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  1. For about 60 years, it was advertised and those of us unknowing were always happy with the results. So, time for an upgrade. Now, I know I can't undo what we've done for years, but we know now to not do it again. Thanks for educating me. I had no idea.
  2. Gene, I am very happy you got such a great deal. Just take a gander at this. https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/lie-nielsenlargerouterplane.aspx
  3. Lew, I am looking forward to more rainy days so I can view all this information. As usual, this is a truck load of information and you have invited us to participate in some threads. We have family this week, but have a few more rolling pins to go before finishing. Thank you, Lew for all this good stuff.
  4. Great construction and wonderful idea. It just needs some sawdust.
  5. And, I need a drink and a nap.
  6. Gene, great decoy! Wow! I won't be asking any questions.
  7. Do you think something like AnchorSeal would help with the cracking/splitting? I used it on some pear and had some good results. That pear platter looks neat. Thanks, Gerald.
  8. Oh, Geez! If I had just looked at the frame, I would have seen. But, my single brain cell was focused on your great work and organization. Yep, it's all Kregg. They even had their name top and center. Thank you for responding so kindly to a really dumb question. And, thank you for showing your work on their frame.
  9. He may have the road up to the Mesa blocked off. Oh, no, I forgot, he's on his way out of there for a few days. Run, Gene, run.
  10. Holiday!!! Yay!! Oh, we're retired. We don't get holidays!
  11. @lew, excellent guidance and advice. I have one of those Nova chucks for my Shopsmith and it is an excellent chuck.
  12. Welcome, Chandra. Drag up a stool or chair, your favorite hot drink and I think it is Gene's turn to buy the donuts. We look forward to your questions and all your pictures related to your projects.
  13. I likey. Where did you get the table top?
  14. Can we have a tall wall built along the northern border of Florida and southern Alabama? We need to stop this cold north wind.
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