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  1. The library card file which I had posted came from a deceased woodturners shop. It was full of screws, bolts and assorted other metals including planer blades from 4 to 12 inch, Some brand new. Anyone interested in planer blades let me know. The case has been subjected to water or damp and has a musty smell and some black spots. Going to try Clorox today. Is there something to remove the musty smell?
  2. My daughter asked if I would build a small storage cabinet for some of her quilting fabrics. What would be the preferred wood choice for the drawers without breaking the budget. Planning on 1/4" birch ply for the bottoms. The cabinet itself will be red oak. Seems the price of wood has gone thru the ceiling over the winter months.
  3. I thought this sounded like a good price but wanted to run it by you all for a second opinion. Around 30 minutes from me a guy has some hickory, red oak, white oak and maple. They are all 7” by 9” by 8’ long. He wants $30 each.
  4. I made a project for my neighbor and specifically stated," I don't want paid or anything in return, just enjoy" This evening she showed up with two pieces of wood she got at Woodcraft. Both are 2x2x12". One is Bloodwood, I've used it many times. The other is Lignum Vitae, never heard of it. It is a dark brown wood with nice grain marks. The lady said that the guy told her that if you heat this wood with a torch, it changes color and I think she said it glows. ????????????? All I could say was "wow thats great" I googled it and did not see anything about using heat or glow Can
  5. I have a question about using pressure pots, the kind they use to remove air bubbles from epoxy. If you use a shellac (or a thin finish) with a piece of wood in a pressure pot, will it reduce or eliminate oxidation enough that the wood color will not darken?
  6. RustyFN

    New wood

    I saw where somebody had a tree cut down in their front yard while driving around. I stopped to ask about it and was told to help myself. I grabbed three logs for now but will probably go back for more. The guy told me he thought it was maple. What does it look like to you all. Also I have a picture of a bowl I started to turn from it. I discovered I need a large bowl gouge and roughing gouge very bad for these larger bowls.
  7. RustyFN

    Free wood

    I called a local mill and asked about some free scraps. The guy was really nice. We ended up talking for an hour or more. He gave me a walnut log and one he called Osage orange. This is all I had room for. He said I could come back and get more when I need it.
  8. I found an old piece of wood (at least 15 years) that I thought was walnut. It wasn't. It had a much deeper color and when I started turning it, I discovered it was VERY brittle. It kept tearing out as it got smaller. If you look below the turned piece you'll see what is left of the piece. I used my sharpest tools and tried different speeds, didn't help. I quit as you see it, may not use it. Maybe it is Coco Bolo or some other exotic. That brings up a question. Are there woods that don't turn well?
  9. Q "So Cliff Where'd ya get that slick looking bulletproof vest?" Answer " Why I made it from wood." Q "Wood? Shirly You jest." Answer: "Don't call me Shirly and read this:" https://getpocket.com/explore/item/stronger-than-steel-able-to-stop-a-speeding-bullet-it-s-super-wood?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  10. In all of my mess ups I ran out of the 3/4 by 3/4 by 5 pen blanks......ooooof. So I’m using some of the 1 by 30 cut down two a 1 by 5 and cut for the brass inserts. This is what I’m down to until I can order more prope blanks at the end of the week. So I’ve got to turn off a lot of material to get down to the correct size. Let’s just hope this one actually cooperates and works.
  11. A friend is moving and gave me 2 boards. They were 5'X16". They had been in her basement for a few years and had warped and cupped slightly. I cut them down the middle and clamped them straight and let them sit about 10 days. They look good. However I can't ID the wood. It appears to be soft wood and is about half the weight of Oak the same size. Maybe it is an imported wood or just some simple native wood that I don't know about. Gotta guess?
  12. We had some 70 mph winds with higher gusts. It blew down a neighbors rotten Aspen tree. It snapped at its base and came over on my side of the fence. Add my other neighbor's weeping willow and I had one heck of a mess. My wife helped with the small stuff and I worked most of 2 days cleaning up the mess. I don't know who was responsible to clean up or pay for it, I think it can vary from state to state. I know in OH, if a neighbors fruit tree grows over the fence you are entitled to all the fruit on it and you can trim it back to the property line. We got it cleaned up and a friend took most of
  13. I have spalted Maple left from an old project and decided to turn an ornament out of it. It was VERY unstable in some places and my plans changed as I turned. I ended up with the shape you see and I used the ultraviolet cured clear finish. I used it Mainly because the wood was so poreus and extremely dry. As I took it out to the sunlight to harden, I got a bonus. It hardened quickly and I didn't notice till later that the finish had started to drip. If you look at the very bottom you will see what looks like a fine, clear point. It looks as tho I planned it, If I planned it, the result would n
  14. So saw a post on how wood sizes have changed over years. Was this strictly about money on. Companies behalf or was there more to it. Example why a 2x4 is not a 2x4.
  15. I have this great piece of Sepele that has a slight twist in it. I want to, some how, get rid of this twist. It seems to me that if I just put it through the planer that the twist will not be straightened out. Need help in trying to solve it. Anyone?
  16. Today was actually a nice day in the shop. I had time to sit down with my CNC and vCarve Desktop to work on some 1911 grips. I’ve been using my Remington R1 as my test fit piece. These were cut cut but I did t get them sanded and a finish put on them today. I guess I can work on that tomorrow afternoon. mahogany on the top, Purple Heart and Leopard wood on the right. These are all cut from G10 material. Slate color G10 cut with a checking pattern A nice fit on my 1911.
  17. After over 30 years I think I figured out that the table saw isn't the heart of the shop...thought it was but I think a good compressor is. Of all the tools the one that I'm always wishing I had invested in more was the compressor.. spraying, sanding, mechanics tools,etc.... Maybe I was wrong...
  18. A small mom and pop shop selling general woodworking supplies and tools.
  19. From the album: Spoon Carving

    The knife is a hook knife, great for carving out scoops and the bowl of a spoon. I read much about the use of these knives, and how to carve the Swedish Slojd method, it takes some getting used too, but the methods are very efficient and accurate. This hook knife is made by Morakniv, a tradition in Sweden, and the cost of the knives are very affordable. Here is a link to a series of videos by Morakniv and legend Jogge Sundqvuist on use and maintenance. The whole series can be found here at Swedish Knife Grip Lessons with Jogge Sundqvuist
  20. From the album: Spoon Carving

    My spoon is roughed out as far as I can go, now I will wrap it in cloth and let it slowly dry for a couple weeks, then refine the lines and facets.
  21. From the album: Spoon Carving

    I am attempting another spoon carving, I trimmed a Chinaberry tree a couple weeks ago and the long straight branches are ideal for green woodworking. I took my hatchet and roughed the blank out, then started shaping.
  22. Or, "Hide yer eyes, Mabel!" Added yesterday's haul to the 2 planks on hand.. There is 8 boards sitting there, average size...4/4 x 6" x 54". End grain? Has some fancy-schmancy grain, too... Might be entertaining to use? Counting the 2 boards I already had....about..$15 sitting here. Might last a while? May see how some match up, maybe a book-match? Stay tuned.
  23. I got my wood today and am anxious to use it. These are 11" x 1.5", & cost $10 each. I plan to turn some Christmas ornaments and maybe some handles I am very curious to see how they turn
  24. I have an idea that will involve turning acrylic glued to wood. What glue would you use to glue the two together?
  25. Last year I bought a couple of turning blocks from Rockler. They were not large and were coated in a good coat of wax. It was an experiment for me. I wanted a source of exotic wood in my area. I didn't get around to using them for a few months and when I did, I was surprised and disappointed. The wood was wet inside that wax. That irritated me, I was sure it should be dry and ready to use. Yesterday I returned to Rockler, because of my wife. She wanted to go to Joann's material store and it is across the street from Rockler. I was the only customer and got great service. I didn't complain ab
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