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  1. RustyFN

    Tool Storage

  2. RustyFN


    Go to youtube and type April Wilkerson in the search. She showed the build of her workbench with storage and other goodies. Very nice bench and storage.
  3. RustyFN

    New Shop Storage

    I am thinking I will be ok. I don't do any cutting at that end of the bench.
  4. RustyFN


    We don't have a Costco either, wish we did. Did you also get the metal racking that was used for the base? Very nice score.
  5. RustyFN

    New Shop Storage

    I have two rows done, 16 bins. It looks like I will have a little more storage but best of all better storage. No more boxes of stuff to look through. All I have to do is reach in a bin.
  6. RustyFN

    New Shop Storage

    I took down part of my shelving. I am installing bins hoping it will give me more and better storage.
  7. RustyFN

    Wood Cracking

    Thanks for all of the advice and tips. I will try some new things out and see if it helps.
  8. RustyFN

    Wood Cracking

    Is there anything I can do to keep wood from cracking? I was making a bird house. I had to stop and got tied up for a while. I went back out 2 or 3 days later and it had a huge crack. The first picture is when I was working on it and the second picture is after three days of just sitting on the lathe.
  9. RustyFN

    The Date For The TPW Gathering Is

    I love keim Lumber.
  10. RustyFN

    Don't Buy Cheap Tools.

    I already have some large tools. The problem I was having was the tool would slow down the log so easy I was thinking it was too much for that lathe. I discovered the end would loosen due to a little vibration. Once I got everything tightened up real good I had no more problems with the big tools slowing anything down.
  11. RustyFN

    Don't Buy Cheap Tools.

    It's hard to see in this picture because the flash washed it out. Yes the steel does look crystallized. I had already gone through the bark and had the log round. It broke at 2.5 inches but the tool was only sticking around 1 inch past the rest.
  12. RustyFN

    Don't Buy Cheap Tools.

    What would you like to know?
  13. RustyFN

    Don't Buy Cheap Tools.

    I know you are all too smart for this so this is for the new turner. Don't buy cheap lathe tools. I was turning a 7.5 inch diameter log to make a bird house and had a catch. My 1/4 inch bowl gouge snapped in half.
  14. RustyFN

    Hands Free Lighted Magnifying Glass

    I bought this one at Woodcraft for under $50. I use it for scroll sawing and am very happy with it.
  15. RustyFN

    Old Cordless Tools

    Throw it away. If I ever have to replace the one I have now I will buy a Rigid. They have a lifetime warranty and free battery replacement for life.

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