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  1. I guess you could also say who needs a NRS, carbide or anything but a bowl gouge when turning a bowl.
  2. Great idea. Every time I need to fix a screen I can never find anything and have to buy more.
  3. Very nice Ron. The cedar and maple go very well together.
  4. I knew it was wet. I went with it anyway to see what would happen.
  5. Like I thought it is warping like crazy.
  6. It is the only space I had left for storage.
  7. RustyFN

    New bowl

    Been working on this one for the last week.
  8. I have it turned down to around 3/8" thick. I think it is going to warp a little.
  9. sorry I thought it said Byron CA
  10. Cal you are real close to where I used to live. I used to live in Livermore.
  11. I finished my second one. Made a few mistakes. I wanted to make the bottom a checkered pattern. Half way through the first cut it hit me that there are only five pieces and I needed six to make the checkered pattern. I made the rest of the cuts and put a thin walnut strip in. I wanted to make the inside a barrel like the outside but was having trouble so I left it straight. It is 13” in diameter and 5” tall.
  12. There are a few people that drive 50 to 100 miles to come to the one I go to every Tuesday.
  13. Their meetings were too. Yesterday was the first day back.
  14. I went and met with a group today. Around 15 people. At 10 am they have coffee and donuts. At noon they have lunch. They don’t do much but talk. Anybody that has something new brings it in for show and tell. It was a lot of fun. A few people there really know what they are doing. I learned a lot today just talking to them. They meet every Tuesday. Looking forward to next week.
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