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  1. Could be,..close enough that I wouldn't wanna get hit with it
  2. Here is what we got from todays touch up work ,..pretty happy with the "his horn" scroll...calling that piece done. Probably hit the compass rose again just a few minutes tomorrow before finishing the cartouche box. Some of the line work shows on the map..but I don't care for that much of it showing..just want the shaded triangles to be 1 notch darker.
  3. I see a lot of these hanging around in the shops and homes of the flintlock crowd....assuming it's early American ?
  4. Went over the scroll "his horn" section today and the compass rose...basically shading and making darker what I needed to. The previous pics of the scroll was my first pass sort of speak,..today was the shading that hopefully makes it pop and gives more of a 3D effect. Have some ink drying on it at this time and we we'll see what we have later tonight
  5. We're all about real conjecture here,...cause I don't know what in the hell it is
  6. Thank you...it is my most "extensive" scrimshaw thus far.
  7. As slow as I work I'm probably more of a slow burn ....but yes the horns can be "antiqued". We usually use dye,...but whatever anyone wants to use is fine. This one will be left "in the white" as is and once scrimshaw is done it will be complete.
  8. Agreed,..but I never got into arrowheads and stuff really heavy...like everyone else the family has a few found in gardens and such and I do have a few books I picked up later in life....but I would not consider myself knowledgeable.
  9. aaronc


    lol...well when I first got here I posted something,..don't remember what it was, but apparently it was something that hadn't gone according to plan. Gunny responded and said "Welcome to F troop".....I just always remembered it.
  10. I took some pics of this today for a discussion on a hunting forum I'm in...I found this in the late 90's hauling in tobacco around the Nolin Lake here in KY. I was told at the time by a guy I work with that it is called a "celt". No expert here...just throwing up a pic for your perusal.
  11. Thanks,..glad I'm on fire and you ain't
  12. First pass of ink over all this script...and newer part of cartouche. Have some touch up and going over to do but heavy work is done here. Will finish this next few sessions then on to map details.
  13. Man I love stuff like that,..and some great work on your part. I've posted it before but you may would like to browse through an Eric Sloane book ,.. He did a lot of pen and ink Americana type work..one of his books is on early American tools specifically. A Museum of Early American Tools (Americana): Sloane, Eric: 0800759425600: Amazon.com: Books
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