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  1. My financial advisor told me that her wants to live his life such that the last check he writes is for his funeral and it bounces. My kind of guy.
  2. Ron Dudelston


    Wow! I haven’t determined if the fire stopping where it did is good news or bad news.
  3. Thanks for giving the gang an update, John. Rest assured that there’s a lot of prayer aimed in your direction. Sounds like you’ve got a great team of doctors which is a plus since TPW doesn’t have an on staff physician.
  4. I’m that guy. When I was still working and had multiple holes to tap, I’d ratchet the speed way down and lightly tighten the tap in the chuck. That way, the chuck would slip rather than break the tap. If you play it right, the tap will self feed and draw itself in. Of course, you just bump the power on. Bridgeport mill works well also.
  5. We’re spending the kids inheritance
  6. Dorothy and I just celebrated 49 and you’re right, it doesn’t seem that long.
  7. We’ll put the overflow on the corporate yacht.
  8. What a romantic devil you are! Congratulations!!
  9. Man, feel the love. I had hair like that.....once......a long time ago.
  10. Free rides on the corporate jet?
  11. Sure looks like Gene Howe to me.
  12. Here’s the oddball post of the week. When I retired 11 years ago, My employer let me keep my toolbox that they provided. Last year, I got tired of moving the beast around my garage so I got rid of it. However, I did remove the Wilton bullet machinist vise and stored it under the bench where it has collected dust ever since. I’m thinking about listing it on a EBay and the prices are all over the place depending on the age and style. Typically, the date of manufacture is stamped on the key that the head slides on. There is nothing stamped into the key so I don’t know when it was made. I did read that when Wilton moved from the old original plant to the new one in the 50s, they didn’t stamp dates. Anyone (Buskirk) a Wilton vise expert? If I list it, I don’t want to cheat myself or anyone else. I can take more pictures if you need them.
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