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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.


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  1. Cheapest, most efficient of any system in the world, more efficient than Brown or FedEx. U. S. Post office was founded by Ben Franklin and he had that cabinet seat for the post office in the George Washington administration. Brown came along in the 1920's and i don't know when FedEx came along. Now, if you want to pay excessive prices and have your package lost, go FedEx. They can loose it or destroy it before delivery. Too much experience and they get no business from me.
  2. Bonus? Not a federal employee, I can assure you. There were no such things in my 35 years. About $51K per person is more than 90 % of Federal employees annual pay. I was a GS-11 developing and maintaining databases. Fifteen years ago, the pay was not that much. It would have been nice to have either.
  3. I think those are rare. I remember them being made in Germany back in the 1950's. Folks who owned one were so proud of them. My wife would go crazy with the koo-koo bird. But, I would love one if I could silence it at night. Thanks for showing. It brings back many memories.
  4. Now, that's an idea in some situations. I can get those little sample paper cups and just toss them at the end of the job. Thanks, Gene.
  5. Last couple of weeks, we had daytime highs of 70's, cool into the upper 50's. Then Tuesday, we had wind gusts up to 35 mph followed by heavy rains followed by intermittent light rains. Temps fell to daytime highs of 50 and overnights down to about 40 to 45. This pattern is to continue until Friday when the daytime temps rise into the 60's. Been wearing flannel shirts in the day and a light coat at night. The beach water temp is now 66 or so. I noticed that parts of northern Mississippi received some snow, as did most of the state of Tennessee on Tuesday. I don't know if there was an accumulation. Have relatives in eastern Tennessee, but haven't heard from anyone. Besides, I have more Christmas stuff to get done. Almost have my shopping completed. Then it's to being domesticated again. Ba humbug!!!!
  6. Welcome back, Ron. Glad to hear the good news about your wife and your new shop. I agree with Gerald about the tools. I do like the carbide but I find I have to learn new ways to accomplish the same thing. It takes me more time to think with the new ones of which I don't own, but have watched many YouTube videos. Each type of tool has its place, but I need to stay with what I have learned as the 1/2 brain cell is just not that flexible.
  7. @lew, another packed post. I, too, like the "cookie jar" or honey pot. I looked for Pooh. Those other bowls are super. Also, I have one of those 3M masks and now I can't find parts for it. I really do like your new masks and will get one of those after the holidays to make sure I can pay off everything by the end of the month. Yes, I have a credit card, but I like to pay it off at the end of the month. @Woodbutcherbynight, that is one really nicely laminated and turned stem. You took to those chisels as a duck takes to water,. Going to look for more projects from you.
  8. https://www.shopsmith.com/mark7site/event_schedule.htm this is the latest traveling schedule. Mostly at stores such as Lowe's and Menards. They have been to Pensacola 2 times in the last few years. I got to see the PowerPro. Talk about one quiet machine. It was running but I couldn't hear it. At Lowe's events, you get a 10% off and if you have a military discount, you get more off. Yes, the parts are very expensive. I made a decision some time back, as much as I would love to have the latest versions of tables, I am going to learn to deal with the old MK V that many other folks used and continue to use. Yes, it's smaller, but and infeed and a couple of outfeed rollers work well or purchase a second machine to set behind the operating one to act as an extended table. I am dealing with it. We older folks, whose health and income are not keeping up can make it work. We have ways. Sorry, Steve. Just had to borrow that line.
  9. https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=acid brush I have used these for 15+ years. Cheap and if you mess up, no big loss. However, I try my best to reach the water hose after applying the glue. It washed right out. I have used the same 2 brushes for the past couple of years. If I leave it in too long, it won't wash out, so it is time to upgrade.
  10. Even if it stops, it has a special memory for you and your wife. Just make the best look of it and keep it. The children will get the pleasure of tossing it when the time comes.
  11. Really nice turning and great lamination. Also, like the finish.
  12. They can have my Shopsmith after they pry my dead cold fingers from it.
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