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  1. Another day that you could cook on the sidewalk. This afternoon, another thunderstorm came close, gentle breezes cooled down from 94 to about 84. Felt cool. Edged the front yard. Will finish basic painting tomorrow. It is supposed to rain. According to the weather folks, we in the southeast are supposed to get a cooler summer because of the rain. I would hate to have a hot summer.
  2. Nice crotch grain and super design. Classic.
  3. Looks like an adjustable splitter to fit onto a log splitter.
  4. Nice boat, great work and a super tan on your legs.
  5. Steve, I really like it. As Gerald pointed out, it appears to have some burl in the middle of the inside. I suppose it is from the inclusions on the outside?
  6. I grew up in East Tennessee and most of that is difficult to understand. But, when I heard some Brits talking, I was lost. They slaughter their own language. For example: Americur vice America Boot for trunk War for electric wire Warsh for wash shedule vice skedule as we pronounce it.
  7. Most of the days, we have had afternoon showers. While painting, the winds would feel cooler than the regular temp. The last few days, we are under severe heat warnings. Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, southern Alabama (the part they took from Florida) and the Florida panhandle are all under this severe or excessive heat warning. Heat indices are in excess of 110. I have never acclimated to this temp in the last 50 years. Giving up on that dream.
  8. One more section of the front wall to paint. Now designing a fence to keep neighbor off the lawn. She likes to walk over here on my property even though it is clearly marked. Trash, tools, mowing is going to stop with the fence. Then will start on trimming the house. In the meantime, will get some shop time while some things set. Folks, with all these heat warnings and severe heat warnings, please be careful to keep cool and stay well hydrated. If your urine is not near clear, you need to drink more.
  9. Really neat idea and beautiful work.
  10. Artie, you really made a haul. Do you need a body guard? AlB, so sorry about the mess and you get to pay for all that upgrade.
  11. Gene, so happy that you were able to make your trip without any serious events. For all the southerners with this high heat and humidity, please stay close to a shade tree or the inside with a glass of lemonade nearby. Any alcohol will make you dehydrate quickly so save that until the evening. Yep, we don't have the heat wave that Gerald has, but close. I have drunk most of a gallon of water today. Only 93 today and the hummugity is 88 percent. Oh, the Dog days of summer.
  12. Front wall of the house is to be painted tomorrow. Some touch ups on the ends. Then trim. We decided today what colors the trim will be. Can hardly wait. Wife has appointment with surgeon tomorrow to discuss options for ridding gall stones. It appears she is looking forward to the surgery. Another 3 days or more in the hospital. Ugh!
  13. Shoot! I thought the long stain was intentional. I think it all looks very good. Do we get to see the finished product?
  14. This morning about 00715, the temp was about 83. By noon, temp was 91 with humidity of 87. Stayed that way until after 4 pm. Mowed and painted.
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