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    Darned Butterflies.

  2. 9 points
    Steve Krumanaker

    Humble Beginnings.

    This may not seem like it's turning related but it is. I want to learn a little about chip carving for embellishing. I have some boxes turned and ready but thought it might be better to practice on some flat pieces first. Glad I did, it's harder than I thought it might be. I am finding it's a lot like turning in that it's all about technique. This is the most basic cut and probably the most often used in chip carving, the triangle. Going to take a lot of practice I think. I can see some progress from top to bottom but have a long way to go. Steve
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    A good Friday morning to all of you Patriot Woodworkers. If you've been keeping up on the forums, it has been a very busy week for y'all and it appears that many projects are in the works. This week, my wife and I broke down and bought new phones. My carrier had a BOGO on iPhone 8s so we're now learning the nuances of the new toys. Also this week, I built a small bookcase, just because. Just because I had a half sheet of plywood in the corner and it was more fun to build something with it than move it around. The case is only 24" wide and 48" tall and I'll probably put it up for sale at my next show. Its been fun because I really didn't know what color(if any) to dye or stain it so I made a sample board and threw it out on my Facebook page as a poll. As of now, its either golden oak or red oak stain. The weather here is predicted to be extremely hot and my son and I are going to build an 80' fence on his new property that is now totally houseless. So gang, what's on your agenda for this weekend? Starting a new project, finishing one or simply relaxing?
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    steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Well..it was until the legs started to cramp up..mine, that is....got bevel #2 done... 2 down, two to go. Planes? Made in England, Stanley #4c...the jack and the block plane? The little Shelton has already hopped off the bench a few times..didn't seem to bother it...Miller s Falls jack because it has no camber to the iron..."new" one does. Turned the board 90 degrees,and laid out for bevel#3 Jack plane to get close to the lines. then the #4c cleaned it up... Same routine with the last bevel, trying to get that "crisp" corner Sellers likes...then the #4 smooth plane to clean things up.. Moved this aside...but had one more item to do to it... I took one leg, and traced around it, at each location the legs will go. Then I get mark for a 3/8" tenon, and the final length of the aprons.. Small mitersaw to cut to length...then mark out the shoulder cuts for the tenons...and set the depth stops on the Langdon75. Laid out the cuts.. Used the mitre box to make a few cuts.. First cut, to double check how deep it was....handle side was a hair shallow, adjusted that. and made the rest of the cuts.. Depth stops are holding the saw up. Then to the bandsaw for the rest of the cuts...until I had these.. Time to set up for mortises.. Thanks to those feet...I had to hang them off the side of the bench...marked out for the mortise, and did a bit of chopping.. Rotate, rinse, and repeat....got three done, and dry fitted.. And was setting up to do #4... When MY legs started to cramp up....guess I was done, for the day... Maybe try to get something done..tomorrow? Cleaned the shop...couple of times...about 9 dust pans full.... Stay tuned.
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    Yesterday we got our 16' pod picked up to go to storage for our upcoming move to Kentucky. The rest of the day we were getting things packed up and had some people come by and pick up some pieces of furniture as our daughter posted a number of things online to a local website for our local community garage sale site. We had a number of people come by to buy and pick up pieces of furniture and stuff. I will have a guy come by today or tomorrow to pick up my Grizzly drill press and my Delta scroll saw. I had a guy come by and get my rolling wood scrap cart and another lady came by and bought one of my other rolling work benches that I used for my scroll saw. So I could not complain. When I got done with everything I headed upstairs to shower after all the work. I pulled off my t-shirt and pants and had bruises all over from all the beating & banging from carrying, stacking and wheeling stuff around. I am getting too old for all this moving crap!
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    Allen Worsham

    Our Pod Container Just Left.

    Wrapping up getting our 16' container filled and ready for pick up today. I was all jazzed with getting the last stuff in and then meeting up with a missionary friend who is on furlough for breakfast. Then I got the call from the driver that he was 20 minutes out. So things got frantic. I had to drive home and cut a plywood bulkhead so the last stuff would not slide around. I literally got the plywood cut and the driver was coming up the street. I had hoped to get all my clamps on my clamp rack in the Pod but it was too tall to get it through the door and it would have put it overweight (6,000 lb.) So I will have to get bigger U-haul for when we we drive back to Kentucky.
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    a little crowd control...
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    Gene Howe

    Clamps Were Cheaper Than a Tire.

    The southwest climate can ugly up anything in no time at all. See my avatar. And, I'm only 33 years old.
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    Interesting Picture Transfer

    My son sent me this in an email. He is not a woodworker, I never could get him interested, but he thought this was cool, I do too. Enjoy.
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    Spent yesterday washing the mildew off the siding of the house and three out buildings. Too damp around here I suppose. Needs done from time to time. Probably best if it was done every year but that's not happening. Today is going to be a do nothing day and maybe tomorrow too.
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    Old Tools

    Picked most of these up a long time ago and just took some pictures to share.
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    Ron Altier

    Bird Plaque

    I ran across an old picture of a bird plaque that I made my daughter years ago. I made a large clock and it had a form that reminded me of a bird. So I refined the form and made 2 birds in flight. I used Yellow Hart and scraps from the clock I had left over. Can't remember the wood types. I think the circle is about 12"
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    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Added a little carving.
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    Replaced the carburetor , spark plug, air cleaner, fuel filter, oil filter and oil on the JD lawn tractor. Touched up the peeling paint. Runs like new. I think I may now have some time to get into the shop for some woodworking.
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    3 Smaller Ipad/Tablet Holders

    One can never have enough clamps I'll have to check H-F next time I'm there..been missing that isle
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    Chinese Rant

    Hand planes are becoming a lot more scarce in my area. You rarely find them at garage sales and the flea market(s) don't have much. Every once in a while you catch the Northern Snowbirds selling at the market during the winter. They bring them down from up North but they have an inflated expectation of what is a fair price. They try to hype the "Collector" price. I inform them that I want the user price. I don't leave my planes with 80 year old patina. They are trued and properly fetted for use. Most are finished/polished to a much finer surface finish than originally came from the factory...my personal preference. So, when I am done they will have no "collectors" value. However, they will serve me until the end and probably will serve someones else after I am long gone. Fortunately, over the years I was able to put together a comprehensive and usable selection of Stanley's. All of them were refurbished and are USERS. Most here have seen part of my stable: However, the above is just a little of the total inventory...the wood planes date from mid and late 1800's to what was a new, late(r) type #7C. I am, also, not above purchasing the occasional Veritas "wood shaver". They are an absolute joy to use. A "properly tuned" Stanley or other quality makers plane can be made to function correctly but the Veritas planes are in a league of their own. My best advise...stay away from the off-shore junk on Fleabay. No matter how much work you put into it it will still be poor quality materials and a poor quality user. Keep checking the yard sales, flea markets, etc. for older name brand (Stanley, Record, Bailey, Miller Falls, etc.) to refurbish and don't hesitate to ask on any of the many woodworking forums if someone has any to sell. You might be surprised what someone will come up with...even parts to complete an incomplete garage sale find.
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    steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Coughing jag hit last night..pulled something in the back, right under the right shoulder blade......only HURTS when I cough.... Anyway, decided to at least try to move the planes around....IF I could keep them small....and LIGHT. Legs needed worked on, so did the wood ones.. but, I worked on the wooden ones, this time.. Saw marks needed to leave, wavy surfaces needed to be flat, and the square part needed to be 1" x 1" square.....couple of these were a bit..FAT Spokeshave to round the outside corner of the leg. Sanding Center's beltsander to smooth the curves. Palm sander to smooth the rest... Not perfect, but close enough. Then it was the aprons' turn under the planes.. These two were not even close to the same size...thickness or width....Planed them until the matched each other, benchdog as a stop. Once these two were done, then the long ones were done....one of those had a surprise.. One face was clear, turn it over, and find a knot. Jack plane never noticed it. Had to joint the edges, until they matched the short aprons for width Shavings were piling up, too. Got all the aprons to match each other, for width, and thickness... Yes, that knot is under there. Marked the tops of the legs, to show where the tenons will go... Set these items aside...need to work on that plank, under the legs.... First, I needed to remove a pile... Had to move the trashcan over to this mess...took a few dustpan loads....now, about the plank.. This is the "bad" side. This will be the bottom of the stand's top. Marked this end for a bevel.. Marked one along the end, 3/4" down ( or up?), the second line is 1-1/4" back from the edge....these are the stop lines for making the bevel.. Couple of clamps, and the benchdog (hiding behind the plank) to keep things from moving. Coarse set jack to start the cuts, then the #4 to smooth and finish the bevel Next time, I'll turn this and do the other end....then the two sides. Once all four edges have their bevels done, then I can size the aprons for length, as the base will sit inside the bevels.. IF the back straightens out....hate when I cough. this one bevel make a mess on the floor... Just one bevel's worth..imagine four. Cleaned this up, and called it a day....back didn't like going over the 2 hour time frame... Maybe tomorrow, I can get something done? Stay tuned...fun is about to begin...
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    Lissa Hall

    Router Setup

    You guys are grest! A ton of information! Thanks for videos helped me understand more. So many good suggestions. Can't wait to start shopping!
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    Okay I just had to stop what I was doing outside and try one of those long router bits. Just so you guys know I did not start with anything on paper.. No patterns no guessing on paper..What ever comes out sometimes I do like and other times I have to tell a big- un like sure I like it.. This I like and I'm not this good... It takes the right tools and the Legacy Mill will make anyone look like he has been in a wood shop before.. I haven't had time to erase the pencil marks yet. Did I say I'm leaving the bad places in the wood cause I've never built something and leave a big gap in the wood on purpose??? You got to be very careful when you are cutting something on the side of an object for you have to have a flat place for the bearing to run or else garbage can... I still have the attachments on the top and bottom of the tall tea pot.. That's in case I decide to change things. Slip it right back in the lathe and go at it again.. Got to think more before the trigger finger gets itchee....
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    Gene Howe

    Router Setup

    So, there goes that thickness sander build we were anticipating, huh?

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