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  1. Welcome to the team, Andrew. Be sure to give top billing to the Air Force!
  2. Gettysburg must be on every American’s bucket list. So much to learn about our nation’s history and a reminder of what can be.
  3. Blaster and my ‘47 Uni are best friends.
  4. Kevin, the saw should have two sets of guides on it....one set above table and one set below. Most are about 1/4” square. Make sure these are near the side of the blade. If not, the blade will walk on you.
  5. I approved y’all but I’m late to the party. Welcome aboard!
  6. Our next door neighbor spent 13 days in the hospital with COVID-19 and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Fortunately, we didn’t have any contact with him. As for our trip, we’re still on the fence. The governor of Hawaii will let visitors in with a negative test but cases are climbing everywhere. I guess we’ll see.
  7. I’ve never had to wash a GlueBot out. The tips can be based problem but I have kept a dental pick in my shop for years so I’ll clean the tip with it. Used it on the TB bottles too.
  8. I agree Gene. If you have a hobbyist shop you can get away with the small Bottles. I use enough TB II and III that I buy it by the gallon so I have to find an alternate bottle.
  9. I have both sizes of the Glue Bot and like them especially the small one. The small tip is great for gluing rails and stiles.
  10. Woohoo! Now you can sleep well tonight.
  11. The boss may be on to something. Years ago, I bought a floor scraper to rip up floor tiles. The blade had a resemblance to this one.
  12. Well, the Delta has been a workhorse and never let me down. I’ve replaced both feed rollers and run thousands of bf if lumber through it. The Dewalt is a nice, nice machine. Because it has three blades instead of two, it cuts a little smoother. The Dewalt has one feature that Bumps it ahead of the Delta. It has an adjustable cutter head stop that is adjustable down to 1/4” and it is accurate time and time again. So, probably I’d have to say the Dewalt by a shaving.
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