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  1. Ron Dudelston

    Memorial Day, May 28th, 2018

    As a vet, I am concerned that the tone of the nation towards Memorial Day is changing. The original intent of Memorial day was/is to pay honor to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country. It seems of late that the nation is changing its focus to honoring those who have served. With all due respect to my fellow comrades in arms, our day is November 11th. I'm not worthy to hold the sandals of those who gave their lives for this great land.
  2. Remind me to tell you about my son's indoctrination to the Indy Snake Pit at the ripe old age of 8 years old. I was re-reading your previous post and reminiscing a bit. Unfortunately, much of the aura of the old Indy is gone because it has become a business. I recall the Whittington brothers qualified a car in the 70's that ran a Chevy school bus engine. The did quite well but attrition took its toll. Since I retire from the automotive industry, I spent many spring days at the track. Three quick stories. (1) I met Mario and I was surprised how small he really is. (2) One of my encounters with A.J. Foyt was in the garage area. It was the year after he from his leg (s) and he was trying to drive a golf cart. We were standing off to his right and as he went to back up, the cart lunged and just must us. He turned around and apologized quipping, "Sorry, I never could drive anything in reverse" as he laughed. (3) The year Willie T. Ribbs qualified for Indy (the first black man to do so) I ran into him in the garage area and casually began to chat. He was in jeans and a T shirt with cowboy boots on. The back of his boot just above the heel was totally worn away. I quizzed him about it and he chuckled and replied with only one word, "Clutch". Great times at Indy. You either love it or hate it and I love it. I'll rekindle friendships with folks I only see once a year. One more quickie. I have parked in the same spot of over 30 years (and my route in will remain a secret). The lady who own the house save two spots in her driveway.... one for me and one for her son. We hand her the keys and when the race is over and we return to the car, it is running with the air on. In the front window of her house is a neon sign that sports a cross and says, "Jesus Saves". True story.
  3. Dave, don't forget Pat Vidan, the official starter. I've seen some amazing things at Indy. A few are rated G. Unless you've been there, you wouldn't understand
  4. Well folks, we have made it through the week and we're staring at the first holiday weekend of the summer of 2018. Memorial Day always conjures up memories for me. I have a picture around here of me when I was about 8 years marching in my Cub Scout uniform toward the cemetery on Memorial Day. We always made the tour of the cemeteries to place flowers on the graves of our relatives and Dorothy and I still do. Back then the Indy 500 was run on Memorial Day, not the Sunday before and I would sit on the front porch listening on a static laced AM radio imagining the action in my mind. Those dreams did come true and I have attended the race many times and have only missed it 3 times since 1964. Twice when I was serving for my favorite uncle (Sam) and last year when my seatmate and son had emergency gall bladder surgery 3 days before the race. This year's race is forecast to be a hot one with the high coming in around 90. Couple that with the track temperature of about 130 degrees, it will be toasty in row EE of turn #3. The picture below is close to where we sit so here's our view. So Patriot Woodworkers, what's on your agenda this Memorial Day weekend? Woodworking, picnic, nothing?
  5. Ron Dudelston

    Who's Awesome?

    And we're humble!
  6. Ron Dudelston

    Remember the Stella Awards?

    Sometimes you just can't fix stupid
  7. This has been a beautiful week in east central Indiana. The trees are fully leafed, the temperature has averaged in the high 70's and most importantly, its racing time in Indiana. I'm a huge Indycar fan and since we live in the mecca of open wheel racing, I have to attend. I've missed only 3 Indy 500's since 1965. Two when I was serving time with my favorite uncle (Sam) in SE Asia and last year. My son and seatmate had emergency gall bladder surgery a couple days before the race last year and we opted to watch it on TV. Just isn't the same. You don't get the smell of the burnt fuel and the lunacy of the Snake Pit drunks. I have 5 tickets so if you ever get the yen to go, let me know. Yesterday, we completed our part of the de-construction of my son's house and we're waiting on a local guy to show up and rip the concrete slab out and take it away. I spent a little time in the shop this week building a pair of cherry veteran's burial flag cases but all in all it has been pretty calm. Patriot Woodworkers, what's on your weekend agenda?
  8. Ron Dudelston

    the Memphis Belle

    I'm an open wheel guy and for an extra $100 you can do 4 laps at 200 mph. I think it is $500. It's on my bucket list for my 70th birthday this year.
  9. Ron Dudelston

    the Memphis Belle

    They were selling rides out of Lafayette, Dave. I thought about it but I'm saving my change for a two seater around the Indy track.
  10. Ron Dudelston

    the Memphis Belle

    I see a road trip with the grandsons in the near future.
  11. Ron Dudelston

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! May 14, 2018

    The whole slab for the house is coming out. He's going to leave the front driveway though. His oldest turns 16 soon and will leave his car there.
  12. Ron Dudelston

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! May 14, 2018

    Here's the good news..... The house is on the ground. This week I'm building a couple of cherry flag cases.
  13. Funny you asked Gene. We were able to salvage enough 2x4s, 2x6s and OSB to build a 12 x 16 barn. That project will begin soon, I suspect.
  14. Yep. Three to four total. Most of the time, three.
  15. The entire house is coming down. The original home was about 1200 square feet but the previous owner piece mealed 5 rooms onto it. The structure when we began was right at 2,000 sq ft. My son bought it from Freddie Mac as a foreclosure and it was going to be condemned. He'll have about $10,000 in the entire project when it is complete. The goal is to create a green space with fruit trees for the neighborhood. BTW, the $10,000 doesn't include beer for the demo crew. That takes it to nearly $11k. 😅

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