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  1. I am thinking of doing a decorative ring with basket illusion.
  2. Here is a cherry bowl I turned the other day. It is around 9” by 3”. The finish is waterlux.
  3. Wow Tim that is some beautiful wood. Most of the easy wood to get around here is cherry, water maple, walnut, sycamore, hickory, all of the oaks, and Bradford pear. I don’t like to turn oak.
  4. The hardest part is waiting for them to dry so they can be finish turned.
  5. A buddy and I got turned on to some hard maple. Very hard to get around here. This bowl is around 13” in diameter and 7” deep.
  6. I had the vase sitting on the shelf drying. I have been wanting to try basket illusion and saw the vase and thought that will work. After finishing it I found out dark wood is a bad choice, not a lot of color choice for ink. I put the vase in a Chuck and trued it back up. Then I turned all of the beads with a beading tool. I made an indexing system for my lathe to draw the vertical lines. Once I had the lines on I burned them with a Burnmaster wood burner. Then I color in the squares according to the pattern I had planned. You need to figure out a pattern first so you know how many lines to draw. After the coloring was done I hollowed it out and parted it off. This is a picture of the indexing system I made. I can make and print any number of lines with my CAD software.
  7. It is walnut. It is 6.25” tall and 4” in diameter. I hollowed it to 3/8” thick.
  8. This is my first basket illusion.
  9. Going to made knobs like I did for this one.
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