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  1. This doctor and Dr. Jennifer Ashton are believable, logical, knowledgable. Thanks for posting this as it is information that we all need to know. Went to Walmart the other evening to get a few things and a whole crowd of about 12 people gathered through the entrance door. That changed my mind. I'll go when it is smaller crowds and folks go in one or two at a time. Those who wish to stand so close to me in line are not welcome either. They need some home training. But, this doctor and other scientist who have no political outcome to gain or loose are the ones to listen to.
  2. Pauley, I'll join with the others on the beauty and wonderful craftsmanship of those boxes. I am proud of you that you can do this. I'll just keep watching. Not going to attempt this.
  3. I have to agree but since I didn't see the video as my machine told me that the video is not available. I would swap just to test. Also, I would put a bit of axle grease or something like that on the screw just to keep it lubricated. Run the screw in and out to spread the grease. It will eventually smooth out and be great, but paste wax is the proper response for the guide tubes.
  4. For that screw mechanism, I would put just a bit of heavy grease and let it distribute itself. I would especially put some around the screw head where it feeds through the head. (Don't know what you call that piece )
  5. Can't join you folks with those beautiful bottles. As for me, I'll pass out so I won't pass out from the vapors. Just a quicky on the prednisone, when you think about starting, please talk with your doctor. Please don't stop it all at once. That is dangerous. Either your doctor or nurse will give you directions on how to taper off. It's a long story of how I know. Well, a couple weeks ago, we cut down a couple of Bradford pear trees at church that the roots were breaking up the curb and getting under the cheap pavement. I took one tree and gave the other to a turner at the local turning club. He was recently retired from the U. S. Air Force. He had never turned pear so he was going to take some to the turning club to share and play with. I cut my tree into 20 inch sections, covered them with Anchor Seal and I noticed that one was cracking in the pith. So, got out the hatchet, removed the bark, got out the recip saw and sawed off one side right up to the pith so it would fit under my 6" limit on the Shopsmith bandsaw. Had to do a little chisel work to get it to pass by the upper guard on the saw. But, it is all sawn into 2" X 2". Going to put another coat of Anchor Seal on the ends tomorrow. It is bleeding rather profusely. The pith went into the fire pit. By fall it may be dry enough to burn. I am happy to be home because I get so much done. Back yard has been mowed twice, the fence around the back yard is cleaned, digging up a garden space for the grandson to plant some veggies, so as long as we have water, we'll find something to eat. Saving money not buying at the restaurants. And, the price of gasoline is down. May have to take a long drive just to exercise the drive trainy. Need some summer air in the tires first.
  6. Nice, very nice! Thank you.
  7. FedEx and UPS are worse. I'll take the USPS anytime over the other 2. USPS has been in service since the foundation of the country and is part directed by our Constitution. If Congress will quit jacking with it, it will be fine. Anyway, meant to say I am happy that HF is part of our community and they have helped me many times when it is a one time deal or purchase that I won't try to use often or again. They did have some quality clamps for a reasonable price. The ones that imitate Erwin is not worth purchasing unless you just want to use them once or twice. Maybe, toilet paper or paper towels will now become the bargaining tools vice the flashlights.
  8. When you get the wrong mail, it is probably a fill in carrier. Either way, it is sloppy and unacceptable. Anytime you get wrong mail, just put it back in the box and write "Not at this address." They then have to do their job. They should find these misfits and get rid of them.
  9. Totally agree. When the last bailout occured, I saw executives of insurance companies, banking and financial corporations getting bonuses in the millions each. Really. They should work for the feds. No bonuses and no millions to be made. I did get a reward one time for converting data from Cobal to Microsoft Access. I save the feds about $30k and they paid me a reward of $400. Needed some tires for the old truck so that was helpful. Conversion of data took about 1 day and everyone was so surprised that it could be done. Too easy to do. Converted, rolled it in, browsed, had several other review and test. Past every problem they attempted throwing at it. Just a residual left over from Y2K. I loved doing that.
  10. Good. Looking forward to seeing you in your new home. Show us some pictures of the area when you get there and get settled in.
  11. I hope you continue to talk with us and continue your worthy input. And, of course, in American language. That other stuff I can't read.
  12. Thanks, Gene, for some mercy. We are supposed to get a shower on Sunday and again on Tuesday. That will be nice to wash away all this pollen. And, it will get only up to about 78 for the first 3 days of next week. It will be a relief from this upper 80's and lower 90's. I appreciate the fans being on, Gene. We are breaking drought and heat conditions since 1907. Ah, the great life of North Florida.
  13. *p_toad, can you use the Brillo pad stuff instead. The name escapes me at the moment, but I find it is very good at removing and polishing rust at the same time. I find it easier on the metal that I am trying to salvage. And, it is also easier on the hands unless you touch it while it is spinning.
  14. Thank you, Ron. After the curfew is over for us seniors, I'll hit Michael's to see what they have and maybe check out Joann's Fabrics to see what they have. We have a Hobby Lobby that I won't support. I put 4 years in the military and 31 years in civil service. Oh, well, it is what it is. But, on another note, I tried my first inside out turning. I learned very quickly to watch my knuckles while sanding. Those corners will quickly remind you that you did not turn that inside part. Now, I just need some wipe on poly, but we seniors have a curfew except for necessary trips. I haven't learned how to justify that trip to Lowe's just yet. Working on that!
  15. Thank you, Lew. I always look forward to lessons in your posts. I really loved the one with the 5.5" sphere. And I love to see our local turnings. It's amazing how creative folks can be. Also, thank you for showing that beautiful locusts. I am so sorry about it exploding on you. Had a cherry bowl to do the same thing, but I put the chisel in too far and it caught. Scared me so bad. Of course, I wish I could have turned it slower and it may have been better. But, back to the locust, I have not seen it since about 1964 when we cut and hauled a bunch of it for fence posts. It was beautiful wood. Now, that fence is gone. But, I am learning. Thank you.
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