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  1. Jess, those images are the Category cover images, you need to click on those images to access the entire category, then the images will display clearly.
  2. Ron, a 1lb cut simply put is a one to one ratio, 1lb of Shellac to a gallon of alcohol. A 2lb cut of shellac is 2 lbs of shellac to one gallon of alcohol, 2:1 ratio. All measurements are to one gallon of alcohol. The more lbs the thicker the finish. So no, if you diluted your shellac by 50%, that would be a 2lb cut. If you dilute your shellac 100% with alcohol, that would be a 1lb cut.
  3. Now that's a great idea, heard of folks in the trades doing something like that but I forgot all about it, something I think I'll adapt into my own flow of work.
  4. @BillyJack Well if that's not proof that factory blades work, than nothing is! I know I've said it before, I'll say it again, exquisite, absolutely exquisite. Got a question, how many of these table were built before the perfection we see now, came to be? Thanks for posting. Edit: You don't sharpen those blades, does that mean they have a shop life till dull, then disposed of?
  5. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New Members Please welcome to our community, @williegfatboy, @Robert Yates, please click on their names and leave a message of welcome on their profile page. And to our new members, welcome to your new community folks! Community News You now have the ability to review your favorite books with our new book review application. Currently we have the application live in the General Woodworking Forum and the Wood Turners Forum. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/74-woodworking-book-reviews/ https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/78-wood-turning-book-reviews/ Make sure to watch the video on how to use this new feature, the video can be found pinned to the top as a topic in those respective forums. We will install the book review feature in all major categories of the forum, such as scrolling, carving, hand tools, etc. Donations Also, some of our members were just made aware of our donation page, and started to use it. This is a welcome source of funding for our community. We usually have a fundraiser raffle during the summer to help pay for our community, but my health took a dive this summer, and I never had the time nor the mind to organize our annual summer fundraiser, so we are falling short of our budgetary obligations. We will be very tight. If you are able to donate to our community, a dollar on up, it all helps. I'd like to thank the following members for their very generous donation thus far, thank you! @p_toad @Fred W. Hargis Jr @Gene Howe @Woodbutcherbynight We like to further thank members for donating to our community since last weeks Monday topic. @Cal @DuckSoup @lew @FlGatorwood If you'd like to donate to our community, please see this page at https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/clients/donations/ Featured File To view all our files for your enjoyment and use, please go to "Files Downloads". You can also pick up the downloads at the Plans and Software Forum. Once uploaded to our server the plans auto populate at the forum. Featured Topic Our Featured topic has also been added to "Our Picks", this is a page for content that has stood out and been chosen for a special place in our community, and for a limited time showing on our Home Page for the world to see Featured Link Our featured links are website links added by staff and members, add your favorite links today at "Links Directory". Featured Image As part of a BBC TV series Great Railway Journeys, a stop-over in the old furniture town to experience some of its history entailed an encounter with a local chair bodger. Stuart King "Chair Bodger" sits next to his work. Source: https://www.stuartking.co.uk/stuart-king-tv-2012/
  6. Just came upon this topic from years ago as I was purging our forums. She's still our hero in our home. And the Taliban are coming back today.
  7. This last week is full of many symbolical events for our family. This morning we are about ready to head out to the last Sunday Mass as a whole family before she ships out. She his leaving our town early Sunday morning next week, so today is our last Mass, I know we may be getting overly sentimental through all of this, but hey, mama and dad just can't help ourselves.
  8. Correct, just click once, and the program is active.
  9. toolbar or taskbar? I put mine on the taskbar, the bar that appears at the bottom in Windows.
  10. Duh, thanks Gene! But, what about if I needed to use a dado set, do they sell arbors for that too?
  11. That was a very meaningful encouraging statement Gunny, whether you meant it or not, I took peace in what you just stated. Thanks man.
  12. Just did a little search for a 5/8" Shopsmith arbor adaptor, they have them but not for dado sets, only single blade set ups. Hmmmm
  13. That is very frustrating to see as well. Contacted Shopsmith a year ago and asked them bout that, they stated their website was going to go through a revamp and they are going to have a new and improved web viewer experience up and running shortly, as you know, it has not happened yet.
  14. @Larry Buskirk, is that flat cut out of the wheel the balancing act?
  15. Larry, the three knife sets make more sense to me, that one knife system, man, just seems awkward.
  16. Actually, the "score" terminology came from the original tipster, I would have used "scribe", in my mind score is to break surface, to scribe is to use a marking pen or pencil. Here we go again, tenon or tendon?
  17. Just seems like one cutter flying around at high rpm is a disaster waiting. Seems material could kick back easily or? I don't know. If I do test it out, I'll wear a Kevlar helmet, goggles and use a 24" push-stick.
  18. I inherited this NOS molding set from a neighbor of mine. Tempted to play with it on my Shopsmith. Anyone have any experience with these sets? Safety, cut quality, etc.
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