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  1. I was at a flea market a few weeks back and found these neat table legs. After some negotiations I was able to get them. I was seeing a slab table using them but we had a customer that wanted one of our cutting boards enlarged and used as a table top. So we scaled up up the size of the boards pieces and did the first glue and then got it ready to glue in the end grain pattern. We built a large large jig for it and did the whole top as one glue up. It’s 17” wide and 37” long. Mounted it to the legs and we have a table. There is some bracing on the back and back and under the top for support. Just got to get it into the finishing room. I also got got a call from the guy I made the Ford signs for and he needed another one so I ran it this morning. And I got a call and picture from my sawyer and I have a load of Cedar ready to pick up. Watching the weather right now to see the rain from the tropical storm makes it to us. If if we don’t get rain tomorrow I’m shooting in an IDPA match in Birmingham. What’s on your agenda this weekend? Share it with us so we can see your projects. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  2. Hope you all had a great 4th and celebrated our country’s birthday! As in most places it was hot here with some showers and lots of humidity This week I made an American Flag Challenge Coin Display for a retirement gift. I personally only have one challenge coin I could put on it and display but I understand he may be able to fill it up. They didn't want want me to put stars in the field as they are going to put the company logo there. Looks like I’ll be doing a couple more for them in the next few weeks. So so what’s on your agenda this weekend. Share your projects with us and post those pictures. Have a great weekend, have fun and be safe.
  3. Thanks Gerald. I’m sure hope he sends me pictures after he does the epoxy. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks.
  4. Yep, it’s Friday and I’m way behind. Been a crazy week. My wife had a stomach bug from last Tuesday till Saturday. I thought I had dodged it but I was wrong and it got me this week. Been down most of the week but got back to the shop today. I guess it it was just in time cause I’ve had customers in and out all day and I just came in from the shop. Last week i did this Ford piece for a customer that is using it in an old truck restoration. The first one had recessed letters that is going to pour with Blue Epoxy. Next he wanted one with raised letters and he is going to pour the recess with Blue Epoxy. So I finished it this morning. I had a customer by this morning to get a cutting board and saw it and asked if I could do another one while I had it loaded in the CNC so they could give it as a gift this weekend. So I ran another one. A neighbor came down down with this base to an antique table that had busted and wanted to know if we could make another base for him. It was laminated with two pieces and the weight caused it to give way at the joint. Josh and I had to unstack some white oak to get to a 2” slab I had and of course it was on the bottom. Got it planned down the the correct thickness, made a template and cut out a new base from a solid piece of White Oak. This should stand up to up to many years to come for this table. He is going to stain it and drill all the holes so all I had to do was get it to this. All in all all it has been a good day and we got several things done. Tomorrow is a shooting day in a GSSF match at the range. I’ll also be doing the scoring for everyone else. What’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to see and hear about all of your projects. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  5. John glad to here you are “better”. I know it’s not where you want to be but hang in there.
  6. Glad you got a good report. Sounds like you have a great team taking care of you. Prayers your way, rest and heal.
  7. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. Hope you find new tools in the shop and no neckties. Today we are finishing up work on the cedar and Poplar double green egg table. It will have a large on one side and an xl on the other. Nice big table. I also finished a couple of small projects. I have a guy redoing an old Ford truck and I’ve got two of these to cut out. One with recessed letters and one with raised letters. This is the first one. He is mounting it in the bed of the truck. His plans are to pour it will Ford blue epoxy. And I completes a wedding board. My part was to build what you see here and then have have someone that is going to hand letter names and a verse on it. Saturday I’ll be working Glock Range Day at the range. That should be a lot of fun and get to do some shooting. Even get a chance to win a new Glock. So so that’s what’s on our agenda, what are your plans for this Father’s Day weekend? I look forward to see and hearing about your projects and plans. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  8. That’s cool John. Can’t wait to see the boxes you turn out.
  9. Too bad he wasn’t closer to me, I might have sold him one cheaper than that. I don’t know how many times I’ve moved it thinking I was going to mount it.
  10. Man seems like it was just Friday yesterday and here we are again. We’ve been fairly busy in the shop this week, however my son has been moving so we’ve not gotten done as mush as usual. We finished he’s three sets of Cornhole boards and I have pictures of two of them. The third set was plain without any decals. Next week we we will be back at it full go. Tomorrow I’m cooking burgers at the shooting range as part of their 2nd Birthday. Should be a fun day. So so what’s on your agenda this weekend? Share your projects and pictures with us. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  11. Finally finished the large L shaped Cedar Green Egg monster table. My two sons have been working on this to finish up this week. Yesterday afternoon it got delivered and set in place. Im very proud of them on this one. They did the work and I was just the advisor giving help and advice when they weren’t sure about doing something. It it has been fun seeing them enjoying what I have been doing for many years. They even got the water hooked up to the kitchen sink and the drain line. This is was the biggest one we’ve built so far.
  12. I love to look for the best appearance and will spend the time when I can. This is an island top I did from Jatoba. This was one board and had to be cut and use three boards in the glue up. I did work this after the glue up with a hand plane and a scraper. I just love wood!
  13. This was a Hickory project we finished back in January. I can tell no hand tools were used. We ran the slabs through the dual drum sander to flatten. There was a point I thought about using a hand plane, but that thought passed pretty quick! But it I do love the look of some beautiful Hickory!
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