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Last few sessions have been shading the cartouche box,...and went ahead and hit the scroll and compass rose 1 more time. They are complete. The cartouche box will get 1 more session next week,..I re-inked to see where I was at last night,..after drying overnight this was the result today. 





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Here's a small snapshot of the last 2-3 sessions...I'm darkening most of the ends of the rivers and creeks,...per our map reference....then I'll go over the large legs a shade or 2 lighter...also just more or less going by the map. Also most of the river edges were hit with the wider bit to accept more ink..a little bolder line. Yes it is per the reference but it really gives our map some "Pop" as well.





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Owner of the horn wanted something referencing his Ky Corps of Longriflemen #,...I did an abbreviated version in Old English script on a radius over his name. Best Place I could find for it...didn't want to do the long winded wordy version as you start to get away from the true theme of the horn. No ink is down yet,..everything just penciled and scribed today.





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I hijacked this off of a model ship forum,..it's some sort of contract related to some 50 gun ships. While it's dated slightly earlier than the powder horns related to the revolution at 1693,...it's still a kickin document with some vintage Old English script on it. I'm on the prowl for a book or 2 loaded up with documents from this era give or take....early American or before.






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First pass of ink on the "ky corps #,..." today. Looks pretty clean,..will give it a once over tomorrow and a final ink and clean up on the next inking. Next session (hopefully tomorrow) I will be laying out "Indian Territory". Notice how it falls in behind the scroll and other things on the map look overlaid on top of it. We will be doing something of similar fashion..I've actually been waiting for this...I like the wordage and also love how it is slightly hidden....great concept  :OldManSmiley:  ..had to get the map out tonight and take some better close ups for some print outs tomorrow :TwoThumbsUp:.







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