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The Patriot Woodworker Annual Summer Fundraiser 2022

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What I wanted was a Lie-Nielsen medium shoulder plane. What I got was a Wood River.

It all came down to what I could get and when.  It’s not a bad plane but I did need to address the iron out of the box.

The back was relatively flat which was nice but the cutting side needed to be addressed.  I am not sure if it was by design or defect but the cutting angle was at 27* which is a bit more than expected.  I reground the primary bevel to 25*, sharpened and honed it.

That seemed to take care of the chattering problem it had initially.  

That all sounds simple but it was not.  The Wood River iron is Mn65 and they claim it is hardened to HRC60-64.
I believe it.  It makes the A2 Lie Neilsen irons look easy to sharpen.  I expect it to be a bit more brittle than the LN stuff but all in all the plane is solid and works as expected once sharpened.  Unlike the Lie Nielsens that come ready to go out of the box, expect to spend a little bit of time on this one first.

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4 hours ago, StaticLV2 said:

 Unlike the Lie Nielsens that come ready to go out of the box

Beautiful bones, Michael.  Love the massive beam and tendon construction! :TwoThumbsUp:


RE: LN tools, I'm not sure that lately they are crazy sharp right from Maine. My 3/8" chisel and Violin Maker's Plane were in August 2018, but maybe Covid has crimped the gears of perfection? December 2021 and July 2022 No. 102 and No. 60 1/2 planes were delivered sharp, but not sharp. Even a recent scraper set, $15 previously but now $25, showed signs of fabrication an earlier set did not.


These days, sharpening and dressing my tools is a separate bench project. I gear up for it over time, clear the deck, then give honing all of my focus.

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I have seen that as well and aesthetically, I think it looks nice.  That said, I am not opting to do this on my bench because I am planning on installing a tail vise and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to keep it from pulling the 3 laminated sections dovetail, dog hole, and tenon away from the rest of the top over time.  The tail vise can put a lot of stress on those joints and it probably isn’t as big a deal as I am thinking it is but I am opting to run solid laminates.  I suppose in 200 years or so someone can look at both options and let me know which one held up better lol.

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