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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2022

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Every year The Patriot Woodworker's adopt a Wounded Warrior or Gold Star family for Christmas. We do this through a great veterans support organization named Operation Ward 57. The Patriot Woodworker's submit an application to Ward 57 to be accepted to receive our family for Christmas, and each year we are chosen to participate. And each year, our sponsors donate wonderful items for us to giveaway for this cause. We use 100 percent of your contributions to purchase gifts for the kids, and a Christmas dinner for the family and to fund related project expenses such as shipping fees for gifts.


operation ward 57



Our Mission 
We need your help to accumulate funds for Christmas presents for our Wounded Warrior adopted family, who has given much to our nation in physical and emotional sacrifice and much more in family sacrifice. 


The Wounded Warrior Family

I have had the honor of communicating with Mr. Forney and learned much about his wonderful family. Here is a brief introduction to our family this year.


Mr. Forney and Mrs. Forney of Falling Waters, WV. standing with their family, Jacob Forney (Son), 12 Years, Michael Forney (Son), 11 Years, Houston Forney (Son), 2 Years, Jackson Forney (Son), 8 Years. Levi Forney (Son), 7 Months, Levi is not shown in this image, this family picture is a little older, Houston is seen being held by mama, Levi was just born 7 months ago.


Foney Family.jpg


And our guest of honor, Mr. Forney was gracious enough to share some of his history in service of our nation, please read below.



Travis Forney

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Operation Enduring Freedom

Injuries Sustained: Not disclosed (privacy respected).


I was in the Navy for 6 years. I came into the Navy as a rescue swimmer… I graduated Aircrew Candidate school in Pensacola, but got hurt during training at SAR school. Then I went un designated to the USS Enterprise where I struck HM Corpsman. I worked on the flight deck of the Enterprise as part of my rate. Then I cross-rated to ABF ( aviation boatswains mate Fuels… where i worked on the flight deck as well- medevac and mass casualty trained


I had 3 deployments overseas in the gulf on 2 aircraft carriers, the USS Enterprise and the USS George H.W. Bush. I was also deployed to Kandahar Air Field.


NEC - Emergency Medevac Specialist 


Mr. Forney and his family enjoy fishing and outdoor activities, and they are very active in their local church.



  • Sorry, only Residents of the US and Canada may participate. Outside countries may contribute but you will not be entered into the system for receiving items due to shipping costs. If you are in an outside country, and do contribute, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  • All are welcome to participate, members, forum hosts, admins and non-members. (John Morris (Founder) and family may not participate).
  • Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery of prizes, most of the time prizes are sent out immediately.
  • You may contribute as much funding as you like to earn entries into our random draw.
  • Your contributions will be accepted up to December 31st 12 am Pacific Time, at which time project will close and item recipients will be chosen. Please allow up to 48 hrs for recipient names to be listed in this topic.
  • 6 names will be randomly drawn by Random Picker software, and items will be awarded in the order of names drawn.


To contribute to our Adopted Family please click on "Donate" button



This year, the items our sponsors have donated can be seen in the gallery below, these are some great prizes folks! You can donate only 2 dollars with multiple entry bargains, and your odds of receiving a sponsored item are very high given our typical turnout. To view the entry fees, and to purchase your entries please click on the Donate button above!

Please click on gallery below.


In Closing

Ok Patriot Woodworker's, it's time to muster and it's time to show everyone what we are all about! The purpose our woodworking community was created is for this reason, to help those who have served us, and paid the price.

Remember this is not charity, this is not a hand out, this is payback!


Thank you sponsors!

We also need to thank our sponsors Woodcraft Supply and Laguna Tools and Easy Wood Tools for their generous support and for donating those wonderful items for the raffle! For without our sponsors, we would not have a community, nor would we be able to perform the work we do. Thank you guys!



woodcraft supply logo


laguna tools


easy wood tools logo


Prior Years Projects

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Just a little reminder and a very small push for the fence sitters, if y'all are going to join in on the fun here, even though the deadline for contributions is December 31st, we'll be delivering the presents on the 15th of Dec, we are shopping for the kids this weekend, so any help is greatly appreciated! If you plan on contributing and wish to wait till later, that is fine too, any proceeds leftover will all go to the family as a New Years gift in the form of a check or money order.

Thanks to all who have contributed thus far!

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