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  1. Yesterday was my wife’s birthday so no woodworking. I did slip off to the range to sight in two rifles early but the rest of the day was for her. today we started making cutting boards. All of a sudden I have gotten several orders for them so I guess we will gear up and make some till Christmas. Got some walnut, cherry and maple cut this morning. Getting ready for a busy day in the shop.
  2. Still moving lumber today. Brought over a load of Pecan this morning. I’ve got about two more loads to move.
  3. That’s a great idea I spoke with him today. Maybe he’ll come down and help out. I might even share some lumber with him.
  4. Yes the donkeys are going also. Sad to see but it was great while it lasted.
  5. Started today clearing out my wood stash I had for years. The property has been sold where the barn was and I’m clearing out the barn. This is the 1st of many loads I’ve got to get. Going to be a busy weekend.
  6. There is a place in Clarksville TN that sells exotic woods. Just northwest of Nashville. I’ll see if I can find their name and number. I was up there a couple of years ago and bought some.
  7. Beth and I are in Dawsonville, Ga to shoot in a GSSF match this weekend and work as RO’s for the match. We arrived in the midst of a storm so no shooting till tomorrow. Going to make for a long day. But hey, shooting guns all day is fun! spent all week getting ammo loaded and guns ready to leave early this morning. This starts our season. We’ll shoot and work about 7 matches this year.
  8. Had to restack my lumber behind the shop. A couple of the stacks fell over onto other wood and everything was a mess. Took it all out from the cover and the put it alll back before it starts raining and then turn to snow tonight. Also got my barn door on my shop office framed out. Got a party to attend tonight. I’ll have to eat cookies and snacks!
  9. Beth will keep it clean. She keeps the shop clean! I can’t find anything!
  10. No he didn’t invite me to tag along. Not sure why he didn’t ?
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