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  1. Andrew, so glad you decided to support our sponsor too in the process. Easy Wood Tools has been with us since our inception, it's great to see our folks showing the love back. Thanks. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools would be proud to see the sales coming from this community.
  2. They're just playing Andrew. The actual TPW Headquarters and condo. Drop in anytime
  3. @Gerald and @Larry Buskirk, found the Versa Vise, thanks guys, nice vise!
  4. Larry, I did not even notice that, that is a great idea! Kinda opens up the whole world a bit more now! Thanks!
  5. Well, I just found these images that help a little. This fellow has two vises going, but that would mean I'd have to dedicate my bench to the craft. Or, there should be away to make some quick release toggles? This is a great idea here, a dedicated stock carving and in-letting stand. This fellow made his own checkering vise. Just seeing these guys has spurred new ideas in my head, I could easily make my own vises for the specialty use of gun building. Less cost too probably! I got all kinds of good scrap lumber in thick dimensions that I could use to create a longrifle holder. The pocket book may take a hit for small hardware only!
  6. Good day folks, I wonder if anyone has any experience with, or knows where to get a good Made in the USA, or European, Sweden or German, anything but China, bench vise for carving, and something that would be used by gunsmiths. Preferably I'd like to see something that can be clamped to the bench while in use, and unclamped and out of the way to free up my bench during typical use. The ideal vise would be multi positional for carving. I am interested in building flintlock rifles, I see other builders using a front vise to hold one end of the gun and a fixed or clamp-on vise to hold the other end. They are typically multi positional. Thanks for any help.
  7. Sounds like a good day Gene, just a really good day.
  8. Winner @HandyDan has been selected as this months MWTCA Membership recipient. Through Dan's sleuthing prowess and research, he came up with a verifiable answer to this months "What's It"! Dan's research and answer will be reported to MWTCA, for credit at the source of the image. Thanks again Dan! Award Dan, for your participation you have won a 2020 Calendar Year membership into the MWTCA. Because you were able to verify our What's It, you will be presented with a $50.00 dollar gift certificate for Woodcraft Supply! Congratulations sir! Please Private Message me your contact info, shipping address, spouse or significant others name (if applicable). Thank you all for your participation! Links https://mwtca.org/member-benefits/ https://mwtca.org/the-gristmill/ https://mwtca.org/special-publications/ Gristmill Magazine Sample
  9. Here we are again Patriot Woodworker's, celebrating another wonderful 4th of July together! Yes we have our challenges today, but as Americans, we always overcome, and we always come out on top! Happy 4th ya'll!!!!
  10. Why a Host? Since this board was created over 10 years ago the Veterans Forum has been a big part of our community. But, the activity on the board has long been mediocre, and I know exactly why! Because most veterans are fine just not talking about their service. Typically their service was long ago, maybe on some far off land, and it was a time of their lives they'd rather keep to themselves, or perhaps they just felt really modest about their service and never felt their service was much to write home about. There are so many more reasons why, if we went into them here I'd never finish this introduction. So I am hoping by having an official host for this forum, that we may interact more as a veteran, and with a veteran(s). We want this forum to be a good place for everyone, non veterans and veterans alike to get together and just talk about all kinds of things related to our veterans. Introduction So, I'd like to announce that @AndrewB will be taking over our Veterans Forum as our new host. Andrew volunteered. At first Andrew was thinking the "Free For All" would be a good fit for him. After he and I spoke a little more we both thought the Veterans Forum would be pretty danged cool for him to take over as well, so really we are getting a "two fer" from Andrew, he'll be hosting the Free For All and the Veterans. I'll let Andrew answer most of your questions if you have any regarding his background in service of our nation, and his experience on other software platforms for hosting and operations. But I can say this, Andrew served active duty Army from 2003 to 2006 and he did his time in the Sandbox (Baghdad from 2003 to 2004) and in 2006 he transitioned to the National Guard until 2015 for a total of 12 years in service to our great nation. See Staff Directory, our new host is listed. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/staff/ Duties Andrew will be performing the basic duties of forum hosts, such as monitoring topics, looking for violators of our policies, foul language, distasteful posts, images or anything that is not family friendly. Andrew, you have chosen a job that is akin to the Maytag Repairman, since our folks here are the absolute best, the above listed violations are hardly ever seen. Among his basic forum duties Andrew will also be responsible for the following: Posting relevant topics to the community regarding Veterans Affairs. Posting changes in policy that effects our veterans from the House of Representatives to the Executive branch. Reporting on new laws that are passed by our congress. Reporting on laws in the pipeline that effect our veterans. Posting reminders of veterans related holidays, and anniversaries of historic battles and wars. And, if there are more items our members would like to see here, please let us know here in this topic. This job may turn out to be a pretty big job, we may have to solicit help from another veteran for Andrew! In Closing So let's give our friend AndrewB a nice welcome to the host circle, and as a part of our Patriot Woodworker Staff. We are very happy you are here Andrew.
  11. @HandyDan, Proud of ya sir!!!!!! Now that was some sleuthing!!!! I'll be back on here tomorrow to make it all official! This is a wonderful day, a verified What's It!!!!!
  12. Good Monday morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Community news Our Veterans Forum and Free For All Forum are soon to have an official host! I have wanted a host for our Veterans Forum for some time now, and we were waiting for someone to step up and into the fire. Our Veterans Forum deserves attention, and a host, after all the premise of our existence as a forum is our veterans. Soon we will have our host up and running, he will assume the duties of posting veteran relevant topics such as congressional and presidential bills and laws that effect our veterans, and topics related to anniversaries of wars, battles, and much more. This is a works in progress, how our new host will approach this task is unfolding at the time of this announcement. I am excited. Also, our new host has also volunteered to host the Free For All. So, standby folks for the unveiling of our host. Who can it be? Welcome new members To view our newest members and welcome them to our digs, please see our Members Page, you can "Sort" by join date and click on their names and be taken to their profile page where you can leave a message of welcome. Thank you for making our newest folks feel welcome. Featured topic Our Featured topic by @Danl has also been added to "Our Picks", this is a page for content that has stood out and been chosen for a special place in our community, and for a limited time showing on our Home Page for the world to see. Featured link Our featured links are website links added by staff and members, add your favorite links today at "Links Directory" Featured download Featured image Credit: Joshua Farnsworth Furniture
  13. Hey KevTN, looks like you are an official member here, all you gotta do is login, and you won't be posting as Guest, just a heads up.
  14. WElcome here Kev! Great to have ya aboard, if you have not already officially signed up with us, go ahead and do so! What are you interested in creating from wood?
  15. Tom thanks, she is hanging in pretty good, vet has her on some steroids, and her appetite is back up, and her energy too, we are going to see if we can taper her off the steroids and see if she can hang in on her own, if she cannot hang in on her own, I am not agreeable to falsely having a dog stick around for our joy and entertainment only, I need her to be able to stay with us under her own strength. If she can, prayers answered, and she cannot, prayers answered as well. Right now though, this morning, she seems perfectly fine!
  16. That's good enough for me Dan, so he's doing well then! Just super busy. 😊
  17. Sure have missed @DuckSoup being on here, checked into his page and saw he last visited us in March. Hope he is well, and nothing here offended him to the point of leaving us! Hey Bob, if your ears are burning, come on back and let us know how yer doing!
  18. Missing you Bob! Hope you are doing fine sir!

  19. Shucks, no trouble atall!
  20. And that my friend, is what it's all about!!!!!! Thanks sir.
  21. Not you Andrew, but if you have a mail server such as @hotmail, @outlook, @yahoo, or even your own hosted server, they may have flagged us as spam. So if we just take the extra step to mark our domain in the safe senders list, that'll eliminate that possibility anyway. Next thing I'll do on my end is check our servers sending records and see if your mail domains have flagged us. It would not surprise me, because we have sent out several bulk emails to all members since our fundraiser began, and some members will mark our mail as spam, which then is reported to the server they are receiving their mail on, and then we get black listed. I wish folks would not mark us as spam, we only send out half a dozen emails a year, and we are not marketing, we are not gaining profit, but folks still do. Ho hum. If folks don't want our emails, just click on the "Un-subscribe" button below the email, and it's done. No harm no foul.
  22. I don't have any information about Acts Pauley, but I do want to say, you owe us nothing, don't ever feel obligated to return here, especially with all you have going on man. It's all good. I have explained here many times to our community, when we give, when we perform acts of kindness, our community philosophy is we do so without ever expecting anything in return, emotionally and material. Especially when we give to our veterans like you, you paid the price, we can never repay you for that, we can however show our appreciation, and that display of appreciation is one way, to you, it never has to come back. I hope someone has experience with Act polish, to help you out. Meanwhile, glad to see you again, it's always wonderful. Our door swings in and out, at your pleasure.
  23. Also, just in case your mail servers are flagging us as spam, go to a prior email you received from our site, and mark our domain thepatriotwoodworker.com as safe to receive.
  24. Andrew, make sure in your notifications settings you are all squared away to receive emails. If you have not already.
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