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  1. DAB

    Do I Need This?

    if you still wear ties, it's pretty good at making them shorter very quickly..... now and then i have to make on the TS some card stock for my wife to use for recipe cards. i get 3 cards per sheet. do about 30 sheets at a time, have some scrap pieces of plywood to hold the paper down as it goes thru the blade. using that might get cleaner cuts, but you could not do 30 at a time, the paper would move and you would not get pieces all the same size and shape. start wearing ties and let us know how it works out.
  2. DAB

    Display Case Question

    simplify, simplify, our lives are wasted by details - Thoreau.
  3. DAB

    Display Case Question

    so duct tape is out? (hides) all the above are good ideas. pick one you can do well. me? i'd miter the corner and then use either a biscuit or through splines and cross splines. examples of each spline:
  4. thread storage: two drawers like this hold everything.
  5. got the sub-base done for the bookcases (4, covering 86" in width), set it on the floor, put a level on it. wow. it's 5/8" off from one end to the other. time to scribe and cut off the excess. i knew it would be off, but i figured 1/4" would cover it. nope. let's hear it for bandsaws.
  6. got the sides for 5 bookcases cut, drilled for shelf pins (1040 holes), and banded on the front. next: cut the tops and bottoms, cut the cleats (top, bottom, and mid), band those until i run out of banding (more on order), make sub-base, start install. cut and band shelves later, then move LOTS of books.
  7. DAB

    Which Wood for Project Prototype

    pic of bit? how big is the diameter of the bit?
  8. DAB

    Use for Scraps.

    if it can be made into something, it's not a scrap, it's unused wood. if it cannot be made into something, it's a scrap. burn it or toss it. no point in taking up shop space with waste.
  9. DAB

    Which Wood for Project Prototype

    if you are just making a prototype to get the lines and proportions right, and sort out your joinery, i'd go with the cheapest material option, which is NOT poplar. either some scrap plywood, or some MDF. if you need thicker than 3/4", just double it up. glue sets in a hour. your prototype won't see any use, won't take any load beyond it's own weight, so there is no point is spending more time or money than required. personally, i'd use simple joinery on the prototype, like pocket screws or nails. poplar isn't that cheap anymore. cleaning tools is just part of keeping your shop running well. i try to clean my blades before i start a project, and if they are getting too fouled, clean them midway thru again. doesn't take that long, and ensures good final results with sharp cuts and clean lines.
  10. DAB

    Which Wood for Project Prototype

    slow down, think it thru, do it once in oak. if you need to make test cuts, that's what the scrap pile is for. (getting the dado blade set for dado cuts/rabbit cuts, making sure the tenon will fit the mortise, etc).
  11. DAB

    Quick Hand Holds

    old Normie used a similar technique to create hinge mortises.
  12. i've heard of that firm, they do excellent work. but I went with "Shoot and Putter", similar services, just a slightly different focus....
  13. DAB


    They are destined to become bookcases. Five total.
  14. DAB


    $69.95. But a long drive
  15. DAB


    and it's only 5 ply, not the nice 11 ply stuff. pretty basic.

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