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    steven newman

    Shaker Style End Table

    The Boss wants a new end table.....brought home 12' of 1 x 6 Ash...and 10' of 2 x 4 Ash....might just be enough? 1 x 6 s went to the shop, this afternoon...needed three planks at 30" long....was able to get 4.... Here is 3 out of the 4....the 4th? Has "issues"..... Has enough waves, to make you seasick....set this aside, before the others get any ideas... Straight edge showed I had a bit of work to do... Marked a line, bandsaw the worst off....set up the fence on the saw...ripped a new straight edge on both edges...laid out to see what kind of panel I had.. Close...we can do better..Clamped one into the leg vise....after I had marked a big "V" across to keep things lined up Joint an edge, then check it...both the #62 and this big guy... No. 7c worked on each edge...I also checked for gaps.. Worked until I had three planks I could glue together into a table top...spread a bead, moosh a bead, repeat... Just glue holding this together....time to apply a few clamps... First clamp was in the middle. Then the ends, then the cauls. Will let this sit overnight....Trying for a 4/4 x 16 x 30" table top.... Boss does want a shelf....might be tricky to do...with tapered legs...we'll see. Just a simple table, tapered square legs (no lathe) 3" aprons...rather plain, actually.. Has a hint of grain to it...will see if it shows up later.... It's a start....stay tuned
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    Can't resist sharing a picture of my brand new grandson Hunter Clark Luley born 11/13/2018 Truly thankful
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    Gene Howe

    Thanksgiving Day.

    Son, DIL and newest (8 months old) grand daughter, will be here for Turkey Day. Just breast meat, no bones, no dark meat. Oyster dressing using home made bread, French cut green beans and mashed potatoes. Sweet taters TBD. All kinds of salads. Son's birthday is on Thanksgiving and, DIL's is three days later. They requested momma's Boston Creme Pie for dessert.
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    Thanksgiving Day.

    1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. quiet day planned, just the two of us. turkey, stuffing, sweet potato soup, deviled eggs, cranberry something, cheese cake for dessert. and maybe something i've forgotten or not been told about. Happy Thanksgiving all.
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    TP Dispenser

    This is my first real Scrollsaw project. I found a picture on the internet of one I liked so I sort of copied it. The bolt/washer/nut was my idea, the one I copied had a dowel with a ball on the end. Made from Black Walnut. Herb
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    Repurpose Desk

    Sanded the legs & base, glued and assembled. Stripped the drawers and cabinet & sanded. Couple of coats of clear poly and call it good. Wire wheeled the metal cleats and just spayed poly on the desktop edge were I rounded over. Top is still in good shape so I just applied some paste wax. Plan on making a shelf across the back to raise the monitor and printer. Need to touch up that support for the keyboard tray. Dark spot above the drawer is a cigarette burn from the previous owner, it adds character.
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    Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day (Nov 11) to all veterans everywhere, alive or dead, and to their families and friends. Thank you for everything you have done , and continue to do, for all of us. Lots of local celebrations the entire W/E, Friday-Monday hat
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    Thanksgiving Day.

    I want to wish everyone a nice Thanksgiving and a safe one. I am glad we don't have to travel. We are having our daughter and her clan over for dinner. The two boys are 15 and 18 years old and all they want is hamburgers. That is okay with me because we are having turkey and dressing with all the fixings. It will be a lot of fun. Maybe if you want to you guys could post what yall are doing for Thanksgiving.
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    John Moody is on the road today so I’m filling in. Last weekend, we did a large holiday show on Saturday. It was a 7 hour show with 168 vendors and over 2700 people came through the doors. We did very well at the show AND I was able to get a piece delivered this week that I had been building. Right now I'm building 6” cheese boards since I sold 32 of them last Saturday. Tomorrow we have a charity auction to attend and rest on Sunday. So, what’s on your weekend Agenda?
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    here is my shop

    here is my shop,the barn looking part was how I started,then came the 10x20 section then the middle to connect it,LAST was the pop out section,but still need to add more,just goining to take out the section where the window is an make it a tool room
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    Thanksgiving Day.

    Not sure of the exact menu yet (except for the turkey), and won't be until it is on the table. Following my wife's knee surgery a couple weeks back her two sisters that live nearby came up with a plan to do all of the cooking. And, it will all be brought here for consumption. Looks like 10 adults and two children at the table; and some few extras that will be dropping by later to visit & have dessert and coffee, or a brew. The wife is doing very well after the knee surgery. Stitches came out yesterday and she was cleared to drive. Everyone at the rehab center and dr. office were surprised at how well she had done.
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    Thanksgiving Day.

    We do a traditional dinner, turkey w/dressing, beans, corn, brussel sprouts w/bacon, baked sweet & russet potatoes, candied yams (no marshmallows). My wife bakes pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, apple & blueberry turnovers and nut and apricot fold overs. We put the word out at the beginning of the month for an open house and get a head count. The Christmas season kicks off after dinner with a viewing of the movie Christmas Vacation. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Repurpose Desk

    Decided to make a computer desk and to repurpose what I had left from the drafting table. The legs & the frame have a new life as a bench. Made that awhile ago. That leaves me with a desk top, 1 1/8" thick, & drawers. I cut the top down to 26" and kept the length. I plan on cutting down the metal caps on the ends to keep it from warping. A round over on the front & a little angle on the end to save the hips. I took the cut off from the top to get my material for the legs. The base is leftovers from a door that I took apart and made some floating shelves. I can flip the board & hide the hole. Routed some slots in the leg for that decorative element & a round over to soften them up. Cut the tendons on the table saw & will clean those up with a chisel. I'll put a couple of cross braces in the dead space. Layout & cut the mortise. I'll cut a taper on the ends of the base to keep from stubbing my toes. TBC
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    Repurpose Desk

    Completed the shelf & put everything in its place. Not sure if I want to put pigeon holes under the monitor, don't want a catch all. Did put an 18" led strip under there. Now I can put all the papers away that had no place in the old desk. Thanks for all the comments.
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    I just wanted to update folks on the status of Kieth Mealy as our Finishing Forum Host. At last contact it sounded like Keith was up to his eyeballs with life and business and he is just having a heck of a time getting back here with us. Believe me, I know how he feels, sometimes just to squeeze in a few minutes can be a daunting task, and it stays in the back of your head as something you know you need to do, but just can't, then ya start to feel bad about not being able to get it done, and then the task just becomes a pain in the rear to have lurking in the back of your brain, yep, we all been there! We have not had contact with Keith for a little while now so that means he is being driven hard elsewhere, and we should respect that and wish him the best in his business and his family. As you can see in the image of Keith and kids, he is performing a much more important task, sharing his knowledge with the younger generation, and he is teaching the kids how to extract honey! Hey he has other hobbies ya know! I want to personally thank Keith for the time he spent here, his weekly finishing topics and his interaction in forum topics and posts, were and still are highly valued here on TPW, and are now a permanent part of our information structure, and that my friends is priceless. You can't buy information like Keith shared with us, the information that Keith dispersed here in the Finishing Forum can only be gotten from a man in the business, and with years of experience behind him, and you cannot put a value on that my friends. Like our Scrolling Forum Host Fred Wilson, Keith is moving on to being a laid back low key member of The Patriot Woodworker, where the stresses of meeting deadlines with the weekly topic are no more, and the contentious meetings on The Patriot Woodworker corporate jet are no more, and also his six figure salary as well that he earned as host, is no more. But one thing for sure, a legacy of wonderful information and knowledge in the sometimes mysterious field of finishing, has been left behind by our friend Keith Mealy. We wish him the best in all he does, and we hope someday he'll drop on by and just say howdy, we do miss him. If anyone has a direct "Bat Line" to Kieth, please let him know he is thought of highly here, and we are forever grateful for the time he spent here. Cheers folks!
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    Good Clean Fun

  17. 9 points

    A Day at the Mill

    This popped up as one of my suggested videos. Lots of old 'arn. Early in the video unique method (to me anyway) to sharpen carbide teeth and then to replace a tooth insert. enjoy.
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    steven newman

    Another box build..

    Hmmm, about the only thing uglier than looking in my mirror this morning... Was this scene, looking out the backdoor...that be ice....got worse later....retreated to the shop...was safer than driving around town, with all the idiots that thought is was still summer....and drove like it... Removed MOST of the clamps on the other two glue ups..and promptly recycled a few... When this little b...part came out of the clamps...there was a popping sound Seems I used too short of a screw in this spot.. Replaced this with a 2" long one...had to wax the threads...the front and back panels were clamped up, back to back Feet, ends and tops do not match....Will have to plane and sand until they do....Boss wanted to go to the stores...I included a trip to Lowes.. The Boss took this one, while I was pulling into the Lowes parking lot..YUCK....Boss bought a couple items, I was there for just one... Bulb runs on 120vac....Bandsaw needed a new light bulb. Just before we left for town, I was able to get this cutter nice and sharp.... Got back home...installed the bulb.. It lights up, when the saw is running.. Blade IS moving....and a lot faster than I am Ok, put the laundry into the washer, and started that....then went to "work" End panel was checked for square....and found wanting...we have ways... Small part, meet small plane. Got that job done....set the front and back "Sammich" into the vise...for the same thing.. Yes, both panels are in there...weapon of choice? Actually, both planes were used....and the beltsander...and a small drum sander I could install in a drill...got things to finally match each other, set aside one, and worked on the other, as it needed grooves done.. Then set this aside. BTW,, this was also sanded flat on both inside and outside faces...Needed to set up the #45, again. Retract the spurs...don't need them, nor the depth stop.. Remember that cutter I sharpened up? It also has it's own depth stop. hardest part about this? getting it mill to the tongue exactly where you need it...dang fussy..clamped the panel where I could do the milling.. And, where it won't move around...first try...meh...more fussing, more cussing..wound up with a skinny tongue.. Will fine tune it later...flipped the panel...a few times, didn't matter, plane wanted to dig in regardless of the grain directions...finally got it to a dry fit.. A little better. There are onlt two clamps in use here...Joint was enough to hold the long panel in place. Close up? Ok, tongues were done for today, end panel needed the groove finish out... At least, I could use the backsaw all the way through...and then pop the waste with a chisel...Wall on the edge is a bit ragged, tablesaw will clean it up. Placed this in-between the other two sides...with one clamp.. And that spreader bar. Waiting on glue to cure, before i tackle the last panels....hopefully, the tongues come out better. Cutter was designed for 3/4" thick stock...this stuff is a little thinner...should have used the 3/16" cutter, instead....oh well. Stay tuned...we moving at the speed of ..smell..
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    Threading Wooden Dowels

    I have requests for showing how I thread the bolt and nuts in the TP Dispenser Post. It is the same way that you thread metal rods,and tap metal plate for bolts. I use Slipit for a lubrication so as to not tear out the threads. Here I show an oak dowel and maple nuts. I use Slipit on drawers rails, drawer slides, and any wood that needs to slide. https://www.slipit.com/all-products/...ding-compound/
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    Ron Dudelston

    The Farmhouse Table

    I promised to post a picture of the finished farmhouse table so here it is.
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  22. 9 points
    Ron  Pemberton

    Good Clean Fun

  23. 8 points

    Thanksgiving Day.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Don't hold back, enjoy.
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    Threading Wooden Dowels

    Stick you may be a sadist Herb that is a great tutorial . Thanks
  25. 8 points

    Butcher block material?

    Ok time to end the argument on wood vs plastic. Look at this , in particular the fourth paragraph. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/wood-or-plastic-cutting-board_n_6133318

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