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2 minutes ago, Gunny said:

Someone made me one and now that we are refurbing the living room I can make a place for it.  I don't have a wall of fame anywhere in the house, not really my style.  Kinda you don't want to know I guess.  But this was made for me by a fellow that was on another website years ago.  




I personally like the wooden stands,...just haven't gotten to it yet. Really been waiting on some 60 degree weather to drag some saws out. May knock them out in the next few months,..I have some cutting to do on a couple of other small projects. 


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3 minutes ago, aaronc said:

Note on the horn above on the stand that it is another "His Horn"....I just saw that :P,.......and the S is backwards in "His". The illiteracy rate was very high back in those days and it bore true on powder horns as well. Some makers intentionally misspell words and turn letters around etc. for "the authentic look". I may have done it a time or 2,..not sure. .......but a maker/scrimshander would be very much within historical context to do so ;)


Interesting detail, would have never thought anything of it.  

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29 minutes ago, Cal said:

Coming along super Aaron.  How many hours do you estimate you have into it at this point?  Do you try to keep up with that?


I sure don't,...but if I had to guess I'd say 30ish. Most sessions are about 4 to 6 hours. 


Thanks :TwoThumbsUp:

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Man that is looking beautiful Aaron! Your work is amazing, and you make me want to delve into that more and more, just another to add to my endless bucket list of crafts to work in, lets see, longrifle building, iron work, knife making, leather, antler, horn making! I only have about 30 or 40 years left on this earth, God willing, I sure wish I'd of started all these crafts in my 20's. But hey, life gets in the way don't it. :) Right now I could barely call myself a woodworker! :lol:


Thanks for the follow up, I love your work, and the art.


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