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  1. Artie - I work for Easy Wood Tools and I have been turning for over 30 years. I would be glad to help or advise in any way that you like. First let me say there is a whole universe of turners out there who believe that unless you are turning with traditional HSS tools you are not really turning, you are cheating, you are taking a shortcut. I've been with Easy Wood Tools now for about 2-1/2 years and I can give you some facts. Yes it is easier to turn with carbide tools, the learning curve is much, much shorter and you will be making projects almost immediately, instead of spending hours learning techniques and learning how to properly sharpen HSS tools. I know for a fact that there are thousands of people out there today that are happily turning with carbide tools who had given up out of frustration and fear of using HSS. Don't get me wrong, there is an art and beauty to seeing accomplished traditional turners wield a finely sharpened bowl gouge or turn a perfect bead with a razor sharp skew chisel. NOTHING BUT RESPECT for traditional turners and their art. Take a look at Gerald's library of images... he is an excellent example of an accomplished traditional turner. I believe there can be a balance of using both carbide and HSS tools, there are many on this forum that use both. Look at @Steve Krumanaker's work. One of the finest turners on this site (IMHO) and he is primarily a HSS turner, but occasionally uses a carbide tool. Why can't you have both types of tools in your quiver? I do. Take a look at @lew's work... he is an EWT guy, and his work is as good as any I've seen He really is a fine turner. My suggestion to you is a set of Mid-Size EWT tools. Find out if you like it or really LOVE it. If you get hooked on turning (and I hope you do...) take some classes and learn to use traditional tools as well. My office number is (859) 246-0294. If you want to call and chat... talk turning, I'd love to speak with you. I have the best job on the planet... I paid to play with tools! Jumping off my soapbox now... hope this helped a little bit. Call me anytime... except today, I took the day off and I'm watching my Cubs play the Diamondbacks! Cheers Jim
  2. Ron Fleming is a genius! If you haven't watched that video, it is excellent! Thanks @lew
  3. I can smell it from here... beautiful
  4. Hey Lew... BTW, I'll be the guy doing the turning demo all day long. So if you should stop in I guarantee a friendly handshake, and maybe a tee shirt, but don't expect to learn anything new about turning. ;o) My demos are for newbies haha
  5. Thanks Lew. I really like that natural edge lidded box from Carl Jacobson.
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