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Ron Dudelston

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  1. Ron Dudelston

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    I’ll be there and hopefully have Grandpa Dave with me. Fred, I’ll give ya a call.
  2. Having mine service connected has been a real perk. I have a friend that has the same aids that I have but he paid for his out of his own pocket. $4800.
  3. Same ones Tom. They are Signia (Siemen). They’re like $5,000 ear buds and the sound is amazing. They have a ton of bells and whistles.
  4. John, you’re making me look like a slacker. Cal, I love Savannah and all the old south culture. I sound out a few weeks ago that 4 years on the flight line in the Air Force has done damage to my high frequency hearing. Yesterday, I was fitted for my first ever set of hearing aids and it’s an adjustment. The aids are high end and the audiologist was very good (pretty too). I have an app on my phone to custom adjust the aids...go figure. I’m prepping for a show next weekend so all work is put on hold for the weekend.
  5. Ron Dudelston

    Volunteers Website

    Great idea! Only two words of advice...... liability insurance.
  6. Ron Dudelston

    She Is Back To Helping In the Yard

    That’s great news!
  7. Ron Dudelston

    Braces, Clamps, Drill, Yard Sale Finds

    Yes sir.
  8. Ron Dudelston

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    I retired at 59. Never regretted it.
  9. Ron Dudelston

    Hanging Out With Harry Brink of TPW

    There’s a pair to draw to.
  10. Ron Dudelston

    Another Anniversary

    Congrats! In this day of mini marriages, you have been very successful. You make me feel like a newlywed with my 48 years.
  11. Ron Dudelston

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    We worship every Sunday. That’s my reference point to know what day it is. I also don’t exercise on Sunday so I get an exclamation point.
  12. Today is my usually lucky day. I separated the USAF on Friday, July 13th, 1973.
  13. Ron Dudelston

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! July 9, 2018

    May be a shortage. Never can tell.
  14. Ron Dudelston

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! July 9, 2018

    Bring your truck next month on the way to Fred’s
  15. Ron Dudelston

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! July 9, 2018

    There’s a saying in the Midwest that goes, “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.” We’ll, I guess I’m a blind squirrel. I examine the pile of lumber and it is mostly walnut, maple and a dab of poplar. Probably about 500 bf of the stuff. I brought some home but I need to find more room in the garage. My barn loft is already full. They are thrilled to get rid of it and were ready to burn it.

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