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  1. went shopping for some lumber to build some walls for the pistol range, lumber prices have come down somewhat, 2x4x8s are now $3.48 at home depot. they had been over $8 last year.
  2. just agreed to make 5 more walls for the indoor range, with matching stands. need to buy lumber later this next week and then start cutting and joining. should let the boys run better indoor matches this winter.
  3. came in 3rd of 6 in my division. can't complain, had fun. good to be around friends for the day.
  4. shooting a pistol match tomorrow. dirt/gravels guys should be done today. 4 days of fixing the drainage in my arroyo and fixing up my driveway system. eh, it's just money, no point in dying rich.
  5. you might want to have a plan B in mind. from what I recall reading, the Toys for Tots only takes commercial, unwrapped presents. no hand made stuff. and watch your finish choice, needs to be kid safe (food safe), so no polyurethane. kids put everything into their mouths.
  6. i either use one of my brands, or a wood burning pen (often for the year, as 2 of my 3 brands don't have a year)
  7. one heir got shorted one penny. just following my parents intentions as best I could.
  8. i've been closing out my Dad's estate over the last few months. several heirs with an odd amount to divide per his wishes. the percentage I got was xx.00000039% the places after the decimal should have been all zeros, but that's not the way the pennies came out. the others agreed that this was close enough.
  9. not familiar with that designation. the rifle they use doesn't matter, it's what cartridge they used that's the question. you have 2 of us that think it's a .308 round, blank of course, so the expanded neck/mouth will be longer than a live round. the drawing above shows the base diameter, looks like .473", or about 31/64 (.484). hot glue?
  10. they might be a little longer than standard ammo, as they use blanks, and when fired, the crimped mouth expands and the empty case is a little longer than what is shown for a live round case.
  11. LC10 stands for Lake City Arsenal, made in 2010. those look like .308 rounds, not .223 rounds. measure the mouth of the case to be sure.
  12. digging done. i'm tired boss. real tired.
  13. digging dirt/mud. need to clean out a culvert under our road that is clogged with mud. so the flood waters stop washing over the road and eroding the gravel. got the excess ponding water siphoned to the outlet side 2 days ago, to give the mud a chance to dry somewhat. i know where the culvert entry is, the new neighbor doesn't, so i dig to start. sunday is a pistol match, monday turning a bowl for a friend. tuesday take my wife back to the chemo lab to disconnect a 5 day pump. i'm tired.
  14. it's a thin veneer too. you can tell from the repeating grain patterns. personally, i'd suggest to him to let you design and select the wood, since he has no idea what he currently has. never going to match, but you can at least stay in the same color family with stains. not a fan of slip matched veneer, it's like you weren't even trying to make it look pretty (and the factory wasn't, and it shows). get it built, get is shipped, get it sold!!!
  15. generally speaking, if something sounds or looks unsafe, it probably is. so don't do it. i cringe every time i see some TV show and they have someone cutting lumber on a little table saw, blade raised way higher than needed (board thickness plus a half a tooth) and the blade guard is nowhere to be seen. or free hand cross cutting. "guards removed for photographic clarity" BS. show the right use of tools. trust me, the blade will cut thru that board, or your finger, without you having to see the board do so. use your safety equipment.
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