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10 minutes ago, RustyFN said:

Wow that is beautiful. Just curious why you use a tenon? I have had better luck with a mortis myself and the best part is there is nothing to remove after.


Rusty, I guess it's just personal preference. I feel a tenon gives me much more flexibility as far as form is concerned. Aside from that, this piece of wood had cracks running all through it. No way was I going to do anything to force one of those to open up.

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18 minutes ago, RustyFN said:

For some reason every time I use a tenon it comes flying off my lathe.


Hmmm. That seems strange to me. I would say that 99% of the bowls I've turned have been with a tenon with no problems except in the case of a severe catch. Early on I had a cheap Penn State chuck and it was problematic that way. Since I invested in a better chuck it hasn't been a problem. I do use a mortise for plates and/or platters just because there usually isn't enough material to use a tenon.

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