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  1. Wow, Gene! At age 71, the only place I didn't lock a door to where I slept was while in the U. S. Navy. I grew up in the hills of East Tennessee, out in the country, but between the bootleggers and others, we always locked our doors, windows, cars and even some of the gates to the barn. Some barn doors were locked. I can remember burglars breaking into our school over holidays, something I have never figured out. When I got off ship and into barracks, I locked my car when I went into the store or into the barracks. It's a long time practice and do it from habit. I wish I could live as relaxed as you. Glad you can live like that.
  2. Well, like many others, I have to operate within a tight budget. I found one of my Shopsmith's for $500 that came with a everything including a bandsaw. I had to purchase my lathe chisels and drive center from eBay, but all is great. I can do all that I need to do and change over is very minimal. I leave my bandsaw set up all the time, without being connected to the headstock, but it's just a matter of sliding the headstock in place, place the coupler, locking both down, and tensioning the blade. I can make most of my changer overs under 60 seconds. It takes minimal space and renders sufficient power for most anything I want to do.
  3. Muggy meter is about 90%, been raining, intermittent intense showers, slight breeze, temps about 78. Wonderful to work on sharpening and repairing and maintaining the tools.
  4. I have the Shopsmith joiner. It is a wonderful tool on woods. And, yes, I always use the guard. I can imagine what it would do to a hand.
  5. Not at all surprised. And, right now our government is fussing with Huwaei because it does the same things. Wake up.
  6. That's wonderful to read. One of our church schools many years ago had 3 or 4 tracks for students. One track with vocational trades but not enough students would stay in it to keep it going. So, that program was dropped. Some form of financial aid may encourage some to go into the trades as we very much need them. Thanks, Gene. This is great news to my ears. And, I am proud of all of you who have trades. My only trade was graphic arts which I did for 9 years. Old sorry back caused me to look for a desk job.
  7. This is my go to for almost all my screws. High quality and they work, most times without coating them with wax. Yes, i keep a can of Johnson or Minwax paste wax to rub nails and screws to keep the wood from splitting open. https://www.mcfeelys.com/screw-fastener-web-store/shop-screws-by-application.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwl6LoBRDqARIsABllMSYXzJLAeYVTM2IAL2llWGjTd_IWDvDk1yMbkiAbD6ohV3DIG9mI47saAs5lEALw_wcB
  8. Nice to have a confirmation that I am doing it right. Like Woodbutcher, self taught. Watched many YouTubes and just tried it. Learned so much after a few catches.
  9. High today 89 with muggy meter at 80%. No rain until about Wednesday and Thursday with all of 50% chance. Trimmed an oak tree today where it hung down over the corner fire hydrant. Will trim so more tomorrow. At least I'm in the shade until I cut the limbs off. Beach water temp is 85.
  10. In 1956, a federal document mandated all federal agencies to contract out certain "non-governmental" services for the cheapest price. I did this process for a few years, to take a section that qualified for contracting and did a study to modify the processes to make it the "most efficient and effective" model. Then it was put up for bids. The government also had to bid. Cheapest bid always won. Problem is, when the quality fell so low, the contractor would come back with an extreme price increase, and they always won. While I was in the Navy during the Vietnam days, all Navy galley's were contracted. All the stewards and cooks in the Navy were relegated to being stationed on ships and no land duty. That contractor has grown with many shell companies and is basically raping the government for his services. I can't render the name because he later became Secretary of Defense and Vice President. Yep. Him. So, the cheapest bidder on a product or service is often not even close enough to be good quality.
  11. Hope you get well soon. Welcome back.
  12. John, just got to read through this and realized that your experience is rather scary. Once, when my wife was on chemotherapy, her white cells got so low that she was not able to fight off a cold. She was in reverse isolation and it was touch and go for a couple of days. She was put on the steroid Prednisone and did a great recovery. They will taper you off the steriods. Been there with foot pain and that was the VA doctors reaction. Anyway, just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts, have our sincerest concern and sending prayers your way for a full recovery. Do rest and get well soon. We can't get the TPW resort back up to par without your help.
  13. FlGatorwood


    That is beyond sad. Glad no one was hurt, but otherwise a real lose. Shipping containers may help with near future storage.
  14. Sounds absolutely romantic. Glad you had a great and memorable day. Again, congratulations.
  15. Good tips. Thanks. I was imagining turning on the motor to drive the taps. Now I understand it is for alignment purposes. Great ideas.
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