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Shopsmith Dedicated Table Saw

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3 minutes ago, John Morris said:

Not anymore though right Gunny? It all comes down to rumors and misinformation. :)

Not too sure about rumors but I did learn a lot about SS as this post has progressed.  Would not have guessed SS made stand alone units, or power units.  Learned something more about the SS as a result.  It is a very versatile machine and for space savings I have yet to see anything that matches it considering the wide range of available add-ons.  


I did so some research and found a lot of modified SS units, some of them are absolutely stunning.  What I like about this site is the diversity offered.  Everyone has tools or systems that work well for them.  While I might not think it works for me I do take the time to study closely how the units work.  Always trying to find a possible use or idea for a future upgrade.  


Had a shop teacher with two of his fellow shop teachers here at shop last week looking over the Twin Tablesaw.  Thought of you when one went into the benefits of a SS.  Got a lot of feedback and two pages of suggestions for upgrades.  Always interesting to have your project measured and picked apart right in front of you.  They asked me to come down to the schools and do a presentation or give a lesson.  Had to turn that down, I appreciate it and all but I am not a public speaker kinda guy.

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OK, I'm not trying to convince anyone to get one or that you should have one.  I am just showing that you can do whatever you are able to do on most other machines.  The Shopsmith has it's limits.  Se

Oh man Gunny, why not? I could see it now,   Student: Mr. Woodbutcher, could you please go over one more time how you fit two table saws into one system and what the benefits are?

Had a neighbor with a SS back 40 years ago and thought "that would be nice to have in my small shop" . That is until I saw the price and then all that set up stuff. Now with the 24x36 I will just run

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Other than the space saving versatility, many of the hardware parts are available from a reputable hardware store.  I am often loosing set screws and they are about 20 cents each at the local hardware store.  And, I can choose the tip and length.  And, it does all i want to do.  One thing I would change is the low speed.  But, mine is a 1984, and it was the only machine at that time with all those variables in the power head.  

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7 hours ago, Gerald said:

Now with the 24x36 I will just run around to different machines

I used to do that, when I had a full two car garage to work in, now with my smaller space, I'll just stand in one place and raise my table saw table a few inches, slide the motor over and couple with the band saw, and in 30 seconds I'm band-sawing! Aint that much of a difference really. You get good at it. :lol:

Folks buy the brand new machines for their own reasons, we have a few folks here who purchased theirs brand new and I'd hate to discourage them from their happiness, and yep, put out some nice dough for them, good on them! Not too mention supporting a USA company, if you can, aint a bad idea.


I do miss my stationary machines sometimes, but rarely anymore, it's been a fun transition for me. If cost is an issue for folks when considering a Shopsmith, the secondary market is wonderful on that.

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8 hours ago, Gerald said:

All this info has my head spinning gonna have to stop  readin this SS  stuff.

:ChinScratch:...I don't know Gerald56567ea584735_IDontKnow.gif.3cfca1eb302acab6008082f8235203b6.gif, it's got my head spinning with new ways of assembling my own version with my 80+ year old Delta machines. :DayDreaming:


1 hour ago, John Morris said:

If cost is an issue for folks when considering a Shopsmith, the secondary market is wonderful on that.

I'll have to wait until I find one hitch-hiking along some lonely road. Ho_Hum.thumb.gif.05b271113255b404c9d015ba00935611.gif

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The Twin Tablesaw is my mini version of a small shop set up. Squeezed 3 tools into one space plus the storage. It's what works for you that is important.


Did get an offer from someone for the Twins.  Was pretty fair but it means I have to make a new one.


Hmmm. NO.:D

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On 2/17/2020 at 6:19 PM, Larry Buskirk said:


:huh:...:ChinScratch:Now that seems counter productive to the reason most often given for owning a SS. :WonderScratch:

It is, but the scrollsaw that mounts on the SS is too cumbersome to operate. The stand-alone is much simpler to operate, but it does take up more space. It is light enough to that it is easily moved.

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