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Found 183 results

  1. Bob Hodge

    My move from craftsman to art?

    This is my entrance to more art than crafts. Many people use their wood to demonstrate their skills. I use a minimum of skills to demonstrate the wood. I am privileged to be the first one to peek inside what God made. So, this is a wall hanging, mostly from scraps,and exploring various finishes. Lignum vitae, red oak, walnut, sepele, hickory, cherry, lace wood, mulberry with finishes of Waterlox, poly, BLO, beeswax. I will work on the framework to make it simpler. Right now, it is a bunch of aluminum wire and hot glue. Starting on Swoosh II today.
  2. Been dealing with some family issues and haven't been in the shop very much. I did finish a couple pieces yesterday and today. Both are maple and both are right at 12" diameter. I think these two pieces really illustrate just how versatile is maple. First is a shallow bowl or deep platter, would probably work either way. Next is a platter, my attempt at a "traditional Irish platter" from the Glenn Lucas DVD and this is also one of the things a person will turn during his class. This is wormy, spalted, maple. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure and truth in advertising, this one is wormy, spalted, maple and superglue, a ton of it. Thanks for looking. Steve
  3. I also took lots of patterns to glue on to the wood...I had to have at least 10 patterns for each jewelry box and many many scroll saw blades.... One vacation I learned two different printers might not make the same size pattern. I had spilled a drink on some pages so I took a pattern to town and had someone print me some patterns to replace the wet wrinkled ones and they happened to be a little larger than all the ones I had already used for the one box...Didn't know that till I had scroll sawed out a board to be glued on the next board and it was wider that the rest. Had to wait till I got back home to use the printer here...I thought I had planned on everything before we left home but wet patterns never entered my little mind...My wife mentioned one day, you know, our vacations almost seems like being home and working. She also took her stained glass doings. Oh, where we went they always had lots to do but things like dancing parties and golf just didn't fit but the mini golf and the fishing tournaments almost every day was good. The horse back riding was okay but for a week I couldn't walk straight. Fun Valley is the name of the place in Colo if anyone is looking for a place to go about the first of May to the middle of "Sept..Elevation is over 8200 feet so the reason they close down then for the year...Over 900 hook ups plus cabins, trailers to rent and a motel in case one don't take his own roof and a bed. Large restaurant and gas station and laundry and a few churches are just some of the things available there on the property. Oh , they did reroute some of the south fork of the Rio Grande that goes through the property so you wouldn't have to buy a Colo fishing license but any other place you throw a hook in to the water don't forget to buy that license. In Texas every body driving down the road if someone comes up behind you just naturally pull over and let the faster cars go by..... But in Colo. do not pull over on to the shoulder or else if a highway patrol see you it is a big fine..... In the check in office at Fun Valley the biggest sign they have is to warn Texans of that law.....The shoulders along the highway in Colo. are important for they have to be in good shape to keep the highway in good shape so do heed their warning.... Also if you are low on cash they will let you work while there to help pay for you stay there. Working in the cafe, restaurant, tending the horses, carpenter work, road work, changing sheets and cleaning duties, mowing and lots of other things for what ever a little city needs you can work. These are all short hours so a person can still enjoy their vacation...We didn't work there but lots of folks did. One day we would work with our tools making things , the next day we would get in the car and drive a different road for a half of a day , turn around and drive back in the other half of a day... We did learn and see every thing we could possibly see in exactly half of a days drive from Fun Valley. Really some days we did go way too far and then it took way in to the night before getting back to our camper. They also have a guard on the gate 24 hours a day which is people with their campers doing the duty which is good for all the little kids could be seen all over the area and no mom or dads along to tell them anything.....I always thought this was great for kids needs this kind of learning... figure out things on their own. They also have a fourth of July parade there on the property and a very big one it is ....They also have the cook outs of sorts like maybe two rows of campers will be asked to cook something and all meet with their food at this camper or trailer for supper or lunch. Just good ways to meet and greet. Used to be owned by a family who lived in Abilene Texas till recently and a conglomerant bought them out. I hope they treat people like the previous owners did. Cheers. I forgot to mention the mini golf, the paddle boats, darts ,horse back riding, and golf and a fishing on the property and a few other things was free.
  4. Steve Krumanaker

    More ornaments

    Sprayed a bunch of ornaments yesterday morning. Some of globes are segmented plywood but I also experimented with the marbling technique described in American Woodturner magazine. Also did several birdhouse ornaments and turned some tiny birds to go with a few of them. Thanks for looking!! Steve
  5. Steve Krumanaker

    "Brrrrr" months start tomorrow

    First ornaments for this year. I'm doing a demo Sunday on segmented plywood globes and different coloring techniques so I finished these today to show for the demo. This one is a new technique for me. AAW magazine had a piece on marbling in the last issue and that's something I've wanted to try for a long time. There was a link in the article for a kit to get started and I ordered one to give it a try. This is the best one I've done and it was also the first. There won't be any pictures of the last few I've tried just like everything else, there is a learning curve. Steve
  6. Steve Krumanaker

    Magnets and wood turning

    These pieces are from 2014 or so. They may have been posted on the old Wood forum but don't really remember anymore. Anyway, I had this idea, made a few pieces and then just never got back to develop it further. A few days ago I saw someone post a similar turning on facebook so I thought I'd share the ones I did. These all incorporate rare earth magnets to create the illusion of a piece floating. This was my first attempt, a floating ball. I didn't do a real good job of hiding where the magnet is in the ring but in the globe the joint is nearly invisible. The ring in a ring is the second one I did. This one works two ways, the small ring will sit in the large ring or hang from the top. There are four magnets in all, two in each ring. This is first "hot air" balloon I did. When I first made it, the magnet in the balloon was glued in place and all a person had to do was position it near the ring and it would stay. The grand kids loved these and played with enough the magnet jarred loose and just rattles around inside the balloon. My first thought was to make a new balloon but after watching people try to get it to float and not being able to I like it better this way This is the last one I did, it was my first venture into piercing with a dental hand piece. There are four magnets in this one, one in the ring, two in the balloon, and one in the basket.
  7. HandyDan

    Wood Brick House

    Came across this video. It is different for sure. Looks good on the outside but the didn't show how the run the utilities.
  8. Went to get my bike fixed today and ran across this in the bike shop. Made by a guy out in Colorado. All wood frame and fenders, wood handlebars and leather grips. Price: 6,000.00
  9. Hey folks, I have couple very heavy timbers. The one I planed a little bit to expose the color is about 24" long and 12"x12". It weighs about 80 lbs, very heavy. The timber on the floor is twice as long and twice as heavy. Very dense. The timbers are about 50 years old. I have been told what the original owner says it is, but without any influence, I wondered if you guys can tell me what species this is. Thanks for any help.
  10. Steve Krumanaker

    Themed Christmas Ornaments

    Turned these for the lady and her daughter who own the local honey farm that sells my mason jar honey dippers. They have been good customers and a pleasure to deal with. The top finial on these is supposed to be a bee hive and the drop is supposed to look like a honey dipper. Not exactly sure if I'm all that happy with the shape. Love the idea and concept and I think they will too. Maple and walnut, two of my favorite woods to pair. Steve
  11. I think your choice of blade for a particular job really is a personal choice with prior knowledge of your cutting habits. There are times where I will change sizes or type of blade during the cutting of a piece ! ie: long straight or slight curved lines vs tight inside cuts. Blade choice also depends on the speed of your saw, the thickness of the wood, and the hardness of the wood. OK - I don't think there is a hard and fast rule. Your style of cutting will choose your blade size and type.
  12. Steve Krumanaker

    Good Night for Me.

    The local art council sponsors a non juried show every year for local artisans. It's a small show but it's still fun to enter. This year, I entered three pieces, ones you've all seen before. Two of them got recognition so I'm very happy about that. Just wanted to share my moment! Thanks for looking. Steve
  13. DuckSoup

    Hard Tail

    Took a day trip to lake Erie and came across this in a local shop, vines were used for the cables. .
  14. Ron Altier

    Small Vase/Box

    My wife does a lot of crocheting, knitting, etc. She keeps her knitting needles and hooks in containers that I make. She loves the exotic woods and wanted a new one that she sized for me that is about 4" high. I found some Purple hart and I'm not sure what the other wood is. I put felt on the bottom of the hole and under the base. She is happy, happy wife, happy life
  15. kmealy

    WW Magazines

    What is your current assessment of the offerings of the woodworking magazines? Maybe I've matured, but I've become less and less impressed. There is one local magazine that has had a nearly complete turnover of staff, new and old, in the last few years. Their objective now seems to be the newbie (which is probably the largest market is). Fine Woodworking has become ho-hum for me. After 30 years as a subscriber, I let it lapse a couple of years ago. Now I read copies from the library or e-library. Wood has become a bit better, IMO. Still sad they closed their forum. I subscribe now, but stopped long ago when their emphasis seemed to be lawn ornaments and other pukey ducks. Rockler and Woodcraft have their own in-house magazines. I read a bunch of old Woodsmith magazines and my impression was it was mostly for beginners to cobble together workshop tools rather than just buy them. Family Handyman is inexpensive, has other DIY articles and occasional woodworking project or technique article. Owned by Readers' Digest. Like most industries, there have been some mergers and acquisitions and subsequent retiring of the nameplate.
  16. Two or three acres have been set aside for green wood and its there for anyone wanting wood for a saw mill or wood for turning.. Its all free. No help is offered so a guy would need a good winch and ramp for his trailer. I found this place after I stopped a guy hauling a few tree trunks and ask him what he was going to do with the wood..After we talked a while he said follow me and you can get all the wood free any time you want to go get some... Only thing helpful would be able to recognize the wood by the bark and end grain if he was to be picky.... Also speaking of mesquite pieces for lathe work. This guy is clearing land right now of large cut down mesquite trees about three miles from where I live...He is digging the stumps with an excavator and anyone who stops has been getting all the stumps for free. The cut off trees is about 2 foot tall .He sold the trees for fire wood at 3 to 4 dollars a cord which the guys buying had to cut and load their semi trailers themselves.. so now the owner is digging up whats left and putting all that stuff in hugh piles and burning it all...So I though if some one not from here thinks this mesquite is great stuff, just bring a semi down here and you might get to go home with a gold mine worth of mesquite....you also might get to take a few borers with you as you go or at least I hope so...
  17. Steve Krumanaker

    Still With The Cryptex Boxes

    Last one of these for a while, or maybe not. They're fun to do. Maple with ash end caps. Five letter code. The pattern on the border rings was drawn in Delta Cad and Inkscape, I call it "star chain". The pointer is a generic Celtic pattern I cabbaged off the web. It's crazy how some projects get almost addictive. I have other things I need to be doing but these are just so much fun! Steve
  18. Dadio

    Wood Stash

    Well I picked up some wood today from an estate sale that had been stored for over 20 years is dry storage. I have to plane it to be sure ,but I think there is some usable stuff in there. Some Black Walnut,Aromatic Cedar, Red Alder, Spalted Alder, Dogwood. Herb
  19. Or the stupidity in trying to use it. I don't know which but it sure bit me in the Keaster today I spied a marvelously lovely tree that the storm crews took down on the road side Maple lots of black flecks interesting grain just lovely. So I did what any turner might do I went and got a hunk. A HONKIN HUGE HUNK It required a 4 sheave block and tackle and a ramp to get the piece in my truck. Was all I could do to tip the thing over even with a 5 foot peavy. Well I trimmed it up and with my saw and the thing had nails and wire in it. Like a fool I persevered telling myself that it'd be character. One $100 carbide tipped chain saw blade later I have it on the lathe. Apparently they used to use high carbon heat treated steel for barbed wire. I tell myself it's OK coz I got a Diamond wheel for my chain saw sharpener. The cost of beauty. I start peeling off waste and hit the barbed wire. I chisel out as much as I can. It's no good. I try to saw it off with the chain saw. IT's no good. They had been wrapping wire around that tree since it was maybe 6" in diameter. I gotta get a metal detector.
  20. Harry Brink

    Benevolant Box

    The pastor of our church asked me a couple of months ago if I would make a Benevolent "collection" Box for the church. Had to wait for the weather to warm up a bit before I could get out to the shop and not loose the feeling in my fingers. It finely warmed up to 40* so I got started on it! I had enough 1/2"BB plywood left over from another project, so that is what I used. I finished cutting all the pieces and took them down to the basement to warm up. Glued and in the clamps over night. Out of the clamps and the hardware installed. Took it over Friday morning to hang at the entrance to the sanctuary.
  21. View File Workbench Magazine Jan-Feb 1967 Wood-Aluminum Furniture This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. Submitter John Morris Submitted 03/17/2018 Category Furnishings  
  22. Version 1.0.0


    This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use.
  23. Steve Krumanaker

    Back to the natural walnut bowls

    I've still got several of the natural edge walnut bowls to finish. Took this one in the house today. It's about 12" diameter and 6" deep. I burned one of my favorite zentangle patterns on the bottom, "phicops in a circle". Steve Steve
  24. Gerald

    Blank prep

    This is what I have worked on since Tuesday . This is only two cut off a beech log about 20 foot long. Then there was little cherry and what we think may be hickory. Then I did a first turn on a cherry vase. Plan is to carve this vase to look like a flower bloom
  25. I have used some very hard exotic woods. Names that are hard to pronounce and foreign. So I was wondering what the hardest wood in North America is. I couldn't really think of a really hard wood. So I googled it. Without looking it up, do you have any guesses?

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