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Shopsmith sharpening system

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For years I have tried to find a slow grinder that I could afford.  Well, another factor raised it's head called space.  So, Shopsmith had an advertisement that I found to be plausible, not perfect.  

https://www.shopsmith.com/ownersite/catalog/sh_grindingwheelguard.htm  So sorry you have to click on the link to see the item, but pictures of mine will spare you.



Oneway system a.jpg


Like the normal attachments for Shopsmith, you have to attach the arbor to the quill and then attach the housing to the housing.  


oneway system b.jpg





oneway system c.jpg


This is the stone dresser that I purchased from someone else.  This is a necessary tool for grinding.  



oneway system d.jpg


Here it is turned so the stone is turning away from you for honing.  



oneway system I.jpg


Picture of label on top of unit.  

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I'm sure I know which end you'd give her! 

You still haven't converted me.  They still take up room, and require having to do a set up. I'll stick with just having to swap a belt to use the machine I want to use. Line-Shafts

@John Morris that is a nice under cabinet but I do not think I will convert. Don't need any more than slow speed.   @Gene Howe the only DVR I know besides a Nova lathe is a video recorder 

Posted Images

Will try again.  Holes (1 3/4") bored so it fit the way tubes on the Shopsmith.  Attached with a 1/4" X 4" and a wing nut.  Pictures will show.  

oneway system e.jpg


Untrimmed but fits.  


oneway system f.jpg



oneway system g.jpg


Clamp installed.  


oneway system h.jpg


Needs a spacer to center the Vee rest to the stone.  

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Will try to continue and hope it doesn't rearrange the pictures and blow away the words of explanation.  This Toshiba is headed to the dump.  Oh, well, here we go.  A piece of wood from the scrap pile may do the trick.  


oneway system j.jpg


Needs to be trimmed and attached.  



oneway system k.jpg


Mostly corrects alignment, needs some wedges to ensure it stays straight.  



oneway system L.jpg


Wow!  This is the easiest I have ever had to grind a chisel.  The grind is uniform.  Now, it takes a couple of minutes to set up and take down but no biggie.  I sharpen after I finish, so my tools are sharp each time I want to turn.  Or, if you have more than one machine, you could set up the second machine with the grinding system.  One last picture.  



oneway system m.jpg


This attachment is for the skew chisel.  It works very well.  There is also another attachment that is used for spindle gouges.  I didn't show it, but it takes some practice to get it to work well.  It's not the tool, but the user.  Anyway, if you have limited income and space, this works well.  A couple of minutes setup is no bother and I find it an advantage as it is all in one place.  I don't have to wonder somewhere else, plug in another cord, move stuff out of the way to accomodate my needs.  And, sharpening at the end of each session leaves me free to start each time I want to turn.  That's the way to attach to the Shopsmith.  It starts at 750 rpm and is a rather slow grind, but does an excellent job.  

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1 hour ago, John Morris said:

Steve, thanks for the tip! I love it! I didn't even know Shopsmith had a grinding wheel attachment, this would work beautifully in my shop to reduce more clutter and get my grinder off of a bench surface.

The variable speed on the Shopsmith makes this really good for woodworking tools.

Thanks for showing. Not too mention, the price of the grinder attachment is very reasonable, finally an attachment from SS that is reasonable in cost. :)


Yeah I was surprised at the cost as well. Having seen prices for other stuff.

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After seeing your sharpening set up now I am wondering if you guys will shuck the autos 

for horse and buggies. Just think of the warning labels you won't have to read if you do???? once you get pass the smell.

  I did go through a period in my life owning one of those but I was young and could barely wave by-by and I realized every one probably goes through that kind of an adjustment in their lives. 

   I do have a burning question that keeps me up at night .  

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17 minutes ago, Smallpatch said:

I am wondering if you guys will shuck the autos 

for horse and buggies.

I wish I could Jess, I wish I could!


@Larry Buskirk, not trying to convert, just informing is all. :) All I can say is I love my SS, it's not for everybody, but it is for me.

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