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  1. no matter how big your kitchen, there is never enough storage space. ours has 44 drawers....and they are all full!
  2. some age related health issues. we're doing what we can to address them and help them. Psalm 90:10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.
  3. i once had my shop in my basement. 18x11, 7-1/2' ceiling. my movable workbench was my main glue up location, and if that didn't work, then the floor was next.
  4. from wrapping up food in the kitchen, i could have told you that wax paper is not water proof. i use resin paper (red) on my work bench when gluing up or staining or poly-ing anything. table saw is for sawing lumber, not for finishing.
  5. just back from visiting Dad and Mom. did some chores, had a good visit, but glad to be home (15 hour drive each way, ugh). guess i could go and clean the shop up a bit.
  6. how comfortable is having the TV that high relative to your eyes? I read long ago that the ideal location of a TV is the center of the TV even with your eyes, so you are not craning your neck looking up, nor having to stare down lower than you normally sit on your couch or favorite chair.
  7. as far as the original video above, he refers to a longer, 1 hour version, and he noticed many were not watching the entire hour's worth of video. free hint: brevity is the soul of wit. while you may think your fantastic shop is worthy of an hour of video, people are busy, some have very slow download speeds (like me), so having to sit thru an hour's of material to get to the "good stuff" at the end is not a reasonable request. and as he proved, he could cut that down to about 2 minutes of actual content after the intro. so, overall, nice shop. looks like a talented guy, good for him.
  8. my shop this afternoon. no, i did not clean it up for the photoshoot. i opened the front door, turned on the lights, and snapped this pic. suits me just fine.
  9. my workbench is 36x96, sheet of 3/4" plywood is the top. i'm not afraid to drill into it, run a chisel into it, draw on it, spill on it. it reminds me of Maloof's work bench: much loved sheet of plywood.
  10. 2 face grain cutting boards packed and ready for delivery this week.
  11. wormy maple. AKA Ambrosia maple. the Ambrosia beetle infests the tree, leaving little tunnels and stains. you don't know it until you cut it down. when we did this, the 4/4 lumber was about $2.50/BF. not anymore.
  12. it will be interesting to check back with her in a year or so. see how well it is meeting her expectations.
  13. years ago i built our kitchen, including this refrigerator surround, with 6 drawers behind 2 doors for the pantry, and 4 lazy susans behind 2 sets of double doors. it was planned in the shop, and then built in place with pocket screws. opening for the fridge is 37x73. over 8 feet tall. no way to move it once assembled.
  14. nice craftsmanship. two questions: no power outlets? and no recessed kick plate so you can stand close?
  15. a quick and cheap (made from what i had in hand) cutting board of maple, cherry, and walnut. edge and face grain, gift for someone. don't worry, the excess finish got wiped off later on.
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