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  1. Back when I was a child I well remember paying the doctor in eggs, dressed chickens and parts of hogs or cows. Butchered and wrapped, of course. It was in the 1960's that I heard of Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other insurances. Of course, they were around, but most of us in the hills of East Tennessee did not have it. For Federal employees, starting in 1959 all federal employees were mandated to subscribe to one of several programs offered by different companies. Some companies are not as readily received in the local medical markets as others. Around here, Blue Cross and Blue Shield are very well known and accepted. But, if you go to an ER, the hospital wants $100 up front. I tell them they can bill me after the insurance settles with them. Of course, I never get a bill. When I started civil service in 1972, both life and health insurance were mandatory as a condition of employment. To get an equal coverage such as we had would not have been affordable. Our employer covered half at that time and I think it is about 60% now. I did find better and cheaper term life insurance in the open market and you would have thought I was committing high crimes and treason to drop the FGLI. I had many forms to complete and sign. Every form after that which showed some action, had a statement that I had refused my FGLI. After you retire, it drops the face value to $2500, than at age 70, the premiums go to about $500 per month. I had a better idea, invest in a Jackson National Life annuity program where they pay me dividends and I submit $50+ per month and it is now 10 times the amount of the normal federal retiree. But, sometimes, you may get them to renegotiate the contract in a year or 2. That is what contractors do with the government as situations change and the contracts need to be amended. I know this won't help, but I am hoping that they can renegotiate that part of the contract soon. Hoping for you and your family.
  2. Florida and our local region are increasing, including schools. Many more positive tested, (how many are false positives?) and more deaths as a result of the virus.
  3. If you notice the rafters, they are not evenly spaced. Also, they are machined, so it is not period. The porch support posts are also turned, but I wonder on what. Lots of chinking and it will need frequent repairs. Need plenty of horse hair, wool, cotton, corncobs and other items to stuff the spacing. Very interesting post. Thank you, Lew.
  4. The last time I saw this I was only a child, not even school age. It has been a couple of moons.
  5. I put many bales of hay on trucks like that. And, harvested corn and put side boards on it to make it ride low. Wow, the memories. Thanks. The greenie needs a new paint job on the top surfaces.
  6. Duh? Somebody call my name? Sore. And, tired.
  7. Artie, I'll bring the chips. They always make things feel better.
  8. Thanks, @lew. I can adapt this to my bandsaw. I just never thought of it, but this can be made with a swivel base that can be locked down to the angle of both sides of the blade. Thank you, sir.
  9. Friday morning, we had a dry cold front to pass through and lower the morning temp to about 60. This morning, it was 56 but both days warmed into the upper 70's. Wonderful working weather. Perfect for those outdoor projects.
  10. John, I am so sorry to hear about this. As a federal retiree, this has happened to us a couple of times and especially since I retired in 2003. We got a cost of living one year and I lost pay of $50 per month, nothing like you, but it still hurts. We ate many more beans and I have learned many bean recipes. I need to check ours. Is that a 1960 or 1961 GMC? And, I did not realize that the gas neck was on the passenger side. I remembered that it was in the back of the cab about where the plaque "Custom" is placed. My uncle had an old Chevy that looked just like that. I have some hope for you, I hope that the county can take off part of the burden by taking at least half of the increase. Not sufficient help, but less painful. Please keep us apprised.
  11. FlGatorwood

    Let's Vote!

    We'll continue our 20 year tradition by voting by mail. But, this year there is a kink. Our local TV station said several times that if the signatures and other information did not match what is on the signature at the elections supervisor office, that the ballot would be tossed out and not counted. Ann's signature continues to change as MS progresses. So, we requested a special form to update her signature and get it on the books so that her ballot counts. She always has me to fill in the dots on the paper after she puts a dot in the one she chooses. Yes, we like the paper, no chads or levers. I agree with another poster whose name I forgot about the electronic devices. As a former programmer, there are too many tricks to ramp up the count for one candidate or another. It is called a "random generator" and the code can be so easily buried that investigator would not find it. And, they may not even know what it is. It is rarely used but could be easily coded to add X votes for Y votes cast. If the programmer has an agenda, it would be easy to implement, so I will not use the electronic, only paper. The rest of the machinery that reads and counts can also be rigged so I always have my doubts about count accuracy. It is tough living with this knowledge to know that it may not be accurate.
  12. Very nice addition and it fits well with the remainder of the building. Congratulations on a well executed plan.
  13. Cal, I think with a few sticks of lumber and a couple of pegs to make the table stay in position, you could make one like those featured in many woodworking magazines over the years. You could put a grinder and bandsaw on one and make a second table for a couple more tools that you use intermittently. Just a thought. I look forward to see what you come up with.
  14. That pretty much nails it down. :-)
  15. On our local news the past couple of days, the number of infections and deaths are beginning to increase and it seems pretty rapid upward. A local high school is having a bad infection and there is discussion of closing it for a couple of weeks. The school superintendent said that they were putting corrective measures in place. Before school started, those corrective measures were in place. So, did they come down or were they not in place? We are not going to the fair this year because of all those folks who won't distance nor wear a mask. It's just a year, I hope. The grandchildren love the rides. But, if we get a vaccine next year, we'll be back to normal. Our Thanksgiving will be our normal. I'll cook and our son and his family will be here. I hope it is a day that I can turn something. I am having withdrawals. LOL Christmas will be the same. Looking for a good vaccine made in good old USA. Maybe, next year, we can get back to normal.
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