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  1. DAB

    Something to ponder

    wise words. i make stuff i'd use. most recipients seem to like it too.
  2. gluing up today. also unclamped a blank that will be a new recipe box for my wife. wormy maple with walnut accents. work on that tomorrow. also washed my filthy truck. with captured, very cold, rain water and snow melt. brrr..... will wash off the parking pad another day. was too chilled to use the hose anymore.
  3. DAB

    Wood movement

    not really. you don't have any cross grain construction, all the grain is going the same direction.
  4. got this hung yesterday. my wife did the needlework (many months worth), i made the frame (a few days worth). i cut the glass too.
  5. just got a request to build a simple walnut edge grain cutting board, 12x19 or so. one board, 1x6 nominal, 7 feet long - $50.25! lumber is not cheap anymore.
  6. DAB

    Easy Build Shooting Bench

    is it reversible?
  7. DAB

    Death from Fractal Burnng

    pass. i'll watch. from way over here. with 911 on speed dial.
  8. DAB

    Wooden skyscraper?

    well, if they outsource it to Ikea, then it's just glue and dust. but you still have to assemble it yourself. the whole thing will come flat packed on a barge via Lake Michigan. but!, they include 3 extra hex wrenches!
  9. https://theweek.com/articles/816653/how-build-skyscraper-wood a wooden skyscraper?! better get your chisels sharpened up, clean your hammer, and get a new drill bit.
  10. DAB

    Pays to Be Nice Sometimes

    this isn't that difficult. one man was burning cutoffs for heat, the other was making them into something of beauty. same wood. lighten up Francis.
  11. DAB

    Pays to Be Nice Sometimes

    trash or treasure, all depends on how much effort you want to put into it.
  12. need to head down to the shop later and put the first coat of poly onto the picture frame.
  13. DAB

    making my own blueprint...

    following up some more. i first learned about proper drafting in Jr. HS shop class. scale, front, top, end views, orthogonal views, hidden lines, dimensioning, all that good stuff (lettering too). got another dose of that in freshman year of college as part of one of my engineering courses, and another dose a year or so later as part of a kinematics course (graphical solutions). so i have all the needed tools and enough knowledge to be dangerous. so, yes, i could draw out a set of plans that someone else could work off of to make something. but drafting to such detail is a lot of work. i've been asked before, after showing something i've made for our house, "hey, do you have plans for that design?" well....yes, and no. i could do it again from the notes i created the first time around, but if i just photocopied those same notes, you could not make sense of them. now, if you want to pay me to properly draft up a set of plans, we can talk. but the thing is, those plans would only produce the project exactly like i drew it. if you wanted to modify the project in some aspect (maybe make the coffee table 12" longer), you would have to know enough about how all the parts relate and which ones would need to be changed in dimension. and at that point, you are basically drawing your own plans, so why have me make something you could not use? one of the needed skills for a competent woodworker is being able to think backwards. you see a picture of a project, lets say a coffee table or end table. well, what size do you want yours to be? height, depth, width. start there and work backwards. i've built projects with no drawings. my workbenches are 36x96. any deeper would be too deep. so i wanted the plywood to have a 1-1/2" overhang from the underlying 2x4. that determines how long the 2x4s are. and so on....
  14. DAB

    making my own blueprint...

    Most of my plans are drawn freehand on legal paper. Good enough for me to work off, but likely useless to others. If im doing a large piece, like our bed, and I want to check proportions, then I’ll get the drafting table out and draw it out to scale. And lastly, only cut pieces when you need them. Stuff happens, mistakes get made. Do larger pieces first.

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