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  1. I ran to the lumber yard to get 2 sheets of 1/2” OSB and 2 1x8x8’ boards. Damage was $142. OSB was $52 a sheet.
  2. Evaporator fan might stopped because of ice buildup. They are really easy to change.
  3. Bree, you are part of a group that cares for their own. Please know that even though we cannot physically stand beside you as you walk this journey we can and will support you through our prayers. May God’s Grace and healing guide you through these days.
  4. Gunny, that really turned out well. What an honor to create it.
  5. Three things. 1. Celebrating our 51st anniversary,2. Making a countertop for the city pool, 3. Headed to the Indy 500 on Sunday. Happy Memorial Day woodworkers. Remember why we have it.
  6. I don’t own the Wen but I do own a Dewalt 735 with spiral head and it is worth every penny that I have in it. Hopefully, someone will chime in that does have the Wen.
  7. Jim, My wife accuses me of a router fetish and admittedly, I have several. This Bosch that you are poking at is my favorite. In fact, I have two of then with one hanging under my router table. A bout six months ago I replaced the bearing set but it was easy peasy. If you’re a vet you may want to price them at Lowe’s.
  8. I volunteered to build four hanging wall display cases for our local 4H fairgrounds so I’ll be in the shop.
  9. My guess goes out as a staple puller.
  10. All caught up in the shop. Doing city council work preparing for Monday’s meeting.
  11. This Covid nightmare get more personal every day. Praying for God’s healing touch on your family.....physically and emotionally.
  12. Though I had spoken with Ralph on the phone, I never had the privilege to meet him in person. Ralph is an icon, larger than life for those in the woodworking community and leaves a void that cannot be filled. We mourn and grieve but Ralph is where there is no more sorry and no more pain. Well done Ralph! You have run the race and finished well.
  13. Fred, that table is gorgeous! Your design or from prints? I need to start a couple of flag cases today. 2021 has been a good year so far at my Etsy store. It’s April and I’ve sold 6 flag cases.
  14. Fred, take another road trip here. I might even take you snipe hunting. 😀
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