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  1. consistent grain, minimal expansion/contraction
  2. it's easy to do in my full sized shop, but years ago, i had to make do with a cheap ($200) Ryobi TS with very little out feed capacity. so i also bought an infeed and an outfeed roller stand. i was building some bookcases at my sister's house, and could not transport my full sized TS. ripping lengthwise, set the fence, let the roller stands support and catch the stock coming and going. crosscutting, move one roller stand to about even with the blade, so the stock is supported beyond the width of the TS table. it's doable, but requires a little thinking and set up.
  3. buying tools for someone else, who knows tools, is as fraught with danger as buying underwear for a strange woman (or even your wife). here, use this/put this on, i have no idea if it will fit, but they are all the same, aren't they? commence smacking....
  4. finish painting a fountain. weather and water made some of the paint peel, so sanded it down, new paint going on. 3 layers/colors, trying to match the original paint scheme.
  5. $9! of course, they are not paying retail for their lumber like you and I. and if you are making 10,000 of something, you can afford to set up some tools just so to do repeated cuts. one machine is making the ends, another is making the sides, and the last is making the bottoms. dab of glue, clamp for 10 minutes, sand, done. I couldn't even buy the lumber in that for $9. last i checked, a 2x4x8 was almost $5! yikes.
  6. DAB

    Shop Time

    oh, octopuses are amazing, they can wriggle thru the smallest of openings, since they have no bones.
  7. DAB

    Shop Time

    and once in a while, a thread turns out to be funny and educational! most octopuses are economists. how do i know that you ask? very simple, the next time you hear an economist say something, i assure you that you will hear the phrase "on one hand....., but on the other hand...." it's when they list the 3rd hand, you know it!
  8. DAB

    Shop Time

    ah.... there's your problem: you put things down! if you had 8 arms, like an octopus, you could use 2 to work, and have 6 remaining to hold things! i suggest turning into an octopus.
  9. no plans. picking up my neighbor at the airport tomorrow PM, bring him back to the shop where his car is stored, so he can drive it back home (NM to AZ), as they just moved, but 3 cars and 2 drivers is bad math. might try to wander over and meet the new neighbors, if i see them out and about (15 acre lots, so lots of space to hide in).
  10. my entertainment center from many years ago: the spaces under the TV later got smoked glass doors.
  11. leave enough space for a later TV. the replacement may not be the same size as the one you have in mind.
  12. needs a dowel at the entry hole for the birdies to perch on as they come and go. or a large nail.
  13. there is something satisfying about being able to say "i helped make that"
  14. trace the outline of the piece onto some plywood, glue together, fill crack with wood putty, touch up paint. makes no sense to spend $100 of time on a $30 sign. learn her lesson, get better stock, re-make the sign (it's CNC, surely they saved the file, just re-run the cutting program on a better piece again)
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