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Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! January 11, 2021

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1 hour ago, John Morris said:

Anyone have a clue?

I can only assume this is or will be a new sponsor to the forums site.  That is the only thing I could thing of with an advertisement piece like that.


Monday plans nothing much grab a pizza or two and check to see if the glue has cured enough to start on the big project.  Got plenty of gouges to sharpen up and test out see how well they do.  I think I'm also going to make myself a jig for the wen bench grinder as well which will be nice to have should be easy enough for me to make.

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1 hour ago, Cal said:

Good Monday morning John!

Looks like we have a new site sponsor with us!  I've used a couple of their stains and was happy with them.  Unfortunately, I do not have a dealer very close at all.  Welcome aboard to General Finishes, as for myself, I would be a private in that army! :)


For the week ahead, calling to get my covid jab; bought some file cabinets at auction last week that I need to pick up; finish up repainting a couple tool boxes; staying out of the cold & wet, or cold & wind; finish up a dresser plan so I can get started on it; may try to haul a timber or two out of the garage and list them for sale...

What kind of timber??

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21 hours ago, Gunny said:

What kind of timber??


LOL - Gunny, I tried to give you one!  They are old growth red oak 2x10x18' +

Let me know if you want any of them...


@FlGatorwood, Steve, they wouldn't give you the shot at the same time as your wife's caregiver?  Sounds like you get to navigate the shot maze three more times :(


8 hours ago, Gerald said:

We had a little snow last night and all gone by 3 PM


Please keep it over there Gerald!  I know it's been cold, but all we got was rain.  How often do you get snow?

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16 hours ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

If you pull in stations from 200 miles away, I'd like to know which antennae it is....I could use it. But, also congrats on your wife getting the shot...though I guess you get to do it all over again for the second dose. We aren't eligible until the first of Feb., and I have no idea what to do to get the shot at that point.


My brother and I were talking about that yesterday.  Guess they're going to just spring it on us where to go.

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