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  1. An update to those 41k visitors from out of state to get shots, they will now give those same folks the second shot since they have the card. But, it won't happen anymore. Another update is that we now have one central phone number to register. For a state this large and in 2 time zones, this is making less sense to me. It seems more efficient to have a phone number for each county and allow that county to follow state guidance as who to vaccinate, when and how. But, there I go thinking simply again. Geesh, when will it stop. LOL BTW, I just read in a newspaper
  2. So does the vehicle get totaled or rebuilt? It looks to be a recent edition of a Chrysler van.
  3. I like the simplicity of it. I have one that I made that attaches to the table and you can slide the arm in and out to get the desired diameter.
  4. Today, our governor announced that the state is now going to control the distribution of the vaccine. The contracted entities are running out and those with 2nd appointments can't get their second shots because the vaccine is not available. The contractors did not hold sufficient supplies back to ensure the second shots would be available. And, we have had 41K of visitors come here to get their shots. Now, all future shots will be given only to those with a valid drivers license or state ID.
  5. 0630 temp was 62 degrees. Tshirt weather. Overcast with promise of scattered showers. By noon, we had sprinkles for about 20 minutes. Tomorrow, Friday, we are to have 90% chance of showers until mid afternoon with temps into upper 60's, some scattered showers on Saturday until afternoon.
  6. Gene, I am so sorry that you and Phyl have had to live through this. Your description is exactly what I witnessed first hand with government contractors for over 20 years. The government bids to the lowest bidder and you always get sorry work, half your crew and the job is always shabby and takes much longer than if it had been done in house. All road contracts have been done since 1956 when this first started. Apathy toward work responsibility, not knowing what is needed or expected, etc, etc. Ok, end of my rant. We have a 3 mile bridge built in 1968 that had to be replaced
  7. That has to be the worst method of getting a sex change. LOL
  8. Wow. This was a total surprise. Glad to know you are not worse than what you described. Will be praying for a quick and complete recovery and that the young man you assisted escape will be alright. Thanks for telling us what happened. Thanks, Cal, for this thread. It just wouldn't be the same without you, Gunny.
  9. Thanks for teaching me something else, Gerald. I like the way you do tenons. Great work by the way. Looking forward to the completed project.
  10. That is a great table. I also like that it is mobile with lockable castors. Great job.
  11. Speed limit signs, stop signs, turn lanes are of no significance here. Either folks can't read or reason out what they mean. LOL
  12. Larry, while in those swim suits, be sure you get those sunglasses and sunblock. Sunburn tomorrow! LOL
  13. I love these and the idea. All your work is beautiful.
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