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Found 33 results

  1. I got a call today to come pick up some free scrap metal. The scrap turned out to be a Tenor lathe. 7.5 HP. It came with an 8" Tenon bit. Cheapest new tenon bit of that size that I found on google is $700.00. I'm going to remove the motor and install an 2 1/2" arbor shaft and a smaller motor. When I'm finished I will be able to use this as a wood lathe to. More projects. I'll never catch up.
  2. Folks, does anyone out there have Issue one of Mortise and Tenon Magazine they wouldn't mind selling?
  3. The podcast page for Mortise and Tenon Magazine
  4. Thanks to being in too big a hurry. Grooves off-center, tenons not centered or square. More cracks and gaps than a Plumber's College. Dug around, found a 3/8" straight cutter bit for the router. Re-set the fence as well Re-cut ALL the grooves i had made up. Then went to work on those tenons. Do have a few test fits going on. Will try to post a few pictures tomorrow.... HATE RE-WORK!
  5. From the album: John Morris's Hand Tools

    I am tooling up for Windsor chairs and this craft requires a few tools I don't have. In the image are three tenon cutters, or for you UK folks "rounding planes". These tools came as a set, a leg tenon cutter, an arm-stump tenon cutter, and a 1/2″ spindle tenon cutter, plus one six-degree reamer and one 5/16″ dowel plate. These tools are specific to the Windsor tradition but of course can be used for a wide variety of work, I am beyond ecstatic to have these on my work bench, they feel great, works of art within themselves. They'll be a pleasure to use. Thank you Elia for making these wonderful tools available to us, can't wait to use them!
  6. Entering my Windsor chair-making adventure and tooling up, while I have the funds, I am purchasing what I can and as quick as possible before something comes up around our home that my "machinery sell off fund pool" has to be tapped, naw naw naw, not this time, it'll be spent before we get a flat tire, or a busted water heater. I purchased this set of tenon cutters and reamer from one of my favorite resources for Windsor chair making, http://handtoolwoodworking.com/ These tools came as a set, a leg tenon cutter, a arm-stump tenon cutter, and a 1/2″ spindle tenon cutter, plus one six-degree reamer and one 5/16″ dowel plate. These tools are specific to the Windsor tradition, I am beyond ecstatic to have these on my work bench, they feel great, works of art within themselves. They'll be a pleasure to use. I can't wait to build my own shave-horse and sit in it, and start shaving, and rounding, and sawing and much more. Once I get going, I'll be sure to blog my experience. Thanks for sharing in my excitement!
  7. OC3

    Curly Cherry Hutch

    From the album: Glenn Davis

    Curly Cherry Hutch with dovetailed casework, sliding dovetailed keyed moulding, mortise and tenon panel doors, dovetailed feet, bookmatched door panels
  8. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Pegged Mortise and Tenon Construction gummy cherry bevel glass mirror
  9. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Figured maple dresser, birdseye drawer sides, raised panel cabinet sides, blum slides, pegged mortise and tenon
  10. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Sliding Dovetail Shelves, Dovetailed case, Sliding Dovetail Keyed Mldgs, Mortise and Tenon Doors, and Repro Antique German Glass Maple bookmatched frame and panel back
  11. OC3

    Cherry display cabinet

    From the album: Glenn Davis

    Cherry display cabinet with curly maple raised panel back and bulletin board, mortise and tenon doors, pegged construction
  12. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Mortise and Tenon Pegged construction
  13. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Mortise and Tenon Construction
  14. The current WOOD Magazine has a good article on "Drill joinery" - screws, dowel joints, pocket screws, Miller Dowels, BeadLock, mortise and tenon joints, etc. Well covered. A couple of other articles on a compact workbench from 2-bys and glue comparisons. Best issue I've seen in a while.
  15. Good video. Glen did a seminar last spring for the Cincinnati Woodworking Club and included techniques such as this.
  16. I'm trying to decide what I want to do about efficient mortises Fe$tool Domino is out of the question unless I'd get a super deal on one. I don't see that happening. Same for a dedicated mortising machine. Super fast, though. I attended a Glen Huey seminar last spring and PopWood recently reposted an old video of his using the same technique. Basically a plunge router with a fence. I do see a lot of scorch marks on his faces. Matthias' Pantarouter is nice, but overkill for me. Thinking of making a sliding horizontal router jig, but have not looked up the pattern in a recent Wood magazine, or even sure I have it. I have a "Bead Lock" that I've used for a few things. It has inserts to drill the overlapping holes, then another to guide a chisel square. Maybe too slow for a large number of them. Stock gets expensive for a large number of them, and custom router bits to make the stock crazy expensive. Hand mortising, again, too slow (at least at my skill level) Then it occurred to me, my Shopsmith has a router chuck and I could use it to plunge out the mortises. Hmm. What to do, what to do? Are there other options I have not considered?
  17. When the "WOOD" magazine forums were getting ready to shut down I understood the content was to be deleted. I stumbled across an old post of mine from 2011 the other day. Don't know if all the content is still out there but this one is for sure. Replacing a round tenon Steve
  18. John Morris

    Shaping the Arm Tenon

    From the album: Shaker Furniture

    After I cut the tenons out, I took them from square to round in just few minutes, testing the fit as I went.
  19. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    I like the really slather the glue on with these, then I hammered home the walnut wedge to secure the front leg tenon to the arm.
  20. John Morris

    Wedge Tenon Rocker Arm

    From the album: Shaker Furniture

    While shaping the tenon down to fit in the through mortise at the arm of the rocker, I shaped it down a tad to small, but fortunately I was going to fit the joint with a wedge tenon anyway, so that alone took up the gap and and made it right.
  21. While fitting arms to a rocker I am building, I pared down one side of the tenon a tad too far, and I had tenon that was too loose on side and too tight on the other. I did a little research and found a method that worked beautifully to fix this problem. Since the tenon is the last part that is shaped in the arm, this means I've already invested a bit of time in the arm, so I was not about to trash it over a loose tenon. So I wanted to salvage the arm. I had my own ideas on how to make this tenon tight, small un-viewable wedges in the mortise, among other ideas, but this idea I came upon was absolutely brilliant. Take note how loose the tenon is, then by eye use our block plane and round up a few shavings from it. The tenon below was shaped by hand, a combination of a hand saw and file, but one side of the tenon was had too much material removed. It looks pretty round, but when I fit it to the mortise, it was a horrible fit, especially after I tried to line up the arm with the front leg, it was angling in the wrong direction. Apply glue to the tenon, then wrap the tenon once with the shaving you produced from the hand plane, trim it, then wrap it again, build it up oversize, this way you can always reshape it. In this case, I wrapped it twice, (in the image below the tenon shoulders are shaped, I worked the shoulders to where I needed them thus the reason why it's a different look than the image above. But it's the same arm.) Trim the access off with a razor knife or other sharp implement of your choosing, and let it set. After I let it set for just an hour, I was able to re-shape the tenon and get the tight, exact fit I needed. It was a great recovery from what I first thought was a nearly hopeless situation. I wish I could quote or reference the source where I saw this fix, but in my haste to find a solution, I whizzed right through it, and out to the shop I went for the fix. I cannot take credit for this great idea, but I can show it off!
  22. Reading the post from Ron with his mortise and tenon joints got me to wondering. How many of us use a hollow chisel mortise versus hand chopping the joint the traditional way? I bought the Delta mortiser years ago when I built my workbench, and to the best of my feeble recollection, that is the only time I have used it. But then, I haven't done many M/T joints, either. Any thoughts?
  23. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    I finally got a decent fit for the arm tenon.
  24. John Morris

    Cutting the Arm Tenon

    From the album: Shaker Furniture

    I used this beautiful E. Garlick and Son "Lynx Brand" tenon cross cut saw to slice down the tenon to width. At 20 TPI, the cut is very fine. I purchased this saw a year ago on a whim and I am now starting to use it for many things. It's a joy to use.
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