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  1. aaronc

    loggers Old school

    I love some vintage logging/timber industry pics.
  2. On the school subject. As with many "rules"...it's the inconsistency I have more issue with than anything. Our schools have been doing NTi (home school via internet basically) so far and aren't scheduled to return to the classroom until almost October......we'll see if that happens. However one aspect has started on time and wide open,.....you guessed it,..Sports .........you guys can throw rocks at me if you want but it's not my thing. I don't mind it a bit being anybody else's thing....go for it...but I don't put it above my kids brain,.......and it's not even close I'll show restraint on my thoughts of the parents thinking their kid is going to be the next Tom Brady/Tiger Woods. Carry on Gentleman.
  3. aaronc

    Kentucke 1784

    Yep,...folks today (myself included)get caught up in the details and at times view these things as stand alone items...but they weren't . They were the companions of the Kentucky Long Rifle.....they held the powder and they did it well. That powder charge which sent the lead down range did it's part to send many a redcoat back to Merry Ol' England in a box....or wherever they ended up. They are straight up military items,......"Deaths Hand" fits right on'em
  4. aaronc

    Kentucke 1784

    I personally like the wooden stands,...just haven't gotten to it yet. Really been waiting on some 60 degree weather to drag some saws out. May knock them out in the next few months,..I have some cutting to do on a couple of other small projects.
  5. aaronc

    Kentucke 1784

    Note on the horn above on the stand that it is another "His Horn"....I just saw that ,.......and the S is backwards in "His". The illiteracy rate was very high back in those days and it bore true on powder horns as well. Some makers intentionally misspell words and turn letters around etc. for "the authentic look". I may have done it a time or 2,..not sure. .......but a maker/scrimshander would be very much within historical context to do so
  6. aaronc

    Kentucke 1784

    No wrong way to do it,..I have some of mine in the living room built-in mixed in with a buncha books. That being said I have plans to make several of these. They certainly are not hard by woodworking standards,..but is what I have found I like the best. A guy can substitute his favorite material and design as desired
  7. aaronc

    Kentucke 1784

    Got in 3 days this week,..not full days but you know,.... got to spend some time on this 3x ,....So I think I really only have 1 large leg of this map to get down. I'll have to double check that but that's where I think I'm at. After that I'll finish up the cartouche box,.....then we'll do our first inking Everything shown has been gone over with the scrimshaw tool.
  8. Yep..a lot of heated discussions happened between the founders from what I read.
  9. Fair enough,...I'll keep my politics/history in the 18th century
  10. If you gents see me plastering several hundred year old politics and religion all over a powder horn.......welp take no offense I'm just doing my thing,.."Liberty or Death" "Death to Tyrants" "No King but Jesus",.........just to name a few. There is no gap being bridged to the modern day for the topic of conversation on my end .......I don't know what else to put on them
  11. That's the coolest thing I'll see today! I don't really have a great size reference to go by but it looks like an extra large piece of stag. I didn't see where they said but could very likely be from an ancient extinct "deer" such as the Irish Elk. They wore the largest crown of bone ever known to exist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_elk That was probably too much info,...but can't help it. That amount of antler for a handle will get me outa bed in the morning. Shoooweee that's cooool
  12. I've got till whenever to line out some cheap freight
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