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  1. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks!
  2. By all means, send him over! One of the biggest mis-conceptions about this community is the pre-qualifications to be a vet, not true! See "About Us".
  3. Thank you guys! Appreciate the kind words. We are so excited for her, this is a very important milestone in her life, with a whole lot of meaning in her own life, this is really cool. When we saw her over the Holidays, she had a really special glow about her. This is one of those moments when a parent feels like they are the only parents on earth. Thanks again guys!
  4. Man Lissa! Just when you thought it was safe to get back at it! This gettin older crap is, well, gettin old aint it? I hope you get better there, keep your chin up, you'll be back at it in no time!
  5. You can do a bent glue lam without steaming or water at all, rip strips of the wood you want to use into thin strips, use your table or surface for the mold. Or you could use a secondary mold that has larger diameter, such as 40", that way you'll be able to trim the edging exactly to fit once it's set up and dried. The 40" dia won't make any difference to apply the newly formed edging to your 36" diameter round.
  6. Pat what's the diameter of the circle you want to edge band?
  7. I am keeping an eye on Ralphs FaceBook page, he is fairly active there, as he gets a lot of feedback and support from friends and family there. Here is his latest entry. If anyone here who is not on Facebook, and has some suggestions for Ralph, please post them here, and I can copy paste them to a post on Facebook for him. I can act as the liaison for you guys who don't have FB, send wishes and messages of care as well if you'd like, I'll make sure he gets them. Message below, seems Ralph was asking about ideas for diet, to help gain weight, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey Dan, he contacted me around the Holidays and it looks like they are transitioning around the country a little bit, moving from one job to the job he's at now, and they are just completely overwhelmed with life, I think forums and such are, and should take a back seat as compared to what they have going on. In other words, they just too danged busy! He's doing fine though, just busy.
  9. Happy Birthday Pauley! Thank you for being here and sharing your special day with us!
  10. Happy Birthday indeed daughter! 19 years ago, God sent down a spectacular human being, and through your growth and by the love all around you, you became the wonderful young lady you are today, kind, passionate, caring, brave, independent, mature beyond your years, and now a soldier in the US Army! Mom and dad are completely proud of ya kid! Image below is of our kids in Sedona AZ., Tiffany in the pink shirt standing out with her "What's Up!!" stance, even at her young age then, you could see her independence shining through. Below, years later at her Army swearing in, Mom, Tiffany, me, and Vietnam Veteran Uncle Andy. Today! Thank you all for your birthday wishes for our daughter, this is very special coming from The Patriot Woodworker's, I'll make sure when we see her at her upcoming graduation that she see this. Right now she is probably in the middle of getting "Smoked" by her Drill Sargent's.
  11. Almost all, Mortise and Tenon Magazine, however is booming, they have a fresh model, and a new way of doing things, and the publication is highly educational, can't say enough about these folks, and the work they are doing. Love em! Mortise & Tenon Magazine WWW.MORTISEANDTENONMAG.COM MORTISE & TENON magazine seeks to bridge the worlds of furniture maker, conservator, and scholar. M&T is published...
  12. John, my current cell phone is ready for an upgrade, it's an Android, I am seriously considering the Iphone for the fantastic Facetime capability, our daughter used Apple, so in order for it to work wonderfully, I am seriously considering a Iphone like she has. Great suggestion sir!
  13. Looks like we got a soldier on her way to graduation! Congratulations to our daughter Tiffany Morris on her completion of the Forge and a big congratulations to all her buddies too! The last big test is The Forge, where all their knowledge and training comes together, during a 4 day ruck, 4 days in the wild with nothing but what's on their backs and the food supplied by staff or MRE's. Nearly 40 miles of hiking, navigating, live fire, night exercises, and a ton more, with very little sleep, and all of it is being observed by scorers, to make sure you are doing what you were trained to do correctly, you can pass, or fail. Our kid passed! And with the pass, she acquired her Army beret, and Army patch for her left shoulder! Graduation ceremonies are soon, and we'll be there. We are so proud of our little girl, ahem!, our soldier! On a side note, Tiffany was injured during her second phase of Basic Combat Training, she fractured her pelvic, she was recycled to another company to finish, but before that she came home over Christmas and recovered her fracture as much as she could, she has been in immense pain since the fracture, and she has completed all of this training, with her fracture, the last two week she stated the pain has gotten better, but still in a lot of pain, and the rascal humped it all the way through training and through The Forge, with her fracture, now if that aint hardcore soldiering, I don't know what is! She did a total of 3 months basic because of her injury. My chest out, buttons popping, and when mama hear the news, tears flowed from her. Thanks all for reading. Our girl has red arrow on her.
  14. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New Members Please welcome to our community, @Wout Moerman, @Paul M, @sweensdv, @KenF, @ChandraB, @morrgan23, please click on their names and leave a message of welcome on their profile page. And to our new members, welcome to your new community folks! New Wiki Pages Wiki | Southern Waxmrytle THEPATRIOTWOODWIKI.ORG Wiki The following pages are open edit, you do not need to be logged in to edit. Glossary of Woodworking Hand Tools Glossary of Woodworking Joints Glossary of Woodworking Machinery Glossary of Woodworking Terminology Green Woodworking Member Wiki Contributions Awhile back I put out a call to receive your projects made from Pecan wood. @Gerald came to the rescue with his wonderful pecan turnings. I've started uploading his files to our wiki and using them in our wiki page for Pecan, please see page, and thank you Gerald! Wiki | Pecan THEPATRIOTWOODWIKI.ORG Wiki Featured Topic Our Featured topic by @Mark Wilson has also been added to "Our Picks", this is a page for content that has stood out and been chosen for a special place in our community, and for a limited time showing on our Home Page for the world to see. Army Veteran Mark Wilson is one of The Patriot Woodworker's gold standard members, Mark is sight challenged, blind, and he works the wood with a passion and love for the art that is evident by his motivation and "never give up" attitude that made Mark a true soldier, and a great woodworker. Thank you Mark for sharing your work with us! Featured Link Our featured links are website links added by staff and members, add your favorite links today at "Links Directory" Featured Image What is Green Woodworking? By Peter Follansbee "The ease of working green wood is one of the benefits of working this way; it cuts much easier than wood that has lost most of its moisture. As wood dries, it becomes tougher & tougher to cut. That green wood can be easily riven along its fibers is an additional benefit; with a carefully selected tree, you can produce your rough-dimensioned stock quickly & easily right from the log – with a good deal of careful practice. Once the log is on the ground, one person can reduce the log into working stock right where it was felled, if needed. Working just with wedges, maul, maybe a hatchet here & there, and a saw for some cross-cuts, splitting stock out is very appealing work. It’s very physical, gets you outdoors, working in the woodpile or woods, instead of inside the shop. The other day I was working some stock outside on the best type of New England day there is, cool fall weather, golden sunshine filtering through the last few leaves on the maples…" Quote by Peter Follansbee
  15. Forever the optimist I am Charles, if you really wanted to do something related to chair making, you could turn stools on your lathe from 2x2 stock purchased at any home center, and mail order weaving supplies to create a stool like the ones I make for my shaker chairs. And, there are plenty of crafts people out there using hand tools in their apartments to make beautiful things. A small stout workbench, and a couple hand saws, some planes, and chisels is about all you need to work without bothering the neighbors. Not trying to change your habits Charles, just throwing things out there to see if anything sticks with ya. What you already do and create in your space, has always amazed me, you have the spirit of a soldier, adapt, improvise, overcome!
  16. Thanks Charles, it is a great film. Well done too, the production and shooting is very pleasant and appealing. Hey Charles, it's never too late to learn something new.
  17. The Heritage Crafts Association is the advocacy body for traditional heritage crafts. Working in partnership with Government and key agencies, it provides a focus for craftspeople, groups, societies and guilds, as well as individuals who care about the loss of traditional crafts skills, and works towards a healthy and sustainable framework for the future. Source: About Us
  18. I was perusing websites for Green Woodworking tonight, and through links and resources I came across this wonderful short film about chair-maker Lawrence Neal. I have been becoming familiar with the woodworker's of the U.K and Europe over the last year or so, through research and contacts and a couple hand tool purchases shipped to me from "over there". The woodworking skill and art in that part of the world is wonderful, the Green Woodworking culture has taken off like a firestorm over there in the last decade among the youth and middle aged, and of course bodgering in the U.K is where it all started. The craft has come back in a big way, and it's really nice to see folks just working the wood, simply, and with just a few tools. Although chair-maker Lawrence Neal has more than just a "few tools, he does have quite the simple shop. So, hope you like this lil film, it's relaxing, and interesting I feel.
  19. @ChandraB, welcome to our community.
  20. Unfortunately Cal, those reporters no longer exist (I wish they did), they now pick out the massive flow of bull and report on it as truth instead, today.
  21. Ralph seems to be surrounded by a great support staff at the hospital he is being treated at. This image was October of 2019. A publicly available image, so no privacy concerns here. Ralph is looking a tad worn, but you can still see the glow in his eyes, he's a fighter!
  22. "What's It" Basic Rules Reminder For a full run down on this project and rules please go to: "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project" Only Patriot Woodworker Members are eligible to participate and receive the award. The MWTCA only accepts a verified source to support your answer, so one should be submitted with your answer, such as a patent, catalog entry, tool book reference, or a respectable website on the subject. Do not let these requirements prevent you from having fun and submitting educated answers on the subject without verification, we can worry about references later. All answers are welcome, as well as healthy debates regarding "What's It". If a verified and referenced answer is not arrived at by the end of each month's "What's It" project, a random draw will be performed for a "One Year MWTCA Club Membership". Only Patriot Woodworker's who participate in this "What's It" topic will be included in the random draw. Additional What's It Rules Unless you are completely sure what this item is, please avoid "definitive statements" that appear that you are without a doubt claiming that you know what the item is. For example stating, "this item is called a "widget xx" used for "insert purpose here". If you are making a definitive statement you must accompany your statement with evidence or proof from a secondary source. An example of acceptable statements within the realm of having fun and educated guesses would be something like this, "I believe it could be", or "It appears it's made for this or that", etc etc etc... Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our "What's it" live and ready! The image(s) below is a MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it! Project Details The information provided hereon is all the information that is provided, no further information on this item will be added.
  23. @Roly, when you get a breather, we are awaiting your shipping information for this wonderful membership! Thank you Roly!
  24. Mark! Great to see you back in our midst! Love the work you're doing ol friend, have you delved into the business side of things yet?
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