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  1. I spent the week in Birmingham, Alabama visiting with my brother. I had my sister with me so I couldn’t stop in Moodyville but I did manage to have lunch on Tuesday with the Worsham’s.
  2. My go to is epoxy. If you need a little accent add a few dried coffee grounds.
  3. The bed is r3sting for the week since I’m heading to Alabama for a few days to see my brother. Unfortunately, my customary trip to Moodyville, AKA Florence, isn’t in the cards. I have my sister as a third traveling companion. I do believe John and I might be see in Indy in April together at the NRA convention.
  4. Still plugging away on a bed. Head, foot and side rails are finished. Finish is next.
  5. The good news is that the TPW Gulfstream has not been grounded by the FAA
  6. I personally feel that this is a justified end to a questionable magazine. I subscribed to PW for about a year and was not impressed. In fact, I built a foldable table from a print in one of their issues. I don’t recall exactly how many measurement errors there were but there were so many that the table wasn’t buildable using the printed design. When I called the publisher they basically shrugged their shoulders. The ensuing mags went directly to the trash.
  7. Very nice John. Just barely fits in the finish room
  8. Congrats John! In today’s world of disposable marriages, you should be proud. My weekend was pretty mundane and the only major accomplishment was to cut a kitchen cabinet in half for a local Elks lodge. Hopefully, I can near completion on a bed I’ve been building this week but the election season is ramping up here in Indiana and my election board duties are calling.
  9. I’ve been slowly work8ng on a California king bed for a customer. All I got was an internet picture to work from. Here’s the headboard and I’ll mortise the posts Monday and start on the foot. Believe it or not, the decorative arch took two hours to complete. Check out the faux shiplap.
  10. I agree, Dan. It’s making my head hurt. Maybe an upholstery tool????
  11. I’d love to see this tool close up and closed. It may be an optical illusion, but it look like the tines will overlap when the handles are fully closed. If that is the case, it could be a tool to bend a a fastener like a staple. What throws me off is that the other end of the tines (points) are small and pointed like the ends of drafting tools. Here’s the question.......why are the arms bent to allow access over/around an object?
  12. Well gang, Blackford lost. However , they got beat by a really, really good team. Delta has a 6’ 8” center that kept the boards really clean. Always next year!

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