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Found 7 results

  1. So... Nice to have a spare handy...just in case...
  2. Got to ride along to visit a small section of The World's Longest Yard Sale.....Stopped at about half of the sales we found...I think I bought items from 8 different vendors....spent..$18...Soooo, first up was a "Truckstop-like" place in Cartegena, Oh area, on US 127.....large barn for selling Golf carts, another for selling sporting goods, another was the gas station/deli/grocery.....and a few tents of vendors....and another long building full of antiques.. Prices were a tad too high, for me... and.. Next booth.. Table in the center of this booth.. Yes, it says $9 for that block plane...Bought a pair of Yankee/North screwdrivers from one tent, and a Dunlap #3 from another... Stopped at a few other sales......one had this big tool.. Has a drive shaft to a PTO. Didn't have the room in the van...or the shop... Stopped at a place called "York Woods" (?) a campground in a woods. Also had quite a few vendors....one was 80% tools! Got a backsaw, a square, and another Yankee/North Bros. One other stop got me a short rip saw....Started the day with a twenty, came home with $2..for these? Square is a 12" model. Backsaw isn't much bigger. Might take a little clean up? Road weary now....might be too tired to try the shop today....Had tried to do a little rehab on the 5-1/2ppi rip saw.....glued a crack in the handle, and replaced one bolt.. Yep..THAT one (bolt and crack) Someone had peened the bolt over onto the nut....had to grind away to remove the bolt. Handle is sitting clamped up, with a bead of glue where the crack broke out.. Warranted Superior medallion...might take awhile to get it rehabbed? I think I'll sit and rest for awhile....
  3. Friends of ours have sold their home and bought something similar in a much lower-priced area, so they decided to have a yard sale to avoid having to truck unused items a hundred miles down the road. We dropped by on Sunday, and I found a pair of C-clamps (4" & 6", unused) for $10., which sounded reasonable. Then I spotted something interesting in a box of mixed items. Asked what he wanted for it, and was told anything in the box was $1! Since I hate to take advantage of anyone, I gave him twice that amount, and told him to keep the change. Not bad? Yankee No. 131. 16 1/2" long, 25" extended. Reason for the low price? No bits. As it happened, I had spares! The box in the background holds a Hoppe version (German made), 12 1/8" long, which uses the same bits. John
  4. Technically, it's still not a collection since there are <24, but I may have OCTD (Obsessive Compulsive Tool Disorder). This habit began in 1972 although I didn't know it at the time. My dad had a Yankee, Model 46 push drill so it just made sense to get one of my own. There were no BORGs back then; I bought mine from one of the old fashioned hardware stores which was down-town...same place you bought nails, screws, tools, grass & vegetable seeds, paint,,,well you get it...they were a Blue Grass / Belknap franchise, but sold other brands as well. I had just purchased my first "home" so to speak...a 1959, 10'x50', 3 'bedroom' mobile home on a little over 1/2 acre lot. Fast forward about 37 years...my daughter rented her first house...needed curtain rods put up...got my old Model 46 out as I had tens of dozens time before for just this kind of task...she said, "dad I'd really like one of those." No problem, I'll just look it up on-line and order one...apparently Stanley quit making these sometime in the early 1980's...who knew...the quest began...at the time similar were selling for $25-$100 on eBay plus shipping...started looking at yard sales & flea markets...took a few months but I found a like new 41Y Bell Systems with all 8 bits for $5...she got it for Christmas that year. But the obsession grew...what if I broke a bit on mine? What if I lost it after all these years...so the pictures below reflect the rest...anyways, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Top Row L->R 46Y, no cap/bits perfect otherwise; 46; some bits, works well, cap and handle nasty; my original 46 still have original 8 bits; red handle/black cap also a 46, but marked Yankee North Bros (note in right side pic has the original instructions which are rolled up and placed in one of the bits slots; has 7/8 of bits missing 1/16"; black bakelite handle, chrome steel cap, 45, Yankee, some bits but a couple are Stanley slot shank but twist bits, Made In Germany so likely Dunlap; far right Stanley 03-049; cheaper version of the Yankee's; probably made toward the end of the production; bottom of all in top two pics, is a new replacement driver shank tht would work on all 46 models. Bottom left, one on left is marked Made in Germany, but on the cap embossed Dunlap; second red cap only marked Made in Germany...may be an earlier version of one on the left. Right pic, Blue capped is one of my prize treasures...no bits, marked Made in Germany and is very similar to the Dunlap's but with one major difference.There is an inverted triangle; above the triangle is "Manufacturers Steel Corp"; left side of the triangle marked "Germany"; right side of the triangle "British Zone"; from what I have been able to learn, this would have been produced somewhere between 1945-1954; Allied's occupation of Germany ceased after 1954...likely this was made after 1946 since Germany was allowed little production of any kind until about 1948 and before 1953 as Allied's lessened controls after that. I believe it to be the the first runs of what became Dunlap. I gave 25 cents for it. Sorry for glare but maybe you can see Dunlap on cap; far right are the latest picks; (2)-Stanley 41Y's and the Miller-Falls #100 $2-$3-$2 Left picture, top to bottom; Yankee North Bros No 40? can't make out '0" but believe it to be one of the first in the series; Next is Steel Craft-Germany-may be part of the same era of Occupied Germany; it's a Stanley 41 clone; Yankee North Bros, #41; a nice Yankee North Bros 41 but slightly different chuck than one above; a very nice Yankee North Bros 41 but again another variation of chuck than one above; Yankee North Bros, #44; note the bits store different on this one. A grand total of 17-3/4 (18-3/4 if you count my daughters, but it's not on location so...) Outside of hers at $5 and whatever mine might have cost new, I've never given or $2-3 for any of the rest...most a buck or less. I've let at least this many go just because they were priced above $5... So if you've read this far without your head slamming the table, keyboard or screen, thanks for indulging my OCTD.
  5. OK, by the standards established in other threads this is not a collection since it's <24, but it's something to do and keeps old tools and traditions alive; plus I actually use now 3 of these from time-to-time. My fascination with hand drills began at over 60 years ago as did my collection...I just didn't know I'd start collecting at age 3. In the picture below, top row, the drill on the far left belonged to my grandfather. There is no name on it and it is not to the level of the Stanley's beside it. The cap is stamped on top 1.59. I seem to recall similar drills in the Hardware Section of our G.C. Murphy Department Store. The cap unscrewed for bit storage but none of the bits remain...probably lost by me at age 3 or 4. I do remember bits in the handle. I would have to drag a kitchen chair over near the china hutch to climb above and retrieve the drill from on top of a cabinet above the hutch. I also recall getting my butt smacked as a deterrent from playing with the drill, but alas wasted effort. The Stanley Yankee Handyman (Model H1221A, Hy-Lo drive) next to it is my most recent purchase. I picked it out of a bucket of junk at a local Pawn Shop. I gave $5 for it. It has 7/8 original bits. It was pretty nasty but cleaned up nicely. The painted wood handle/knobs was cleaned with 50-50 Simple Green/water, then 3 coats of Johnson's Rust cleaned with Dremel & brass wire brush, polished on the buffing wheel then 3 coats wax. Nest to it, with the red flywheel is Stanley (No 1221). Same process as above to refurb. While a 1221, not the H model, so no bit storage or hy-lo crank. Think I gave $2-$3 for it. Next to it is also a 1221 (no H or bit storage) but is a hy-lo crank. I gave $1 for it at a local flea market. Last one on left pic is my prize I bought last fall for $3 at the Covered Bridge Festival. A Stanley Yankee, North Bros, H1431. The brand is on both the chuck and handle ferrule. The black and yellow is a John Deere made by Stanley. I bought this new in probably 1986-87 when Deere closed out their Carpenter Tool line most of which was made for them by Stanley. Has all eight bits plus I bought an extra set. At the time, my cost was less than $5 for all. It's also a hy-lo...very similar to the Red/Blue Handyman just a newer version. Gear tooth side of flywheels The 1.59 on grandpa's drill cap; Still have the original box the JD came in A little better pics close-up...my old phone camera is only 2mp I think I'll probably repaint the flywheel on the older H1221...pretty rusty and it's cast steel. The H1221A had some nasty chalk like stuff or maybe Liquid Nails where the bare paint area is. I tried everything to get it off and finally used some spray carburetor/ choke/ injector cleaner. It removed it, but took most of the paint too. I just can't bring myself to completely refinish; adds to the character don't you think? Anyways, one of my vices...I've let a few go if over $5 bucks or just completely worn out or junk, but at least these are saved. One of these days when I get I may refurb grandpa's drill...Time just isn't right yet. I have typed up a short story, rolled up and placed in the bit storage (since I lost the bits 60+ years ago) about it's history. My grandmother made sure I was the one to get it though! I intend it go to my oldest grandson. Edit: removed redundant pic
  6. Had to go to Little Emerald City (county seat) today for lawnmower gas before it jumped $0.43/gal. Noticed there were a couple yard sales going on...nice day so look what followed me home.... Stanley Yankee Model 41Y with all 8 bits...1/16" might be slightly bent, but this drill has barely ever been used. A little surface rust which will clean & polish up nicely. No price marked on it, so when I asked, the guy said oh 2 bucks sounds fair...didn't even try to negotiate...bits are worth more than that. Didn't really need another one, but, it doesn't take up much space and it needed a family.
  7. A little Yankee screwdriver I picked a few weeks ago.... Kind of hard to get a good picture of this thing. This side has "Stanley" in a clipped cornered box. Model Number is No. 3400. On the other side.. It says "YANKEE" There is a selector lever. As this is a ratcheting sort of thing. Made to turn slotted screws. There IS a Patent number, as well.. #2058855.....The screwdriver is only about 3-3/4" long, and is nickel plated. It is held together by two rivets. The ball on the end is flaking a bit, feels a bit rough. Haven't found out much about it, yet. Only cost me...a quarter, I think....
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