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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners February 20, 2019

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Finished up shoveling 3 driveways and helped with a 4th. 10" of snow from 6am until 1:30pm. Read where there was "thunder snow" just west of here. Great winter to have the snowblower die :angry:


Our Patriot Turners-

@HandyDan was kind enough to produce a fabulous tutorial on how he make his beautiful bullet pens. Lots of pictures and very detailed step by step instructions! Please check this one out and leave some feedback for Dan and all his hard work!



@Ron Altier posted a question about drilling holes lengthwise through long pieces. Several of our members offered suggestions and ideas on various procedures. Maybe you have an idea that would help Ron. Check out his post-


Ron also posted a beautiful new ornament he finished-



Ron posted more about the piece here-




@hawkeye10 asked our turners a question about dried wood for turning. He is considering the purchase of a bowl blank and was inquiring about how long it would take to dry. Our members provided lots of information and suggestions.

The blank looked like-



Check out his post-



The woodturning club, which @Gerald is a member, hosted turner Jimmy Clewes. According to Gerald, it was well worth the wait!



New Patriot member @doublej posted some of his woodworking projects. Not only is Joe an accomplished woodworker, he is also a very talented turner. He posted a picture of a bowl he turned-



Checkout his complete post here-


Woodturners and woodworkers seem to share one common characteristic. We are our own worst critics. Member @Steve Krumanaker recently posted a video where he critiques a beautiful natural edge, walnut bowl. Steve points out "flaws" that no one else would probably see.




What’s Coming Up-


Click on the above image for the link to more information.


Looking down the road-


Click on the above image for the link to more information.



For The Newbies-

Carl Jacobson posted a video about making a pepper grinder. What is nice about this particular grinder kit is that it doesn't require complex drilling operations. Carl demonstrates lots of lathe techniques that can be used on many other turned projects.



Expand Your Horizons-

In a previous "Wednesday's..." we posted a Capt. Eddie video on cutting/chasing wooden threads. Recently turner Sam Angelo posted a video which included a demonstration of wooden threads. The video is set to begin at the threading operation but you can certainly watch and enjoy the entire project



New Turning Items-

Our friends from Woodturners Wonders have a new respirator at a very reasonable price. 



More information and pricing is available at-




Everything Else-

I haven't any turning time available but I did make a couple of cones to use with my new Easy Wood Tools live center. Somewhere along the way, I picked up a piece of what I think is cherry. It least that's what is smells like when it is cut. It is quite dense. Anyway, that's what these are made from-





Safe turning

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LOTS going on this week! Once again, I'm flattered mine was included in your list of videos, in some very good company I might add. The video from Sam Angelo is especially timely as yesterday and today I received a set of 16TPI thread chasing tools and the steady rest to go with them. That's something I've wanted to add to my skill set for a long time. I already knew that Sam had done quite a few videos with thread chasing so I'll be frequenting his channel a lot in the near future. This weekly summary is just a great feature of this forum!




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Thanks for the nod on my pen tutorial.  I see a couple interesting videos I will watch soon.  I like the cones you made for your live center.  I did some inserts for my live center this week too.  Need to get the pictures posted up.  Nice post here Lew.  Keeps things in the news.

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