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  1. I hate that stuff. My blood levels have stabilized and over the last month and a half, my oncol/hemo has been weening me off the preds very slowly, incredibly slowly because of the "whip saw" effect my platelets were on, one week very high, the next week low to none. We finally stabilized somewhat about around the beginning of January, and the weening began. For months I was on 100 mg's to 50 mg's, very high dosage, my head felt like it was bout to burst all the time, and my eyeballs felt and looked like they were being forced out of my skull. As a result of the high dosages and being on the preds for 9 months now, I have moon face (rounded face) and I have gained weight, but the prednisone hump on the back of the neck never came for me. I have however gained very blurry vision from the preds and have digestive issues too from it all. This week, is the very first week I an taking no preds, nada. But I am still on my weekly injections, which the side effects are minimal compared to the preds. When I get my injection every Friday, I feel a tad rough, my bones ache, and feel swollen, but that subsides by the next day. Hopefully we can get me off the injections too. So, Larry, you and the Mrs's probably already know this, but if you are taking prednisone, the immune system takes a hit. While I was on high dose Preds, I had no immune system, if I was on high dose today, with this danged virus going around, I'd be living in a bubble, cuz I'd be a likely candidate for not coming back from the virus if it hit me. My doc had/has me on synthetic antibodies to step in for my lack of an immune system, if she's not taking something to help boost her immune system, you may want to consult your doc and find out if she should be. Sorry to hear she back on that stupid stuff Larry.
  2. I uploaded the video to YouTube, you can see it now Steven, thanks! The center screw runs beautifully, it's hanging up in the tubes somewhere.
  3. Hey Paul, how well did the walnut bend? Walnut can get pretty brittle, just curious.
  4. The right side of my end vise binds up. You'll see the left side move in, and the right side binds. I have completely broken down this vise, all the way. Cleaned, reamed out the holes a millimeter or two, waxed it all down, reassemble, it works fine for a few months then goes back to its wicked ways. From around 6" open it's fine, get beyond that it starts binding. While opening and closing. Any suggestions are welcome. Here's the tune up I did awhile back.
  5. The problem with Yukon Jack is the kitchen floor is all sticky the next morning.
  6. I've got a few 151 horror stories all the way back to high school off campus lunch time, 151 can do a lot of damage within a half hour lunch.
  7. Gettin ready to open a gun forum, ya I know, there are longrifle forums dedicated to the cause, I would never want to compete, they are awesome forums, but for our little corner of the world here, just something simple. Those are absolutely beautiful Aaron, since my interest in American Longrifles' has grown, I actually know what those two horns are used for now!
  8. Yep, separate the boards Ron, run them through the table saw or jointer, take just a little bit off the long grain edges, and re-glue them together. The boards themselves look pretty good, it's the sheet underneath that buckled and heaved. @Smallpatch, those boards aren't beveled at all, that top used to be flat.
  9. Hey Ron, like others have stated, pics would be wonderful for us to see, we are visual bunch. We can see where the warp is, and how badly, and we can suggest accurate fixes, or replacements if necessary. And, thanks for coming back to visit us Ron, appreciate it much!
  10. Welcome James to The Patriot Woodworker!

  11. Welcome Jeff to our community!

  12. Ron, that picture is one for The Patriot Woodworker history books, I love it! It really doesn't get any better than that, way to go grandpa.
  13. Welcome to our community Texaccca!

  14. Amy welcome to our community!

  15. We are considered essential at our job John. So heading back out to the world tomorrow! I work for local government, county. So if our actual job description does not need us, (which I highly doubt, we have plenty of work to do) then we can help other services and stand in for them or with them. I am heading up another bridge overpass and interchange project out in the desert, and it's time critical, so I'll be out there for the next two years. Which is fine by me, in the desert, away from people and in the open air, hopefully less chance of getting the flu. How about you John, staying home or?
  16. Yep did our census, had a hard time finding out where our kids fit into the whole race thing. No box to check for them . Finally I had to write in "half white, half hispanic". I should of just wrote in "American". That is what we write in every year for our kids school enrollment applications. It's none of their business what race our kids are! And who cares!
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    Thanks Aaron!
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