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  1. My father in law used to have about 27 hives. I helped rob the hives. At the time, I was trying my long hair. One day the wind blew and a bee headed for that piece of hair on my scalp. He told me to stand still and he removed the bee with his tool. They are generally docile. Depending on which flowers they have changes the flavor. Here in Florida, there is a cherry laurel that blooms early spring and it is dark strong honey. Pollination...if it weren't for bees, we'd be on ladders with Q-tips going from one blossom to the other to have fruits and vegetables. Unless the female blossom is fertilized by a male blossom, there is not fruit nor vegetable. Female blossoms have a node between the stem and flower. The male blossom does not have the node. The male simply falls off and the fruit you eat is all female. Surprise!!!! Apples, oranges, pears, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and just about any other fruit or vegetable is easily distinguishable. You didn't know you were going to get a horticulture lesson, did you? Grew up on farms and sometimes you had more male blossoms. One man complained about all the blossoms on his cucumber vine but no fruit. After looking closely, they were all male blossoms. Grapes and some other fruits need to have 2 plants, one become male and the other female to produce.
  2. He really looks like our President. The hair color, the facial and hand expressions. Maybe?????
  3. No rain for the past week. Got the whole lawn mowed, trimmed, sidewalks edged, and took wife to doctors for her final female exams. Yay! It has been in the upper 60's the past few days. ZTC in hospital. Maybe, I get it back next week. Pecan trees have leafed out indicating the danger of frost is gone for the year. It's about to get hot and we have more hurricanes scheduled for this coming summer and fall. Ugh! I am not a fan of either. It finally gets cool here the last week of October when the fair comes. But, I will take my time and keep working on wood projects. Still have 4 trees to get rid of and another pecan tree to fell and mill into lumber. I think when I get it milled, I'll sell this wood. I don't have time to use another one.
  4. Sorry to be late, but a birthday is always good. Gooder than seeing the doc once a year. Happy belated birthday, Kenny. Enjoy your other hobby.
  5. But, Gene, you didn't offer any. Got the whole yard mowed, part of the widow's yard mowed. Now to trim the fence line. And, some missed weed eating. Will get back to my first dove tail work. Had to get new chisels. Sorry, HF. Yours is too rounded on the side. Back to house chores for a day or two. I did wonder what had happened to the format of the site. Thank you, John, for explaining. WB, that looks to be a hiding place for chargers.
  6. When dining at the Tai Pei restaurant in Hong Kong harbor, the hostess there told us to put the dish to our chin and rake in the rice with the chopsticks. Worked very well. Best rice I ever had.
  7. I am sorry to not mention the awesome grilling station. That is a beauty and it looks very functional. Like Ron said, it's much too pretty for the outdoors. Thanks for sharing that. Congratulations, Larry for getting those hoses replaced and getting water. I remember them from the 1960's and before that we used steel pipes. Those were not practical after putting a pump house over the well head and pump. Now, you get to take a bath and clean up.
  8. Congratulations to you and the Mrs. there John. We passed our 46th this past December, but it is getting harder. In the sweltering heat of the 78 - 80 degrees the past few days, I did this little project from some wood the widow neighbor had. It certainly was dry and chipped easily even while sanding. A real pain to work with but most importantly, she is happy with what she received. She is going to cover them with padding and fabric. The first one looks really nice. These 2 I did this weekend and delivered them today. The long one was too long for my table so I put both on the old patio for the snapshot.
  9. Stick, just for those who look at this thread in the future, please explain your reasoning for weld glue vice Titebond. I, too, would like to know. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for opening the back door today. For the past 3 days, it has been upper 70's and lower 80's. Just made a couple of valances and broke into a sweat both days. As HandyDan posted, it is illegal to take off clothes to a certain point. Might have to manscape. Today, a light shower and it cooled down into the 60's. Going to be a great temps the next couple of days. Going to take the lawnmower into the shop as it has a leak somewhere. All the oil in the crank case has shrunk from the dip stick. So, I'll load the battery in the push mower and get the worst done while the ZTC is in the hospital.
  11. I have reconsidered my idea about a hawk platform. After looking up into that pecan tree and considering hurricanes, I have changed my mind. Is that allowed?
  12. I saw a family who had gourds to house birds. They had a pulley at the top of the pole and there was a hook on top of the bar. He made something to keep the bar close to the pole and would simply pull on the rope to raise and lower all those gourds. Then he had a bird house with a place for the rope to be inside a channel of the house. The pole had the same setup. So he raised and lowers it when needed. Smart set up.
  13. Just a thought about kitchens and aging. Move all your heavier items to the base cabinets. Smaller and lighter things should go in the upper cabinets. Having a waist high placement of heavy machinery such as mixers is the ideal. When my wife went into a wheelchair 20 years ago, an occupational therapist came and helped us re-arrange kitchen stuff and it is working out much better. I hope this is not too late.
  14. Just dump the entire contents into a bowl. You're going to eat them all anyway.
  15. Sadly, this is not the country that I grew up in. How do we get back there? I am ready to return.

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