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  1. If those are the original tubes, I’d put the age in the 60’s because the tubes are plastic.
  2. Looks like a tool to de-burr the inside of tubing.
  3. Keith, that’s the same stuff I use on my Uni. A squirt on the worm gear is all it takes.
  4. My 1947 Unisaw takes a 7/8” and as I recall, the Craftsman I had years ago was also 7/8”
  5. I too send a big Happy Veteran’s Day greeting to all my fellow vets. Since B-52s are rather costly, I was fortunate enough to stay out of the fray, for the most part. When I was on Guam, we had heard that an entourage was on base to view the Vietnam support ops but we were too busy to worry about it. One afternoon, my cohort in crime dropped me off at a BUFF to do a quick weapons real ease check and promised to come back and pick me up. I finished and sat down next to the wheels in the shade to have a smoke. A motorcade pulled up in front of the plane and out steps the most brass that I had ever seen in one place. I covertly ditched the cigarette and watched as they approached the plane. In the middle of the group was a small bespectacled man that looked familiar. I was then introduced to Mr. Henry Kissinger. My military brush with fame.
  6. My surgeon had a horrible cold the day he did my surgery and I think it impacted his ability to repair. Mine was detached on the inside of the left eye. The surgery left my left pupil dilated all the time. Oddly, I have a friend that had the same doctor and same problem. Same end result.
  7. Every oncein a while a fella grabs a deal. This morning, a guy approached me before church and offered to sell me a mortising machine. A few years ago he bought a General 75-050 M1 mortiser for a project but never got it out of the box. He offered it to me for $200 and I couldn’t get the money out of my wallet fast enough.
  8. Herb, I detached the retina in the left eye in 2003. Did the face down thing for 20 days but the retina detached again and they filled it with oil to stabilize it. Lost the vision but have adapted.
  9. I retired 11 years ago and it seems like yesterday.
  10. Check out Craigslist or your local auction listings. I bought my Jet at auction for a little over $100.
  11. I’m late to the party. Happy Birthday, John.
  12. I remember the FAFSA ordeal. I always felt violated after filling them out.
  13. My good friend John Moody is building for a show in a few weeks and is up to his eyeballs in sawdust so he asked me to submit his usual Friday post. I have a show next Saturday but I have enough stock so here goes. This is municipal elections in Indiana and since I’m on our county election board life gets a bit busy right now. In spite of that, I’ve been able to build a pair of rolling 4 foot islands for the local elks Lodge. Hopefully, they can be in place in the next ten days. No shop work tomorrow because my son and I are making a trip to South Bend to watch Notre Dame take on Virginia Tech. I sure hope they play better this week. So, what’s on your weekend agenda?
  14. You are correct about cherry blotching but the blotching wasn’t the main weakness. That can be controlled. The pale pink color was really bad. Kinda looked like I spilled cherry koolaid on the wood.
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