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  1. Completion. Now to find a place on the wall!
  2. We're located in the north end of town(very south central PA) and not what I would call "country". I went out to get a 28" ladder, for some tree work, and found this little guy/gal splooting on my top-layer board pile in the corner of the yard. Didn't seem to be too concerned and stayed there for about 30 minutes before disappearing.
  3. Finish proceeding on the plaque.
  4. The other thing is happening right now!
  5. Saturday morning...... showers/rain expected, fresh peach cobbler baked, fresh flowers picked, and the patio is ready to go!
  6. In the homestretch for this project. The rosette was turned/carved from one piece of wood and fitted(with a dowel) to the center area of the panel. I decided to lower that central area by 3/8" for a better look. It's amazing what a #5-35 and #2-35 carving gouge will do to lower that area. This was followed up by using a router plane to bring it down the the final dimensions and flat. Hmmmm, which router plane to use??? The last photo shows the almost-completed panel, with the rosette.
  7. Project coming along nicely. Here's a "back-of-the-envelope" sketch made for the double rosette. The almost finished sanding of the rosette and the lobes partially cut.
  8. Gluing the back board to the panel..... you can never have enough clamps. Here's the panel, with the backer board in place and the stippling done. I'll run this through the planer to remove some of the thickness from the backer board. The rosettes will be a 7" wide, one piece, unit... I hope! Lathe work to follow.
  9. Finish carving almost done. From the photo, there's a few "corrections" that have to be done. I'll turn one(or two) of the center rosettes and then decide if the center section needs lowered to receive them.
  10. Last full day with the Grand Kids! We started with painting the body of their dragonfly, followed by an exploration of the local stream, then back to finish the decorations on the dragonflies. I'll box up the bird houses, garden markers, and dragonflies for the trip up to Long Island. We should have mounted the dragonfly wings closer together in order to retain the "longish" tails. Oh well, next time.
  11. Norlo Park in Fayetteville. Wasn't too busy but hot as he!!. https://www.guilfordtwp.us/norlopark/
  12. The dragonflies were put together this morning, with much difficulty holding the wings in place for the glue to set. Clothespins worked well. We took a break in the afternoon for train rides at the local park. Temps were around 95 ℉ during this time. When we returned, we made the bases and balanced the dragonflies on the rod. Final balancing will be done tomorrow after painting them.
  13. Today, we're going to learn to use a scroll saw to produce the parts for a Dragon Fly sculpture. The stock is to be 3/16", the wings glued on and the entire dragon fly will be balanced, by a bent brad, on the top of a dowel rod. Plans were taken from "Woodcraft", Volume 19, Apr/May 2023, page 22.
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