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Found 4 results

  1. Well, had that $1 mitrebox, very rusty and neglected That big old bolt had to go. Found a couple thumbscrews. Tossed the old pine deck. Strip off all the rustiness. Wire wheeled things clean and shiny. Added a few layers of Rustoleum Black from a rattle can. After that had dried, added some red paint. Came from a Duplicolour Red used for scratch repairs....took the assembled thing outside, to bask in the sun for awhile... The backsaw I already had on hand, just needed a home for it, right? Note the red numbers? Well, there are a few more.. While cleaning this thing up, noted that this area was also red. Merely restored the letters. Plywood deck will just have to do.... Even shined up the saw guides. And, since all the rust had been cleaned off, the swivel is even wobble free. Not too bad...for a dollar bill? Stanley No.150 mitrebox, with saw.
  2. Took a while, these are a bit more work to do than a simple plane rehab. A few photos of this HUGE saw? About as far as I think I'll go with this saw. Any further down in the tear down would involve too many spring-loaded thingys to fly off into parts unknown.. Gave it a test drive at 90 degrees...yep, still works. That long saw sure takes up a lot of room, though. Cleaned the bolts, and then clocked them. The "STANLEY" needed to have a lot of rust wire wheeled off of it. Got a new( too thick, Grrrr)poplar deck, attached with 12 screws. New bolts to attache the legs. The bar across the top of the guides is some 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide flat bar weld stock. Two new thumbscrews are there to hold the bar in place. Setting numbers have been cleaned off, so I can at least READ them.. may go back and add some paint into the degree scale below them? Now, I need to clean up three other HUGE backsaws. Have one on "soak" cycle now...
  3. Well, inventory of the walnut slabs showed there just wasn't enough there to make a Hope Chest.....soooo, we can make a fancy table instead? Got the clamps off tonight..and grabbed the Stanley No.7c New handles and all. The board on the far side had a hump in the middle. HAD. Jointer plane made a bunch of shavings... But....seems there was a high spot along the glue joint, and the Jointer plane just glossed right over it. Hmmm, well, a few swipes with a cambered Jack plane removed the high spots, then a few trips with a smooth plane to clean things up.. Got both faces smoothed out. laid out some other parts, to check for lengths.. Legs and a couple stretcher/apron pieces. Had to allow for tenons. Cut a few more. Circular saw was faster, but didn't quite cut square. We have ways to make that better... Not only will it cut square ends, it will give you a Cardio Workout as well.... laid out more apron stock. First of four long aprons is cut to length. Will have to rip and crosscut three more like it. End apron needs tenons cut. There will be a thicker "stretcher" near the bottom. I will need to do one more panel glue up, too. Seems the boards are a little skinny at 7" wide. need a wee bit wider one for the bottom shelf. Will also fire up the bandsaw, as a lot of curvyness will be going on. Curves in the legs, and aprons. Not sure about the top, just yet. Edges are another design point for the top.....options? Curved? Ogee/round-over? Leave as is?, Bevel the bottom edges for a thinner look? Plan....what plan? The page for the "plan" is still blank. Single Brain Cell Sketch Up tends to work that way.....stay tuned....
  4. Had an old mitrebox, garage sale item. It is a folding type from GEM. You unfold it at the jobsite, screw it down or just a couple clamps. Was starting to look a bit worn out. May have been used a bit too long? Decided to replace the old sides with some new pine. Took one of the old ones off as a pattern Pine was some 1x3 stuff. Made a matched set. Drilled the holes for screws to be used as mounting hardware, drilled for the brass rod that keeps the sides from folding up on the user ( need to make a new one), and rounded over one edge. Router bit wasn't quite enough roundover, so, a block plane and a strip of sanding belt to get it better. Needed some pilot holes on the end grain for the pivot screws, set the pair into the vise, marked the locations And I think I have just the right drill for the holes, and cordless one single speed stanley 602, I think... Test fits showed one side was about spot one But the other was a hair too tight. Block plane to adjust. Folded it up to check things out Then added some of that SMELLY BLO to the new wood, and unfolded it to dry Adda backsaw and we are ready to go to work. need to transfer the art work to the new wood, though. Haven't figured that out just yet. Not a bad afternoon project?
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