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Found 202 results

  1. Just a heads up folks. Also, see attached for the pdf download Wood & Resin Turned Box WWW.WOODCRAFT.COM Use these simple turning techniques to create a unique lidded box. Woodcraft Turned Box Resin and Wood.pdf
  2. Pauley


    Anyone have a resource for wood snowflakes? My wife asked if I can turn some Christmas ornaments....so what I’m looking for is 1/4 inch thick by (approx) 3 inch snowflakes. My intention is to insert them into a wood block and turn them round. I tried google and I can find some that are 1/8 inch thick Baltic birch plywood. I think that would be to thin and break when I began turning, plus I’m not thrilled about the Baltic birch. I’d prefer maybe maple. Any help is appreciated. Hope you all had a safe Halloween.
  3. Here is the entertainment cabinet that I finished made out of golden oak. We decided that we wanted a electric fireplace in the cabinet. We used to heat with wood but with the mess and everything we no longer use a wood burner. So we decided a electric fireplace is the next best thing.
  4. Went to get my bike fixed today and ran across this in the bike shop. Made by a guy out in Colorado. All wood frame and fenders, wood handlebars and leather grips. Price: 6,000.00
  5. Came across this video. It is different for sure. Looks good on the outside but the didn't show how the run the utilities.
  6. https://theweek.com/articles/816653/how-build-skyscraper-wood a wooden skyscraper?! better get your chisels sharpened up, clean your hammer, and get a new drill bit.
  7. While I was perusing one of my favorite chair-makers blogs, I came across this review of the Wood Owl auger bits. Very interesting, especially when you get to boring at an angle, and how the triangular core of the threaded point is larger on the Wood Owl, and tends to split as compared to the Irwin core. And it makes total sense too. On the other hand the Wood Owl excelled in other areas of boring. If you are interested in this comparison, see Elia's blog below. It's a good read I think. Testing Wood Owl bits/class opening | Elia Bizzarri - Hand Tool Woodworking HANDTOOLWOODWORKING.COM I recently posted about drill bit varieties for chairmaking and got a number of comments about Wood Owl bits. I had never used...
  8. Anybody know why my band saw likes to burn wood? I am cutting 1 1/2 inch oak. I am using a 1/4 inch blade. Am I using too many teeth? Not sure of the TPI on the blade but I've attached a picture. Never had this problem with re-saw, only cutting a pattern. Any help much appreciated.
  9. Now that I have gotten through with getting my stuff squared away in my garage, I went to the local wood mill to get some Walnut, Cherry and Maple boards. So I hope to get the boards all planed tomorrow and get them cut into strips to make cutting boards again.
  10. Maybe a bit out of the category here, but we need help. A friend, an excellent renovation and small house addition fellow, asks me to post a question for him. He is working on a porch. The porch supports are of wood, in a long, tall pyramid shape somewhat reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts porch supports of some years ago. These supports have been replaced twice in ten years because they rot from the inside. Outside, the paint is great with no signs of cracks or leakage. The supports are tightly sealed and held off the brick foundation by another piece of wood such that the actual wood of the pyramid does not touch cement or bricks. It is the bottom of the porch posts that are rotting from the inside. There is no sign of leakage from above. So, we have a discussion on what to do. One thought is to seal them yet better, inside and out so no moisture gets in. Another thought is to put small vents in the top and bottom so air can circulate. Ultimately, it would be great to know what is causing this to happen. Of course, the discussion also goes to what kind of wood to use. I'm aware of the lists online of good outdoor wood. Because this is to be painted and subject to this odd moisture issue, it seems worth asking that question in this context. thanks
  11. Here is the pictures of a library table that my Dad's parents had. It used to be a mission style designed library table. Most of the wood was either split, broken or rotting away. I was able to only save the top and the 4 feet to the table which is the darker wood of the table. The rest I had to rebuild and I even turned the legs to just make the table our own style. We just got the table stained and varnished. We think the table turned out really nice and a usable table again. Sorry I don't have any before pictures. I've lost some pictures somewhere??
  12. Hi I'm going to try to do a pictorial sequence of how I make a jewelry box. It will be in several parts with pictures for each part. Part 1 is listening to the wood and making the initial cuts
  13. Trying to get some ideas?? My Mom has these albums which my Dad got when he was in the Navy? Really not sure when? Might be when he served in WWII after he got back? So the time line is somewhere around there. She wants me to try and fix these photo albums and I'm not really sure how to fix and still maintain the album without drilling holes or just messing it up. The Hinges are just the type that you hammer into place. Some of the prongs are missing and the hole are out of shape that you just can't pound them back in. Any Ideas?? I should had taken a picture of the whole thing. The album Says Remember Pearl Harbor and the other one has a picture on the front. The holes that are in the wood is for string to hold the picture pages and the back into place. Doesn't have to be complete restore. She is just wanting the hinges fixed.
  14. http://www.artnews.com/2019/06/17/robert-therrien-dead-71/?fbclid=IwAR2qT5V7GQ1YLgdU2Bh3k0BZRVzc95caa90Lqwp-tkrH8NW-CMLydTOKefM
  15. Woodworking Web is a relatively new forum community run by one of the most experienced woodworking community administrators, Martin Sojka. There are some wonderful projects on display at Woodworking Web.
  16. Hi all I will be creating a step by step disertation on building a curio cabinet and wold like to know should this go in here or the wiki?
  17. I have quite a collection of WOOD magazines I would like to sell. If interested in filling in your collection or whatever, PM me. Thank you!
  18. I posted earlier I was going to make a French knitter, or knitting nancy for the Feb. demo for our club. I've often said, no one learns more during a demo than the person doing the demo. I've also often said, I will make every mistake possible before I figure something out. This project is a good example of both of those statements. Since it's still winter and kind of the holidays I thought about making one in a kind of snow man shape. Grabbed a piece of spalted birch and turned this one. I was basically happy with it but it occurred to me I could make a snowman(or snowlady) shape and hide the pins and pic under the hat. Tried to do a couple with the spalted birch but it was too punky to get a good fit between the hat and the tenon. I also felt it was important to get a good grain match so the whole thing would look like just one piece. Since the spalted wood was too punky I grabbed a piece of hard maple. Parted off a piece for the lid and drilled to accept a tenon. Naturally I forgot it would have to be drilled deeper to make room for the pins and pic. Of course, I noticed this about 2 seconds after parting it off so I couldn't fix it. Since it's important to me to match the grain and hide the joint I grabbed a whole new piece of wood to start over. Okay, so now I've made a new snowman and have the hat drilled deep enough to work. Grain matches nicely and it's a nice friction fit. Plenty of clearance for the pins and the pic. Made the pic, fits nicely under the hat and it's nice snug fit in the center hole of the snowman. Too snug actually, can't really grasp the pic to remove it easily. Decide I'm going to put a little step on the next one so it won't go in so far and will be easier to remove. Great idea, except I left the top to big around to fit between the pins. Back to the lathe, last one works but is too sloppy and will rattle when it's under the lid. Enough for today, back to the lathe in morning and incorporate all the little nuances to maybe make one that will be just right. All of these little details that I'm figuring out will become part of the demo. It's a simple little turning but I've learned a lot already. Steve
  19. What would be an easy 90 degree joint besides just screwing/nailing the two together at the ends (one overlapping the other)? Butt joints? I don't have a draw saw (whatever that japanese saw is called). I do have a jig saw and a hack saw.
  20. I've got the demo for February for our club. Can't complain, several other members have really stepped up and covered the last few months. That makes it so much easier. Anyway, the Feb. demo will be two parts. The first half hour or so I'll be doing some sharpening on, and talking about the Tormek sharpener. I've allotted a half hour but if there are a few questions it could go longer. With that in mind I need a relatively quick project for the turning portion of the demo. Have decided to make a "Knitting Nancy" or French Knitter. A simple spindle project which will be a good skill builder and something I believe hasn't been done before. Even though it's a fairly simple thing to make I will still make several before I'm done. At the top beside the yarn is my first effort. I saw one that looked like they used paper clips to hold the yarn but that didn't work well for me, that and I had the diameter too large to make a good stitch. I saw one someone made that used cotter keys as shown in the walnut one to the left. Cotter keys actually worked pretty well, but, they're cotter keys. I then decided to just make the pins to hold the yarn and they are pretty easy to do and look a lot better IMO. The one in the middle is my last effort and has the wooden pins. The little yarn rope is what a person makes with one of these and is called an "Icord", although, our two year old grand daughter calls it a "snake". From what I read, an icord is a basic knitting or crochet stitch and is used as a border or foundation for other stitches. There are three parts to one of these, the body, which is basically just a tube, the pins, and the hook, or pic. My first thought was to make a hook but after experimenting a little bit I realized the pic type actually is easier to use. The pic is a nice little skew project all by itself. Will probably do five or six more of these, last couple I will record and work out of my tool bags to make sure I don't forget anything. Steve
  21. Woodcraft has their Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) on sale until December 31, 2018- 10% discount!!! And, if you buy $35 or more they will throw in FREE shipping! Might be a great way to use some of that Christmas Cash that Santa left. https://www.woodcraft.com/categories/easy-wood-tools?trk_msg=EDTF891G0N2KLA5JPKOG98O730&trk_contact=QNSFAEQ45HFA1IHE09ORJKR45S&trk_sid=2DOUC4P1J1GC4CAVP8GMIA3TOO&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Easy+Wood+Tools&utm_campaign=End+of+the+year+means+an+end+to+these+deals
  22. I also took lots of patterns to glue on to the wood...I had to have at least 10 patterns for each jewelry box and many many scroll saw blades.... One vacation I learned two different printers might not make the same size pattern. I had spilled a drink on some pages so I took a pattern to town and had someone print me some patterns to replace the wet wrinkled ones and they happened to be a little larger than all the ones I had already used for the one box...Didn't know that till I had scroll sawed out a board to be glued on the next board and it was wider that the rest. Had to wait till I got back home to use the printer here...I thought I had planned on everything before we left home but wet patterns never entered my little mind...My wife mentioned one day, you know, our vacations almost seems like being home and working. She also took her stained glass doings. Oh, where we went they always had lots to do but things like dancing parties and golf just didn't fit but the mini golf and the fishing tournaments almost every day was good. The horse back riding was okay but for a week I couldn't walk straight. Fun Valley is the name of the place in Colo if anyone is looking for a place to go about the first of May to the middle of "Sept..Elevation is over 8200 feet so the reason they close down then for the year...Over 900 hook ups plus cabins, trailers to rent and a motel in case one don't take his own roof and a bed. Large restaurant and gas station and laundry and a few churches are just some of the things available there on the property. Oh , they did reroute some of the south fork of the Rio Grande that goes through the property so you wouldn't have to buy a Colo fishing license but any other place you throw a hook in to the water don't forget to buy that license. In Texas every body driving down the road if someone comes up behind you just naturally pull over and let the faster cars go by..... But in Colo. do not pull over on to the shoulder or else if a highway patrol see you it is a big fine..... In the check in office at Fun Valley the biggest sign they have is to warn Texans of that law.....The shoulders along the highway in Colo. are important for they have to be in good shape to keep the highway in good shape so do heed their warning.... Also if you are low on cash they will let you work while there to help pay for you stay there. Working in the cafe, restaurant, tending the horses, carpenter work, road work, changing sheets and cleaning duties, mowing and lots of other things for what ever a little city needs you can work. These are all short hours so a person can still enjoy their vacation...We didn't work there but lots of folks did. One day we would work with our tools making things , the next day we would get in the car and drive a different road for a half of a day , turn around and drive back in the other half of a day... We did learn and see every thing we could possibly see in exactly half of a days drive from Fun Valley. Really some days we did go way too far and then it took way in to the night before getting back to our camper. They also have a guard on the gate 24 hours a day which is people with their campers doing the duty which is good for all the little kids could be seen all over the area and no mom or dads along to tell them anything.....I always thought this was great for kids needs this kind of learning... figure out things on their own. They also have a fourth of July parade there on the property and a very big one it is ....They also have the cook outs of sorts like maybe two rows of campers will be asked to cook something and all meet with their food at this camper or trailer for supper or lunch. Just good ways to meet and greet. Used to be owned by a family who lived in Abilene Texas till recently and a conglomerant bought them out. I hope they treat people like the previous owners did. Cheers. I forgot to mention the mini golf, the paddle boats, darts ,horse back riding, and golf and a fishing on the property and a few other things was free.
  23. I'm curious if seasoned oak firewood (obviously would need to be cut appropriately) would be usable for wood burning (other than camp fires).
  24. Just in time for Christmas. These were a labor of love and I'm really happy how they finished up. Even so, I am so-o-o-o glad they are done. 8 cryptex boxes for the grand kids. I have no delusions about how the boxes will compare to the fancy electronic gadgets kids want these days, but maybe one day they'll be appreciated. I think I posted in progress pictures of these a while back but not sure. I actually started them in the summer but shelved them until closer to Christmas. Last week, I decided I needed another, really had to scratch to remember how I'd done everything, even had to go back and watch Carl Jacobson's excellent video on making them again. The code on each one is their birth day with "Z"=zero and "A"=1 etc. Steve
  25. I purchased our Christmas tree the other day and where the guys were cutting off the stumps, there were some pieces of trees from 5 to 8 inches long sitting on a pallet. I asked the employees what was going to happen to those cut offs. He said that they would be trashed. "No", I said. He asked why. I told him that I am going to make a couple of steam engines for little boys that I know. By the time I got home, I wondered how many woodworkers could make Yule logs, candle stick holders or whatever else from these cut offs. It's great free wood, folks. Where ever they sell and trim the tree to suit the needs and desires of the customers, there may be sizable pieces to make something useful. I am thinking of doing this next year, if my health holds out. Just an idea for all you ladies and gentlemen.
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