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  1. Thanks, John. Shame that adults have to be reminded of such things. Shame on those who come here, leave and spread gossip. If you're not happy, please just leave. Those of us who want to nag and pick at one another and help each other will make our own exit at our own time. Oops! Said way too much. I am missing some mighty fine craftsman around here. I haven't been here for the past few days. Too much time at the doc's and one of the local grocery stores where I shop had a shooting yesterday. But, thank God, I am alive and recovering and doing well. New pills to take if I can remember them at the right time. Hmmmm. Maybe an alarm clock? Any ideas about that? I'll be back tomorrow, Good Lord willing.
  2. Thanks, Lew. I did not expect that. I hope this lathe gives some ideas of how to much of the same thing with present equipment. An update on me, the bathroom frequency is quieter and the burning is almost gone. Feeling much better. Thank all for your concerns and prayers.
  3. Excellent speed ranges. This makes me wonder if this is where Shopsmith got their idea about making a speed reducer adapter and a speed increaser. https://www.shopsmith.com/ownersite/catalog/speedincreaser.htm Just a question.
  4. Al, you and Elly are in my prayers. Same goes for your dad, Gunny. Glad to hear he is up and about. Al, please keep us posted.
  5. The young doctor said she has a plan and explained enough to see the future if this antibiotic doesn't knock it out. They will culture it and if this medicine needs to be changed, she will call and send another prescription. Yes, I'm special as she said this does not normally happen to men. Must be something funny about me. No one has ever told me that before. Thank you for your concerns and prayers. Will update you when I know something on another thread. Now back to the original thread.
  6. Patch, some great work there. Don't worry. No competition from me. Also, thank you for explaining the pattern transfer. Sounds a bit complicated, so I'll leave it alone. I hope to remember some of it in the next 5 minutes.
  7. Fantastic work and beautiful tools.
  8. I am in awe and humbled. I am wondering how you transfer you pattern onto the wood. I use chalk on the back of the pattern and trace with a pencil.
  9. Sadly, it has returned, just not as strong and I am able to sit here for a few hours and browse on all that I missed. This is beautiful work. I have a piece of live oak that I'm going to check tomorrow after the glucose tolerance test. What fun that is going to be! Enough about me. Back to the thread of marvelous work.
  10. Or,...he may have been choking down a fresh donut.
  11. This was posted while I was sick and am now catching up. I really like this. Thanks for sharing this.
  12. This works wonders. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Spectracide-Wasp-and-Hornet-2-Count-2-Count-Insect-Killer/1000486507 I have used it under eaves, faucets and for the widows next door. Of course, my mother's dad would pick them off one at a time and roll them between his fingers. We used to go to an old country church whose windows were not all that tight. Every Sunday morning, folks would wait outside until he had killed all the wasps. He would go from one window to the next, picking them off, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. Then he would drop them on the floor and step on them. It was my joyous privilege to get the broom and dustpan to sweep them up. After the clean up was done, folks would come in and take a seat. I'll take my chances from 20 feet away.
  13. Special memories. John, you look very much like your dad except much younger.
  14. John, I am with you. Not collect tools, have the best or most expensive, but what I need today and tomorrow. I have been working for a couple of years to minimize. I have a couple of Stanley's planes, but I have never worked one. I think I set the blade out sufficiently, but I have yet to get a grab. So, I just grab my ROS and grind it down and check with a sheet rock t square and light. If my surface is only about 1/32 off, I don't care as 99 percent of folks will never see it. It's amazing at what I see as imperfection but the customer sees as perfect. When I was young, I would buy Craftsman because I knew that if I broke it, it would be replaced without cash out of my pocket. Now that I am older I realize, a tool that will do the job does not need to be top of the line or even the middle. It just has to get me past the project and still be functional. Steven brought out an excellent point. Any metal tool that you have and want to inhibit the rust, get some Johnson's or Minwax paste wax and coat it and buff it out. You'll be amazed how your tools work and how smoothly they will glide across the wood. Now that you have had a great discussion on planes, I guess that is the next thing I need to learn about. Thanks for all the input here.
  15. Gene, those field lines are always the easiest to spot. Green and thick. We got a good rain yesterday for about an hour. Too wet to mow now. It cooled down to about 80. Our daytime highs are 96 - 98 with heat indices of 106 - 112. We are under a heat warning from last Thursday until tomorrow, Tuesday. The children started school today and not allowed to work out in the outdoors. I'm not pushing a lawn mower for a few days. If the code enforcement wants the lawn mowed, they are welcome to do it. I'll watch.
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