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  1. Spent the weekend cruising the country side in the Jeep with the top down. Went up into Tennessee and then came back down the Natchez Trace parkway. Saw a few Deer, Turkeys (some driving) and some beautiful scenery.
  2. If 2020 is hindsight, then this one is going to be one to look back on!
  3. I can relate to the top sign!
  4. Welcome Kevin, glad to have you here. I’m located in NW Alabama, about three hours from Chattanooga. We go there quite often.. hope to meet up with you sometime.
  5. That sounds fun. We love going to the Smokies. We have a friend that lets us use their cabin. It’s just off the bypass around Gatlinburg and not too far from Ski Mountain Road. Have a great time and watch for the bears!
  6. Yeah I can only hope that it last forever. The young man that contracted it does quite a bit of woodworking and seemed knowledgeable. I was only contracted for the CNC cutout work. I preformed the scope of work given to me, got paid and he left with it to do the rest of the work. I can’t speak to what was or wasn’t done after it left me. Either way it will last a lot longer than some and probably shorter than some others.
  7. Really nice work! Beautiful cutting board!
  8. No big plans for me, mainly stay out of the way and listen to be called to the table at meal times. I hate to miss those! My son has been over this week working on a smoker table and has the shop smelling all cedar like. I did finally walk out there to check his progress and answer a question or two. I haven’t been in the shop to work since my accident. my wife purchased a new to her ride Friday so we my get out and let the top down and take a little ride and let the wind blow! Other than smoking some chicken on the grill that’s about all the plans we’ve made! Happy a happy 4th, be safe!
  9. Welcome aboard Andrew, excited to have you on the team. The condo Isn’t quite finished but you can still get on the list to use it. I think reservations are already out to 2030 when we celebrate 20 years. Have fun! if you need anything just ask the nice people in the white coats, they help us a lot.
  10. Still doing nothing but waiting on skin to grow on my fingers I injured. They are improving and I’ve got the skin growing department working overtime! I can finally take the bandages off while in the house. Have to cover them any time I go out to keep from getting an infection. Just thankful they are still there and getting better. Working on getting the joints to bend again.
  11. That is so neat and I love the way you went about cutting it!
  12. Well the practice piece was awesome and I’m loving that book match walnut piece.
  13. I’m not sure what he did with that part after he picked it up. I just did the CNC work on it.
  14. Wow, two great projects in one post. that walnut lazy Susan is just way cool.
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