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  1. Here's some photos of today's progress. I'm using a 1 7/8" thick blank of basswood(thanks again Lew) sized to fit the photocopy of the shell. Laying out the drawing even though I've traced the outline, is always a challenge for me. I've used a combination of bandsaw/scollsaw work to cut out the profile. This is followed up by files/sandpaper to "fine tune" the profile. The final profiling will be done with the appropriate gouges when carving. I always attach my carvings to an oversize board, this allows me to carve down and define the edges without blowing out the lower edges. I make this board by gluing /screwing down an octagonal block, underneath with cardboard, that my bench vise grips for the initial carving. I will attach this board, minus this block, to my carving arm for the final, detailed cuts. My attachment procedure for the basswood is basically the same as for the octagon. I use a folder cardboard glued between the wood and the basswood so that I may separate the carving after the carving is all done. Once everything is dry, I can start the carving process and won't remove the carved basswood until all of the carving is done.
  2. My next carving/gilding project has been found. I took this photo somewhere in Spain(Salamanca?) and will concentrate on sizing it to fit an 8X11" plaque, retaining proportionality, of course. This was above a doorway/window in the city. Stay tuned.
  3. Used for rolling massages/cellulite reduction. https://stock.adobe.com/images/massage-with-maderotherapy-rolling-pin/215581151
  4. Here's the finished product. I was very disappointed that the blackwood wasn't more(all) black but the dealer said that happens. It is genuine African blackwood and turned beautifully. I could produce long shavings from the wood and the final product was polished with handfuls of blackwood shavings. The setup at the drill press is how I drill for the 1 3/8" hole.... I just go from the drillpress back to the lathe. Now to try to find some truly jet-black blackwood!!!
  5. Completion. The growth rings were a challenge to do and I'll try something different next time.
  6. Gilding completed on the plaque, with a little touch up to do. I'm starting the gilding of the shell today and will post some photos.
  7. Here's something to ponder making. I purchased this stand several years ago, at a local auction, and have thought about carving a reproduction of it from basswood. It's bronze/silver and I'm not of the purpose of it.
  8. I just "found" the original photograph of the spill vase, that I've copied. Opinions as to the type of wood used?????? The vase is early 19th or 18th century and is at Historic Deerfield.
  9. Thanks. Conventional gouges/scrapers but on the Lignum, I used large aluminum/metal files for the finishing of the outside, hollow part. For the hollow, I turned the base/upper form first, without the thin waist(you can see what happened to the broken walnut one), then mounted it(base) in my chuck, took it to the drill press to drill out the hollow(1 3/8" Forstner bit). After this was done, I then mounted the chuck to the lathe to finish off the outside of the hollow, followed by turning/scraping the thin waist. I did manage to salvage the broken one..... I simply doweled it together and it looked fine. The woods that I practiced on were white oak, walnut, walnut(broken one), cherry, and, the keeper, Lignum vitae. Now for one in Blackwood!
  10. Has anyone had the occasion to do any turnings from African Blackwood? I've got a spill vase, that I want to turn from that wood, and I've done spill vases in other woods for practice. The last vase, in the photo, is from Lignum(guaiacum?) vitae and was a real lesson in turning!!!
  11. John, the sale has ended. It's no longer for sale.
  12. I'm not sure if this is allowed... if not, please delete it. Here's a lathe auction that just ended on the "Bay" and I was surprised at how much it brought. However, if I could ever afford something like this, I would buy it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324253532093?ul_noapp=true
  13. Shell carving/plaque received first coat of gilding primer.
  14. A little more finishing to this shell and it's ready for the painting/gilding.
  15. Shell almost finished in terms of carving/sanding. I'm undecided on how to do the growth rings on the shell. I can scratch, indent, or carve them in. I'll be trying various methods before proceeding.
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