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  1. A couple of weeks ago I was asked how I cut the angles on my flag cases. Well, today I cut 3 out for my online store so I grabbed a few pictures. Keep in mind that I”m a big advocate of using a digital protractor so that my 45 degree angles at the top are truly 45 degrees and my 22 1/2 degree cuts on the lower corners are truly 22 1/2 degrees. I cut these angles with a tenoning jig. The last picture shows how I join the angled corners. Filament tape is strong enough to let me pull the joint together.
  2. I got side tracked making a new mailbox post for a larger mail box. A test tenon Fixed it with some polyurethane glue as the wood was pretty wet... I split it out while fitting the tenon to the mortise using a crow bar to jack it out... I hope to get it planted Sunday but I'm feeling kinda poorly right now... it's been raining so digging should be easy. JT
  3. I'm reading a Fine Woodworking book on "Boxes, Carcases, and Drawers." It's just a collection of articles from the early days of FWW. One of them is by Tage Frid, one of the major authors of the day. He writes, "Furniture construction is broken into two main categories: frame and carcase. In frame construction, relatively narrow boards are joined -- usually with a mortise and tenon joint -- as in a chair or table base, or a frame and panel door. In carcase construction boards are joined end to end using dovetails, tongue and groove joints and the like, as in a drawer or hutch." Seems simple enough, huh?
  4. OC3

    Cherry display cabinet

    From the album: Glenn Davis

    Cherry display cabinet with curly maple raised panel back and bulletin board, mortise and tenon doors, pegged construction
  5. Only ONE week left in our summer fund raiser. Please consider donating to help keep our site alive- Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber hasn't used up all of that pecan stash. Check out this beauty- He tells us a bit more in this post- @Gerald was turning a tenon and uncovered this unusual shape. He asked what we thought it could be. Check out more images and the thoughts of our members- Boy, did we get a bunch of neat turnings posted on our "What's On Your Lathe" topic! @Gerald, @calabrese55, and @RustyFN all were busy in their shops- You can catchup starting here- What’s Coming Up- Click on the images for links to more information and registration For The Newbies- Form Mike Peace. Some good tips about the size of a tenon vs. the diameter of the piece- Mike also has some thoughts on purchasing kits- A hint from Tim Yoder about retaining those beautiful colors in your turnings- Are there little ones in your family? Sam Angelo shows how to create some simple turnings that could become favorite toys. Expand Your Horizons- You pulled that bowl round off the shelf and discovered it had a nasty split, now what! Here's what Richard Raffan does- Got the outside turned and starting to hollow out the inside and then this! What would you do? Tenon or mortice?? How about neither! Mike Waldt's video short of turning a large platter illustrates the strength of hot glue! New Turning Items- Several of the vendor attendees to SWAT did a live video showing much of what was happening and is available for viewing. I did catch one unique item from Niles Stoppers. Audio is a little off. https://streamyard.com/watch/8dzBZqCXEzpu A couple of weeks ago, we posted a new item from Ron Brown- the lathe disk sander. Ron has since added a short video of its operation- Woodturners Wonders is now handling Crown Tools. Check out more at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/search?type=article%2Cpage%2Cproduct&q=crown* tools*&_kx=gV5SF2As_3IwtBi5TrpHVQM0F3UvGVbQKzhWGippDlk%3D.VJvU8R Everything Else- From Ron Brown's newsletter- I Meant To Do That! Show-and-tell is an important element at any gathering of craft people, turners included. I implemented a guideline at the Gwinnett Woodworker’s regular Saturday morning meetings: "Don’t point out flaws.” If it isn’t blatantly obvious, don’t talk about it. Stay positive and share what you enjoyed about making this piece and possibly what you might have learned. In an attempt to appear humble, we sometimes point out our shortcomings or mistakes so we won’t appear to brag about what we’ve accomplished. You put in the time, energy, and effort to create something you are proud of. Don’t diminish it by pointing out the smallest of mistakes. One of our members was describing his piece which was very impressive by the way, he mentioned what became known as “the hanging hole.” None of us could see it, folks asked him to show us what he meant because it was so minor that even if you saw his mistake, you wouldn’t think anything of it. Most of the pieces woodturners make are unique because the wood's character can vary dramatically. Often there is no standard for comparison. If your piece didn’t turn out exactly like you intended, don’t be disappointed, be proud of what you did accomplish. Mistakes Can Be An Opportunity For An Object Lesson! A famous highly skilled local woodturner was demonstrating hollow forms when he suddenly pierced the vessel's side. Rather than giving up, he brilliantly used this turn of events as an object lesson on what to do with the remaining material. If you have never come through the bottom of a bowl or through the side of a hollow form, just wait, you will sooner or later. It’s a little more difficult when you do it in front of 30 other turners! Things are rarely perfect and yet most are still beautiful. Only someone lacking wisdom would criticize your work and point out small flaws. Don’t be easily offended and don’t do it yourself; that can lead to false humility. You’ve put in the work and practiced for untold hours, sometimes years, to gain your specific skill set. In other words, you’ve earned it Safe turning
  6. Putting tenons on some sweet gum blanks today. I put this on lathe and notice the rotten spot is squared. Then looked at the end and looks like there was a dowel there. Kinda strange.
  7. Managed to get some forward progress on the wife’s entry table this weekend.
  8. Just in case we forget sometimes, picture association can help, Mortise and Tenon theory 101 class
  9. May favorite magazine/book of which I am a subscriber, has produced yet another wonderful class, this class "Skills Over Jigs" leads the student to cut the umbilical cord with hand tool jigs, sharpening jigs, dovetail jigs, etc. I have purchased a few of the M&T video classes on DVD, and loved them, this class is on video and the price is right. Link to the class page is: Skills Over Jigs If you do purchase the class please report back to us how it went! From my previous experience with their other courses, I don't think you'll be disappointed Here is the trailer that just dropped.
  10. Last Wednesday in September! Where did the month go?!?!? Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber Started turning a bowl from a piece of wood we don't often get to see- He tells us about the wood and his plan for drying, in his post- Forty also had a bit of a problem with a tenon on a bowl blank. He explained what he did to remedy the situation- @Ron Altier continues to experiment with new ways to embellish his Christmas ornaments- Ron tells us what he used and where to purchase it, in this post- @HandyDan continues his tradition of making sure new babies have at least on gift. Dan makes some really nice rattles that surely will please any new parent and baby alike- Check out Dan's post for more information- What’s Coming Up- Click on images for links to more information and registration- For The Newbies- Last week we posted a video from Mike Peace on using a tenon for bowl turning. This video, from Mike, explores using the mortice to accomplish the same thing. Expand Your Horizons- Turning a pen is a quick and easy way to make nice gift. If you do craft shows, maybe pens can expand your inventory. A video from the AAW- Alan Stratton added another video on turning a scoop. This one demonstrates an easier method than the others we have posted- Richard Raffan turns a natural, bark rimmed bowl- New Turning Items- I didn't see anything new here but Woodturners Wonders is offering site wide free shipping this week https://woodturnerswonders.com/ Everything Else- It's always a treat to see what Tim Yoder comes up with next. This one is out of this world- Safe turning
  11. Over the past several weeks I have been slowly working on a new workbench for hand tool woodworking. This is a learning project for me and I am learning a lot. At the heart of things I am finding that I really enjoy hand tool woodworking. I am also finding out that I am not particularly good at it which doesn’t surprise me much as I have never really dedicated any time to it or learned the proper ways to do things with hand tools. My saw skills definitely need work as I have never done anything with hand saws but rough carpentry and this is a whole new ball of wax. That said, progress is being made and I was able to dry fit the left and right leg assemblies today. They are square and the hand cut mortises and tenons are well fit for the most part. I discovered that i NEED a shoulder plane to really finish these up properly. That said, the little gaps from my lousy saw skills won’t impact the functionality of this workbench in the slightest. Especially after everything is drawbored, pinned, and glued in place. As I work my way through this build I will continue to post updates on the overall progress.
  12. Last day of August! Where did the summer go?!?!? Our Patriot Turners- Our turners have been busy this week! @Gerald posted about a novel idea for embellishing a turning. He describes the materials he used and how he obtained the neat colorization in his post- @Gunny posted this in the "What's on tour weekend agenda"- Gunny has these down to an art! @forty_caliber finished up a bowl he started a while back. The grain and color in this one is incredible! He explains the name in his post- @RustyFN posted his beautiful Calabash bowl. He received lots of positive comments and @Gerald was kind enough to post a couple of his bowls for comparison. What’s Coming Up- Hold onto your hats- lots coming up in the near future! A bunch from the AAW. Click on the images for links and information. For The Newbies- Jim Rodgers continues his instruction on how/why catches happen. In this one, Jim discusses the scraper- Expand Your Horizons- Mike Waldt turns and embellishes an ash hollow form- ...and a Yew lidded box Seems we have been really concentrating on making scoops. Another idea but quite different than the previous designs- New Turning Items- SWAT was this past weekend. Cindy Drozda took the opportunity to video many of the vendors and their products. She was live on several occasions. She has posted some of the material on her YouTube Channel. The link to her channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/cindydrozda Craft Supplies USA is having a closeout on a bunch of their products. Some good prices! https://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/Sales/20/Closeout?utm_source=csusa&utm_medium=email&utm_content=closeout&utm_campaign=22-08-closeout Woodturners Wonders Weekly sale: https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/weekly-sale A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the 3M Xtract sand paper. Taylor Toolworks is currently having a sale on the product- https://taytools.com/collections/3m-xtract?afmc=17p&utm_campaign=17p&utm_source=leaddyno&utm_medium=affiliate Everything Else- Rick Morris must be on vacation this week- He didn't post his usual list of turning videos. Tim Yoder is always a lot of fun to watch- I've been kicking this idea around for a while. Usually, when I make a lidded container, I will use contrasting species for the lid and body. Some things like pepper mills are made from a single piece of the same species. Cutting the blank in half and then creating a tenon can cause a noticeable grain mismatch where the cut/tenon is created. I was watching one of Cindy Drozda's live tool talks and she described a technique that minimizes the material loss and grain mismatch. After cutting the blank, it is glued back together with a sacrificial piece between the halves. This sacrificial piece becomes the tenon. My first attempt at this was a miserable failure. The cuts were not clean enough to create a good glue joint. I'm thinking I need a way to ensure the pieces will look seamless when mated together. My next try was a little better. The first thing was to create a sharp cut with no tear out. I forgot to take a picture in my haste but I used a skew chisel to start the separation cut. Then used my freshly sharpened, shop made, thin parting tool. Also cranked the lathe speed way up to part off the pieces- I did not create a tenon. Instead, I decided to turn tight fitting plug that would be used as the lid tenon. Mortice in one end- Fitting the plug Glue the plug into one of the mortices- the lid on this one. Trim the plug so the two halves fit together- Carefully hollow out the insides making certain not to touch the plug mating surfaces. I did not spend a lot of time sanding the inside. My main goal was to see if the plug idea would work. Some sanding on the outside and testing the grain match- Had to play a little to fancy up the very plain shape- I think this will have a much great effect when used on highly figured wood. This was from a very old piece of air dried walnut. Quite brittle. Safe turning
  13. View File Woodcraft Magazine Issue 81 (Classic Shaker Counter) A wonderful plan by our sponsors "Woodcraft Magazine". Woodcraft has given us permission to share any items from their online catalog, thank you Woodcraft! Submitter John Morris Submitted 08/14/2022 Category Furnishings  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    A wonderful plan by our sponsors "Woodcraft Magazine". Woodcraft has given us permission to share any items from their online catalog, thank you Woodcraft!
  15. I was wanting a shop built tenoning jig and because I have a Delta Unifence rip fence on my table saw, I had to build a fence and a shoe. The fence is 18” long and the shoe is 12” long. When building the shoe, I used a paper shim (0.004”) to allow the shoe to slide freely along the jig fence. The jig fence references off the top of the Unifence and the shoe references off the jig's top surface. The mating sliding surfaces are cherry hardwood. I painted the shoe red to help remind me to be safe. I am getting reliable results. I used a 3/8” dia. router bit to make my mortises and a flat ground TS blade to cut the tenons. Through trial-n-error, a 0.508 shim results in a perfect mortise/tenon fit. The advantages of using this TS-tenoning jig over using the stack dado blade method are this jig will allow me to have one reference surface throughout the build, I do not have to have all the mating materials milled at the same time to allow having at least one flush mating surface, and results in producing smooth consistent tenon surfaces. I believe I will be able to use the jig fence with other shop-made accessories if the need arises. Thanks for looking. Danl
  16. Gunny

    Chisel Advice

    Recently did some mortise and tenon work and found my basic chisel set in need of an upgrade. Having my eye on Narex chisels for awhile I am asking for some advice on what type of chisel or chisel sets would suite my needs. These would be a nice upgrade: Narex chisel set BUT, what else would I need to do more work?
  17. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Mortise and Tenon Pegged construction
  18. Here's a good video on the subject. Note you could also just mortise both sides and cut some floating tenons, too. Or you could go to PopWood's site and pay $4 for the video. http://mycrafts.com/diy/mortise-tenon-joinery-with-a-router/
  19. I'm rebuilding a chair. The joints are M/T, with tenon bolts (inserted in parallel with the tenon) secured to a threaded insert. To the right of the end of the board, you can see a hole into which a pin has been driven. The threaded bolt (1/4-20) cinches up about 1/4" short of the pin. The pin does not act as a stop for the bolt, nor does the pin pass through the M/T joint as a dowel might. What is the reason for the pin?
  20. Well, the Christmas Gift Exchange list is out.....I have to find a present for my Grand daughter-in-law...... Bought about 25bft of Quarter Sawn Ash, today.... There are 11 boards in that stack..average width is just under 6"....all are around 3/4" thick. Hmmmmm, how about a Blanket/ Hope Chest build? Frame and panel? Or maybe a "6 board" style? been a while since I built a chest....maybe see what I can come up with? Give things about a week, or so...while the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up works things up into a "Plan" have to work around the snipes, though. grain looks decent enough....fellow did have a rack of these boards, so I might go back IF I need any more... Dovetailed corners? or, Tongue & Groove corners? Raised of flat panels....Bread board ends on a lid? Stay tuned..
  21. So this morning I've started working on the big poplar bowl. At this point I'm not even sure if Id be able to manage cutting a mortise into this bowl. Unfortunately I may have to go with the tenon.... Although I do not have a set of cole jaws that would fit this particular sized bowl I am at a point where I'm on a loss on figuring out what should be done. Only because if I take it off the wood worm screw and put the face plate back on it is far too big for it to fit inside the motor housing I'm going to try it with the origional face plate that came with the lathe but I don't think it will work. If it does I'll be able to get a mortise cut on the bottom but as of right now I may or may not be able to.... Any suggestions?
  22. Can't remember if I posted it here or not but a local wood cutter dropped off a piece of Norway maple trunk at my house about a month ago. Said he thought it was the kind of wood I like. He has helped me in the past and I have made sure to gift turned items to him for his help. Anyway, finally got around to turning a little bowl from a section of the log and I'm a pretty happy camper just now. It has naptha on it in these pictures as I'm looking for scratches and/or tool marks. It's drying in a bag of shavings now but I won't do much more to it except to remove the tenon. Don't normally leave such a small bowl this thick but with the integrity of the wood and the grain it just felt right. Kept this one spinning pretty slowly, less than 800 rpm but it was still kind of a nervous turn.
  23. CDave

    Poplar Stool

    From the album: Relax time finally

  24. CDave

    Poplar Table

    From the album: Relax time finally

  25. Before I tried bowls heavily, I started with an oak glue up and couldn't finish it because I was using a face plate at the time and didn't even have the right tools for the job or even a proper chuck for that matter. Now that I have the proper tools including the chuck I think its down right time to finish this one off. I had completely forgotten about this one doing a little bit of organizing in the shed/shop I found it tucked away. So I did a bit of turning on it evened it out and cut a tenon onto it. I had to straighten it up quite a bit because it was completely way out of whack but it should make for a nice piece in the long run. Should have a proper hss bowl gouge by Thursday so I should be able to fully hollow this thing out over the weekend. New bowl blanks arrive tomorrow so I think I'm set for a bit on that.
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