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  1. No. I buy the juice online and have it shipped to my house.
  2. My other hobby is making wine. I bottled 30 bottles of Merlot and 30 Malbec today.
  3. Hard to see. Looks like a cabinet scraper. I have seen that done a few times.
  4. Here is an update. The nine of us sold a little over $6,500 for the three days. I am in the middle with a few others at around $600. We have one more day. The good part for us is we don’t have to pay for a booth because it is our club meeting room.
  5. The park where our club is has a fair every 4th of July. Anybody in our club can sell in our meeting room. We have around eight people that take advantage of it, we are just required to work. I will apologize in advance for all of the pictures. The two lathes we have members turning full time. The kids love it because they get free tops.
  6. I was given a 10’ cedar log today. Got it cut up, pith removed and ends sealed. Will need to start rough turning soon.
  7. I haven’t started the finish yet. Been tossing it around and finally decided on Waterlox. I like it better than Arm R Seal because it is just a little shinier than satin finish. I will post pictures when I get the finis h done.
  8. Fred that looks great. Huge improvement. Do what ever works for you. A great person to watch on YouTube is Tomislav Tomasic. He explains everything better than anybody I have seen.
  9. So many things to factor in. Without knowing exactly what you are doing let me give you some examples. The direction of cut is important. On the outside of a bowl going from the rim to the base will give you tear out where going from the base to the rim can eliminate it. The angle of your grind is also important. Also if you are on the bevel or off of it too far. You will get a lot smoother cut with a 40 degree grind than you will with a 60 degree. I will use one of my pieces as an example. I was turning this box. It is basswood so it is very soft. I tried my spindle roughing gouge, two bowl gouges, a regular scraper and a negative rake scraper. All of them left tear out. I took my freshly sharpened swept back spindle gouge sharpened at 40 degrees. I dropped the handle to anround 45 degrees and took two very light finishing cuts and the tear out was gone. I was able to start sanding this at 400.
  10. Yes it is turned off center. Cindy Drozda has directions on her site.
  11. It would be best to learn to turn with both hands. I am right handed and not good doing much left handed. When I was fairly new to turning a lot of times I would turn left handed because it was to awkward sometimes right handed. Now I am very comfortable turning both ways.
  12. Looks good Fred. Boxes are a lot of fun to turn. That seems to be all I have been turning the last few months. My mentor and I keep challenging each other with different things. His latest is a triangle box. He knew it would drive me crazy and it is. Now I have to try them. You can do straight sides, tapered sides, twisted sides, the possibilities are endless.
  13. I hope this helps. My friend had a walnut crotch. We cut it in half and cut the pith out. With my half I made the part where the pith cut off the bottom of the platter. The first picture is looking at the top and the second picture is looking at the bottom.
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