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    Sewing Cabinet

    Wife's birthday was not quite two weeks ago. A bit before, I asked her what she'd like for a gift. She got a new sewing machine last year and was looking for something that would hold incidentals and project materials since she is not longer working on the desk where her old one was. Not enough time to get it done before the day, but finished up today. I got the idea from a book on tool chests and adapted LxWxD to fit the niche next to and under her new sewing table. And I got to decide if I'd ever want to make a Gerstner-style chest for myself (still undecided). QS white oak. Drawer bottoms form runners into the sides.
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    Grizzly G0771Z

    I finally went and done it. My R4512 finally stopped making good cuts so I got a Grizzly. I am SOOOOOOO impressed with this saw. Came with out a scratch on it. Easy to set up (with help). The hardest part was getting it to my shop. It weighs 300 lbs in the box. Got an appliance dolly and a great big friend to help me move it. Made several cuts with it today. If you are thinking about an up grade, this is a really good deal.
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    Charles Nicholls

    Latest Bowl Project.

    While I shore up the bowl I decided to get an older project done. A throw top that I have had sitting around here for about a year
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    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Two woods grown here by my wife, Chinese privet, variegated and I thought I was saving some walnut but it turned out to be oak I had stacked there. The easiest way to get the log ready for the lathe is first put the log in the Legacy Mill to knock off the bark and kinda get it round then go to the lathe... I had to stop and glue up some cracks was the reason I am doing two at once, let the glue dry on one while I play with the other.... and again, this is what I am shooting for. Don't matter if it will end up close or not, just doing one with some carving and maybe a name?
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    My wife has now passed the 2.5 week mark after having her left knee replaced. Yesterday was her last "In-Home Physical Therapy" and she will start doing her Physical Therapy at an outpatient facility near us. The good thing is that the Physical Therapist goes to our church and she did Tami's Physical Therapy when she had her right hip replaced in 2016. So Tami is getting around better but it will take her a bit longer to get her balance up to par since she has Cerebral Palsy. She still uses the walker when we go out of the house but inside the house she is not. Yesterday I started taking all the family photos off the walls and getting them downstairs into the dining room so we can start packing for our move to Kentucky in June. It is starting to get real as we walk through the house with blank walls. I am having to ride shot gun over my daughter as she was supposed to have moved a bunch of her stuff a month ago as she is stressing about her having to move out. So I will have to get in there tomorrow and start taking out things. Today my wife and I will be running some errands and boxing up some things. I will also have to get some yard work done this weekend as our temperatures have warmed up and will be in the 90's.
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    It has been a busy and crazy week for me. Sunday night's grinding and paving was canceled due to rain showers, so I go to work like normal on Monday, around 4:30 am to do all of my office stuff and estimation of a project, then at 5: PM we starting grinding on our ODOT project. Paving was to start around 9:PM. Paving finally started at 11ish. I went home showered, ate, went to bed and the inspector butt dialed me at 2: AM. Could not go back to sleep so finally I got up and went back out to the project around 4ish to see how the paving was going. Very Slow. We needed to be off the road by 7 but we ran over a little bit to 7:30. Got back in the office around 9:00 and worked on the bid, then went back out to the job at 4:PM so we could start the traffic control all over again for the 2nd half of the road. While going over other aspects of the project with the lead inspector, we find out that the grinder had broke down so no grinding and pave back. However, they did decide to pave a few road approaches that were ground out the night before and a couple of access roads. I got home about 11:00 that night and up and in the office by 4:AM on Wednesday. Worked on the bid all day to finish it up (it was due on Thursday at 9:AM). Got the bid packet ready and handed it off to another guy who was going to deliver it Thursday AM in Salem. Got home around 8:PM. The grinder was still broke down, so no paving Wednesday night. Thursday, back in the office at 4:AM to make sure no late subs sent in better pricing. Worked on other office paperwork till about 9:30. Found out we did not get the bid. Went out to check on the day crew to see their progress, back to the office for more paperwork. Went back to the job at 4:PM for the second night of grinding and paving. Went home again around 11:00 after the sub got everything lined out. In bed by midnight only to have phone ring with a few issues around 1:AM - poor existing base section under a side street. Must fix the agency's problem before it gets paved. Accident - drunk driver ran into back of lowboy trailer parked off the edge of roadway. Got a sleep and back to the job at 4. Worked with the crew to get the lanes marked and opened and finally got back into the office around 9:30 to work on a bunch of backlogged paperwork. So, what am I going to do this weekend? Probably sleep, maybe some shop time in if I feel like I can do it without causing harm to myself.
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    Father's Day In April

    Took a little doing to get 300 lbs unloaded from my truck, down the basement steps, and assembled. I have not used it yet but I’m sure it is sweet. It does pass the coin test when it is running. Danl
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    Ron Altier

    Movie, Pizza And Beer

    I'm old fashioned and behind times. I am not sure what a movie costs either. Anyway, a local movie here serves dinner and beer with your movie. For $24 two people get a pizza & beer served to your reclining personal seats while your is movie playing. Thats what I call staying competitive with those TV movies
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    Like many states around the U.S., Indiana is right in the middle of its Primary Election cycle. That being said, the primary has impacted yours truly because I'm the chairman of our county election board and my life has been filled with meetings and numerous trips to the courthouse as well as the traveling board trips to homes and nursing homes so that the sick and shut ins can exercise their right to vote. Even with the election board duties, I've had the opportunity to build a small oak bookcase for my office area. This weekend we'll continue deconstruction of my son's newly purchased house. So, fellow woodworkers, what's on your Patriot Woodworker agenda for the weekend?
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    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Found the rubber bands, I mean't to say mom found em.. Just trying to get something that should tell me one way or the other. Too tall, too short, sticks out too far, too skinny, too fat. So I start with pine trying to understand what they need.... I don't even worry about the legs until I get the upper half under control. I leave the attachments on both ends for I still might alter the shapes of one or both! These kind of ends will let me take them in and out of the lathe and still be centered. I don't have any more of this Chinese privet so I will disguise some wood.
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    Ron Altier


    My wife wanted me to make a large sunflower for our fence. I used plywood and pine to make this one for her, its about 3' dia. I grabbed some old acrylic Paint and made it pretty colorful. I sprayed it with some weather resistant stuff. I haven't found anything here (CO) that can take this sun for long, with the exception of porch and deck paint. I've tried just about everything you can think of or heard of, nothing holds up, especially clear stuff.
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    . And Baby Makes . Four

    Two beds and two kids. These started as the 3-in-1 crib/bed design. Care to guess which Mom (they took the pics) is the artiste? But the Really Big News? The bed in the second pic, the gray one, is moving back to Phoenix, and bringing the g-kid with him!! Yay! All four kids now back "in town". I don't think proximity to my woodworking was uppermost in the decision, but it is nice to have family close.
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    Ron Altier

    My Red Vehicle

    Isn't this a beautiful red vehicle??? Well its all mine and it is all paid for. I actually took this picture to brag about it. Rides nice, has decent pickup and serves me well. It is the 1998 Ford F150 in the background and has 200,000 miles on it 😀
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    What To Do With My Tools ?

    Hang in there,maybe sell off the stuff you never use . We have a member of our turning club over 90 . He does not move as fast as he used to but is still coming up with things to do . I just hope I reach your age and not worried about doing anything.
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    Spring has FINALLY arrived in east central Indiana. The yard received its first mowing of the year yesterday and all is right with the world. It has been a busy week here. We continue to deconstruct a house that my son bought. We're on the fourth 40 yard dumpster and making progress. The pic below shows the progress as of last Saturday but now we have the house down to bare studs. Next up for removal is the roof. Monday, we had a new HVAC system installed so the LOML can stay toasty or cool (her choice, not mine). As for shop time, I have been building a small oak bookcase for my office area. The weekend is full with a Lincoln Day dinner and a memorial service on Sunday afternoon. Of course, worship on Sunday morning. So folks, what's on your Patriot Woodworker weekend agenda?
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    Hey had a great day . Went by a wood dealer on the way and picked up $160 worth of exotics from yellowheart to sepele . That blows my budget for this trip
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    John Morris

    Familiar Faces

    And they still do hatuffej. In addition, l believe we can compare, and very fairly. The point of the PDF was, how undeniably Anti-American Hollywood has become. And the idea of an actor or actress joining our military today, is beyond imagination. I know in many of us jaded veterans, politics become everything and we tend to conflate service in our armed forces with politics. But as a young man or woman, they don't care about politics all that much, they either join because they want to serve their nation, they want to learn a skill, they want the college assistance, or they just need a way out of town and away from the trouble they keep getting into. All great reasons to join up. And if you ask a young adult why they joined at the height of the wars in the Mid-East? They'll tell ya, they wanted too, and they wanted to inflict payback. The reason why Hollywood actors and actress's didn't join up during the Mid-East wars, is because deep down inside, and in many cases publicly, they believe we deserved the WTC 911 attacks. They believe America is the root cause of evil in our world.
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    Fred Wilson

    Lighted Village

    Just finished the latest "Lighted" project. This one is called the Lighted Holiday Village. Again, I'm just showing off. Taking it to a show in Dayton, TN this weekend to see what kind of interest I get. The project is about 24" long and includes walnut, maple, aromatic cedar, sephelle, oak (both white and red), and a couple others that I have probably forgotten. Picture not very good because I got too close to the project. Will try to be better later on. Above with the lights off Lights On
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    Ol Buck

    What To Do With My Tools ?

    Hey, DON'TCHE SELL'M TOOLS-USE'M. Like the others suggested do some excises, walking, jumping jacks, don't you sit down, you won't be on top of the grass , you'll be under it. git'che a stool and sit at the lathe & make something like you aint ever seen.DON'T YOU QUIT, DON'T MAKE ME HAFTA COME OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!
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    What To Do With My Tools ?

    Hello Al I recommend that you do not quit working around the house or in your shop. Start doing exercises and stretches every day to build and keep strength and flexibility, and do the work that needs done, especially your woodworking. Find the pace you feel comfortable with. If you quit, you will sink faster. Fight it. I"m going down in flames!!!! hat
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    Gene Howe

    New Challenges

    Preparing for my first foray into the land of lock miters. My pieces are 2@ 44" and 2 @ 14”. They are 5/8” thick and 12” wide. I was concerned about the stability of the 14” piece running upright against the fence so, I built a high sliding fence to attach to the router table fence. Added an upright strip to it to butt the 14” piece to. Now, the work can be clamped to the slider and to the strip and passed through the bit securely. All that remains is to devise a way to add a stack of feather boards. Since there’s no miter slot in the table, this is another challenge. I think I have it figured out. That’s today’s job. As Steve, the old Bandit says…Stay tuned. Pics at 11...maybe.
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    For me it is a couple of Advil to call the muscle/bone aches and pains plus a smile on my face and a great feeling in the heart and sharing with my wife - - (54 years today)
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    Are you sure you didn't do it. Around here I find it's usually somehow something I did that causes the problem.
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    Yeah, if I can get the coon problem under control. Last year I planted 5-20' long rows and didn't get a single ear. This year I'm planning an electrifying experience for them.
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