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Found 76 results

  1. Recently, I was wanting to make a few templates to make a rocking dinosaur from a illustration I saw in a book (Jeff Miller, Children's Furniture Projects). The following is my approach to obtain full size templates. Danl 1) Scan illustration using home computer and file scan in JPG format. 2) Import JPG file into Sketchup. Position imported object into one of the standard views (front, back, top bottom, left, or right) 3) Draw over the the object you want to make a template for. Make each piece a component and make the entire dwg a component. 4) Hide original imported object. 5) Scale entire component to obtain desired size. 5) Using Sketchup, print 1:1 This method allow you to estore the master copy and to have thin object lines to use when sawing/sanding. I still need to tape the printed sheets together and adhere to template material. JPG imported into Sketchup. Drawing complete. Drawing printed 1:1 scale
  2. In Part #1, I mentioned that the pattern of the Celtic knot can be varied by how much wood is removed during the creation of the slots. Typically, I plow out a 3/8" wide slot and fill it with three inserts. That technique results in a pattern of knots that overlap- If the slot is cut, leaving a center slice of wood intact, and then placing an insert on each side; the pattern displays diamonds at the cross-over- Another subtle change in the pattern can be achieved by the sequence of the cuts related to the sides. I number each side of the blank during the layout procedure. Then when cutting the slots, I cut sides with the sequence 1, 3, 2, 4. Cutting the sides in a 1, 2, 3, 4 makes a slightly different pattern. So, that's how it's done! Once sanded, and the ends trimmed, a liberal application of mineral oil and they are ready to use.
  3. Trained as a Fine Artist at the University of Maryland, twelve of Lora Susan Irish’s pure breed dog oil paintings have been published as limited edition art prints. Her art has been featured on the front covers of “Doberman Quarterly” 1991, “Samoyed Quarterly” – all four issues of 1991, and “Shetland Sheepdog Quarterly” 1991 published by Hoflin Press. Read more... In addition to Mrs. Irish's extensive line of informational products for sale, she also gives back to the crafts community by offering free plans and patterns such as this carving relief tutorial. https://www.lsirish.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Your-First-Carving-by-LS-Irish.pdf
  4. lew

    Free Pattern

    Click on the image for the link to the site and file
  5. I also took lots of patterns to glue on to the wood...I had to have at least 10 patterns for each jewelry box and many many scroll saw blades.... One vacation I learned two different printers might not make the same size pattern. I had spilled a drink on some pages so I took a pattern to town and had someone print me some patterns to replace the wet wrinkled ones and they happened to be a little larger than all the ones I had already used for the one box...Didn't know that till I had scroll sawed out a board to be glued on the next board and it was wider that the rest. Had to wait till I got back home to use the printer here...I thought I had planned on everything before we left home but wet patterns never entered my little mind...My wife mentioned one day, you know, our vacations almost seems like being home and working. She also took her stained glass doings. Oh, where we went they always had lots to do but things like dancing parties and golf just didn't fit but the mini golf and the fishing tournaments almost every day was good. The horse back riding was okay but for a week I couldn't walk straight. Fun Valley is the name of the place in Colo if anyone is looking for a place to go about the first of May to the middle of "Sept..Elevation is over 8200 feet so the reason they close down then for the year...Over 900 hook ups plus cabins, trailers to rent and a motel in case one don't take his own roof and a bed. Large restaurant and gas station and laundry and a few churches are just some of the things available there on the property. Oh , they did reroute some of the south fork of the Rio Grande that goes through the property so you wouldn't have to buy a Colo fishing license but any other place you throw a hook in to the water don't forget to buy that license. In Texas every body driving down the road if someone comes up behind you just naturally pull over and let the faster cars go by..... But in Colo. do not pull over on to the shoulder or else if a highway patrol see you it is a big fine..... In the check in office at Fun Valley the biggest sign they have is to warn Texans of that law.....The shoulders along the highway in Colo. are important for they have to be in good shape to keep the highway in good shape so do heed their warning.... Also if you are low on cash they will let you work while there to help pay for you stay there. Working in the cafe, restaurant, tending the horses, carpenter work, road work, changing sheets and cleaning duties, mowing and lots of other things for what ever a little city needs you can work. These are all short hours so a person can still enjoy their vacation...We didn't work there but lots of folks did. One day we would work with our tools making things , the next day we would get in the car and drive a different road for a half of a day , turn around and drive back in the other half of a day... We did learn and see every thing we could possibly see in exactly half of a days drive from Fun Valley. Really some days we did go way too far and then it took way in to the night before getting back to our camper. They also have a guard on the gate 24 hours a day which is people with their campers doing the duty which is good for all the little kids could be seen all over the area and no mom or dads along to tell them anything.....I always thought this was great for kids needs this kind of learning... figure out things on their own. They also have a fourth of July parade there on the property and a very big one it is ....They also have the cook outs of sorts like maybe two rows of campers will be asked to cook something and all meet with their food at this camper or trailer for supper or lunch. Just good ways to meet and greet. Used to be owned by a family who lived in Abilene Texas till recently and a conglomerant bought them out. I hope they treat people like the previous owners did. Cheers. I forgot to mention the mini golf, the paddle boats, darts ,horse back riding, and golf and a fishing on the property and a few other things was free.
  6. next will be my kind of carving also my favorite kind of woodworking. This is parts of three different patterns to come up with this size thingy.... Just finished scroll sawing the outside of this pattern. Its 1 1/2" maple and it sure does strain the saw. I think I will be inserting a few names somewhere in or on it.
  7. An older article but apparently still relevant when it comes to the Nicholson Pattern Makers Rasp's. I found this blog story at one of my favorite hand tool suppliers, I have purchased quiet a few tools from Tools For Working Wood, the last tool I purchased last year was an English Mortise chisel made by Ray Isles. Tools For Working Wood is a great resource in their blogs, and their tools for purchase, just thought I'd share the blog on their decision to not sale Nicholson Rasps any longer and why. Click on Read more below.
  8. Well I’m back after a mini vacation and dealing with transportation issues (Blew the rings in my van and getting an old truck road worthy) So,. here are some of the techniques I used on the snowflake project: 1. I only had one paper pattern for each size so I optimized the material and cut a single snowflake of each size. 2. Using the cut snowflakes as templates I laid out the rest of the flakes to optimize the material (keeping in mind how many of each size the customer wanted). 3. I started by using three sawhorses to support the 4 x 8 sheet of plywood, this allows two sawhorses to support the majority of the plywood while the third supports the opposite side of the cut. I shifted the position of the third sawhorse as necessary. 4. I separated each flake from the full sheet first, then went on to cut all of the flakes. 5. While separating the flakes I cut the outside “flats”. I could have just cut between each flake, but that would have added to the cut time, wear and tear on the saws and the number of blades that I used. 6. I used appropriate supports for each size of flake; for the two larger sizes I used two sawhorses, cutting in between the horses for maximum support (rotating the piece as needed). For the smaller flakes I used the workmate with the clamp jaws extended as needed. 7. As for the actual cutting I used a scroll blade exclusively. I can cut straight with it when needed and changing back and forth is a pain. The HF and Bosch blades held up pretty close to each other (HF was U blades Bosch was the T blades, HF did not have mutipacks of T scroll blades)(HF scroll blades were 12 tpi, the Bosch 20 TPI so the Bosch blades did cut smoother). 8. While cutting the patterns I used some scrollsaw tricks, When cutting a sharp inside corner I would cut to the line and then widen the kerf until I could turn the blade without stressing it. When cutting a sharp outside corner I would cut through the waste area to the line, follow it to an inside corner I had previously cut ( allowing the waste to be removed ) then cutting the other side of the outside corner (now exposed). I’m not sure how clear this is, I was working alone. Next time I’ll try to take pictures or video. I rarely think of that while I’m cutting.
  9. Cutting a full 1" maple and 3/8' Baltic Birch at the same time is hard to hold that much weight and get the blade to follow the line in a good smooth motion.... Every time I would look up at the blade it was leaning one way or the other plus the blade burns the wood when it gets in a bind like that.... I will now remove the 3/8" backer board to cut the carvings away from the interior. Then the easy part begins....... oh sure.
  10. I ran across a picture of this box my wife took to the craft fair last Nov. I don't even remember much about it for when it left here it was still not put together for the lacquer was still wet. Usually I sit and think what I should do to the next one I build for things can't be a repeat. Different color, different shape, anything, just so the next project is an improvement from the last. So I hung a picture of it in the shop as a reminder and that decided me do more easier things in the future. Just drawing this box up with the french curve set took many days of lines being erased and new lines added plus all the while the size of it was getting way too big for the scroll saw to handle... Kinda like a person should never go to the grocery store when they are hungry. Many small items later and as you are loading things in the car the receipt falls out and you realize, oh my, what have I done!!!! They don't make loans that big anymore!! Lots of my patterns I file away won't even fit in our small house......This thing went straight from my work bench, table saw extension, to the craft fair. Usually I nit pick things to death for a while before anymore before I take things out the door.. Its been raining the last few days so the reason I been going through some pictures and planing something!
  11. View File Frank Zappa Frank Zappa by Mahendra Submitter John Morris Submitted 10/30/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  12. View File Mystic Wolf Mystic Wolf by Pabreu Submitter John Morris Submitted 12/02/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Mystic Wolf by Pabreu
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Love Ya by Joe Sawdust
  15. View File Love Ya Love Ya by Joe Sawdust Submitter John Morris Submitted 12/02/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  16. Version 1.0.0


    I Love You by Joe Sawdust
  17. View File I Love You I Love You by Joe Sawdust Submitter John Morris Submitted 12/02/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Love by Joe Sawdust
  19. View File Love Love by Joe Sawdust Submitter John Morris Submitted 12/02/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  20. View File Laurel and Hardy Laurel and Hardy by Mahendra Submitter John Morris Submitted 11/12/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Laurel and Hardy by Mahendra
  22. This pattern is an adaptation from one of Steve Good's patterns. I have his written permission to share this pattern with y'all. Hope you cut it and share it.
  23. View File Friends Friends by SQ Submitter John Morris Submitted 10/30/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  24. View File King Fisher King Fisher by Mahendra Submitter John Morris Submitted 11/06/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Kitty by Mahendra
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