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  1. With all the rain this April, our high today was 69. Had to put on a long sleeve shirt. Will get to 70 tomorrow with rain from Friday afternoon until about Sunday morning. Expected about 2 inches of water with conditions for flooding.
  2. https://www.jimrushfuneralhomes.com/obituaries/Elaine-Mason/ She married mothers baby brother.
  3. Nice job. I have to agree with another poster that there is nothing like freshly ground pepper. Sanding, from the pictures, I would move along to 120 - 140. Also, I would sand with the wood grain at this point and future sanding.
  4. Rained all day. Got grocery shopping done and mailed some old pictures back to the old classmate. Pictures from 1959 and 1962. A worker next door tried most of the day to paint outside. Ohio must have kicked him out. LOL
  5. My deepest sympathies to you, Gunny. My aunt checked out this morning from a stroke.
  6. Thank you, Eric. Several times while standing in the chow line aboard the carriers, I would get to see these guys. They would come up from the hole and have carbon smudges and some grease spots. They were always sweaty and you could tell that they had been in some rough situations. I was always thankful to them for keeping us underway, generators on, water pumps and heaters working. All those other systems relied on the engine rooms and those guy who worked so hard to keep us going. We had the distinct privilege of riding out Hurricane Kate in September 1970. After pulling out of Hong K
  7. FlGatorwood


    Time to go to Lowe's to stock up some mineral spirits. When I was in the apprentice program for painting and graphic arts in the early 70's, we used toluene to clean aircraft parts after they had been reworked. After washing, we masked and put them on the spray tables where the painter would coat them with zinc chromate before applying a couple coats of black or gray lacquer. There was also a crinkle finish which was baked on. We also had lacquer thinner to wash some things, xylene to wash cockpit panels. We had one journeyman who washed his car parts in gasoline before taking
  8. Super job. I love the idea that it comes apart in sections for transport and can be quickly and easily reassembled.
  9. Started this morning, about 70 degrees, about noon while tucking and pointing, it began to cloud. Granddaughter was really amused with the tucking. Then she watched the pointing process and wanted to touch. I explained that it may burn her skin. She touched it anyway and said "It's so smooth". About dark, after putting trash cans curbside, the winds began to blow. It sprinkled rain for a couple of hours and then the winds got up to 40+ mph for about an hour. Rain promised for tomorrow. That's ok, I'll be up under the roof chipping tomorrow.
  10. I love the items you find shopping. Wow, I need to come and go shopping with you. LOL Have you ever used a baking soda gun to remove rust?
  11. Still chipping, tucking and pointing. All backside is finished and moving around the end. Will tuck and point some of it tomorrow, I hope. Also, have had grandchildren all day and will until Wednesday when Cox gets to their house to see what is wrong with the line. I need a nap. Oh, answered about 4 phone calls about fraudulent use of my Social Security. Oh, all the paperwork.
  12. Well, finally, our local news stations reported that there were extremely large hailstones in Orange Beach, AL. The Pensacola station weatherman said that some of the stones were over 4" in diameter. They showed beat up roofs, some gone, broken windows and too much damage there. Fred, I didn't know where you got your information but I do see it in your post. Funny, how we live about 20 miles away and it took until Monday afternoon to get that information. Today, beautiful day with almost perfectly blue skies, slight breezes, 81 degrees. Was going to do more patching, but the
  13. Gerald, that is some fiiiiine work. Looking really good. I never thought of using one of them as a tool storage cabinet.
  14. For pictures, I use Irfanview. It is free and does more than I can ask for. For document conversion, I am now at a loss as I no longer use anything from Microsoft.
  15. Looks like an excellent start, Al. Looking forward to the rest of the process and the finished product.
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