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New Member who is really into the Oldies

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ron, the old tank is not in service, im using the old compressor with the tank disconnected to charge up my modern 8 gallon portable

next is the lathes.  ive had several over the years, my first was a little craftmaster, typical first lathe, motor on a hinge, vice grips on the handwheel, no morse tapers anywhere

then I rebuilt and sold several beaver 3400's, used one for a few years.  it had morse tapers in both ends, 8 speed reversible drive etc etc, served me well

now I use a craftmaster "boattail", a really heavily built 15 inch.  the first pic shows the large and small craftmaster, the second shows the larger craftmaster and a beaver 3400.  both are during restoration.  third pic is the beaver I used for several years

the larger craftmaster is rare machine, there's a 4 speed belt drive and mt#2 in both ends.  it now sits on the stand I built for the beaver and has a 4 speed jack shaft as well as the 4 speed headstock.  the motor has been replaced with a 1hp hoover with a reversing switch.  its recently had some other upgrades, so i'll have get some fresh pics

the last pic is before the last bunch of upgrades




001 (2).JPG

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