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  1. Still here guys, hanging tough. Just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful posts. I'm not posting much, but I'll be back!!!
  2. Larry, love it! Even more, I like the head that showed up in the mirror image!
  3. Got home last night folks. Feeling really tired and crappy, dizzy all day long for unknown reason, can't even drive, wife has to take me everywhere. My own doc suggested it could be dehydration, I don't know, I do feel tad better after some gatorade, but something still aint right. Should have an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow or the next day, he'll perform that danged marrow exam I been waiting for. Docs in the Hospital say it's ITP but my own doc says can't be 100 percent till marrow results are in. So my emotions are like a roller coaster, thinking the worse, and when my wife and kids are around I get happy. Staying strong for them, feeling fearful inside. Thanks all for your wishes, I'll stay in touch!
  4. Welcome Ken to The Patriot Woodworker!

  5. Oh gawd you're right, what'd I do!
  6. John Morris


    Hoping the best out come for you guys Keith. Do you have a tool inventory for insurance?
  7. This is how the ol man spends Saturday night these days, in an adjustable bed on TPW, with my high-class hospital issued non-slip red socks! Hey, it could be worse!
  8. John Morris


    Keith, I'm so sorry. Wasn't that the new location you all just set up?
  9. You'll walk again Steve, staying down aint in your DNA, the day Steven Newman stays down, is the day the earth shifts a degree.
  10. Almost busted out of the hospital today cuz my blood is looking good, but they grabbed me! Had my last platelet transfusion last night and Immuno Globulin, so my platelets are up, starting this morning they want to put nothing else in me, and see if I can do it all on my own over the next 24 hrs. If my platelets go up under my own power, I'm heading home tomorrow. Thanks for all the great comments and wishes folks!
  11. Don't remember Buck, don't matter right now, you are here, great to see ya back. If you want to know why, I'll dig back in our records and try to figure it out, you'll have to give me some time, ol timer!
  12. Man John, you are turning some really cool work! Thanks for the Friday topic sir!
  13. Thanks all, and @kmealy, John Wilson suggested the exact thing regarding the #2. Thanks for that, you betcha I'll be yanking on your chord for advice and tips!
  14. Pauly, welcome to your new home. Thank you for joining us, you are greatly appreciated here. I love your work too! We hope you hang your hat here, and call us home, let us know if you any questions about getting around our community, we are here to help. Cheers.
  15. What an excellent hand tool project!
  16. I want to thank everyone for their support here. And I want to thank you for the wonderful, and fun commentary. This is where you come to get lifted up, and in good spirits, thanks folks. I want to reply to each post here, when I get home I will do that. For now I just wanted to check in and tell y'all things are still good. Future is bright, just have to alter my lifestyle slightly, and meds, but it's all good. Right now I feel dizzy, tired, and a nauseous stomach, they been pumping me full of platelets, and to avoid that first bad reaction I had, they are also giving me a lot of benedryl, I feel hung over from it all. But at least I know why I feel this way, I'll take that any day. Just had my blood drawn for platelets, white and red cells, will get results in a couple hours, it should show platelets rising, and red and whites normal. Beyond that, I'm ready to go home! Cheers folks!
  17. Gene, I am so happy for you and Phyllis. 48 years! My goodness. My deepest thoughts of appreciation for a couple like you guys, a shining example of dedication, a shining example of how to spend an anniversary, pizza and an oil change! Women, take note! Congrats sir.
  18. Awesome Hat, thanks so much for that. In the image alone I can read a whole lot of symbolism that helped me immediately considering where I'm at. That ol Code Talker, strong man! I read the related article as well, I love reading about these guys. I have so many interests that I'd love to be directly involved in, interviewing the Code Talkers for archival research, and to preserve their memories would be one. These warriors are dying rapidly now. Thanks Hat, very much.
  19. Gene thanks so much for this! How cool is that! I love it. Taking sharpening to whole different level of zen. I can hear the Monks now as they sharpen their stones, "ahhuuuumm - ahhuuuumm.
  20. Good day folks. Been in the hospital since Wed. Basically since that last post I wrote, doc called me literally minutes after I posted here, and told me to check into the ER as my platelets were at 0, zero, zeeero, us humans are supposed to have between 100,000 and 400,000. For those who may not know, platelets are created by the bone marrow, and they live in your blood. They are the agent that coagulates blood in cases of cuts, bruising, and major trauma. Since I had zero platelets I had a great risk of internal bleeding for no reason, thus the reason for all the bruises for no reason, because inside I was bleeding and that is what was causing the bruises. Don't mistake that for internal bleeding, that would be very dangerous, but my bruises were signs of superficial bleeding, a wonderful warning sign my body put out to me, saying "Hey you idiot, you need help, see me bruising? Get your dumba!* into the doc and get it taken care of!" So I got my dumb!* into the doc as stated in my last post. The first day here in the hospital the major concern was still internal bleeding, with nothing to coagulate the blood, if I were to fall down and hit my head my brain could bleed out, or anything like that, or stress to the stomach, simple coughing could stress the stomach and bleeding could occur, a number of things could happen I guess. The first night they pumped my body with all kinds of stuff, they tried a bag of platelets on me through transfusion and I had a horrible reaction to it, my head swelled up, my throat was almost closed up and breathing was hard, they shot a massive amount of Benadryle into the IV and within minutes I was improving, and they were able to complete the rest of the transfusion. Been on a constant Saline drip as well, and lastnight they pumped a bag of Immuno Glogulin into my body, that is supposed to help the environment in my body to allow more platelets to be created. I think it worked, because today I feel pretty danged good. So I'm here now sitting upright in my hospital room and this is the first day I have felt like typing, or doing anything really. I feel pretty danged good today. When I first arrived at the hospital the first thing they look for with blood platelet issues is any blood cancer signs. Low blood platelets seems to be one of the leading signs of a blood cancer like Leukemia. Not too worry, I am cleared of that, mostly almost 99 percent clear. The docs all seem to feel it's a genetic auto immune disorder where for some reason at times, my antibodies decide to kill my platelets off. I am feeding off their mood and expressions, and they seem very encouraging that I should not worry and that I'll live. The last step to clear me is the bone marrow biopsy, if they don't find anything there, then we can move on to treating me for low platelets for the rest of my life, which means very frequent blood tests to keep an eye on it and they are throwing around the name of a medication called Prednisone, I think I spelled that right. So my friends, depending on if my platelets have increased to a safe range for them to perform the biopsy, they may perform the biopsy today or tomorrow. Remember, since platelets are used for coagulation, they need my numbers in a safe range to perform any type of procedure that breaks the skin like that and causes internal trauma, such as a bone biopsy does basically. They don't want me bleeding out on the table! Wife has been with me throughout all of this, she gets here around 10 in the morning and leaves around 5pm, and the kids are coming today to see the ol man. My own spirits are good, and I feel like we'll get through this. All that being said, RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT for those who have gone through this process and found less than desirable results with your diagnosis, my fear feelings were off the charts when I first got here, I held it together pretty good under fire, for those who love me, but inside I was a scared kid, and still a little bit, but like I said, RESPECT for the ones who are going through the real deal with a cancer or blood cancer, I see those folks walking around, and they are smiling after their chemo, and joking, and man I don't know how they do it, they are incredible people, I am humbled in their presence. I'll check back later folks, just now doc walked in and told me my platelets skyrocketed to 30,000 from 6,000 yesterday, which means I get to go in for the biopsy probably today, and they are going to do another bag of platelets, but this time they said the platelets will be "washed" so I should not get that same horrible reaction I had the first night. I want to thank @Ron Dudelston and @John Moody for their support, I've been keeping them up to date. Thanks guys. Cheers y'all!!!!
  21. Guys, sorry I have not returned to this topic, didn't notice any further replies, but I did just now. Thanks for further information and Jim, coincidentally I am home today from work. The last couple days been feeling really sluggy, mostly from the heat I would imagine. But other things are popping up, light headed all day, dizzy spells, bones aching or throbbing, and joints are sore, and more bruising for no reason. So I figured I better get an earlier doc appt. Called my wife from the field yesterday morning and asked her if we could get a sooner appt. than that July appt. when my regular doc gets back from vacation. So she got me in this morning! How cool was that? After my exam this morning doc put in a STAT blood test request, we drove to the lab across town and I had my blood drawn, a full CBC and many other things are being examined, I was also diagnosed at my last doc appt. a few weeks ago with low thyroid and prescribed meds for that. So far I can't tell if the meds are working or not with all this other stuff I have going on, but the meds are supposed to pick up my thyroid and help me feel more energetic, but it aint happening. I feel lazy and tired as ever! So I am sitting here on the PC, just hanging out, and waiting for the doc to call later this afternoon, the lab results have a 6hr turn around on STAT requests, and the doc said he'd call me tonight with blood results, the latest would be in the morning. Of course with all this going on I'm really interested in the red and white cells, we'll see what those say. But most indicators are pointing to Immune Thrombocytopenia. I can deal with that disorder if that is what it is, a lifetime of meds to control it, is far better than the later, hey I still got a few kids to raise and a Mamma that needs my retirement! I aint goin nowhere. The results tonight are going to determine if I get checked into a hospital tonight or not, if the platelet count is too low (I don't think it is judging by my minor symptoms, I'm not bleeding out my nose or mouth yet and nothing is ending up in the toilet) then they'd want me in a controlled environment to bring my platelets up to prevent internal bleeding. If my count comes in at a sufficient but still low tolerable range, I'll have another appt. with the blood doc I saw a year and a half ago for the same thing. Then that danged Marrow Exam will kick in. But at this point, I'll take a little pain just to know what the heck is going on. I'll keep ya'll up to date, hey one good thing from this, bossman at work told me to stay home till we get it figured out, he don't want me bleeding out all over the jobsite if I get hit by a Scraper or Loader, or if I slam my hand with my own hammer. The hammer part, that is completely possible! So I am home, kids are home, it's summer, and my whole family is here, girl home from college, other girl getting ready for work, and son is drawing up a desk he wants him and I to build this summer for his room. See y'all
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