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  1. Will have to tour HF. This may be another product that I can approve. Oh wait. I'm on an anti-Chinese kick at the moment since they daily antagonize our Navy.
  2. Anyone heard from John Moody in awhile. It has been months since I have seen a post by him. Hope he and his family are all well.
  3. I made poor planning to renew car tags yesterday until I realized it was a holiday. When I went to school (in the 1950's) it was not a holiday. Anyway, a sallow was left in the ground where an elliot pecan once stood until Hurricane Sally redid the landscape. To make it easier to mow some soil needed leveling. I found a few old roots rotting. It's not perfect but will do for a few weeks. Will work on it more later. I have plans for turning this week. Not sure just yet but a couple of pens is in the works.
  4. It may be measured by traffic. Certainly not measured by the quality of workmanship, comaderie or friendly group. I get a few minutes per day to visit. Even less to post. As I start thinking the queen starts her orders.
  5. Some day there will be a wonderful sale and folks will think what talented and industrious fellow stored and maintained the museum. But for now you need a basement stretcher.
  6. Love that you saved that wood and have a great imagination for those creative pieces. Looks as if each peace belongs right where it is photographed.
  7. Gerald, I was saddened to read your post. Praying that all is well. Take good care and give us a positive update if you can. Larry, is that enough nipples for the filtering system? Wow. A buddy gave me an armload of wood that he thought was all mahogany. I used one piece to make pens and inside out turnings and it is beautiful wood. It was scraps and obviously some has been used as spacers in its past life. Thursday, is the only day I got some shop time. I used my SS joiner as a planer to smooth these rough cut boards. I have projects planned but one of the boards gives me pause. The first one is really mahogany. This next board is very dark and causes me to wonder if it is that same wood. The grain is beautiful when it gets planed. I don't know what I will do with the section of wiggly cracks. They certainly won't be turned. Notice the dark wood on the ground.
  8. Cal, that is one fine job on the shadow box. Corners look good and tight.
  9. The fewer teeth of a saw is more aggressive and if sharp will move through the cut quicker. Of course, you end up with rough sawn lumber. The saws that leave a cleaner edge or cut is a finer tooth. Ripping saws normally have larger teeth and more space between teeth. To a point, of course.
  10. On Saturday the two local grandchildren came for the afternoon. While I was cooking for them our grandson told us how his teachers had selected and recommended him for all honors classes next year. At least he will be with other students who are desiring to learn instead of the arguments and anger of normal classes. Sunday I did some laundry and locating mahagony and cherry that I want to work on this week. Today, wiped the Shopsmith with lacquer thinner and put on a new coat of Minwax paste wax. It is now all clean and slippery. The plan this week is to do some turnings for a cousin.
  11. Yard mowed. Taxes are done and accepted by IRS. May get an audit because of Care package and we did not receive the 3rd stimulus money we qualified for a bunch more refund. For the weekend I hope for a few minutes to prep some wood for turning. Hope to do some next week. IDK.
  12. Those are absolutely awesome. I agree with Artie that there is a high end market place for those. You and Ron are truly inspiring.
  13. Typically the shorter of the two is the queen. King is typically the tallest piece on the board.
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