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  1. I have never turned plywood. I would think you would get bad tear out. Does that not happen?
  2. I also drill all of mine on the lathe with the Nova pen jaws.
  3. Good to know thanks. I have always used dry. I have a big box from a shop vac full and I just put them in there. Guess I am lucky to not have a problem yet. I watched a video from Carl Jackobson where he is using rice to dry them now.
  4. Depends on which jaw you have installed. Go to tools plus and it will give all of the specs.
  5. I bought one of these and love it. I also have one that takes the two bars to tighten it and didn’t like it very much. This one with everything in the picture is $142.50.
  6. You turn it thick and then put it in a paper bag or cardboard box surrounded by dry shavings until dry. Then you put it back on the lathe and finish turning it. I left my blocks in the wax and put them on the shelf. I would weigh them once a month and record the weight. When the weight stops changing it is dry..
  7. Thanks Dan. Great explanation and pictures. I have been wanting to try this and this post will help a great deal.
  8. Beautiful piece of acrylic and good save. I found that I get a lot of catches with carbide tools and acrylic. I have ruined a few pens that way.
  9. I also love their tools. I would really like to be able to afford one of their chucks.
  10. RustyFN

    Worth $300

    If I could get it cheap enough I would put a freq drive and three phase motor on it.
  11. RustyFN

    Lidded box

    I love your choice in wood. They go very well together. I am the last one to criticize on a finial. I always make them what seems too big after I have it installed.
  12. RustyFN


    I asked that and was told all of them. This person works at a warehouse not a store.
  13. RustyFN


    My neighbor works for Woodcraft. They told me Woodcraft is for sale. If it doesn’t sell then they are going to close.
  14. Welcome Larry. You have some great looking projects there. You picked a great forum to join.
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