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  1. I guess after looking at the two closer, one had a boom light, and the other does not. So I would guess the boom light would be advantageous in some scenarios? Both the same price, so why not I guess.
  2. Gerald, I am coming back to this now, man time sure does fly, but I need to start photographing my work before it leaves my home to other hands. Starting with my latest chair project. You had mentioned the UL9004 as a good kit for me. Can you please back track to this link and tell me which UL9004? There are a couple of them. UL9004 Kits Thanks so much Gerald.
  3. Now that's a good one Kevin. Could a diamond it the tool suggest also a tool for working on stones? I am going to move this to the "Member What's It" forum, thanks for the entry Kevin!
  4. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker Dexter!

  5. Hey Dan, could you humor me further, and tell me when it was received? Thanks!
  6. So the controls are working for you then correct Gunny?
  7. Also, can you guys please revisit your notification panel and make sure your switches are where you want them to be?
  8. @Smallpatch, are you getting 1000 each week from The Patriot Woodworker?
  9. I was indoctrinated into woodworking on the RAS. At the age of 9 or 10 with Dad. Cross cut, rip, dadoes, miters, still love them today. Very comfy with the RAS.
  10. That'd be a different issue Larry. Can you submit a bug report for that, please?
  11. Thanks Fred, that was the one we just mailed out this morning. Thank you for your reply, this helps us determine many things that are going on. And I apologize in advance to anyone who is receiving this newsletter multiple times.
  12. Thanks Cal, that is a bummer. I'll have to look into this issue then. Thanks for your prompt feedback.
  13. Just taking a poll, we sent out a newsletter on Veterans Day, this past Monday, the software used to perform this action is brand new to us, if anyone received or not this Newsletter, could you reply here? It went out to members of our community. Thanks for your participation Here is a link to the actual newsletter below. We also just triggered another mailing of the newsletter this morning, hopefully it will reach more of you. Thank you for your patience in advance as we work through this new software. The Patriot Woodworker Community Newsletter, November 2019
  14. This is a wonderful project Frederick, and ambitious too, I look forward to your progress report here, I am delving into carving myself, and I am glad to see you here and contribute to our carving forum, thanks Frederick. Let the progress pics roll!
  15. Thanks Larry! Chair images have been updated at last reply of the topic to see the weaving process continued go to REPLY
  16. Thanks for joining us Moldmaker!

  17. That was about the year of my dad's saw too.
  18. Ya I know, I was hoping perhaps some online image you could drag up. Perhaps I'll dig through what I have and take pictures and see if anything looks like what you need.
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