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  1. It's a piece of a sound absorbing panel that I cut off from a piece at the shooting range. It's a cellulose type material.
  2. Just recently a friend brought me this screwdriver and ask if I had one to which I replied no, haven't even seen one. He said he ran across it while out one day and thought of me and purchased it and brought it to me. How awesome is that. Anyway it's an HD Smith #8 Winged screwdriver. They made this starting in the early 1900's and other tools in a line called "Perfect Handle". Here is a link to a site with some information f you would like to see more. Excited to add this to my old tool collection.
  3. After looking at your toolboxes it reminded me of some pins I picked up a few years back while out picking one day. Thought they might fit in with your Craftsman toolboxes and dates. The one on the left was 1927, inaugural year, next two are 1952, 25th anniversary, 3rd from the left is 1977, 50th anniversary, and last one is 2002, 75th Anniversary. Nice collection, I love toolboxes and a LOT of other STUFF!!
  4. Got to say I love all of the organization. I need you to come spend some time in my shop and get it organized. Who knows, you might get one of those TV shows on DIY, "The Shop Organizer"! You never know!
  5. When we were building a lot of Big Green Egg Tables from cedar, I saved all of the cutoff pieces and made crates. I just took a corner in my storage area and put everything there till I felt like I had enough to make a batch. I made a prototype and got the size down so I knew what I needed. I cut all my pieces to size and stacked them and them just started an assemble process. Before I knew it and had a stack of cedar crates. I posted them on Facebook and sold them all for 25.00/each. It was a nice way to turn cutoffs and other pieces that would be scrap into something and get a little of my money back. I bought the cedar rough for $1.00 board foot and made my money on the tables. Not a lot of wood in the crates.
  6. Nice job on the repair Fred. That's what we sometimes do, step in and try to fix a problem and make life better for someone else. Yes it takes time, but I'm like you when I do something like this, it's not about the time or work I put into it, it's about helping someone that doesn't have the tools, time and skills to repair it. There smile and thanks at the end says a lot and makes it worth it to me. Great job and you make the woodworking community look a lot better for your efforts. Kudos to you Sir!
  7. Range time is always a good option!!! I work part-time in a Range/retail gun store. I get to shoot a little bit almost everyday. Sometimes it's shooting someone guns and ammo to sight in a scope or optic. Love the smell of burnt gun powder!
  8. Well I did get a new gas line run in the shop today so I can have heat in another place. Something I’ve meant to do for a couple of years. Mark that off my procrastination list!
  9. You might want to check out some of the projects posted in the CNC forum on this site. Some very good woodworks using a tool to preform a task. Not everyone that has a CNC is an amateur woodworker. Just a thought.
  10. Just cleaning up some STUFF that seems to find a flat spot today. Trying to get everything back in place so I can start on a project.
  11. Is it time for “Christmas Vacation”! Was there an RV in the driveway and cousin Eddy?
  12. I agree sometimes it’s been interesting to see how the colors come out. The orange and black really surprised me. The blank is a very bright orange and I was afraid it would be way to bright. But after milling it tones down some. I took them all to the range/gun store I work at and the orange and black sold the first day. In person it really looked better than in the picture an looked really good on the persons 1911.
  13. It’s G10, it’s layers of fiberglass and epoxy. It’s used a lot in knife handles. I buy it in sheets and the cut out the pieces I need for grips.
  14. Since I haven't done much work lately, here are a few pictures of some G10 1911 grips I made recently. Blue and Black with a Double Wave Blue White and Red Double Wave Brown and Black G10 OD Green and Tan Double Wave Orange and Black Double Wave Red and Black Double Wave Red White and Blue Double Wave Slate and Black Double Wave Tan Black and OD Green Double Wave I don't always put the screws in since I just usually check the fit. All of them are cut for Ambi safety. These are the first things I done since my finger accident. My 1911 picks up a bit of dust on it when its out in the shop being used as my test fit gun.
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