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  1. Project is finished. I've got it up on a wall at about the same height that you would see it in the chapel. I've got another carving project in mind!!!
  2. Painting/gilding completed. Tomorrow, I'll attach the shell to the plaque and hang it on the wall.
  3. Thank you Cal. My technique for the smaller details is to lay down a sheet/partial sheet of leaf and then use a soft brush to "push" everything down. This is repeated as necessary to fill the details. I try to keep the "crumbs" in the applied area so that they may do some more filling in. My next step is to carefully brush/tamp down the leaf. I really don't do much rubbing, except the flat surfaces, because that will remove the leafing from the high spots.
  4. I've started to gild the shell/frame and realized that I shouldn't have given the shell a second coat of gesso. You can see the brush marks through the gold leaf..... no way to reverse this unless I wanted to strip everything away and begin again. The photos show how the gilding process goes, from laying down the gold leaf to pressing it down into the sizing. I'm doing this in stages because I'm not sure of how much gold I can lay before the sizing sets. I'll try to "burnish everything when the sizing is completely dry. The plaque is done except for some needed touchup to the paint.
  5. Here's the first coat of gesso for the plaque and the shell. I'll apply a second coat and let everything dry well before attempting the gilding.
  6. Gene, thank you for the gracious complement. Not to spoil the completion of this shell, I'll show you something similiar that I did from a 3-week trip to Spain/Portugal. The original shell was photographed, high up on a wall, in a Synagogue in Toledo, Spain. The first photo shows the gold leaf applied but not "set in". The third photo shows the gold leaf "brushed" onto the surface. The second photo shows everything completed. You can also get an idea of how the plaque/shell will go together.
  7. Everything is ready for the paint/gold leaf. The first photo shows how the shell will be displayed on the plaque and the second photo shows the materials that I'll be using for the paint/gilding. Once the yellow gesso is on, it will make the world of difference in how everything will present.
  8. The shell is just about ready for the gilding but I want to make the plaque, upon which it will be mounted. It's just a rectangular shape with applied moldings. The moldings will be gilded. I've used a ogee w/fillet and a 3/16"beading plane for the moldings. It always surprises me what amount of shavings the planes will produce. This pile is for about 10 feet of molding(I always make extra).
  9. The sealing and sanding, the first coat, is done. I'll give the shell a second coat of shellac, sand it down, make the plaque, seal and sand that, then apply a third coat of shellac before the painting/gilding begins. I wish that I had access to a 20" wood lathe for my idea of the plaque but I'm going to do a rectangular one!
  10. Shell is coming along nicely. It's amazing what a photo can show versus the eye. I'm seeing areas that need to be "cleaned" up that I didn't see while finish carving. I should have this sealed/sanded by the end of this weekend.
  11. Rough carving completed! I've put the shell onto my Pow-R-Arm for easy turning/access to all of the shell for detail carving and cleaning everything up. The cleanup is my least favorite part of the project.
  12. Rough carving mostly finished. This will be followed by adding the detail and trying to make the gouge marks disappear(using a #2 gouge).
  13. Some progress is being made. I decided to rough-carve the left side of the shell, to see how that goes, then complete the right side before adding the details/smoothing.
  14. My copy of the Castelbuono shell is coming along. I'm "rough" carving the various layers and will then proceed to fill in the finish details for completion. Notice the lack of red spots? No guarantee that they won't appear later!!
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