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Found 18 results

  1. steven newman

    finish is on 4

    From the album: Pine Chester Drawers

    Front view of the drawers,
  2. Good article on Lock Miter joints, applied to joints.   I was ready to spring for a bit until I saw the price.
  3. A project earlier in the year foreclosed on the real estate it once lived on. While not a woodworking tool it is a must for many other aspects used in woodworking. It is not unusual for me to have projects that require metal working and woodworking, ceramics etc. etc. You want it solid so it doesn't move, but also not in the middle of the way of other equipment when using them. Like most my shop space is limited so you have to be creative. It started with a box that had to be mounted firmly to the back of the bench as well as in the front. Used 1/4 xn 20 bolts to do this in the back, drilled through the bench and did the same in the front. It does not move. Then came the drawer portion I had a piece of 1 1/2 countertop scrap so cut it down and drilled holes for grinder. Mounted with 5/16 grade 8 bolts then used 300lb drawer slides. That got me able to pull it out of the way of the 12 inch sander and have some room to maneuver corners and such. Works great but hey it is a drawer slide, moves back quite easily. I needed a lock, something simple but strong. Used a brake shoe retaining spring to push the 1/4 metal plate down. Threaded the plate with a 1/4 x 20 bolt and added a knob at the top. Put it together and we have a mechanical lock that springs out when the drawer is full extended. Pushes back against the front of the cabinet, stays put. To release pull up on the knob and push back. Slides back and out of the way. To test this I mounted it all up and had my mountain man hulk looking neighbor slam it back into place trying to get the lock to fail, or any other part for that matter. Nope, all worked and no damage. Then fired it up and tested out the vibration. About normal for a grinder. Side to side slop is nominal, I called it a day and took all back apart to paint yellow. Didn't try to match, the paint serves two purposes, one is memory the second is if I send someone to get something I can say, the yellow grinder and know this stands out. Unless they are color blind they will find it. One of several projects I have planned. December is my month for shop work. Everybody else can wait till next year. Enjoy and be inspired!
  4. I worked at a large power plant for 38 years and in a large instrument shop. Much of the work was on pneumatic instrumentation. All drawers were labeled as well as cabinets. However there were two drawers that alway got most people's attention. First was a large cabinet labeled in big letters "Things we should have thrown away years ago" My favorite was "Funny looking things"
  5. Guys, I'm making a box to place my Leigh dovetail jig on and added a couple small drawers into it. The box is made from plywood with oak edging and has NO face frame. The bottom of the drawer will just be 1/4" ply rabbeted into the bottom, the drawer will have routed sides as I added oak runners into the carcass. Now how do I make anti tip stops for a drawer like this? The case is 3/4 material and bottom has not yet been glued in place.
  6. Well here we go again. new set of Drawers for my Jessem Router table.
  7. I have been working on upgrading my machine stands with drawers to store things associated with that machine. My latest is the Sliding router table stand.
  8. I have been working on making a cabinet under my new drum sander , Not done yet, I have to do the drawer fronts and little shelf insert on one end. But here is what I have right now. I am going to the lumber store tomorrow and pick up some wood for the fronts. Herb
  9. saw this elsewhere... http://www.home-dzine.co.za/diy/diy-easy-drawer-runners.htm#top
  10. Well, last drawer is DONE! Soooo, how about a few pictures as a PIP? Fancy-schmansy top? Wondering WHAT the Amber Shellac will do to this view? Thinking the "build" part is done....now on to the finishing part... Just a fun, simple little project...better than IKEA ones, though?
  11. Spent time off and on the last few weeks getting the carcase and drawers together. Got them all "hung" today. Next up is to cut and fit the inset drawer fronts..
  12. Well, I was able to get out in the shop for a little while this week end and get the door and drawer fronts on. Ready to paint. Maybe, i can talk the wife to do this while i am laid up, otherwise it will not get painted until April I have a little tweaking on the gaps, otherwise all set to go under the router table after paint
  13. Cherry Entertainment Towers Posted 8/25/2007 11:36 PM CDT Had been encouraged by the wife to build these for some time now. Spent maybe a year checking other designs an making plans. Tracking my time and will give it when finish. The towers are 6 ft tall X 22 inch wide and 24 inch deep.Caucus began with making raised panels for the sides. The sizes basically echo the interior. The panels are prefinished with BLO and Garnet Shellac for base color. Will cover all with varnish on exterior when complete. Glue up of a panel this size and number of panels was a challenge and provided several lessons in how to get the panels and rail in evenly. Dados cut into rails to fit plywood shelves and make for a more secure joint. Caracas glue up using blocks cut to ensure square. Sides are rabbited to give more glue area for face frames. Face frames are joined together with pocket screws. Caracas with face frame attached now ready for base of 2X4 lumber with covering of cherry with simple molded edge The crown molding was a 4 piece made at the router table (top plate, crown and cove) and tablesaw (dentel) This is what the build on the molding looks like. After a few years we got rid of the old tv for an LED so needed a stand.. Made this to fit the existing spot and placed wheels on it for ease of wiring. Shelves made to fit existing equipment . Was expecting to place the bass in the large hole and place a door on it but changed my mind after reading about magnets and tvs. Used pocket screws for a hump over the wheels so that they do not appear to the eye, This almost makes the shlf look like it is floating . Once trim was added to front wheels are covered. Forgot to take a pic of the completed stand so had to stop and do that. The top is beaded and has a beaded molding added plus a cove.
  14. I would like to change the drawer slides in my kitchen cabinets to Full Extension Ball Bearing type. I've seen there are many different lengths and I don't know where to measure for the slides. Any advice and help would be appreciated. I think I'll need the rear mount brackets also. There's a piece of plywood screwed to the back of the cabinets to strengthen the back. Most likely a place to screw the brackets to hold them.
  15. This bench was the culmination of 2 years of search and design combination. The design came from several places among them Shopnotes, Wood and the internet. It took me almost 2 years to find a sawmill with the white oak to do the build. Meanwhile I was accumulating the hardware. The front vise and tail vise came fron Lee Valley. Also bed bolts to connect the frame to ends. The front jaw on the front vise was a glue up of 4 pieces of maple salvaged from a bench in a retail store. This is the leg blanks cut to size and awaiting glue up. This is not the glue up of the legs, but the setup to be glued. I used waxed inserts to hold the slot size placement when doing the glueup. above are the legs ready for cross braces. to the right are the legs dry fitted. Cross braces are rabbited to fit mortise and protrude from the frame to allow chamfering the ends. This is a close up of the bed bolts in action for the top rail. The frame with lower shelf of plywood dropped into a rabbit in the lower frame. This is the glueup for the lower frame. Now time to begin the top with 3 layers of MDF glued and screwed together with careful placement of screws so as not to interfere with dog holes. Banded with white oak and enought space at the top for a layer of masonite so top can be changed if ever needed. Then work on the bottom with ends. The completed bench . Now time for drawers. Drawers have dividers and more enhancements added since the photos were done. The finish is from Mickley on Wood Finishing Forum(glad I printed out lots from the old days) . I will have to look that up in the shop and post later, but the glue easily pops off the finish.
  16. An interesting article from Bob Lang on how Gustav Stickley made his drawers- http://readwatchdo.com/2016/05/how-gustav-stickley-made-drawers/
  17. I saw this posted on Facebook and had to share it. Really ingenious design to make boxes and joints using a stacked dado set and this new design specialty blade. This is NOT on the market yet as the designer has a patent pending for it and is soliciting tool manufacturers. Very cool looking! http://www.homesteadnotes.com/one-cut-with-this-blade-makes-a-corner/2/
  18. I ask this question on here a long time back about where to get good full extension drawer slides at a good price. Someone gave me a link and I purchased some and loved them. Now I ain't located my bookmark for the site and my mind is going so I don't remember where it was. So I'll start over. Can anyone tell me where you get full extension 150 lb drawer slides at a good price?
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