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    I know - I haven't been around for a while but I haven't stopped scrolling. It seems life gets in the way of computing. Anyhow, the reason for this thread is to show off my latest "big" clock. It's called Birds of Paradise. It stands about 19" wide and 27" tall. Some 2,014 inside cuts (here is where the "yikes" comes into play) Didn't keep track of time - was afraid to. Now all I have to do is figure out how to package it in order to take it to our shows Oops, forgot - - - - - - still have to upload the pix OK, 'nuff braggin
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    If you can catch it, you can throw it!
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    Well it's time for lunch at the ol day job. We headed up to the mountain today for some survey work. After trodden around the mountain roads looking for center line survey monuments, we got hungry. Found the little park. Pulled up our truck. Set my bucket down. Peanut butter and honey sandwich, cup of pears and a granola bar with a bottle of water. And some beautiful fresh air! Bon appetit!
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    With my deck refurb in the finishing painting stage I can now work on next outside project. For whatever reason the rest of the house has vinyl siding and soffits, but he carport seems to have been left out. For many years I have just painted it, but now I just want the vinyl soffit and be done with it. Of course while I am at it a few upgrades are in order. First up is a improvement to the lighting. When it rains or I need to work after dark the carport offers the best place and plenty of work area. But only two 4 ft fluorescent fixtures provide very poor light. So I am thinking to add eight 4ft long LED fixtures. That should cover the 22x16 ft area with plenty of light. In theory. So today I have removed the old fixtures. Conducted chemical warfare against the wasps and hornets that had taken up residence inside the guts of the fixtures. These lights have been up for 33 years according to the date stamped on one of them. You can see in the picture at one time the ceiling was a golden / yellow color. Not worried about painting this, I intend to cover the works with vinyl soffit. I have enough in stock to do about 2/3 of it so this should be a $100 project. Now I need 4 outlet boxes, 2 outlets each to give power to the lights. For this project like my shop I want to be able to unplug them if I need to repair or replace. Used this jig to cut the 450 angles for the box shells we shall call them. Cutting up all the pieces I assembled and used glue and air nails to make 4 little boxes. Drilled pocket holes in them to attached to ceiling from inside the box, leaving enough room to put the metal electrical box in place. All sanded, edges rounded on the router table and ready for paint. Which the 1st coat is now drying. Could not get an answer from anyone if the outlets without a cover can be used UNDER a carport or not. If the time comes to sell the house and someone insists they MUST have covers the boxes are wide enough to allow the use of the covered outlets like I used here.
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    Looks like I have another plane to clean up...garage sale find this morning... Picked it for $5,,as the lever cap was broke Not a biggie... We do have a spare handy.....for some reason, I just could not set the plane down....paid the $5, and headed for the van... Plane is a Stanley No. 3, Type 11.....the only "bad" spot was the lever cap....rest was dirty, but almost like new under the crud... Might be worth the five bucks? So, hopefully, tomorrow, I can get this little plane all spiffyfied up, and sharp....stay tuned... ( No, I wasn't wearing a mask, either...)
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    Bugs don't see most LED lights. Some of them do see my LED flood lights. Read this link for complete story. Yes all of it. It is not that long. https://blog.1000bulbs.com/home/do-led-lights-attract-bugs B
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    It has been awhile, but I am still alive and working on getting my garage/shop in order. Took a trip to Cumberland Falls Kentucky for some R&R with the wife. It was great to get away. I even dug out my table saw and started to get my dust collection going. Don't have the extra $$$ to buy another dust collector or space for it in my 2 car garage. So I got a metal 33 gallon trash can and got a cyclone lid that I will run using my Home Depot shop vac. Got to do the fine tuning on my new "Saw Stop" and should be able to be up and running again. So tonight after walking the dog I got a a great pic of the sunset from our back porch.
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    Been trying to gey both knees healthy, again....Did a Walk-about to work on them a bit.... Tomorrow, I show up at the Tractor Fest...as soon as they open up.....have to be out of there by noon, other engagements...grrrrr. Will see what I can pick....may have to go back later? I did see that PINK Alis Chalmers tractor at a gas station this evening... Try to get this image out of your head....Looks like both will be there, again, this year....
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    WAY WAY overdue to stop by the forum. Been working on a car project with my 18 y.o. son, and 4H woodworking fair projects with the girls so not finding so much time to hunt the rusty stuff. I have continued to darken the door at the local shops though and found this stuff tonight. Can anyone tell me more about the center finder/square in the pictures. I see no markings but from the little I found online, it may be a Standard Rule or Chaplin’s. Unfortunately, no rule with this one. Maybe I can locate one with luck or some help from my friends. Nice to be on here tonight. Plenty to catch up on.
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    Found these at a local repurpose store. They are drawer rejects from Kraftmaid & the person had one job, cut the slot for the bottom of the drawer. Measures 7.25" x 22" unfinished maple. For $1.50 each they were hard to pass up I cut off the dove tails & the mistake and that left me with a 6" x 20.5" board. Set up a jig in my drill press and drilled a 1/4" hole 3.5" deep. Realized after the first hole that it doesn't matter how long the bit is, the travel on the drill press is still only 3". Finish that with a hand drill. Cut a tapered slot on the table saw to accept a cheese slicer. Soften the edges with a round over bit & routed an area were you can put some crackers or olives. A butcher block finish was applied Rubber feet and hardware installed. These had some knots I needed to remove.
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    @Courtland You can't use this. or ......
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    Good idea!! I wrote a diagram on the back of the metal plate telling me what wires went where but didn't think about the circuit breaker number. Have to retrofit a few others with same information. Not the first time I have used this method. Easy enough to do, already have number kit available AND knew where it was. Very true, early on in remodeling the house I ran into this issue a few times. Fixed them but it was a challenging task at times. Thankfully the house is done. Now the shop, yeah I have few nightmares to be addressed one winter.
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    Elly is still in the cardiac section of the hospital . The tests are showing everything normal, and her blood pressure has dropped to normal readings. She was able to sit up today for the first time. Not sure whether she will be coming home or going to rehab when she leaves the hospital. The orthopedics surgeon will make that decision. I'm thinking she may need the time in rehab, but time will tell.
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    That’s cause they’re SNOOPERVISORS!
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    Grass, grass, grass. Just a 1/4 acre but this St. Augustine really grows in this heat. Sorry, folks, I don't think this is the kind for a smoke. If I could, I could be rather wealthy.
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    Kinda reminds me of our sons interpretations. There was the Morris and Tenyun, the Hock-en-pocka (helicopter) and the radio alarm saw. And, they couldn't understand why our little Japanese pickup was named after a wiener dog.
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    Thanks, guys for the roses. It's much appreciated. About 3 dozen 2/0 blades were used and about a dozen and a half of #1 spirals for the veigning. Uploaded pix shows the veigning on the bottom front piece.
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    Interesting read, and very informative about the how and why of the matter. If I have understood correctly these lights I used produce less heat, which helps with the bugs. But, they still operate in the same wavelength that many bugs can see. So on one hand you have less heat which helps but on the other you are still in the wavelength they do like. Now this article also got me to thinking about how much light I have as it mentions having bug lights where you would typically be. This is a carport so most of the time the only thing that happens here is my truck sits in it. On a rare occasion I have need to work on a vehicle for someone, so better light is needed. I am not a entertainer kinda person. So we don't have parties and sit out under the carport and eat and such. But I do work here after dark sometimes and when it rains so the overkill with lighting is what I desire. For those considering lights, you could tone this down by having the lights on different switches, zone lighting if you will. 8 lights could be paired to 4 switches. So if you had a cookout and people eating you could have full bright, then as dinner is done cut some down and go more for ambient lighting. Various ways to wire this up to accomplish the same goal. @Artie could better inform us of codes and requirements. It really boils down to what you want out of your lighting scheme, and how much time, money and effort you wish to put into it. I know it is just a carport, but I see it this way. It's your house and it should be set up the way you want it to work. Do what works bets for you.
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    Been a while since I put up a Friday post due to some family and personal health issues. But I’m trying to get back in the groove today. My son thankfully has been able to keep a lot of things going in the shop with me only offering some advice at times. He has really progressed and still as all of us has things to learn. Recently he designed and built this without any input from me. A customer contacted us about a entertainment center and gave him the details. I think it turned out get and was very proud of his work from start to finish. It was to be rustic with sliding barn style doors. They were very happy with it and it looked great in place. This past week he has been working on a book case. He had it almost finished here except for the edging on the shelves. It is getting stained ebony. It was in The finishing room this morning but I forgot to get a picture. About the the only thing I worked on lately was making “X’s” for a TEDx conference for the speakers. I got a long bit for the CNC and cut these out of 2x12’s since they wanted them painted red. The bed bed on the machine is 25”x25” and they had to be 9” tall so I cut two out of each piece. I had had to make a total of 12 and get them painted red, but let the grain show. So 12 “X’s” painted red and then laser engraved with the conference name and speakers name. So that’s about it for right now in the shop. Hoping to finally get to spend some time this holiday weekend in the shop. What’s on your agenda for this holiday weekend and last official weekend of the summer? i look forward to hearing and seeing your projects. Work safe and have fun.
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    I may need to go back to work so I can have a vacation.
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    Neighbor was cutting some trim at his place. Asked me for a tape measure. Seems he thought something was wrong with his. 3 times he made a cut to 6 ft 6 inches and all three times it was short. So I went to help, with my tape measure in hand. He lays the tape down goes to 66 inches and makes his mark. With a straight face I showed him his mistake. 6ft 6 inches is 78 inches 66 inches would be 12 inches short.
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    2 coats of primer, used Kilz oil based. Then 3 coats of color. Two was okay but I expect it to get a lot of wear from chairs and fan being taken in and out. Floor got same treatment. True, but when I hit the sack at night, I am out like a light.
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    Yeah, I do stay out of Kalifornia when using most chemicals....and some woods.
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    Boeing is still trying to get it to pass FAA regulations, we've asked for a refund.
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    All I know is I received this & I'm having second thoughts about working for this guy.....
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    ...Might be how they learned to speak!
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    Interesting. Good to know you can still get blades. Friend asked me to borrow mine, told him no. He gave me funny look. Told him I cannot loan you what I don't have. What a tool you don't have? he asked me. Yeah the lottery thing hasn't worked out for me yet.
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