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Gene please tell me this isn’t your alter-ego, Clark Kent to your Superman? You’re still staying here? Cause then if you move to Canada, you gotta go all metric on us LOL. I hope he finds a way to make everything work for him back home. 

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23 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

What's that mean? B)

The one today reads fractional English & decimal SAE & Metric; The 4" & 6" digital calipers I have are decimal SAE & Metric only...now I can convert fractional to decimal (or vice versa) just pushing a button. Hopefully it will save a few brain cells although it will consume those little button cells...I buy those at a flea market out of a tub on the floor in bubble packs of 15 for $1.25.

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1 hour ago, kmealy said:

Since Dayton is only a few miles north, a lot of my friends here have Shopsmiths and they do some very fine work with them.   I started out with one of them at the urging of my BIL who has had one since the late 1950s.   As my interests developed, I found myself using a table saw more and more and, IMO, that is the weak feature of the SS.   Shortly after I bought mine, they came out with the 510, then 520 with bigger tables.  I found the lack of a cursor on the table saw and the need to fiddle around with two different tables (main and extension) for various width rips, and the tilting table weak points.   I took the $ they wanted for the upgrade and applied it toward a Unisaw, one that I have never regretted.   I still have the SS and use it for various things.   When my son-in-law was looking for some tools to help with house remodeling, I was helping with a borrowed table top table saw that was a piece of junk.   I found a used 500 with band saw and belt sander for $500 that was comparable prices to the junky saws I saw.  Got it for him and it's been well used.


There are some features that are superior - the horizontal boring and drill press come to mind.  And the things just don't ever wear out.  There were 10ER heads on the production assembly line for them.


For quite a while I was active in SS User Group until I got busy with work and lost interest due to a couple of idiots that posted on everything without adding anything.  I visited the factory multiple times.   It has constantly shrunk in size to a mere fraction of what it used to be before the variety of tool mfrs beyond Delta and Craftsman that were the only options way back.  A friend of mine from the SSUG used to be a successful on-the-road demo salesman, but then got canned for some unknown reason.


But I'd agree -- look for a used one.  Said BIL bought one from a widow of a guy who spent his last year drooling over the SS catalog and didn't even open the box to half the accessories. $400-600 seems to be the going rate for a model with a couple of side accessory tools.


Sorry for droning on.

Good to see you back, Keith



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