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Found 16 results

  1. Happy Birthday! Dear folks, I'd like to give a huge shout and a big Happy Birthday to our entire Patriot Woodworker Community. Today, April 3rd, 2020. We are 10 years old. Thank you! I want to thank all the members here who make this community what it is, and I especially want to thank our Administrators Ron Dudelston and John Moody and our Forum Hosts, Lew Kauffman, Gene Howe, and Larry Buskirk for keeping this community organized and tidy, and for being helpful to the members who frequent these pages and forums. Your support We also need to thank our community of woodworkers, for coming to the aid of the causes we support, from our annual fundraisers to help The Patriot Woodworker Forums stay live to the most important thing we do, supporting our veterans in need. When called upon, you all have stepped up to the plate, and participated in our fundraising events to help our veterans and their families to have a Wonderful Christmas in our annual Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays event, where you all step up and donate funds in order to provide a wonderful Christmas for a veteran family. We cannot thank you enough! My thanks to you This has been a journey for me personally, starting a community based on a duty to help those who serve our nation, and our love of everything woodworking. I have met many wonderful people here, and many have become friends. I have grown because of this group, I have matured in ways I never thought existed, I have rejoiced with your wins in your woodworking journey and life events, and I have felt sadness with you in some not so pleasant life events, we have lost a few Patriots on the way, and they'll be remembered always. I am a better person because of my experience here, with you. I owe all of you that. And, to my family, especially my wife for putting up with countless hours of looking at the back of my head while I sit here maintaining our community, interacting with you all, and also while having fun in my own online woodworking endeavors, thank you Wife! If anyone would like to read how we started out as a community, feel free to read the long boring story that can be found at: And we cannot say enough thanks to the folks who support our community and keep us live, by their incredible generosity in sponsorship. To the fine folks at Woodcraft, Easy Wood Tools, and Laguna Tools, we thank you. You have been with us nearly since our inception, and each year you step up to the plate, and help us pay our fees and dues and you contribute product for our raffles and other community events that help support the men and women who wear the uniform of our American Armed Forces, and the Veterans who come out of it all. Thank you!
  2. Ok Patriot Woodworkers, if you had a chance to speak to any woodworker in the entire history of our world, who would it be? Who that lucky guy, or gal be? Who would you travel back in time to see? Thanks for humoring me!
  3. I'm new here and just found out about the Patriot Woodworker from a general Google search for woodworker forums. I've been around these forums for almost ten years and this was the first I heard about the PW. So I am curious about the PW story. I think I have read all the boiler plate entries on the PW forum, but still have some questions. When was the PW begun? Who were its founders? Where is its home? How many members are there now? What else can you say about PW other than it's a place for Vets and Friends to hang out and share their passions and their experiences? I think the PW is valuable effort to support all our vets and disabled service members. By learning more, I hope I can do more. Sincerely, Al Heitz (aj43)
  4. @eldonthemarine. I noticed your question in chat this morning. Right off the top of my head I am going to say that may be almost impossible to come up with a number and here is why I think that. There are over 20 million veterans in the United States, that is a whole lot of veterans. Woodworking is a main stream hobby/trade, to what degree would a veteran be considered a woodworker? The question may be as hard as asking how many veterans play golf, or drive a Chevy. You may be the first to compile a database! . Eldon, there are quiet a few organizations that target veterans for woodworking programs, and many trade schools that offer special programs and tuition breaks for veterans, especially for veterans of OEF and OIF. I am taking a leap here but I would say that those educational institutions probably do not know how many veterans are currently woodworkers. Now, not to be a wet rag here, so I'd like to know more about your research and why this question is being posed or in other words, what is the context of your research, the main body of your research. Because there may be a better question to ask that will help your research. Thanks for joining Eldon, and I hope to hear more about your project.
  5. Woodworking by a Catholic, making spiritual arts and crafts.
  6. Just a good danged community of woodworkers, thank you all for being here. Whenever I come here, my spirit is renewed, I rejoice, I thank God for the trees He provides for the lumber I use, and I thank you all for broadening my view and exposure to the art, trades, and craft that is woodworking. Everyone here is greatly appreciated, I am personally humbled you all see this lil corner of the world known as The Patriot Woodworker, worthy of your time. And each time I leave our community here, I'm ready for the world, and I feel like DANCING! JUST LIKE THIS!
  7. Hi all, wasn’t sure where to post this. Alb graciously invited me to visit him and check out his shop. I visited him this morning, said hi to his wife, and daughter. It was a nice visit, and I loved his shop. My Dad was a quiet soft spoken man (like, where did I come from? LOL), and his highest compliment of another man was “He’s a gentleman” Well, Al is a gentleman. Last time I checked the member map, there was only about 3 in a 100 mile radius of myself. Guess I’m gonna need to schedule the PWWF jet, to expand my visiting forays. It is really nice to put a face onto a name.
  8. A Memorial Page for Ernie Richardson It is with great sadness that one of our own has passed away. Ernie Richardson passed on December 7th, 2016, just two days ago. He has been sparse here on The Patriot Woodworker the last few months, but I have been in contact with him via email and Facebook messaging. He never gave any indication that he was heading towards this life event, although he did seem a bit down, and just kind of not feeling well in spirit. Ernie faced a lifetime of disability. Ernie Richardson was a good man, even with his disability challenges, he focused outward towards helping others, instead of focusing on his own challenges. He loved working in an organization called Bugles Across America and he was a bugler for funeral services of our veterans. Ernie also counted on his best friend Ruby, his service dog. Ernie loved that dog dearly. Ernie loved coming on here and sharing his work and shop. He received a scroll saw he was very proud of. As a matter of fact we were very proud of that scroll saw too, our Patriot Woodworker's came together, and purchased that saw for Ernie. His shop was small, but he had a blast in it. Ernie loved to make pens for his friends and family and he gave them to veterans as well. I will miss the fact that Ernie is not with us anymore, I wish I could be in contact more with many of our folks here in The Patriot Woodworker community, I wish I could live near many of you, to visit, and just drop in from time to time and say howdy, I wish I could have met Ernie in person, and let him know that I personally appreciated his huge efforts with our veterans, and his presence here. He sometimes felt like he was in the way around here, he felt at times like he was asking too many questions or he was being a burden on us because he sometimes had difficulty navigating the site. It could not have been further from the truth, we loved him here, and we jumped in when we could to give Ernie a hand up. Ernie, nor anyone is ever a burden here, never. I hope Ernie understood that. Another thing about Ernie, he always regretted not serving our country, frequently he would remind us of that, but he always said, that he hoped by playing "Taps" for our fallen and naturally deceased veterans, that he could somehow make up for what he could not do in service. I remember many of us always shot back to Ernie "Hey sir, you're doing a grand thing by playing that bugle, don't ever feel like you did not do your part for our nation!" Right now I have no doubt Ernie is blowing into that bugle in Heaven and playing side by side with the Angels. And he is standing at the gates, welcoming all our military souls as they cross in. I have one last thing to say, well done Ernie Richardson, well done sir! We installed this memorial page for Ernie in our Veterans Forum, because he earned it! Ernie's organization Ernie's Gallery Reach out to our elderly, reach out to friends, reach out to our veterans, repair a fence for someone who cannot, be there for your neighbor.
  9. Check out this veterans website and products- https://riserburnwoodcrafts.com/
  10. Some friends and I had this discussion a couple of weeks ago. I think this settles it.
  11. This pattern is an adaptation from one of Steve Good's patterns. I have his written permission to share this pattern with y'all. Hope you cut it and share it.
  12. The remaining website of James Krenov. Simple, but with a loud statement.
  13. Crept out to my shop today and found a corner that was hiding out in the last go round with my shop clean up last weekend. Slowly but surely I am digging out. And getting my shop ready for production once again. I am getting anxious to say the least, but I have had to clean, and perform deferred maintenance on my machines and hand tools. Reminds me of what John Moody went through a short time ago. I went through my magazine collection and I have them sorted by publisher. Next I'll get the ones I want sorted by date and I'll get them in some binders or on a shelf. But for now I am donating to our local high-school wood program my stack of WOOD Magazines, but I am keeping my Fine Woodworking, Shop Notes, Woodworker's Journal, Popular Woodworking, and American Woodworker, Woodcraft and Wood Smith magazines. I threw away the annual tool review specials that each publisher puts out, like best tools of 2004 etc. Those are dated, but I am keeping the rest that have wonderful articles of interest to me. Sorting It's nice being out here in the shop, with my Pandora music playing away my Appalachia tunes, nearby my kids are playing basket ball right out side my shop door, so I'll take a break and join em, and let em whoop up on ol dad!
  14. Folks, I just wanted to give you a heads up, we recently had a contact from a viewer that was searching for Lew's wonderful Drum Sander build and of course that blog is on our old site still. We are working on moving those blogs here, more so now than ever. It's overwhelming though. But for now you can see all our old blogs at this link The Patriot Woodworker Old Site And if you happen to own any of those blogs, perhaps you could help us move it to our new digs here, just simply copy paste the text into notepad (to clear formatting) then copy paste it to your new blog here. You can also click on the images to enlarge them, then save them to your hard drive and reload them into your blog here. If you do this, please inform us what blogs you have moved. Thanks so much folks, we are still digging out from the big move of 2015! Click on our retro logo below as well to be taken to our old site.
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