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  1. aaronc

    My other hobby

    Nothin like doin a little outlaw'n
  2. Some high level stuff !!!,...the pic without the seat that shows all of the framing is my fav. Sturdy,...beefy,...well executed.
  3. Beautiful work Steve,.....I love your projects man!. This design has an early American feel to it to my eye. I actually think it would be a great roll around shop tool cart . Like ash as well....I've refinished a few axe handles that were ash...I like the figure in it.
  4. There are very few trees and birds that I don't like,...very few,.....on the bird end it is English Sparrows and European Starlings. They both have a hard time here around my house. They do however keep me in form for more serious seasons, German air rifles were made for such vermin
  5. Interesting,.....another guy in a hunting forum I'm in said he didn't like them because they nest in his bluebird houses. Mine have never bothered or harassed anything here but insects. They only nest in the type of houses shown and have never shown any interest in a bluebird box. The English Sparrow on the other hand is the scourge of the bird world in my yard,..I tear out multiple nests every year in bluebird houses.
  6. Yes we have those around,..they nests in the barns that are in the surrounding farmland around my house. I think they all do the same job on the insects,..whatever brand they may be
  7. We have these guys (Swallows) every year nest in the yard. They'll do constant acrobatics around a mower and just about fly between your legs if your walking in the yard (stirring up insects). The adults are very comfortable with us...one of the little guys had fell out yesterday,..he's back in. They stay right at the door with their heads sticking out until you get about 5 feet from them
  8. Nice, Well I just posted on the other thread I got 60 trees on 1 acre,...so apparently I'm about 40 short
  9. Nope,..got 1 acre...with around 60 trees on it .....wish I had more,..at least 3. I could get it but we love where we live so no plans on moving. We're surrounded by farmland,..family owned and up and coming "kids" are clearly continuing the business,..so it doesn't look like they'll be selling anything any time soon....but that's a good thing too
  10. Well it's my preference but optional,.....it's not technically required to keep the peace
  11. I'd say this is a fitting forum for such a pic!
  12. Would be funny if not true,...you can bet that looting will be called something different in a few years
  13. I 100% agree,....it's all about starting your mornings with good coffee,...full bird feeders,...a mowed yard,...and thinking about whatever you want to do that day ..........whatever interest you want to chase,.......people just don't get it
  14. I'm a tree nut,..got all kinds. I'm a birder too,....and so it goes
  15. Sad fact is you know somewhere in that mess that some of them have various serious talents,....if they do ever realize it, it doesn't show up until they hit prison. What a waste.
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