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  1. I am open to all opinions and viewpoints here. I am not opposed to more of a vintage but better made machine,...when it comes down to purchase time here in about 2 weeks I'll spend some time looking. You just never know what you will run into so I threw out some new stock for samples of what I was thinking about. I appreciate the feedback. -Aaron
  2. I think it was this one that had some good reviews,...not sure if you guys know anything about it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011QLKNZ8/ref=psdc_9022410011_t2_B01B78VUSE
  3. Doing some research for a good benchtop wood planer,...dewalt has some of the better reviews but it seems I found one with higher marks about 6 months ago but don't remember what it was. Anyway,...you patriots feel free to chime in here and give your 2cents. All opinions welcome,..budget is up to the $600 mark,...could go a bit more if I was convinced the quality was there. Thanks,..your local bone and antler nut - Aaron
  4. Alan,..thanks for the invite. May take you up on that sometime. What kind of projects do you like to spend your time on ?
  5. Yep I work in Bowling Green on occasion.
  6. Question: Are your posts in the ground on or on top of ? I can't tell for certain... I have plans to do a timber frame building sometime in next year or so,..that is one of my "not sures". After talking to a few guys at the moment I'm leaning toward on top of the concrete slab with a metal bracket of some kind to bolt in to.
  7. My buddy that I work on powder horns with has a shop smith,...we use it in various ways all the time. I'm not sure of it's age,...he may have gotten it second hand years ago but it is one fine machine. He's is basically like new.
  8. Top shelf work...no pun intended.
  9. First and foremost,...if I'm someday lucky enough to make it to 86 standing in my shop somewhere on my own legs with the sun on my face doing things I love to do,......well,...if only I am to be so lucky. Those are fantastic pics and a great story. Not sure what he thinks about it but I can't imagine how lucky your dad was to grow up in the catskills during that time period either. The large set of moose antlers are impressive ! That's a lot of bone,...and a basket full of cool extras to boot. Gotta ask,..did he hunt growing up in those mountains,..are any of the racks I see throughout his shop in the background some of his kills ?? Thanks for posting this. -Aaron
  10. aaronc

    Bone Carving

    Thank you gent's for the comments,..Best Regards -Aaron
  11. aaronc

    Bone Carving

    Gene,.yes. Just a pencil. Usually use some reference to look at but I can't trace anything and have it turn out worth a darn....never could. It always ended up looking "stiff". I do some scrimshaw on powder horns,..most people teach carbon paper to be used to get the image on the horn before scratchin.....I can't do it that way..I gotta just figure out what I want...get a pencil,..sit down and do it.
  12. aaronc

    Bone Carving

    Gene,..thanks. Tools are dremel and foredom rotary tools. Bits are round carbides of various sizes. Really pretty basic. Here's and earlier pic of the giraffe bone with the tools I use. The Mail Pouch Barn was painted with artist oils.
  13. aaronc

    Bone Carving

    I've done a few in moose,..no woodwork in the mix on these though,.... Anything in the future will have something like the maple base as does the current giraffe bone.
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