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  1. I learned about the ringmaster 30 years ago when working for Shopsmith and sold the Smitty model units. I agree with Steve about their limitations but it is a great way to convert flat stock into a turning.
  2. Thanks @Ron Altier & thank you @Steve Krumanaker
  3. Sounds like it worked out great for all involved! Thanks again @Steve Krumanaker
  4. Thanks Dan... Steve and Lew are both very accomplished turners with a lot of skill and knowledge. They are great to work with.
  5. Thanks Ron.. 15-1/4" overall length with a 12" maple handle. The cutters are .350 diameter, with a negative rake. Tool bars are stainless steel 5/16" square with rounded edges. While the tools come standard with our Ci5 Negative Rake you can add our standard Ci5 cutter (0 rake) if you want a more aggressive cut.
  6. @lew - you helped develop these tools and you should be proud!
  7. Today Easy Wood Tools announced a new set of Mini Easy Hollowing Tools to the world. We are very proud of these tools and I am sure they will be a hit! The thing we don't really advertise and you guys here at TPW should know is that @Steve Krumanaker and @lew were a critical part of our team in developing these tools. They both tested, critiqued and provided invaluable input into the development of these tools. They've had had prototype sets in their shops for several months now. We went through several variations of prototypes and came up with what I think is a great set of new tools. Many thanks to Steve and Lew, you guys are good!
  8. Sharing your craft and talents.... that's the best! Nice.
  9. Thanks to all for your very generous comments. @Cal finished with Yorkshire Grit which is a combination of mineral oil, lemon oil and beeswax.
  10. @Artie thanks! @HandyDan my favorite domestic for sure, thank you sir. @lew Wish I could keep up with you - haha
  11. Saturday morning turning on the back patio.... fun. Pretty piece of walnut 10" wide 2-1/2" deep. Happy with this one.
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