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  1. One thing I forgot to warn you about. Once you start turning bowls it will hook you bad. It seems you just can’t get enough. I would start with some smaller pieces and just have some fun and learn.
  2. If you want it to dry your best bet would be to cut it into bowl blank size pieces, cut the heart out and seal the ends. You can turn a wet piece and leave it thick. Do a rough turn and leave it around one inch thick. Put it in a cardboard box surrounded by wood shavings. I leave mine in the box for three to four months. Then I will do the finish turn, sanding and finish for the bowl. Here is a green piece of walnut I rough turned and put in the box to dry last week. It is 12” in diameter and I left it around one inch thick.
  3. Thanks Steve I will check those out.
  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t know much about different grinds. It works so good the way it is I would be afraid to try to change it and mess it up. I have the Oneway jig with Vari-grind and it is very easy to keep the exact same grind and removes almost nothing.
  5. I was going to buy the Thompson because it was only $15 more at $135. Woodcraft has the Sorby for $120. I got this one from Amazon for $85. That is the reason I bought it now. I was going to wait until next month and buy it from Woodcraft with my birthday discount buy they still couldn’t get close to this price.
  6. Steve I was getting a lot of vibration from the round carbide tool. This bowl gouge cuts so smooth. My small bowl gouge was 3/8” and too short.
  7. Wow is all I can say. I don’t know how I got by all this time without it. My advice for any new turner who wants to make bowls is to buy one good 1/2” bowl gouge. It might save you money in the long run. I bought a set of cheap tools. I wasn’t very happy with them so I got some carbide tools. I like the carbide better. Now I finally bought a quality 1/2” bowl gouge and it is a game changer. I will still use the carbide for special situations buy I can see the new gouge being my main tool. So much easier to do the inside of the bowl and curved part of the outside. I can also roll it and do a pu
  8. Holy cow you have been busy. Very nice Steve. Are they made to fit mason jars?
  9. Wow I ordered it yesterday and got it this morning. I can wait to try it out. It is twice the size of the one I have been using.
  10. I buy the cheap white cutting boards at sams club. I cut to whatever shape I need and screw them together. I have one for pen blanks and one for bottle stoppers.
  11. RustyFN

    Bowl jig

    Yes it is clamped to the bandsaw table. I can adjust it to cut any diameter.
  12. RustyFN

    Bowl jig

    I don’t know. I never use a worm screw. It is a 3/8” hole.
  13. RustyFN

    Bowl jig

    I made a jig to cut my blank round before I put it on the lathe.
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