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  1. John Morris

    Graphic Error?

    Thanks guys, Pete, can you supply a screen shot please?
  2. John Morris

    Equisite Rot and Spalted Wood

    While perusing the wide world web tonight, forever in search of factual based data for our wiki, I stumbled across The Public Domain Review, a great resource for information and research, one of the articles I came across was this very interesting history of Intarsia. Just thought I'd share it here. https://publicdomainreview.org/2018/05/16/exquisite-rot-spalted-wood-and-the-lost-art-of-intarsia/
  3. John Morris

    Equisite Rot and Spalted Wood

    I love watching a master, work through the process's like silk,
  4. John Morris

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    There will without a doubt be some cool handouts and door prizes from all three of our sponsors, Easy Wood Tools, Woodcraft, and Laguna Tools!
  5. John Morris

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    True! That would wreak havoc on a septic wouldn't Gene?
  6. John Morris

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    Holy Crap! That would trigger a major lawsuit and the lynching of that customer service rep in my neck of the woods!
  7. John Morris

    Title Change and Tag Lost

    Stick, we have an automated process that does not allow all caps on topic titles, nor excessive punctuation. So this would explain the title. Tags are not available in the free for all forum, so not too sure what the heck is going on there.
  8. John Morris

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    I got a lead on the issue folks, it's only a theme setting I need to modify, I'll get it to look clearer and sharp as time permits, thanks for sharing this issue with me!
  9. John Morris

    Equisite Rot and Spalted Wood

    Thanks Gene, just this morning and I am learning, I never knew what a chevalet was till today. What a neat art!
  10. John Morris

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    Good job Fred.
  11. John Morris

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    Wow, if our procedure is unsafe Fred, I am just as guilty as you, I just throw it all in my dedicated shop waste can. When my kids were younger, I did however tell them to never dig through the shop waste can, there are dangerous items in there, and they never did as far as I know. I have coffee cans I could use too to dispose of that stuff, great suggestion I feel!
  12. John Morris

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    Thanks Fred. By the way, did you know you can change colors in our community?
  13. John Morris

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    What are your color settings in the custom color picker mode? Is it Marble and Marble? Or have you customized your color settings at all? Thanks!
  14. John Morris

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    Thanks Cal, I don't know why on the Mac the submit button is displaying like that. I'll look into it more. Thanks for the follow up.
  15. John Morris

    Equisite Rot and Spalted Wood

    Yes! It's of great interest, thanks for the reference material! Great points on the terminology Gene, based on your observation, I did do some research and found that sawn veneers were not available until the 17th century, yet the images in the article are works from the 1400's and 1500's. So those pieces are truly Intarsia, as we know it today! Amazing! For another article that mentions the veneer availability you can see here: http://marquetrytime.blogspot.com/2012/12/intarsia.html The writer seems very knowledgeable about the craft, I am assuming he or she is correct in the time frame.
  16. John Morris

    Volunteers Website

    Jeez Woodie, this is an awesome venture you are and have been involved in. I had no idea we had such an active philanthropist of time within our midst here, hat off to ya sir. Woodie, how are your own PC skills?
  17. John Morris

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    Wow, that is really light indeed Ron, a Mac, hmmm, not sure if that means anything for this, that should not matter, I do not know much about monitor resolutions or color settings, all mine have always been the default, but it sure looks like there are some color issues going on with your PC and our site. The only way I can know for sure if this is anything we have control over, is if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, but for now, all looks good on our end, as you can see by my own screen shot I submitted.
  18. John Morris

    Tips Subcategories Forums

    Folks, I am so glad to see our new Tips Subcategories being used! Several things I would like to see, is. Please stay on topic related to the original tip submitted. Please do not submit another tip within the same tip topic that was created by another member. Please do not get into the back n forth, regarding how you would've performed the same operation, in other words please stay away from, "what you should of done", "what I would have done", "here is my method" etc etc. It defeats the purpose of individual tips created by each unique woodworker. If you have a different way, or improved way to perform a tip that was already entered by another woodworker, please submit your own version in a separate tip topic. Title your tips accordingly, the title should reflect what the tip is. In addition to the tags you will be using for your tip, please always include a tag "tip". I will surf back through the tips already created, and remove any content that does not follow the above guidelines, and I'll create an area to display these guidelines in each tip area. The Tips are brand new forums, this our chances to keep them clean and orderly, so that users in the future may search our growing database of tips, and find the content they need with ease. As a side note, "tags" will be mandatory soon. Thank you!
  19. John Morris

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    Ron, we are so glad you like the newer digs, thanks for that! I am unsure though what you are referring to for the "Submit Topic" button. Here is what I am currently seeing, can you please tell me if you see anything different? Thanks! See button circled in red.
  20. Introduction We are pleased to bring you another great opportunity as presented by our sponsors, and friends at Woodcraft Supply, Easy Wood Tools, and Laguna Tools. We are having a raffle! Presented to you are 4 wonderful prizes donated by our sponsors for the purpose of raising funds for our woodworking community. Enter the raffle Click on the green "RAFFLE" ticket! You will be presented with a choice of ticket quantities to purchase, the more you purchase, the cheaper the tickets are! Fill in your billing info at the secured server (we do not have access to your credit or debit card details), and you're done, and good luck! Drawing Tools will be assigned to the winners drawn in the following order Laguna Tools $500 gift certificate redeemable at Laguna Tools and Supermax Tools Easy Wood Tools Mid Size Micro Detailer ($120.00 value) Wood River 4 Piece Butt Chisel Set ($62.00 value) Wood River 6 Piece Bench Chisel Set ($90.00 value) Rules Raffle starts July 15, 2018 and ends September 29th, 2018 at 4pm Pacific Time. Everyone (guests, members, forum staff, and admins) is welcome to enter, except the owner of this website (John Morris) and his relatives, and their immediate relatives. Sorry, but only participants who reside in The United States/Alaska and Canada are eligible to participate. Raffle purchases are non-refundable, (unless a fat finger mistake was made at time of purchase, such as you meant to purchase 100 tickets, not 1000) we can work with you on that. Mistakes happen. Last but not least, have fun! And thank you for your support! Where your money goes Typically we hold fundraising raffles for our causes that support our wounded veterans, or we'll use the funds to outfit a shop for a disabled woodworker in need, or we'll donate the funds to our two main recipients, Homes For Our Troops, and Operation Ward 57. This time, we are directing the bulk of the raffle proceeds to offset the costs associated with running this woodworking community, yes, this community cost money! And we need you to help us keep us live, thus in turn, keep us helping our Wounded Warriors and disabled veteran woodworkers. So, if you live here, if you have benefited from this community at all, if you visit us and you are entertained by our woodworking community, if you login and hang out and call us home, please consider participating in this raffle. This is your community, this is your chance to help in a direct manner by contributing to offset the costs associated with running our woodworking forums and the causes we support. In closing Our entire community would love to thank our sponsors. Woodcraft, Laguna Tools and Easy Wood Tools, they have been staunch supporters of our woodworking community from the beginnings of our existence.
  21. John Morris

    I Sure Hate To Redo Something I Did Wrong.

    Moved to Home Improvement Forum
  22. My goodness, I just saw the rent is 280 a month! That's cheap! Mama and kids, pack the house, we are heading to Ohio!
  23. I love the space, nice warm feel to it, I could work there, chairs, chairs, chairs. Perfect size shop!
  24. John Morris

    Volunteers Website

    I think of if Woodie kept it local for now, he could vet personally, interviews etc. Then as his organization starts rolling along, he'll grow with it, and usually the answers appear over time. Not knowing too much about Woodies goals at this point, I think staying local in his county would be a great first step, that way he could be more hands on with the interaction and pairing.
  25. John Morris

    Volunteers Website

    Tell me how you think your website would be laid out Woodie, sell me your idea, more information please! I want to hear how the people would come together on your website, and how you would match up the recipients to the donor, honestly, at first I would start local, then branch out nationally as your energies and time permit, this is a huge undertaking for you, it's not just a matter of firing up a website, and folks connecting, there will be a whole lot of facilitating on your part.

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