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  1. Hey I’m back at it again. I had a couple of Friday’s that just got busy early and Ron came to my rescue. This week we have been working on Cedar shutters for a customer. Got them all sanded and ready for delivery today. While we were waiting on those to dry we got a panel glued for a kitchen work table glued out of Red Elm. Still making stock for our last show of the year. Glued a batch of cutting booand last night got them all run through the drum sander. This weekend will be more of the same. Take time out out this weekend to recognize our veterans and let them know how much you appreciate them and the sacrifices they made. So what’s on your agenda? We love to see and hear about your projects so post them and pictures so we can see what you are working on. Have a great weekend and whatever you do have fun and be safe.
  2. Making normal stock this weekend for our year end show in a few weeks. Grilling at the range tomorrow for Burgers and Bullets and Sunday afternoon shooting in a USPSA pistol match. Im also working on making some AR-15, 30 round magazine speed loaders. I just about have my prototype finished.
  3. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    We try to reuse the stickers. The safer at the mill cut me a bunch when he was sawing of different species. I try to separate them and use the Cherry with the Cherry and maple with the maple and so on. @Ron Dudelston and @Allen Worsham have both been to the wood barn. They had to be blindfolded and ride a donkey to get back to the barn.
  4. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    The big advantage of getting your own trees and taking to the mill around here is price. if I take the tree to them, it gets cut and loaded on my trailer for .20/bf no matter the species. if the have the tree and cut it and call me to buy it, it cost me $1.00/bf no matter the species. so if I take the trees and cut a 1000bf of lumber it cost me $200.00, where if they have the tree and I buy it it cost me $1000.00 for a 1000bf of lumber, no matter the species. i like to get the trees!
  5. John Moody


    I built this Cherry chest a few years back and lined it with Cedar. I planed the Cedar to 1/4” and cut 1/8” rabbets on each opposing side so they would overlay.that way it could move but not leave visible gaps.
  6. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    All of these pieces of furniture were built from air dried lumber that we took from the tree to the board to the piece.
  7. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    This is the way I get logs. A lot was being cleared for a new house. They marked the trees to come down, called me and we picked the ones we wanted. They took them down, loaded them and I carried the to my sawer. he then cuts it and loads it on my trailer if I’m bring it back right then. but he cut me some poplar and stickered it for me till I pick it up. over to the right of the poplar is some cherry I have stickered and stacked at the mill. and the last two pictures he has stickered and stacked also. Some maple, cherry, Hickory, elm, and oak. right now I have close to 10,000bf of lumber stored in three different places.
  8. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    We try to stay far enough ahead to allow it plenty of time to dry. Some I can use in a year. Some I’ve had stacked a couple of years. I’ve had some slabs cut and it takes them about 2 1/2 years to be dry enough to use.
  9. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    It’s Eastern Red Cedar.
  10. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    Yep, just stack it and use the weight. I do try to go by a few weeks after I unload it and check the top few rows and I might rotate them if the need it.
  11. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    Note it’s just pretty Cedar. This mill gets me some of the best in the area.
  12. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    John the Cedar will be ready in a couple of months. It dries way faster than anything I have. We don’t wrap it, but it’s stored in a 60x80 metal building that acts like a kiln. We just sticker and stack it good so it get air flow through and around all the boards. This summer when it’s been upper 90’s it was hot inside the building. It has eight roll up doors and I open them to get airflow. It it has worked for me.
  13. John Moody

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    I have all my lumber sawn from the tree and stacked and air dried. I’m only a couple of hours south of you, I have lumber air dried that will read on the meter in the 8-10% Range. We build a lot of furniture and other items and so far I’ve never had a piece come back because it changed shape. I had some kiln dried in Pulaski, TN and when I picked it up it was curved and cracked. They tried to take it down too fast and made it worse. I usually cut my logs long and if I have splitting on the ends I still have room to square them up and cut out the split end. i just picked this Cedar up at the mill Tuesday afternoon. Already got it stickered and stacked.
  14. Sorry for your loss John.
  15. Well it seems as if fall has arrived. Last week it was in the 90’s and this week we are in the low 70’s. I love the cooler weather and we are busy in the shop. Today we are working on making and 8’, 2” thick Cherry Cross. Working on the half lap joints right now. At the assembly table we are ready pieces for cutting boards. And of course we still have cornhole boards everywhere. Last week I build this display piece for the range to put AR rifles in a horizontal position. i used my CNC to cut the mortises for the upright pieces. Finished it and took it to the range. So lots going on here and we are readying for Christmas. Whats on on your weekend agenda? I always love love to see your projects and hear about what you are working on. Share your photos and projects. Whatever you you do have fun and work safe!

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