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  1. Absolutely buy both collets. As for having multiple tools, apparently I have exceeded my limit on routers. I now have seven. According to my wife I have a router fetish.
  2. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon on a 6/12 pitch roof tearing off shingles and repairing eave plywood. My son, nephew and I always assist each other on big home projects and it is my nephews turn so off comes the roof. I’m paying for it though. This week I’m building ear ring stands for a fall show.
  3. Ron Dudelston

    small lecterns

    Ding, ding, ding. Winner, winner chicken dinner. If you look at the larger podium, I shortened the pad somewhat. Looks better too.
  4. That’s clearly the best news I’ve heard all day. Prayer does work.
  5. I’ll let the experts answer this but my novice suggestion would be to make the base from cypress.
  6. I reversed the grain so that the glue up wouldn’t bow.
  7. Ron Dudelston

    Podium Front

    I am pleased but This isn’t the first time I’ve used this technique. Last year, I made a sign on a communion table using the same lamination.
  8. Ron Dudelston

    Rolling Table

    All of my wood comes from Frank Miller Lumber in Union City, Indiana. A great company to deal with.
  9. Five coats of semi gloss wipe on poly.
  10. Ron Dudelston

    small lecterns

    I don’t know about the steeped in history part of it but I did not have to made a gavel.
  11. Ron Dudelston

    Lecterns and Podiums

    I was asked to build meeting room furniture for our local Elks lodge. Three lecterns, a podium and a center table.
  12. I laminated a piece of red oak over a piece of walnut and planed the oak to 1/4 inch. I have a friend that bought a Carvewright system but doesn’t “do” computers so it sits in my shop. At $2000, the Carvewright is a poor mans CNC router. I cut the letters into the walnut to get the effect.
  13. I finished up the last piece for our local Elks lodge. Going to spend the week installing security cameras.
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