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  1. aaronc

    Cherry display cabinet

    That is some awesome work.
  2. Hey Dave, I use Apoxie Sculpt. 1LB WHITE | BLICK Art Materials (dickblick.com)
  3. Beautiful build!...and all that pewter looks fantastic in it.
  4. Been working on a little antler repair for a buddy...built the short side a few weeks ago. Got the long side together today. I'll smooth out any seams or add any character needed next session. After that I'll start adding color.
  5. Haven't made it up there yet but pretty much my #1 if I ever take a trip for myself. For my .02 he was one of the most talented carvers to have ever lived....a true 1%'er.
  6. Strong work boss. I love the repair method. There may be more proper ways to do the repair, but from what I have seen hanging around the flintlock crowd and all the makers folks made repairs any way they could back then. Patching up powder horns, bags, flintlocks etc.. has become an art all to itself. I view repair work totally different than I use to, I don't see anything as "broke" anymore. I only see honest wear,,...and if a craftsman makes a good faith effort to repair a piece to bring it back into service it only extends the life of the piece with more character. It's part of the story. I also want some pics of your buddies house
  7. Wow what a start..I love this style of furniture. Following.
  8. Last 3 or 4 visits to this little project has gotten my script down. A little ink on but the overall lay out of the tavern signs and wording are down. Need to throw a limb under my woodpecker so he isn't just hanging in space...after that it's adding details to my tavern signs and final shading.
  9. aaronc


    Scored my first on purpose point yesterday..
  10. I've been to my buddy Bill Smith's bag and horn shop a few times lately...here's some random workbench pics.
  11. After about a dozen days that would have been good for piddlin other than the wind blowing 35 mph...I finally got some decent weather and a little free time. The very top board that is showing over the lid was off a bit...it was catchin my eye so I cut a little off of the left side that the lid is resting on and evened that up. Put a little edge on the shelf the screwdrivers are on..also on the front lip of the tray. Ran into a small nail and a few soft spots but for state work went alright. First time using the dremel router..for what it is it did it's duty. Pilot holes for all the drivers were drilled and fit to size. I have some bracing to do to sturdy her up a bit..figure out shelf supports..little things here and there. Then figure out the details of the space up top...we were shooting for the 1930's hardware theme so I get to play with some signage of some kind.
  12. He makes several different patterns. Depending on the bag I think they run in the $225 to $250 range. I'm not sure specifically about the style posted.
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