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  1. Lissa, message me the name and I’ll keep a lookout.
  2. The staff here at TPW really tries to keep SPAM off the site but sometimes a spammer sneaks through and posts a link to an unnamed site that sells woodworking plans. Without naming the site, we all know the culprit. If you see SPAM or a link that is inappropriate please report the abuse by clicking on the “Report Abuse” tab at the top. Shucks, you might even get a ride on the corporate jet.
  3. A backer is a board that is a sacrificial board placed under the piece you’re drilling. When you drill into the backer it won’t splinter.
  4. PWW has been a train wreck for about 5 years. I dropped them because of so many errors in their print mag.
  5. Too small for that, Bandit. I’d put the total length at less than 12”.
  6. Yep, that’s me. If there’s one hazard around, I’ll find it.
  7. I’ll hazard a guess. It looks like a device to grab and transfer metal shavings. Lathes put off masses of long, sharp shavings and you could grab bundles of shavings and move them.
  8. I just finish my restoration of a roll top desk. Next project is my Delta bandsaw. It wasn’t as quiet as I like so I field dressed it today. New upper and lower bearings, a new upper adjustment arm and a makeover on the guides and blade bearing.
  9. Looks great! Pleasing to our Lord and the congregation.
  10. A couple of months ago, I won a bid for a roll top desk from or county courthouse. With the business of the holidays, it sat in the garage. Just before Christmas, it got transported to the shop where it was totally deconstructed and stripped via card scrapers and other assorted tools. By the way, the tambour door took 3 hours to scrape and sand. Last week, I stained and finished it and Wednesday it will be brought into my office. The week will be spent renovating the office and most likely building a new printer stand. Pictures will be forthcoming.
  11. Brad, I have used my friend’s Grizzly and it does a remarkable job but it’s pricey also. Have you done an eBay or Craigslist search?
  12. Happy New Year from the flat state of Indiana. May 2020 bring you straight cut, tight joints and a perfect finish.
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