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  1. RustyFN


    We had a great time. The weather was good. We went to Apalachicola to visit Aunts and Cousins that I haven't seen in 40 years.
  2. Some of those looked pretty scary.
  3. Skew chisels are bad juju. I have tried one a few times with bad results.
  4. RustyFN


    Steve I just noticed I wasn’t too far from you. We were in Panama City Beach last week.
  5. RustyFN


    I bought a small 2 inch glass vase from Hobby Lobby to put in it so she could use water. That was the smallest one they had. I like your wine bottle idea.
  6. RustyFN

    Red oak

    Very nice. Beautiful piece of wood.
  7. RustyFN


    Was out in the shop today.
  8. RustyFN


    Thanks. I have a respirator. Still trying to figure the design for the top.
  9. RustyFN


    The blank is ready to turn. Just got home from a 17 hour drive. I took the picture while I was putting air in the mower tire. I will probably turn it in the next couple of days.
  10. RustyFN


    Not yet. We are on vacation and won't be back until next week.
  11. RustyFN


    I got it cut and phase two of the glue up.
  12. RustyFN


    I will cut it and add two more pieces of cedar going the other direction.
  13. RustyFN


    Going to turn my first vase. It will be small, around 7 high and 3 diameter. It will be made out of padauk and cedar. I am in the glue up process right now.
  14. RustyFN

    Eggs all over

    In all honesty when I first look at it I thought the same thing. Looks like a bird on a branch to me.
  15. Very nice Dan. Looks a little scary to me. Might try it when I get a little more experience.
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