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  1. A guy wanted a "Son's of Liberty" themed small flat horn to finish out a squirrel hunting rig. Scrimshaw by my self,..horn by Bill Smith. I'll post this here in this section since my last post ended up here,,.....I told you boys I don't fit in anywhere ,....but the horn does have a tiger maple base plug so perhaps that'll count....(as always feel free to move if you Gent's think it'll have a better home ) I hang out with a bag and horn maker friend of mine Bill Smith,.......I work a lot with him making horns and the horn itself officially came out of his shop,........I then do all the scrimshaw at my house. It's just a simple ink job,....nothing extra fancy,...but a popular theme amongst the flintlock guys. The bag and rifle pictured are mine that I sometimes use for props when taking pics,.......the bag is a double scout style in buffalo leather also by Bill Smith. Best Regard's Patriots -Aaron: Newest recruit to F Troop
  2. Knew there was a reason I felt at home here
  3. I didn't really know where to post it,.....I gotta habit of not fitting in anywhere . Wherever you Gent's see fit to put it or any oddball contraption I may post in the future it is fine with me Thanks for the comments.
  4. Nice! Thanks for posting.
  5. Sand down to a decent surface,...little steel wool doesn't hurt...a little waxing with johnson paste wax or other wax for seal( which I didn't do here,...that's why it looks a bit "muddy" but I was after an older vintage look) then sketch your image and use a scribe or bit of some kind to "scratch" your image,...then add india ink or whatever type of substance you want to darken your lines. Moose antler is HARD. .I cheated a bit here and did some of the cutting with a micro motor foredom tool. All my powder horn or bone scrim is done all by hand with some scribes out of a tool and die shop in Illinois.
  6. Did this several years ago. Scrimshaw compass rose and sperm whale on moose palm. Finally got around to getting some antler legs under it.
  7. Glad to see these trees are useful for something. I cut up a boat load last year and burnt it,.....it happens every few years. I have several in my yard. I hate the things,......and I'm a tree lover. Great looking wood though,...I may look at saving some next time. Nice work.
  8. I had a workbench in the garage that I really wasn't using,.....I'm doing a little refurb to it and doing some slight mods to set it up for a little scale modeling work space. I'm gonna grab a plug in LED to go directly over that and will probably add a bench clamp on LED as well. We redid the kitchen a few years back,.....had all these super nice under cabinet LED lights hardwired in,...had a power surge from a lightning strike hit about 6 months after that and knocked them all out ,.....only other thing it knocked out was a neon light I had in my shop,...it had been on for years. I'm actually getting more to replace those this coming week,......I'll try it one more time. The more "extras" you got the more you have that can go wrong
  9. Some great info !,...Thanks - Aaron
  10. aaronc


    I've been researching and purchasing files and rasp over the last little bit. Good ones are hard to find,..at least they were for me. As with anything else you get what you pay for. Here is a couple of links if any of you guys are in the market for some future buys for your shop. I use mine for powder horns and wood,..so I'm after coarse sharp toothy files. I also picked up some rasps. I hate most all of the other junk out there https://www.ottofrei.com/jewelry-tools-equipment/bench-tools/files ,......larger files start on about page 4 https://www.corradishop.com/ Have several products from these guys,........love the Gold Precision rasps. They ship direct from Italy....arrives in 2 days.
  11. I recently joined a WW1 aircraft forum,......have been doing tons of research. For whatever reason about 6 months ago I committed (at least in my mind) myself to doing some modeling. The planes of that era interest me the most,..especially that German stuff. I never did it as a kid. I think they would add some color and interest to any shop.
  12. Mine too,..! Don't get me started on the enjoyment of coffee in the morning,..that's a whole other thread
  13. Isn't that the truth. For all of the "bad" things that come along with tech.....it truly is a wealth of information right at ones fingertips. If your interested in it,.there is probably a how too vid on it somewhere.
  14. Thanks,....I don't have a huge collection...but there are quite a few more that need to be better organized.
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