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  1. My business price for walnut is just north of $9 a bf. I buy exclusively from Frank Miller Lumber and their walnut has had 6 price increases this year. Even they will admit that the quality is down. Lots of sap wood on it.
  2. I do two shows a year and the smaller of the two is tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t sell out and create a supply crunch for the November show.
  3. Call it a family heirloom, Dave. Welcome to the site.
  4. Welcome aboard, Chris. Show your projects. We loveeeeeee pictures.
  5. I can’t speak to the Baltic birch but cabinet grade 3/4” oak plywood is non existent. My regular supplier, Frank Miller Lumber, has none. They said that they might be able to get some with a 6 week lead time. I just bought 4 sheets of oak plywood at Gillman Home Center for $90 a sheet. It measured .717 and was made in Indonesia. It worked but the dust from it was nasty.
  6. I spent the week building 6 bookcases for our local library. The library recently underwent a huge upgrade and needed 10 new bookcases to wrap around one end of the new addition. The commercial cabinet distributor wanted $20,000 for for the bookcases and I’m building them for significantly less. Yesterday was stain opens today was spraying lacquer. Tomorrow I will insert the shelf racks and start building shelves.
  7. Gary, From experience I can tell you that some items will bring some serious cash. The Unisaw should be worth at least $400-$500 depending in on whether or not it has the original “goose egg” cover. The cover alone is worth $100. I have a ‘47 Uni and I paid a bargain basement price of $250 for it about 10 years ago. Be patient and don’t give it away.
  8. I would guess a skinning knife used in a meat packing plant. The end is used to pierce the hide and the hooks are used to peel the hide. Gross but logical.
  9. Fred, don’t hold your breath.
  10. Our home town has been working hard to bring back that “home town life” back to the community. We spent yesterday dedicating a new clock to the historical society and attending various activities around town. The evening finished up with fireworks. Here’s the new clock provided by 26 private donors. I think my wife got a little too exuberant.
  11. A lot depends on the depth of the shelves but my initial answer would be, maybe. My only concern would be that the unit could twist and rack.
  12. That I will agree with you on. As an admin here, I deny more membership requests than I accept each day because of “blacklisted” IP Addresses. Too many scammers out there.
  13. There has to be that, “one guy” and I guess it is me. I’m the guy that has all the apps. Wifi thermostat - check, wifi garage door opener - check. Ring doorbell - check, home security camera app - check….. ipI personally like the flexibility. Sure is handy to wonder if the garage door is down and your phone can confirm it.
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