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  1. nothing. did nothing in my shop this weekend, and nothing is planned for this week. you can call me slacker, but don't call me late for dinner.
  2. the wood was coated in wax, the part still touching the face plate is still waxed. the rest has been trued up and the other face scraped down to remove the wax.
  3. finished turning a teak bowl this morning, and then started turning a maple bowl. maple was pretty wet, so i'm going to let it sit for a few weeks on the lathe, let it dry out a bit, and then finish turning it. gift for someone in May. the teak is also a gift for another.
  4. i got a request a few years ago from a good friend to make one for her uncle, who passed away at 44. quite unexpected. the family was tight on money, so i donated materials and labor. no cost to her. made it special, using exactly 44 pieces of wood, and she liked it a lot. before i started, i looked online for what these kind of things normally cost commercially, and it ranged all over the place, from 100 or so, up to over 900. depending on how fancy you wanted and how much sellers thought they could get. can't blame them, they deserve to make a buck too. and if i
  5. i've made a few, but they were boxes with lids. one hinged, others were loose, but screwed in place. just a pretty box that they liked, or used some wood that meant something to them. rule of thumb: 1 cubic inch for each pound of weight. you can get a brass plaque with custom engraving via Amazon for under $20. name and dates is what i'd put on it.
  6. sawdust and outlets don't mix.
  7. "too pretty to burn" and that is how you drown in worthless scraps. trees grow everyday, God is always making more wood for us. use what you can, and let the rest go - toss it, burn it, compost it. my rule is not to let 10 cents of lumber take up a dollar's worth of space. many years go, i remember reading an article about a fancy shotgun factory. they had the prettiest, fanciest Claro Walnut stocks you ever did see. and they noted that some of the cut offs would later become pistol grips. the author, who was visiting in the dead of winter,
  8. curious, if they just have one or two guys working in the shop, they should have been able to stay open, and do curbside pickup of finished work. perhaps there are other factors at play, like no one has the coin to buy what they are selling?
  9. just made this today for a shooting buddy of mine. 36" tall, 30" wide, 25" deep. top is 3/4 plywood with laminate (fancy!), supported by a 4x4 in front, 2x4s on the sides and back. legs are 4x4, half lapped into the top supports. lower shelf is 12" above ground, simple piece of 3/4 plywood supported by 2x4s on edge. he intends to either stand or sit on a stool when using it, so the height is set for that. very heavy and sturdy, but can be moved by 2 normal adults. he was limited on space, so this will fit into the space available. might make a shelf or two for
  10. Will do. I’ll grab a pic of my existing one and pics of the new one we’ll build. Take your pick.
  11. as he notes in the comments, he mostly sells wholesale. that will keep the volume up, but you also give away some upside by letting someone else determine final pricing. normal is retail = 2x wholesale. good for him for finding a way to make a buck, but $10,000 over 6 months will give you a very modest life style. over a year at that rate, that's $20,000. if he's doing this full time, which is what is sounds like, preps stock at the end of the day to keep feeding it all day the next day, he's working about 2,000 hours in a year. or he's grossing $10/hour.
  12. well, here's a guy who has some advice and observations: $10,000 in 6 months. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPC18cXTS0Q
  13. as for what is planned in the shop this week: have a shooting buddy coming over tomorrow, and we are going to plan out and build him a proper reloading bench. i've done a few previously for myself, and I took some time this weekend to make some space to work and to sketch out the basic design and joinery and material for each part. 4x4s, 2x4s, plywood is the basic list. and screws and bolts and glue too.
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