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  1. I did spend a little time in the shop today before our company arrived. Got the Walnut skirt on the cedar chest and the trim on the top. Customer wantes a “G” on the front so I took a piece of Walnut and put it on the CNC and got the “G” cut out. Just got it stuck on the double sided tape at the moment. Hope to get it into the finishing room Sunday afternoon. Got it a call from work this afternoon and I’ll be working the SIG day at the range tomorrow. Should be fun, there will be several trainers for the famous SIG Academy. Bringing lots of stuff for us to shoot.
  2. John Moody

    Laser Etched Cutting Board

    Wow, that is a really nice cutting board! I love the laser work.
  3. It has been a busy week in our shop as we were trying to meet a deadline and get some projects out. We were given a short time but we managed to deliver the important pieces and get it setup. My son, Josh has done most of the work with me being the "in the way management", but we all jumped in and helped. It is really nice to be able to move pieces into the finishing room while sanding or milling is going on in the shop. I had this nice Oak slab we used for the top of the Welcome Center and we used the self leveling epoxy to finish it. That way it covered and gave a nice thick smooth finish and really highlighted the grain in the White Oak. Yep, we left the cracks and filled them in with epoxy. Also did this sound console for the youth area where this was all going. Didn't really get a picture of it but there is one wall in this area they have covered with the corrugated tin. And we got the Oak table stained, assembled and delivered. This weekend we have out of town company so not a lot of shop time. Also have SIG day at the range so I'll be there part of Saturday. I'm already thinking Sunday afternoon will be recliner time! Today we are assembling more of the tables and working on a few small things in the shop. So what's on your weekend agenda? As always, we love to hear about all the projects from our TPW members. Post those pictures and share those projects. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  4. Had a busy weekend doing a Founders Day craft show. It was a good show and very profitable. It did rain Friday evening but we were dry in the tent and people came out later. Today has been a busy day in the shop. My son is working on a few pieces for the youth section at church. Today he got the sound booth done. I was the jointer/planer operator. Tomorrow he starts on the welcome desk and we are staining the tables. my other sone was assembling cornhole boards. We got orders for seven sets at the show. Busy time!
  5. John Moody

    2 Weeks From Today

    Sounds awesome Fred, wish I could make it. I’ll have to see if Ron can FaceTime me in for a few minutes. Have fun and lock down your tools! Hide the wood stash!
  6. @DAB thanks for your concern. The upper supports come out past the glue joints on the top. The top is 42” and the base legs are 37” across. I was able to lean on it and not tilt it, however at my size I didn’t climb on top of it. Im sure the angle I took the picture didn’t give a good view of all the details. Thanks for your concern.
  7. It seems to me like the weeks are just flying by. I sometimes wonder where the time is going. I turn around and the weekend is here again, and that's a good thing. This weekend we are readying for a show in a small town just east of us. Setting up this afternoon and going till Saturday evening. Looks like it will be hot and humid, but then what else would it be in August in Alabama. It seems the more projects we send out the door, the more that are coming in. My two sons are working hard during the week while I am at the shooting range working and then Thursday and Friday and the weekend we all hit it hard. My shop was not really built to have three people working at the same time on different projects, but we seem to be finding a way to get them done. Emptying the dust collectors keeps one person busy! So we have finished up a plain set of maple corn hole boards that will be painted white and later have the a decal of the shooting range on them to use at the range on First Saturday which is Burgers and Bullets. The boys did a nice set of Maple boards with Alabama decals for another customer. We build the boards and them put the customers decal on of their favorite team before we spray a finish. @Ron Dudelston we even had a request for a set and put a Notre Dame decal on it. Hey it they provide the decal and the money, I will put them on for them. We are also in the middle of a pretty good size job building ten 42" square Oak tables for a local church. Yesterday we got this one mostly together for our prototype so we would have all the measurements and figure out and assembly and clamping issues. Lots of rounding over to do and fitting but we are about ready to start running all the pieces. We are having fun and busy in the shop! What's on your weekend agenda? We love to see your projects and hear all about them. Share your projects and pictures of your weekend agenda. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  8. I’m hoping to shoot a USPSA match Sunday if the weather is good. I haven’t shot in one since last fall.
  9. We have finally made it to the dog days of summer although it seems around here they started the first of June. We have been in the 90's more days than not around here. I am so thankful that I put a new AC unit int he shop this year, that baby had been working hard. Didn't get too much done in the shop last weekend with the three granddaughters here from Saturday till Monday morning. They are loads of fun, but will wear you out in 5 minutes. But this week we are working on two projects. Yep still making corn hole games and still have some on order. My youngest son, Andrew was in the shop yesterday sanding on the boards getting them ready for the finishing room. As you can see the shop is a mess but lots of work going on in there. Three of the boards are in the finishing room, two of them getting sprayed and the other waiting on him to finish the second of the pair. I love being able to move them into the finishing room and spray while they keep cutting and sanding. Just got the second coat of Sanding Seal on these two and ready to spray the finish coats on. My other son Josh, has been cutting and gluing oak boards to make some 42" square tables for a job. He has one glued that needs to be squared up and the others in sections about ready to glue together and make the top. Then we will start on the bases which will be trestle bases. While I was waiting on finish to dry I was playing with the CNC and trying out a few setting to see how they would turn out. Sorry about this picture, the glare washed out one side. I'll try to get a better picture to share. We have First Friday's show this weekend and Saturday I'll be at the range doing Burgers and Bullets as I'm the grill master. So that is what's on the agenda in our shop, what's on your weekend agenda? We here at TPW love to see all of the great projects you are working on. Above all, have a great weekend and whatever you do, have fun and be safe!
  10. Not a busy shop weekend here, but will be busy with 3 of the granddaughters, 12,2 and 1 1/2. Should be a busy fun time. Yesterday i I spent some time getting a model loaded into the computer so I can start to cut and make some grips for my 1911’s with the CNC instead of shaping by hand. Josh and Andrew managed to get the order of corn hole games out and now have orders for four more sets. Wow, those have turned into a busy time. I got dye and the first coats of finish on some shelves that go to the range I never finishes a while back. I got one side done and then sidetracked. By the way I love my finishing room. so that’s about it around my shop. What’s on you agenda this weekend.
  11. John Moody

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    Our waste is now automated here so it’s not touched by hands when dumped into the truck. However I worked for the municipality here and when they had trash collectors they were constantly taking them to the ER with cuts and needle stabs from things that would stick through the garbage bags. Our Recycle Center still hands sorts the items brought in there and dumped on the conveyor belt. Hard to to believe they would want that dumped down the drain. Wow.
  12. It seems here that corn hole games have become the hot item. We have been quite busy gluing up tops for the games. Today we were busy in the shop cutting and getting five tops glued and one more ready but ran out of clamps. You know you can never have too many clamps. We made a set for an Auburn fan. They furnished the stick-on decal and we applied it and then sprayed on the clear finish. I'm an Alabama fan, but I won't turn down an order from an Auburn fan. I posted a picture of the Singer Sewing Table last week, but it got sprayed over the weekend with General Finishes Enduro Var and delivered to the customer. I'm also trying to finish up a Cedar Chest with Walnut accents. Got the skirt pieces all cut and mitered just need to get them on now. Lots to do this weekend. And today I had a meeting with a wonderful 92 year old lady that wanted a set of finials for her new gate and post. She had this very nice picture showing the gate and finials. She has already had the gate built and need the finials turned. So I went by and met with her and will be getting on turning the finials in the next couple of weeks to fit the post. My two sons and I have been quite busy in the shop lately and it has been loads of fun. So what's on your agenda this July weekend? Love to hear about and see all of your projects. Share with us whats on your agenda this weekend.
  13. $100.00 unfinished 150.00 Finished.
  14. The Singer Base is visible under the slab on the second picture. It has a primer on it, the customer is going to paint it. I just had it to make sure the slab would fit and see how to attach it. but let me know if you need a better picture of the base.
  15. John Moody

    Any Cnc'ers Up For Some Custom Work?

    @Gene Howe did you ever get the piece you wanted made?

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