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  1. Not exactly the 24' long version, but an interesting video.
  2. Not exactly the 24' long version, but an interesting video.
  3. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    The seat is weaved, and I placed the accompanying stool with it. I am pretty happy how this one turned out. I'll create plenty more, this was just too much fun.
  4. View File Woodcraft Magazine Issue 81 (Classic Shaker Counter) A wonderful plan by our sponsors "Woodcraft Magazine". Woodcraft has given us permission to share any items from their online catalog, thank you Woodcraft! Submitter John Morris Submitted 08/14/2022 Category Furnishings  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A wonderful plan by our sponsors "Woodcraft Magazine". Woodcraft has given us permission to share any items from their online catalog, thank you Woodcraft!
  6. Ol knuckle head sanding on a New Lebanon Shaker Rocking Chair. I built this chair from Curly Maple, it turned out very nice.
  7. That simple, little table has been delivered to a friend of mine's house,today.....time to clear the beck for action.. Haul 4 planks to the shop... And sort out for the best grain for a table top.. Thinking about the center 2 planks...the one on the left? Will get used as apron stock/drawer front....Need to cut things down to a more manageable size. Can't use the tablesaw, and can't use the mitreboxes just yet.. Have to do the saw work here....need enough blanks to make a 24" x 24" table top panel....mark out a line.. And get the saw down and ready to go.. Should do the trick? A "Cordless" saw.....I just happen to be the "motor" Waiting til Supper settles, then start some Cardio? Table will have a drawer, this time around...will need wider aprons on 3 sides... Stay tuned...
  8. steven newman

    Fancy Sidetable

    From the album: Walnut Night Stand

    Back view, showing the armrests, and the slats for the back. Back rung is a store-bought 7/8" dowel. Finish is two coats of Witch's Brew ( Pumpkin Pine?). The "bench" in the background is my Saw Bench, now over 2 years old.
  9. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    The seat is checkerboard weaved, with 5/8" fabric tape available at: Shaker Style Furniture WWW.SHAKERWORKSHOPS.COM Shaker furniture is the one truly original American style of furniture. Its clear crisp lines and singular lightness unite and...
  10. The Watervliet Shaker Historic District, in Colonie, New York, was the first Shaker settlement in America. It’s also where Mother Ann Lee lived her final days. Lee and seven followers left England and arrived in New York City in 1774 to establish a purer form of Shakerism. They established Watervliet in Albany County, New York, in 1776. While Watervliet was the first Shaker settlement, the first "formal" organization was established at Mount Lebanon.
  11. Our founders first met in 2001 to discuss what we could do to save this gem of Ohio's Shaker heritage. Since that meeting, we have grown to about 150 members, and in 2007 took control of the North Family's eight acres and eleven historic buildings through a lease from the Great Parks of Hamilton County. We are an Ohio non-profit corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. White Water is one of 24 communal villages founded, in the United States, between 1787 and 1824 by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, generally called "Shakers." It is the only one of four Ohio Shaker villages retaining most of its original buildings in their original settings and features the only standing brick meeting house in the country. Source: About Us
  12. Well it had to be to good to be true. Finished the coffee bar and the she wants a shelf with hooks for coffee cups. The real kicker is these are not the cups she uses every day but cups from the regular set of dishes. First up is to turn shaker pegs from walnut. This is something we have talked about in the turning forum. They all look the same but there are some variances. One has a larger button end , one is longer, one is shorter, one is thinner. But they are close enough that you may be able to tell some difference in photo however not all.
  13. Sometimes instructional videos can get long, and that is fine if you are mainly unfamiliar with every step of the process to make your project. This video however, was just right, assuming you already have a grasp on layout and design and tools usage, this young man goes through the basic steps on making a very nice shaker cupboard. I am in the process of making rail and stile and raised panel doors for mama's cabinet, using hand tools, and I wanted to get some tips on the process and order of steps, I found this relatively short video that included what I needed to see. Actually this video has inspired me to make a cupboard just like he is making, it looks like a wonderfully fun project! One of the best tips I picked up from this video is how to create sliding dovetails, check it out, it's really slick! Enjoy!
  14. I made Shaker berry boxes for a few Christmas presents this year. Four of the boxes have cherry sides and maple handles & bottoms. The fifth box is made from all poplar. The sides and handle are 1/8” thick and the bottoms are ¼” thick. The construction is 1/8” x 1/8” box joint. The finish is two coats shellac. Danl
  15. I made this in my tiny little shop (man, I’d really LOVE to have a window). Two are #4 hard maple shaker boxes with African mahogany tops. Also made two #3 shaker boxes from walnut with butternut tops. Hit them with some natural danish oil and after they dry for about 3 days or so, I’ll shoot them with about 4 coats of a satin poly. The hardest part for me is milling the stock to 1/16th of an inch....I seen to be able to get a better result on my table saw instead of the bandsaw....anyhow, I hope all youse guys are staying safe and healthy! I can’t wait until this comes to an end.
  16. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    I have already turned the posts and rungs and assembled this New Lebanon Shaker stool, next time I will install images of some of the process that is required to build these wonderfully simple stools. But for now, I'll show a couple images demonstrating the weave of these stools.
  17. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    This is the first time I have played with actually photographing my work in a more professional way, with the help of my kids, I think we did pretty good. This chair was another fun build, I just love these chairs.
  18. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    Arm with wedged round tenon.
  19. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    Rear of Shaker chair.
  20. From the album: Shaker Furniture

    If anyone has an critiques regarding the photography of this chair, please share, I want to learn how to photograph work like this. Thanks!
  21. Hi Guys, New to the forum and just recently resumed my woodworking (5 kids need no further explanation). I drew this shaker style step in sketchup, and made it from local cherry, it has a dutch oil finish. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that the forum provides and am excited about learning all I can and honing my skills (considered an amateur). cheers dsb
  22. I love chairs. And I like building them too. I built several sculpted rockers in the past and while they are absolutely beautiful, the time it takes to build in the sculpted style is great, unless you are producing those chairs for a living, it can take quite awhile to produce one sculpted rocker. Not too mention there is much waste in those chairs, so I decided to simplify and take the edge off of building chairs by moving on to a more traditional chair and after looking at different styles of chairs and rockers I decided I wanted to build in the Shaker style. Building in the Shaker style can mean delving more into hand tools, or not, your decision. I made the decision to lean heavy on hand tools as I wanted to quiet down my shop, and try to limit dust as well, thus my discovery of building these chairs was a perfect fit. The book "Chairmaking Simplified" was my first leap into Shaker chair making. The book is wonderful, every page is full of images to help you along your Shaker chairmaking process. The beginning of the book launches you into the history of Shaker chairs, the joinery, etc, and then Kerry walks you through the building process. From recommended tooling, to setting up those tools, to using those tools, then on to the actual chair making process. If you are in the first steps of your woodworking adventure, you can build a chair using this book, and I might add for my Shopsmith friends, especially @Artie, you can produce at least two of these chairs on your Shopsmith, I say two because the rear legs that have to be turned on many of the chairs are too long for the turning capacity of the Shopsmith, but there are two chairs, and all the stools can be turned on the Shopsmith completely. During my construction process I had a few questions that needed clarification because I just wasn't sure about the diagrams on some of the chairs, I shot Kerry Pierce an email or two and he was very accessible with his information, and he communicated with me and cleared things up. If you want to study Shaker chairs, if you want to build a Shaker chair, I highly recommend this book. See my gallery of my very first Shaker rocker and stool I made using this book.
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