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  1. made a picture frame this morning. it now awaits a paint job by my wonderful wife (used poplar), before receiving a counted cross stitch she did. pics when it's all ready.
  2. Some grouting before lunch, another batch afterwards. Need to to make up some thread tags. Very valuable.
  3. DAB

    1793 Boat Shop

    if my plans hold up, my shop, which was completed 3 years ago, will still be in use by somebody 100 years from now. perhaps a little messier, maybe more full of tools and projects and supplies. but it won't be some museum that no one uses anymore.
  4. appeared to have some paper waste partially clogging the line to the tank. poked it with a stick a few times, later ran some hot water from the kitchen sink (wife was cleaning up after doing some baking), and that rush of water seems to have washed the mess down the line. have the septic guy coming out tomorrow to check things out, and do a snake if needed. we normally pump the tank every 2 years, and that is due this fall, was planning on doing it in October. that may move up, or not. also, got 2 coats of poly on my little threshold piece. last coat tomorrow. septic field was put in 6 years ago, guaranteed for 10 years if we pumped every 2 years.
  5. working on a little threshold, and...... we have septic problems....yay.
  6. came in 3rd out of 18 at yesterday's IDPA match, shooting my Colt Gold Cup. today is some tiling in my office. got all the cuts done, taking a break for lunch, will get thinset mixed up and then set the tiles in place.
  7. DAB

    It Is Nice To Be Appreciated

    Mmmmm... there’s enough pie for everyone, right?!
  8. DAB

    Tagging Your Content

    good little woodworkers follow the plan exactly as written. bad little woodworkers just make what they want with what is available (or steal from their neighbor if they cut wrong).
  9. DAB


    ah ha! a tag free zone. fine....i'll think of something else for general.
  10. DAB


    only took 4 years (less 2 weeks) to make this mandatory....
  11. DAB

    Tagging Your Content

    you will tag your posts or they will not be posted!!!!
  12. DAB


    but you don't have to tag responses! ha! let's see..... some one-size fits all tags for later use: wood (well, this is a woodworking forum), movement (wood moves, always), sawdust (ever see a project with zero sawdust?), photos (would be cute to use that tag and then not post any photos....bwhahaha...). sigh.
  13. DAB


    sometimes, i don't know what i'm going to write about until i've already written it. so having to assign a tag/topic/category ahead of time seems needless and pointless. but, in accordance with directive 3302.13, I shall endeavor to overcome and adapt by improvising. oh, i also have some wood in clamps presently. stay tuned. or not. and now it's 2 tags. good grief....
  14. moved water to the house. got some tiling done, then it rained (yay!), and after a brief break, it's raining again (double yay!!). tomorrow? maybe do all the tiles around the perimeter that need to be cut to fit.
  15. i'd be worried about A) someone tipping that table over by leaning on the edge (as the legs don't extend to the edge of the top), and B ) someone leaning on the end of that table and snapping the glue joint in half, even with biscuits. you do have some cross pieces underneath, right???

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