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  1. Only if my zeros are bigger than yours.🤑
  2. Thanks for the wishes, gang. Especially the extra zero. At least the boss didn’t move the decimal point.
  3. No license and as for the income, you don’t have to report it but I do because of my shop volume. It makes my accountant happy. It takes awhile for your store to get established and you don’t make a killing but it’s a nice supplement. I’ve done extremely well in 2020. Etsy charges you 2.8% for each sale. The only major ripoff is if you sell something off one of their ads. If a buyer clicks on your product from their ad and buys it, you get hit with 25%. It’s happened to me once on a $110 flag case. I have since opted out of their ads.
  4. Fred, I built seven of them and sold all seven at a show in October. They’re easy to make since I made a jig to cut the angled slot for the wire but I need more wire and life has gotten in the way.
  5. I’m building trivets for my Etsy store. It’s been a profitable month there.
  6. I built one a couple years ago for my music teacher daughter. She had a student that was deaf with a cochlear implant. I was invited to the unveiling and when the student sat on it and struck the face for the first time his expression was priceless. It made all of the effort worthwhile. Fast forward to today.....he’s a percussionist in the high school band.
  7. My wife says that I have a router fetish. Let’s see: 1 in the table, 2 Bosch plunge routers, one Ryobi plunge, 1 Mikita fixed and 2 Bosch palm routers = 7
  8. John Moody has one. Maybe he will chime in.
  9. My daughter in law’s parents both have it. Not a pretty sight.
  10. I fully agree, Gene. Maybe we can rid this nation of an “entitlement” gene.
  11. Friday the 13th is my lucky day because I separated from My favorite uncle on Friday the 13th. This week has been a wash for the shop due to City Council business so I’ll be building flag cases tomorrow and of course watching the Fighting Irish play.
  12. I agree with Dan. Looks like a tool to crimp lead or copper grommets.
  13. Yesterday, my 12 year old Crapsman jigsaw (Sabre saw if you wish) died. Motor runs but won’t oscillate. I’m in the market for a new one even though I don’t use it often. Black Friday is coming so tell me, “What’s your brand of choice?”
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