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  1. I’ve not had any issue. I post from an iPad most of the time and it’s an automatic conversion.
  2. Definitely doable, Ron. Just takes time and equipment.
  3. Indiana joined it also, Larry. April 7th is our parole date.
  4. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What do you accomplish over the weekend? I'm filling in for the boss this morning. In this wacky , unpredictable world we all need a sanctuary like a shop to distract us, at least for a while. What have you built? I am a little curious about one thing. We are being advised to stay home and isolate ourselves from the public especially if you're over 60. Are you isolating? If so, how are you keeping busy? Please share your secrets. New Members Please welcome to our community,, please click on their names and leave a message of welcome on their profile page. And welcome to our newest member, @AmyMNM. Welcome to your new community! Isolation Pictures Last week, my daughter called and asked if I'd conduct "shop" class for my three granddaughters. I really think mom needed a break. The girls are 19 (college freshman), 17 (high school junior) and 13 (8th grade) wanted to build either a bird house or a bird feeder. Here is a picture of the school session. Notice that there are no air tools, all fingers are in tact and I could keep safety glasses on at least two of them. Valerie got a letter grade cut. Post your isolation picture below folks!
  5. Take the pad off of the bottom and look at the oscillating mechanism. I have torn my Porter Cable ROS down a couple of times and replaced the bearing in the unit that give the oscillating motion. When the bearing locks up it will jump. A 6204 sealed bearing as I recall.
  6. Gene, have you seen the price of ammo? It’s skyrocketing.
  7. I had a surreal experience yesterday. A good friend of ours died and I was asked to give the eulogy On behalf of our Bible study. The family requested that there be no visitation because of the Coronavirus so only family was in the service And the service was live streamed. Our sanctuary holds about 500 but I was speaking to a crowd of about 25. You could hear the echo in the church. Very odd times that were are living in.
  8. Not at all and the comment was misconstrued. However, there is a segment of society that are on the shallow end of the gene pool.
  9. My Bosch driver does have a two step trigger.
  10. And people wonder why I have a concealed carry permit.
  11. Be wary of buying construction grade pine for furniture. Typically it is only dried to 20%.
  12. I just read that a Columbus Woodworking Show was cancelled
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