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  1. Thanks Gene. It is a 3D carving. That is where I needed the help. I was missing a step.
  2. I made a clock for my wife. It wouldn’t have been possible without help from Mike, David and others over at the router forum.
  3. Very nice. I love seeing what you do with your scrap glue ups.
  4. Thanks Cal I appreciate it. It’s never easy having to put one down.
  5. These are our two dogs. The one on the left is Mac. The on one on the right is Shea, we had to put him down last week. I used photocarve and 60 degree v bit to carve it into 1/8 inch plastic. I made the box out of 5 mm plywood. I used a 90 degree v bit to miter all of the sides so after it was put together you can’t see that it is plywood. I will take pictures of the box when it is sanded and stained.
  6. Mark has some good videos. I have watched most of his to help me learn the software.
  7. Thanks it shouldn’t be much longer. I had to order a few things and they are slowly coming in.
  8. Yes I am new. I was going to make a couple of small projects first. If I need to stay close then I can rough out some bowls on my lathe but that will limit me to doing it only when I have the time to stay out there.
  9. How many of you start your CNC cutting and then leave it? I designed a clock for my wife and the 3D carving is going to take around seven hours. I feel a little uneasy leaving it but that is a long time to stand there and watch it.
  10. I installed vcarve desktop and am working on some projects. My question is in the tool passes. For the normal tool passes I used the Piranha Arcs inch post processor. My question is for the 3D tool passes do I need to use the Piranha 3D contour inch post processor?
  11. Wow I wish my lathe was large enough to need one of those.😀
  12. I have been using beeswax and putting it on like friction polish. It comes out shiny.
  13. I have never turned plywood. I would think you would get bad tear out. Does that not happen?
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