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  1. Happy Birthday John!!!
  2. Great pictures John, quite the surprise and what a woodshop. So many templates I wonder how he could find the one he was looking for?
  3. doublej

    The "Studley"

    Thats quite a collection of tools.
  4. Beautiful grill cabinet John, I did a customers deck with Ipe and it really dulls the tools quick.
  5. Thats really nice work Herb.
  6. Those are really beautiful Ron!
  7. doublej

    Spalted box

    Beautiful Gerald, love what you did with the top. nice piece of spalted wood.
  8. Beautiful work Rusty!
  9. Hi Gene, This porch swing I also used the Sikkins Cetol and the finish still looks as well as first applied.
  10. Hi Ron, the finish was a problem here also, mine didn't last and I ended up trying cedar wood deck stain and it has lasted the longest.
  11. Really nice work Gerald love the spalted wood.
  12. I'll take all that free wood I can get thank you. Cat pee that smell was roses! You guys got hit pretty hard with this weather also didn't you?
  13. John about your post on the Western Juniper, I live in Central Oregon where this tree is very common. It's a soft wood with a lot of character that I'll turn with. Our local Government has many of them cut down citing that one plant can suck up to 40 gallons of water a day while drying out surrounding vegetation. "The goal is to nudge parts of the high desert back into a sagebrush-dominated ecosystem that provides habitat for sage grouse and room for quaking aspen, bitterbrush, mountain mahogany and other species that juniper has elbowed out." Quote from The Oregonian. Just a little of of whats happening to the Western Juniper here.
  14. Two feet of snow dumped here last night "Central Oregon" more to come. Need to get out and dig a path to the woodshop.
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