tearing apart the saw. I don't what to do that until I have the parts on hand. Experience dictates, that, I don't leave pieces and parts lying around waiting for replacement parts...use your imagination on that... So, by any chance, do any of you have experience or bearing numbers? If I can ID the bearings I'll just go order them...I'd rather have and not need, than need and not have. Bill
  4. Look at the link below please as I am going to see this lathe today. It doesn't look too bad and it's about what I have been looking for. I am thinking with the oil ports it most likely has sleeve bearings. Do you think I can still get bearings for it? If can get bearings for the lathe it might be worth getting. One big problem I could have is the lathe is in a basement and with neuropathy, in my feet and legs, it might be too much. Comments wanted and advice is welcome. https://nashville.craigslist.org/tls/d/antique-lathe-and-older-table/6706426342.html
  5. Saw this piece on AAW forum and thought the bearing info may be of interest to some here. I had a bearing go out on my BS guides and used my last one to fix it . The old ones cost 7.50 each plus 7 shipping from Grizzley so I found 8 bearings for 7.95 on Amazon.I left the whole post intact so the thought of the post is complete. I am a fan of the MultiStar Super 32 live center that I bought from The Sanding Glove some years back. I like a revolving center with multiple tips. I'd burned out an Apprentice one some years ago and tried the MultiStar as it purported infinite life since the bearings could be changed. I believe the same applies to the other MultiStar live centers, but am not sure. The Sanding Glove dropped the line a couple of years ago, and I wondered about that. Apparently lack of supply. I now see that Peter Child in the UK has also dropped it and a German company claims to sell it soon, but not yet. I assume that the original corporation had troubles, despite a fine product. So I bit the bullet and took mine apart. I'm not a machinist but I do know how to remove a retaining ring with "pin pliers". Inside the body of the center I found three bearing races each with the code 6001Z. A Google of that designation gave me sources for the bearings, but my curiosity is endless so I researched the nature of the coding. Bearings are coded with a 7 digit number, but lead zeros are left out. For some reason the standard counts backwards, the "first digit" is the last (actually quite logical since it matches the "units" digit of our counting system). The 01 defines the ID of the bearing as 12mm (which matched my measurement with my calipers of 11.97mm). There was nothing in the coding to indicate the OD of the bearing, the third and fourth digits (the 60) designate the type of bearing. A bit more Googling and I found that the OD is in a standard pattern to the ID, as is the width. It also seems that the worldwide standards are metric, there are few makers of Imperial (inches) bearings even in the US. Remember that the bearing is internal to the device and can be of any standard it wants to be - except in the case where it is DIY replaceable, as the MultiStar is. I am going to place an order on Amazon from one or another of their advertised 6001Z bearings (advertised for specific products, but now I know the 6001Z is uniform). I will order three 6001Z bearings at about 5 bucks apiece and put them in reserve so that if my Super 32 dies I can bring it back to life. This isn't limited to the M/S Super 32, it can apply to any things involving bearings on our lathes. My brief research tells me that the markings on the bearings aren't brand specific, they are an international standard code (except that last letter). Best, Jon
  6. I am looking for a set of guides that would be an upgrade from what I have now, which is just the stock roller guides for my Grizz 14" Ultimate Bandsaw. I have folks say they love the freeze blocks, and then there are some nice bearing guides too. My saw is this one at http://www.grizzly.com/products/The-Ultimate-14-Bandsaw/G0555?utm_campaign=zPage A 14" with riser block. Does anyone have any recommendations for a new guide set? Thanks!
  7. Anyone seen my Uni arbor? After listening to my 1947 Unisaw arbor go chirp, chirp, I decided to tear it down and replace the arbor bearings. Actually, it wasn't too hard to field dress it from the machine and the bearings came out pretty easily. After I got it apart, it felt like I had a couple of square balls in the rear bearing. When I was tearing it down, I could tell by the paint marks that this was the original set of bearings. I sure hope I can get 69 years out of the next set. The tear down also gave me an opportunity to clean the worm gears on the tilt and elevation. Now we wait on the bearings.
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