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  1. If they are away from home, they might appreciate a traditional meal to remind them of home. She might ask them.
  2. this can be closed. all sold at auction.
  3. There doesn't seem to be anyone interested incoming to look. Will list some other things I have. Delta 14" bandsaw w/riser kit and carter guides. Jet 1221 vs lathe, Rigid belt and spindle sander, air compressor, routers, slow speed grinder w/cbn wheel, tile cuter, roto zip, cabinets and more.
  4. You have half of the equation, enlist a lot of your friends.
  5. I think all the items are priced right. It would be great if the members of a couple clubs would show up with a big truck and a large wad of cash and clean me out. LOL
  6. Almost, am keeping limited amount of tools. Have Jet 1221 here in wis. and one in florida. We intend to stay in Florida now and do not have much room.
  7. Grizzly G1035 Shaper, G0453 Planer, G1182Z 6" Jointer, Shop Fox W1671 Mortiser, W1819 Table Saw. All for 50% of new price. Also have Jet dust collector $250, Performax 22-44 sander $400, Craftsman table saw with Delta Unifence $300. Many other items. Located in Janesville, Wisconsin You must pick up. Thanks Larry Cutlip
  8. Been on about 6 months. Thanks all for your help.
  9. Is there anything that will take minwax wood stain off of vinyl siding? Larry
  10. Larry Cutlip

    Larry Cutlip

  11. But what price did you sell for? Larry
  12. Army 9th infantry Heavy weapons Alaska 64 and 65 Sgt E5 Saw no combat. A special thanks to those that served in combat.
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