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  1. hawkeye10

    Help please.

    Thanks, Dan, I was thinking it was pronounced "step" when it really is "steb".
  2. hawkeye10

    Help please.

    Larry I will check that out today even tho I don't think it's wired for 220 but you never know.
  3. hawkeye10

    Help please.

    I bought a step drive (I think that is the name) and I can't turn without it catching. It is stopping when it shouldn't. How much pressure can I put on the headstock with the tailstock? My lathe is an old spindle lathe with a 1/2 HP motor. I was practicing turning a small leg (8.5") and getting nowhere. Oh yes, I was turning pine.
  4. hawkeye10

    Wood Turners Center Finder

    Big Eddie, is the man. I think he is kinda funny in his videos.
  5. hawkeye10

    TP Dispenser

    Great job Herb.
  6. hawkeye10

    My first wood turning project in 42 years

    You still got what it takes.
  7. hawkeye10

    Jewelry Chest Finally Done!

    I really do like it. I have not seen anything you have made but I am looking forward to seeing more. Now that you have made one you can make plans for the others. If you are like me you will forget.
  8. hawkeye10

    Nova G3

    Hey Larry, I didn't have to do anything except clean some dirt off it. What little I have tried on this lathe it seems to do better on the next to the highest speed. I hope I can learn enough to turn 4 legs about 9" long before Christmas. I am building my daughter a small table that you eat from while laying in bed. I don't know what you call it. Why she wants it I don't have a clue. WOMEN !!! LOL
  9. hawkeye10

    Nova G3

    For my spindle lathe is this something I need, and if I do would this work or maybe I can get by with something cheaper. I finally got my lathe going late last week and I see right off you guys make it look a lot easier than it is. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/nova-g3-woodturning-chuck-bundle-teknatool?trk_msg=15VJHDAQTL24N3TTFFLR31K50C&trk_contact=H5U8HIFMO58CJKFU635VCUHNUG&trk_sid=Q5TDA8LMRVILK5VF0OGAEKA3Q0&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=NOVA+G3&utm_campaign=Let's+Talk+Turkey
  10. hawkeye10

    What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    I have an Excaliber 16 and love it. It's very smooth and easy to operate. The only downside is the dust collection, it is useless. I use the Pegas MGT blades. These blades are different than others. You feed your pattern line straight into the blade instead of at an angle. https://www.dndsawbladesonline.com/page/79818204
  11. hawkeye10

    dowel hole line up set

    What a car. If I had one of those I would think I died and gone to heaven. LOL
  12. hawkeye10

    Christmas Project For a Friend

    Man, I am loving this. You are doing such a great job of telling your story with pictures. It's like being at the movies. I bit the end of this movie is going to be great.
  13. hawkeye10

    Three bowls

    I like them all. They are nice.
  14. hawkeye10

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    We have a lot of Eastern Red Cedar in Tn. but I have not built anything with it. I really like Western Cedar but it cost a pretty penny to buy it at HD. I sometimes buy the fence planks which are dirt cheap and plane them down.
  15. hawkeye10

    My lucky day

    If it was not for bad luck I would have no luck at all. LOL

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