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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners December 19, 2018

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Thanks everyone for participating in the Christmas Raffle and helping us reach our goal. You folks are the best!!!



Our Patriot Turners-

@gerald has completed a gaggle of Christmas bell ornaments. All colors, shapes and sizes-



Our turners had high praise for these awesome items-

Check out the picture closely for a really neat idea for painters points. I'm gonna have to borrow this one!




@HandyDan turned some "Inside-Out" vases. He also added metal inserts to make the vases functional as well as beautiful.



Dan posted a nice tutorial on how he did these-



@DAB used some more of his old pine beam to create a couple of sweet little bowls. The color of that pine is really nice.



Check his post for his explanation and where these bowls will eventually find a home-




@FlGatorwood shared a couple of images of his son doing some lathe work. I think we have another member for our turners forum!



Check out his post-



@John Morris posted a cool image, on Monday, in the "Good Monday Morning...." post. I'm guessing this was before OSHA- 184923802_WoodworkingClass.jpg.ca5c520584514667b1ca0316ba8f061f.jpg.fd2da1039e02413ec3032d1fcbd80f9f.jpg


Check out the post at-




What’s Coming Up-

Week Long Turning Class with Mark Gardner at Florida School of Woodwork

Florida School of Woodwork, 1609 N. Franklin St, Tampa, Florida  33602


Kate Swann



For The Newbies-

I don't enjoy reading but that's just me. I have books on turning but get more from the pictures than the written words. Picked this off of another site. I HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK. Just offering it as a possibility.



Click on the image for the link to Amazon.com




Expand Your Horizons-

Carl Jacobson recently used the new Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools) to create a hybrid lidded box. From the video, you can see how these new cutters leave a really smooth surface.




New Turning Items-

This is a continuation of a product that caught my eye in a Rick Turns video a while back. @Gerald was a very good boy this year. So good that Santa dropped of the offset turning jig early!



Gerald talks a little about the jig in this post-



Everything Else-

Finished up most of the Christmas presents. My Mom has difficulty holding those slim, slippery plastic pens. We thought maybe a fatter, wooden pen might help. I bought a "Cigar Pen" kit from Woodcraft and turned it from (I think) Cocobolo. Made the business end a little fatter than the typical pen shape, sanded to 5000 and finished it with danish oil and wax.




Safe turning

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Thanks Lew. Another informative post. Have to check out that video

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Thanks Lew.  Certainly was a busy week.  Lots of turning posted.  Glad to see the goal was met and I'm sure the sponsored family will appreciate and enjoy the gesture.  Happy to be a part of it.

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Another job well done, thanks Lew!



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my cousin was shown the bowls after dinner last night, told her to turn around and grab the bowls behind her on the buffet.  she did.  i asked her which one she liked best..hmmm....the one on the right in the pic above.  cool, it's yours, Merry Christmas,  and take the other one too, give that to your mom (my aunt)....she about broke down, and then said she'd let her mom pick one she liked best, and my cousin would take the other.


she just left about 45 min ago, well fed, fixed up her van a little, some presents and treats for the road, and someday, when she has a break, she wants to come back and make some things in my shop. cool, she can buy her own wood, and i'll guide her thru what she wants to make.  she's excited about that.


Merry Christmas!

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@Gerald Thank You! Looking forward to seeing how the new jig works.


@HandyDan Thanks! 


@Steve Krumanaker Thank You!


@DAB Thank You for the update. Looking forward to seeing what she will make!

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