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  1. apparently staying out of the dog house....
  2. took a walk today. well, it is March Forth! (i'm here all week).
  3. just got a supply of donor pens (Zebra F-301), now i need to generate some empty shells.....
  4. Success! after digging for 3 days (2 days to lay the trench drain in place in front of the garage apron, 1 day to dig a ditch from the trench drain drain to an existing drainage ditch, and then the new ditch had 4 inch corrugated pipe laid in it to carry the water), i tried it out this morning after power washing the garage floor and directing the water toward the drain, and then let the hose run into the trench drain for a bit, the system works! yay. calling for rain tonight. hopefully, this will fix the problem of water creeping into the garage, as the gravel driveway is higher than the garage floor.
  5. trench drain is all installed. tomorrow (day 3 of digging) will be the ditch for the outflow pipe (4" corrugated plastic) that will cross the driveway and dump into an existing drainage ditch (which needs some digging down, too much silt has accumulated due to nearby bushes). i wonder what the record is for parenthetical inclusions in one sentence? i'm pooped.
  6. the trench sections did glue up with PVC cement. about 1/2 the trench digging done for the day, more tomorrow. need 2 more small parts, so i'll run a quick errand tomorrow AM, grab them, and then come back and do more digging. this old bod can only do so much per day. day 3 (likely friday) will be the deepest trench, the one for the outflow pipe. only 4" wide, but it has to be deeper and sloped to carry the water that-a-way. sadly, the Lowes clerk didn't show up today. so just me and my doggie. she took a nap inside while i digged. per Clint Eastwood, in Good/Bad/Ugly - only 2 types of people in this world, those with loaded guns, and those who dig. I dig (but i also have a loaded gun). hmmmm....something wrong here.
  7. Range tomorrow. Come along.
  8. On second thought, I’m going to see if PVC cement will bond pieces. But first, digging. Ugh
  9. hmmm....slight glitch: the area where i want to install the trench drain includes 2 corners, one inside, one outside. but....but the maker of the drain channel does not make a corner adapter that i can find locally. (lowes). i found them on their website, at $52 each. yikes. so, since i'll have some leftover trench material, i may try making a corner with a heat weld of the plastic. what could go wrong?!!!
  10. next big project: install a set of trench drains in front of the garage. the gravel in front is higher than the concrete, so snow melt and rain tend to want to go into the garage (not desired). just peeped the homey depot website, made notes of what i need (about $300 of fun), will try to get them this week, as the wet ground is easy digging now (as compared to when it dries out and becomes like concrete). one trench along the concrete pad, and another trench at 90 degrees to carry the water away to a lower section of the property. sounds like fun, who wants to prove they are a better digger than me?! anyone, Bueller, Bueller, anyone????? ........ sigh.
  11. DAB

    Offering plates

    ever notice no one does offering trays or boxes?
  12. just ordered a mess of these donor pens. now i have to go shoot some ammo.
  13. first, i have to hit the range and shoot some ammo to generate the empty cases i need (that'll be fun!). i spent winter reloading about 800 rounds of ammo, so just need to find a day and grab some ammo. then get the donor pens, and then set things up on my lathe. will have to make a few jigs. this will keep me busy for several days, wife should like that! best price i've found is about $1.45/pen on Amazon, don't have a membership to Sams ($13 for 9 pens).
  14. on my "to do" list this year. want to make a mess of them to hand out as presents to all the Safety Officers who will be working a large pistol match in August. good thing i have time to practice this and get it done.
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