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  1. The horses are stackable and I store them up in the barn loft. Great for quick projects.
  2. Today I stained both oak cradles that I’ve been building. One walnut and one golden mahogany. Hopefully by this time next week I’ve moved on to a pair of side tables.
  3. I talked to Moody this morning. All is well.
  4. Possibly a tool to crimp the master link of a chain?
  5. The base has 3 sprayed coats of Deft satin. I wanted something a little harder for the top so I hand wiped 6 coats of satin wipe on poly.
  6. I am but I can’t get used to it. I start building two oak cradles Monday morning.
  7. In a year, I really won’t care.
  8. Actually, I suggested the power outlet and she didn’t want it. When she ordered it she laid out five pictures from Pinterest and this is exacted what she ordered.
  9. Today, I delivered the island to its new home. Luckily, we had lots of help bringing it in. Unfortunately, we had to remove both doors from a patio door to get it in. I was little unsure if the color was right but the customer is always right. She picked the right color and it looks great.Y
  10. Parting with a pet is very tough. We’re down to one cat and when he’s gone we’re out of the pet business. As for the weekend, I’m delivering an island if the rain holds off.
  11. I wonder what species they are using. That handsaw cut it like butter.
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