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  1. Why not turn a MT-2 taper, from a hardwood, and then wrapping sandpaper around it for the final-sanding fit? You could then use that with your wood lathe for the final sanding/fitting.
  2. There would still be the process of placing the separate jaw parts into the cutout. I did think about doing a cutout for the sets but realized that there wouldn't be much room between the cuts. And, there's the added enjoyment of dropping that last jaw into a well-fitted space among the other 3 jaws. The box/trays are constructed of solid pine that was shell shellacked/painted...... no plywood used.
  3. The first photo shows the layout of the drawer bottoms, with the dowel pins in place, the second is showing the jaw sets in place, and the last photo shows the two inner boxes, ready to be placed into the larger storage box. All done! Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone!!!
  4. Here's the plan. I've got the jaw sets and chuck laid out on two tray drawings. These will fit into the interior of the box. The first photo shows the jaws sets that I picked up and the second photo shows the layout of everything, given the interior dimensions. 3/16" dowel rods should act as the 4 "posts" for each set. The chuck itself will fit into a drilled hole and won't be in the box for storage but for future storage. I've realized that these two trays will be the equivalent of making another, smaller box( 8 sides and 2 bottoms), to fit within the bigger one.
  5. Thanks to all who have suggested the drawer arraignment. I'm concluding that, perhaps, a pair of lift-out drawers for this box. The jaw sets could be laid out, on sets of dowels, for display and selection. I'll draw a rectangular template for the bottom of the box and then lay out the jaw sets to check for fit. Stay tuned.
  6. I'm not exactly sure of how the spacing/layout would be for the jaws sets. I did entertain the idea of using dowel rods to keep the sets together.
  7. Final photo and resting place of the Axminster accoutrements(left room for the chuck if needed). Now, let's hope that the bottom of this box doesn't fall out when I lift it.
  8. Admire the Stanley 45 work/use(as well as everything else). Excellent project.
  9. Thanks for the advice. How would you tape off the many curved sections on this pattern?
  10. Box completed and ready to be put into action. I'm very pleased with the box but very disappointed with the star design on top.
  11. Thanks Lew. I'm not pleased with how the painted design came out. The edges(paint lines) are rough. When I do projects like this, I always use scrap pieces of leftover wood. The top/bottom of the box is white pine and when I drew the lines(compass) they came out ragged(should have used poplar) because of the various hardness of the pine. When I tried to set them in better, it only made things worse. Throw in some old paint and you get the idea. To be done differently next time!
  12. Working on a dovetailed box for the chuck accessories. Chest is almost painted and tomorrow I'll reinstall the hinges and latch.
  13. Just follow this link to the Clubman 100 Chuck and look at the recommended accessories for it. There were a few more jaw sets that I didn't get because of duplication. Everything is English made and I'm not sure of how it compares to other manufacturers of chucks/jaw sets. Perhaps Lew could offer some wisdom here? I'll do a review of things when I do use them. Looking forward to trying out the button jaws!!! https://www.axminstertools.com/us/axminster-clubman-sk100-woodturning-chuck-3-4-x-16-tpi-106880
  14. Several weeks back I purchased a Axeminster Clubman 100 chuck and some jaws for very little money(my opinion). I've got the chuck/jaws/key stored in a metal can under my lathe bench. This works out well for me because of the accessibility of it at my lathe. I didn't know what to do with the many jaw sets so, I decided to make a dedicated, dovetailed box to store them in. The box is fully dovetailed, shown in the photos, and I'll do some kind painting/detailing on the box when everything is done. I made the box, attached the top/bottom to it with brads, and then made a cut(1/8"), with my table
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