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6 hours ago, Cal said:


Do you use any type of magnifying lens or some such when doing this work Aaron?  It is so detailed.


Yes sir,...go to page 1 and look for the pic of me using a compass to outline the compass rose.....I use an optivisor...I've got it on in the pic,..you can see part of it.


Optivisor Lens Head Magnifier Glasses Magnifying Visor Glass Headband 4 Lenses - Walmart.com - Walmart.com



..........their worth every penny, I use them when carving or anything else that's very detailed. Can't beat'em. :TwoThumbsUp: 

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,..and todays. My script was too large to fit correctly in the cartouche....so there is a series of cheats to get the "Map" word in the cartouche. Basically splitting the difference on every aspect of the layout to make it not as noticeable as possible. ...done by hand...going to be some made by hand fixes in the mix. 


Got the little "of" in there...and line laid for "KENTUCKY" for next session


I like my pencil deadly sharp,..if not it gets in it's own way :)





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That is a piece of art in progress, looking forward to some ink!


As a side question, do you know why the letter F was used a lot instead of the S?  It seems like I have seen it mostly when the S was not used at all, only F in it's place, but I may be mistaken on that.  In your source document they used both.

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27 minutes ago, Cal said:

Holy cow Aaron, you are on fire! 

What will you do, if anything, to age it and give it the overall appearance of an old piece?  Not wanting to skip ahead, so if you will be showing that also, great!


As slow as I work I'm probably more of a slow burn :D....but yes the horns can be "antiqued". We usually use dye,...but whatever anyone wants to use is fine. This one will be left "in the white" as is and once scrimshaw is done it will be complete. 

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Went over the scroll "his horn" section today and the compass rose...basically shading and making darker what I needed to. The previous  pics of the scroll was my first pass sort of speak,..today was the shading that hopefully makes it pop and gives more of a 3D effect. Have some ink drying on it at this time and we we'll see what we have later tonight :CowboyPistol:






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