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  1. I’ve read articles that DeJoy is intent on destroying the post office. Done a pretty good job so far.
  2. I’ve just about had it with our postal service. I have an Etsy store and ship two day priority mail. For the past month two day priority is 7 day snail mail. On February 22nd I mailed a flag case to a customer in Rochester, New York. The shipping cost was $39. Here it is March 5th and it still hasn’t arrived. Unfortunately, Etsy uses USPS exclusively. I’m totally po’ed right now.
  3. My son in law is a grief counselor/pastor for a group of funeral homes here in Indiana. My plan is to work through them on the project. Keith provided a link and I built the cask to those specs. However, I’ve learned some things since this build. This cask is a one size fits all cask and measures about 7 1/2” x 7” x 11” tall. The interior volume is about 300cubic inches. After a bit of reading I found out that a rule of thumb for a cremation cask is 1 cubic inch for every pound of living “flesh”. A 200 pound person would need a cask with about 200 cu. in. Of interior space. I think tha
  4. A couple of weeks ago Keith Mealy (I think) posted a link to a cremains cask for veterans. I decided to build one so I selected a piece of slightly spalted black walnut for the lower section and a piece of burled walnut for the top. Unfortunately, The burled piece wasn’t quite wide enough so I had to glue them but the results were beautiful. The sides were sanded to 400 grit and the top was sanded to 1000. Oddly, it took 5 coats of GF Arm-R-Seal to get the look I wanted. On a slightly different note, I was honored this week by a sale on my Etsy store of a burial flag case. It will ho
  5. Welcome aboard! Great to have you with us!
  6. Larry, about 100 years ago I inherited my FIL’s Craftsman jointer and it had the same problem. I did fix it by shiming the rail.
  7. That stuff will dull a set of planer blades in a heartbeat.
  8. Hate to sound morbid but I’m building something for myself. I’ve probably built 50 veteran flag cases and sold them all. I found a beautiful piece of quarter sawn cherry so I’m building myself a flag case for my burial flag. Just put the first coat of GF Arm-R-Seal on it today.
  9. Musta had a bad day OR she figured out your price was more than fair.
  10. Didn’t watch it at all but did finish a great book about a WWII bomber pilot. In fact, I haven’t watched NFL in 2 years. As a vet, I can’t watch them kneel for the flag and anthem that I gave 4 years of my life for.
  11. UPDATE: the new fence has been purchased and installed. I looked at all of the reviewed and bought a Vega primarily because it had great reviews and it was an easy swap out for my Uni. In fact, it works a lot like my 73 year old OEM fence. I really like it because it slides off the front tube rail quickly and it has a killer micro adjustment feature. All in, $329.
  12. I think Cliff is right to some regard. There does appear to be a bobbin on this gizmo, but what is its purpose?
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