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  1. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Rain off and on with low 70s for the high. Humidity is a killer at 87%.
  2. HandyDan

    John Moody's Mother

    Very sad times for you and your family John. Condolences to all who knew her.
  3. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Last I saw him I almost stepped in him.
  4. HandyDan

    MWTCA June 2018 'What's It' Project

    @John Morris I got a reply from Joe at PCS Outdoors. They are the tool supplier for the tool in my above post. Here is his reply. Mr. Henkele: I would have to agree with you. You've already looked up item 671-7102 ( I was going to send a reference to it but you found it already). I can see where some might think it's for plastering or spreading tile mastic, but I'm leaning towards the fleshing tool idea. One for the "rustic" appearance of the tool. Two, fleshing tools are made to use by drawing it towards yourself with the handle (In my opinion, the handle on this would get in the way of properly spreading plaster/mastic unless you were pushing it). I hope this helps. Joe PCS Outdoors http://www.pcsoutdoors.com/trappingpeltfleshingtool.aspx I want to thank Tina Heisner and Joe from PCS Outdoors. They took the time to consider and answer my questions. PCS out doors must be a great company to deal with having employees who are willing to go the distance to answer emails like these two.
  5. HandyDan

    Display Case Question

    How about a biscuit and cross joint splines?
  6. HandyDan

    If You Happen To Be 70 or 80 and Been

    Hmmmm. I always took you as "deep", man.
  7. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Got some needed rain overnight. Cooler today with clouds and sun. Temperature in the low 80s.
  8. To hot and humid to do much outside. I am working on a cabinet to hold sewing thread for a friend of mine. This is what she wants. I am building one not quite as crude but out of reclaimed and left over materials.
  9. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    High 80s with clouds and sun.
  10. HandyDan

    Router Setup

    I only have four but then I hardly ever use a router.
  11. HandyDan

    If You Happen To Be 70 or 80 and Been

    I rarely need one and do as you do. I also bought a set at Harbor freight that has gotten me out of a jam from time to time.
  12. HandyDan

    Thread Chasing Dial

    Looking good Cliff.
  13. HandyDan

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Clouds moved in but not supposed to rain. Low 8os for today.
  14. Spent yesterday washing the mildew off the siding of the house and three out buildings. Too damp around here I suppose. Needs done from time to time. Probably best if it was done every year but that's not happening. Today is going to be a do nothing day and maybe tomorrow too.

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