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1 hour ago, John Morris said:

Aaron, flat out cool work, so the scroll cartouche, will that have only the two lines in it? I first looked at it and thought, all that writing in the original surely can't fit into that little box. But hey, with your skills, who knows.


I purchased a poor boy horn from October Country awhile back, no where nears the quality you and Bill are putting out, but for a starter in the black powder shooting craft it'll do me fine for now in the field. When I know what I am doing, I would like to have a horn with meaning, "John Morris~His Horn" does sound cool.

You and Bill will be hearing from me in the not so distant future! :)


That is correct "Owners Name" and then under it will be " His Horn"..in the scroll cartouche. I'll post a couple examples of originals. It was extremely common back then and the contemporary guys do it today. ,....And Nosireee could I  fit all that script in that little bitty box. The large cartouche will have some of the original script in it,..and I'm gonna do my best to make it accurate. "This Map",..Washington's name,...Filson's (the mapmaker) name,..and enough extra to make sense. 

   On a side note,..in the scroll cartouche..count about 3 lines down and who's name do you see..Col. Dan Boon. He and the map maker John Filson were actually companions and Filson was the first or one of the first to put events in DB's life into print. This map just oooozes coolness for me ;)

      Certainly nothing wrong with any horn,...all them rebels were poor,...many horns weren't scrimshawed at all. Bill is still cranking them out at the moment,..I think he plans to run at least a few more years,..one never knows. I've got this horn,...2 more in hand,..and pretty much committed to a 4th :ChinScratch:to scrimshaw,...not exactly sure how that happened. Basically I'm about 6 months deep. I'm going to get caught up and just get back to doing simpler quality work for Bill....I really don't enjoy a backlog. I just turned down a couple this week,....but when you get ready down the road get with me and I'll try not to leave you hanging :)


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