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  1. I've now got some downtime and wanted to do something different for my next carving/gilding project. I want to carve this whale, in 3 dimensions, and mounted proud of a rectangular plaque. It should be 12-18" long, with all of the detailed carved into it.
  2. Finished and ready to find a place on the wall. I'm also including a photo of the "basics" that I've used for this project.
  3. Managed to get most of the gilding done today. I'll burnish the gold leaf later tonight and lay down the silver leaf tomorrow on the inner shell.
  4. Shell is coming along. I've added gesso(yellow) for the gold leafing areas(shell and plaque) and I'm going to use silver leaf(blue) for the inside shell. I'll lightly sand everything tomorrow and apply the last coats of gesso before starting to lay some leaf.
  5. Shell is all but detailed carved. It's amazing how a photograph can bring out small mistakes that beg to be corrected. I'll do some touch ups and then seal, sand. seal, sand, gesso, sand, gesso, sand, add sizing, and then lay the gold/silver leaf. Once this is done, I'll turn a 10 1/2" plaque to mount the carving to. The plaque will get paint and gilding!
  6. Very slow process on this carving There's been a lot going on here, including 3 deaths in the near family. The pectin shell awaits detailing before finishing can proceed.
  7. Continuing this shell carving amidst a complete kitchen replacement. Most of the work, on my end, is now done and the contractor starts on Monday for the tear-out of the cabinets/flooring. All of the appliances have found good homes as well as the cabinets. We'll be without a kitchen for 3+ weeks.
  8. Blank is cut out and some of the pattern is laid down. It's hard to see any detail, from my photocopy, and some guessing will be taking place.
  9. It's been a very busy last two months with yard/garden/house repair work to be done for spring. Not much time with the computer or anything else! In addition to this my wife and I spent 3 weeks(Apr-May) traveling in Portugal, Spain, and Morocco. In Morocco, we did an afternoon 4-wheeled drive in the Sahara desert, meet up with a Berber tribe for a sunset camel ride through the dunes. The last photo verifies our camel ride! The shell is taken from a book on Eugene Landon's work and is a shell carved by him for a Chippendale Table. When completed, it will get gilded, as well as the plaque.
  10. Dipped the face of the knob into the finish and used a small brush to spread it around. Then, placed in the rack for drying. Managed to drop only one pull into the can. Worked like a charm!
  11. It worked as expected! Reminds me of "pigeons on the phone wires".
  12. In about 7 weeks, my wife and I are going to have a new kitchen installed. This has been waiting almost a year to happen and we've chosen a "Shaker' style kitchen with some painted and natural woods. Our choice of knobs/pulls are a Shaker mushroom style and I'm in the process of staining/varnishing them for the kitchen. I needed some kind of "rack" that would allow me to do the finishing work without marring the finishes. I will able to use the screws to hold them and then slot them between the strips of wood while they dry.
  13. When I was putting everything together, I got the idea to mount a plinth(?) block, under the carving, to bring it to the front more and give it some depth. My wife loved the look and I must say that it works! Here's a photo of how much elevation the carving has as well as the location on our wall.
  14. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF00693547
  15. Gilding completed. Al that is left is to do some touchup to the black paint and mount the dragonfly to the plaque.
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