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Found 5 results

  1. A friend is moving and gave me 2 boards. They were 5'X16". They had been in her basement for a few years and had warped and cupped slightly. I cut them down the middle and clamped them straight and let them sit about 10 days. They look good. However I can't ID the wood. It appears to be soft wood and is about half the weight of Oak the same size. Maybe it is an imported wood or just some simple native wood that I don't know about. Gotta guess?
  2. I worked at a large power plant for 38 years and in a large instrument shop. Much of the work was on pneumatic instrumentation. All drawers were labeled as well as cabinets. However there were two drawers that alway got most people's attention. First was a large cabinet labeled in big letters "Things we should have thrown away years ago" My favorite was "Funny looking things"
  3. Some of the Treasures, from last Saturday.... Was already cleaned up, before I got it. You add this to about any other brace-style drill, other than a Fay. Then you can use small twist ( round shank) drill bit, like for pilot holes. Next.. This one will need the handle worked on a bit... When I cleaned the crank handle up a bit...found the Goodell-Pratt logo.....this be a No. 329....might be worth saving? Logo is barely readable on the drive gear...says it is a Goodell-Pratt....stamped into the crank handle, says it is a No. 0477... 2 speeds! Shift the drive shaft from one hole to the other. You do need a drill this size..to power one of these.. Called a chain drill. One end chucks up into a large brace drill, or a breast drill. Chain loops over/around the beam/post/metal I beam. You chuck the required drill bit in it. Adjust the feed rate, and it will maintain pressure against the bit, taking up slack in the chain. Need a project that calls for scroll work, then I can try this one out. Seems there was an "Imported" tool......gears are enclosed on this drill.. "JORDAN" ( or JORDIN??) France...OEM colour seems to have been a dark blue? Cleaned up, and sitting in front of the Millers Falls 120 I already had. Jordan USED to have a ball bearing thrust washer( that ring was in front of it) but the balls were falling out...bearing was shot. May go through those 6 (!!!) block planes, and see IF I can get a few "good" ones made up, and working... May clean up that Defiance handplane.....and see how it does... Unless someone else sees a tool in this mess they want....the extras may go to that Junk-n-the-Box store..as Trade Bait....IF he has something worth trading for... Stay tuned ( already been yelled at, for getting a shirt dirty) May get some of these Treasures back to New In Box Status...
  4. steven newman

    ID ?

    Ok, while trading lathe chisels for 7bf of Black Walnut....this is the lathe the fellow had... I doubt IF the motor is original, but, any ideas about who made something like this? I didn't see any markings while I was there....more interested in the wood supplies... Ring a bell out there? I didn't think Walker-Turner made them like this...
  5. Last labour day at the Tractor Fest...picked this little guy for about a dollar bill Yeah. The black part will retract, to allow you to change bits. Lots of scratches on the silver part. It does not rotate. Any tip with a single notch will work. The double ones will not lock into the handle. The brown part is not wood. Looks like a cap was installed on the end? Looks like a brown Bakelite. Tried a more "modern" tip.. As long as they are longer than the ones that fit into a tip holder. Even most tip holders will work. Thought it MIGHT be a Tung-Sol brand...but all they made was radio vacumn tubes. Will try to bring out what those scratches say, IF I can......anyone see a handle like this before?
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