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  1. My first turning was a pen. I made a lot of pens before I got into bowls.
  2. You got screwed. I will give you $50 for it so you can get some of your money back. 😀 Great find. I wish I ran into deals like that.
  3. RustyFN

    First Turn

    You are hooked now. All it takes is turning that first piece then it becomes an addiction.
  4. The wood was too wet. When I turn a bowl from a tree I cut down I do a rough turn first like Gerald mentioned. Then I stick it in a cardboard box surrounded by wood shavings for around three months. Then I take it out and finish turn it. I have been watching videos where Carl Jacobson has been using rice to dry his and it has worked very good.
  5. Very nice bowl. I love turning Cedar.
  6. I found Vcarve to be very easy to use and learn. There are a lot of great videos on YouTube. My machine came with Vcarve desktop and I upgraded to the pro version. They give you credit for having the desktop version so pro ends up being about half price.
  7. Not sure. It doesn’t say on the web site.
  8. Thanks. I ruined a few pieces of plastic in the beginning. I tried clear and they don’t come out very good. I bought some white acrylic and it worked better. This latest batch of acrylic seems to be much better. It even looked good before I added the paint.
  9. Yes. I carved it into white acrylic using photocarve that comes with Vcarve software.
  10. I made this for my wife’s friend that she works with. It is their first child.
  11. Wow John that is beautiful. Very nice job.
  12. Thanks Gene. It is a 3D carving. That is where I needed the help. I was missing a step.
  13. I made a clock for my wife. It wouldn’t have been possible without help from Mike, David and others over at the router forum.
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