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  1. I just realized that I don't see the DAB man anymore. Is he alright?
  2. I know that Lowe's and Home Depot don't carry the quality of lumber you folks are talking about, but, if you apply to the MyLowe's and (whatever it is at Home Depot, can't remember,) you get a 10% veterans discount when you check out. Everyday. You will have to apply online and I don't remember the steps but well worth all the effort.
  3. Thank you, Lew. A little late but catching up. The cone center, I have made one of cherry and it works very well. I used a Forstner bit to make it fit my tailstock center. then while it was fitted over the tailstock, turned the rest of it down. Since, I didn't have the funds to purchase one but had plenty of cherry, it has worked for me. I have a couple. Hope to make one in the next week or so and will post pictures.
  4. FlGatorwood

    Hey Everyone

    Happy birthday, Ma. Please wear your pants!
  5. Like other shopsmith owners, my bandsaw table is caste iron. If I want to use a fence, I have a wooden one that I use with C-clamps to put in place. Other times, I put down a piece of tape if it is not serious, mark the distance from the blade to the mark on the tape and keep approximate. Mostly I use the tape when I cut pieces for the lathe.
  6. Gene, you can now turn off the fans. Thank you. The weather is now livable. Highs have been in the upper 80's with index of low 90's. Water temp. is 86. This Wednesday night and Thursday night, we are to get into the upper 60's about sun rise. It will be in the upper 70's those 2 days, but will return to the 80's for the next week. Saturday and Sunday, we are supposed to get rain. I hope that they can pour our concrete driveway Saturday.
  7. Lew, I am going to steal your idea about how to store bandsaw blades. Incredible idea. Little done over the weekend. The city replaced the sidewalk in front of our house. The landscaping afterward was rather juvenile, so most of that is repaired and leveled. Contracted for a concrete driveway. No permits! Did you get that? No permits required to cut down the curb and pour a concrete driveway. It's a long sorted story so we won't go there. Monday, busy day. Dermatologist first thing in the morning, a little liquid nitrogen on the back of my hands, top of my head and both of my ears. Declared that I have some serious precancer on those spots. After the doctor, went to the bread stored as I can not make decent bread rolls, but I can doctor them really well. A little olive oil on each roll, some oregano, some garlic powder and some garlic salt. Bake at 325 for about 6 minutes or less. Then brought the wife back home, made her breakfast, went to 2 different grocery stores to get food supplies. Trimmed over growth from deceased neighbor's yard. Still have a bunch of that to clean up. Today, just as bad. Went to the credit union, the pharmacy to get all my creams for precancer skin, some more cream for facial maintenance. (I don't care much what it looks like. ) Went to another grocery store to get items that are not found at the first 2. Went to 2 different schools to pick up grandchildren. Thanks, to Gene for blowing some of the cool air and rain this way. We are getting it. It was only 88 today. Beach water temp is 86.
  8. Anything with citrus juices help with UTI, helping them go away and keeping them away. Had 2 of those problems this year. So, I drink a half bottle of Propel daily as it has no sugar. It has electrolytes to help restore what you have lost from the UTI. BTDT.
  9. There is always the used market, but if you look at the big box stores, check on the discontinued section. On the Lowe's website, there is a button across the ribbon that says discontinued. Take a browse, you may just find what you are looking for at a really discounted price.
  10. Summertime is now out of the equation for me. I can not bear the heat anymore. So, yard work gets done in the spring and fall. Mowing will have to be done about sun up in the summer as it will be 80+ degrees in the summer. Yep, summer mornings here start at 80. My shop area is in a garage that is yet to be wired. So no heat or cooling. Visited my GP on Friday and he told me to slow down. If I slow any more, the turtles are going to beat me to the finish line.
  11. We had a shower yesterday morning about sun up. Got up to 88. Today, at 0700, it was 69, got up to 84. Was able to get out and work for about 30 minutes. Soaked a shirt just clipping some overgrown brush. I can hardly wait until we get temps are high in the 60's and 70's. That I can handle, but this 80's and 90's is for the birds.
  12. Artie, here's wishing the best for you. We'll be praying that this works well for you, saving you time and making some more money. Even if the pay is the same, you'll save money by not having to drive so far.
  13. Fantastic job, plan and execution.
  14. My wife's mother and family are from Tuscaloosa, AL. No other fans allowed in the house or at the table. Not a football fan at all, but while eating, you would cheer, "Roll Tide". I got to eat.
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