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  1. Thank you Gents for the comments and allowing this hermit to post his piddlins
  2. Here's a Join or Die and BFranklin snake on a flatty,.......snake only on a matching primer. Horns by Bill Smith and myself. Base plugs are tiger maple as usual
  3. aaronc


    Welp,..I've had multiple orders get to the porch in 2 days flat from there,...not sure how they do it,..comes fedex. Given everything going on at the moment I really don't know. Ever how long it takes,....I am a fan of their products though
  4. aaronc

    Getting Nervous

    Everything here shut down as of 5 PM today,......heck my dang gym is closed. Dedicated hermit here,..so none of the social calendar deletes affect me .
  5. Man that's great stuff,....I love the design
  6. Appreciate the kind words,......I think I'm just a straight up piddler ,.......but you guys have a great forum here. Thanks -Aaron
  7. I'm all about a hundred years ago,.....or 2,....or 3.
  8. I've looked through there before,...they'll probably get some $$ from me when I get going on my lathe ,...... ........have you ever checked these guys out. Pretty much German hand tools......... https://www.kctoolco.com/
  9. Nice work,....I love those things.
  10. These guys seem to be running a good sale https://megadepot.com/product/williams-50665-15-pc-3-8in-drive-socket-and-drive-tool-set?format=v&p=ms&source=ads&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3uSgx_j05wIVk8pkCh3ogQwKEAQYBCABEgKzYPD_BwE https://megadepot.com/product/williams-50669-12-pc-1-2in-drive-socket-and-drive-tool-set
  11. Any experience with Williams other hand tools ?
  12. Welp,...you know how one thing leads to another,...I figure for not much more than the price of the ratchet a man might as well look at a nice set such as this?? ,.......but that's just me. I'll be checking these out pretty hard next week,...I work the next couple of nights. https://aboloxtools.com/Williams-50672A?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg4ivp_T05wIVAdbACh0TBQQVEAQYAyABEgKwjvD_BwE
  13. A fine Tip!! I've actually been looking,....
  14. aaronc

    Pen and Ink

    Looks like you made up for it on the lathe
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