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  1. Today has been a long day, started at 4:30 am and lasted till 4:30 pm. Got up early today and hit the deer blind with my son. Had deer everywhere and unable to get a shot. We were bow hunting and just nothing in the right place with a good shot. I had to come in at 8:30 am to go to work at the range. Wow was it busy today. Lots of folks with family in and some came to shoot while others did Black Friday shopping. I got home and laid down to catch a nap and slept longer than I meant too. Oh well it was all good. So we had an awesome show last weekend to finish off the year. We took orders to personalize some of the cutting boards. I thought I would share a few of them with you. I did the engraving with the laser attachment for my Shark HD4 CNC. Its no a powerful laser but does a good job for things like this. So I got them all finished Wednesday so I could spend time with my family Thursday and then get in the short hunt this morning. Tomorrow I’m planning on finishing these natural edge shelves made from White Oak. Four shelves about an inch and three quarters thick, 30 inches long. Just a little more sanding on the edge and they get a clear finish. My wife and I are heading out for a little R&R to celebrate out 45th anniversary and a Christmas present for both of us. Just a little quite time. What’s on your agenda this weekend. I know leftovers are but what about your other plans. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I look forward to reading about your plan and projects and family time. Have a great weekend and whatever you do, have fun and be safe.
  2. We finished our show Saturday evening and packed up. Took about 15 minutes to break down and we didn’t have much to pack away. Still have a few boards so we can cover last minute Gift ideas. Rested Sunday afternoon and today we’ll get busy on some engraving orders we took at the show. We’ve got to cut three slab shelves today for some free floating shelves
  3. We had an awesome day today. Crowd was good all day. We took orders for 8 Cornhole boards and we sold our demo set we had at the show. We started with 25 large end grain boards and at the end of the day we had 8 left for tomorrow. We’re almost out of breadboards and cheeseboards. Only got five medium boards and we started with 15. It’s looking like we could sell out tomorrow. catch you all later in the weekend.
  4. So for the past three weeks or so we’ve been covered up working in the shop or at my part time job so I’ve been absent from the site. This weekend is one of our biggest shows and it started by setting up Wednesday evening and runs through Saturday evening. Today our hours are 9-9. just trying to have enough inventory has been a real push but we’ve gotten most of it done. I’ve made close to 100 boards in the past three weeks. We have a nice corner booth inside an atrium. Tickets to get in to shop are $10.00 so these are serious shoppers. I made some round boards with a small handle this year cutting them out on the CNC. and we tie an antique or vintage spreading knife to them. We made end grain boards in three sizes, large pictured above, medium and small. Small one on the left medium on the right. Above are cheese boards with the antique or vintage knife and we do a bread board with a small bowl for putting you dipping herbs in. Another look at some of the display. We also had our cornhole boards there and sold five sets yesterday. So I apologize for being absent lately but we have been busy and ready to wrap up this season. We’ll take a small break next week and then finish out the year filling Christmas orders. So what’s on your Patriot Woodworker agenda this weekend. Love to see you projects and hear about what your making in your shop. Have a great weekend and have fun and be safe.
  5. I’ve never bought any scrap. Some times someone will ask about scraps. By the time it’s ready to leave my shop it’s pretty much dust. Small pieces make pen blanks and bottle stoppers. A little bigger and it gets into cutting boards.
  6. Most of the weekend was spent making, sanding, engraving, oiling, shipping cutting boards. Wow that felt like I was in that UPS commercial. I also worked on cutting out a couple of round cheeseboards as prototypes. I had to pass them the the new product selection VP for approval. A small design will be made and the get on with the run. After I cut this one I notice the board had a split in it. That one will go into the archives. After having birthday lunch with my granddaughter my son and I eased away with permission to slip into a blind and look for deer. I got a new video camera and we were hoping to video this hunt. As it turned out we had deer just before dark but they weren’t coming out till dark. This morning we got another batch of cutting boards cut out and glued and another set out of the clamps and sanded.
  7. Nice job on the letters. Takes a good touch with the scroll saw.
  8. Nice project Lew!
  9. Have them get you some Black Rifle Coffee. A veteran owned company and the coffee is awesome.
  10. I grew up in a newly developing neighborhood in the 60’s. New houses being built meant scrap lumber and occasionally a few good boards would find their way to our forts and tree houses. The workers were always cool about it and now that I look back I believe they left pieces out for us at times. In the 70’s after I was married my dad and I started building barn style utility buildings in the back yard for people. We had a plan that allowed us to prefab a lot of it and the assemble it on site. My dad had a small shop and we precut everything on a Craftsman RAS. He never got a table saw. I look back and am surprised we didn’t get seriously hurt. It really made me respect the power of power tools. I put boards together for a stereo shelving unit. It’s hard today to look at pictures of it and say I built a piece of furniture. My dad was one of those men that could do anything and I was blessed to work for him and with him. Taught me many life lessons and skills that took me some time to hone. About 2000 when my boys went off to college, I had a two car garage separate from the house and now it didn’t have cars parked in it. So I started dragging my tools out and setting them up like a shop. I built the cabinets in the shop first and then decided I really wanted to build a piece of furniture. My wife suggested a bed. How hard can that be I thought and then she said if I was going to build it she wanted a pencil post bed. Okay so now it got hard. I found a plan and managed to follow it and got the bed built. We sleep on it every night now. So with the bed behind me she wanted a dresser, lingerie chest and night stand. So after those were built and the tool collection going in the shop I was hooked. I started spending every spare minute in the shop and taking on everything I could to challenge my abilities. Several years back I was contacted by a decorator in Vermont about building a Cherry Blanket chest. I was sent a picture and told to stay as close as I could but I could use my own artistic skills to make some changes. When it was finished I shipped it out to an address I was given and paid for my work. A few weeks later I received an email and picture of my chest sitting at the foot of a Cherry sleigh bed. It was then I was told that every piece of furniture in this 3 million dollar house was built by a different artisan. I was selected for the blanket chest. I’ve never been told where the house is or who owns it but I have a piece of furniture in it. My son started about two years ago working with me in the shop and for the part year he works full time for me in our shop. We stay busy doing custom work and making cutting boards and other small items. We’ve shipped cutting boards all over the states, to Japan, England and Spain. I love every minute I get in my shop. All of the tools have been upgraded and paid for making cutting boards. When I retired I added 12’x32’ to the 24’x32’ garage. @Ron Dudelston and his wife Dorothy came down and stayed with us and they helped us with the addition. @Allen Worsham and Tami have been to visit and along with Ron we built a Walnut chest together. Thats about the whole life story about woodworking. It is relaxing, rewarding and just down right fun.
  11. Well I missed last Friday and have just gotten home from working then picking my wife up at her work and eating supper so I’m just now getting my Friday post done. Thanks for your patience with me. Wednesday I was invited to look at and see if I was interested in purchasing some lumber and turning blanks. A gentleman that used to stop by my booth at First Friday passed away two years ago. His wife is just starting to sell off his lumber and blanks. One of his favorite things was to turn rough bowls and then sell them so people could finish them after they had dried and stabilized. Wow there was a room full of bowls just waiting to be chucked and finished turning. I was like a kid turned loose in a candy store. Now I just got to narrow down my choices and see what I can acquire. I was so thankful to be asked to go through his work, lumber, blanks and a few tools. I’ll let you all know soon what I decide to purchase. Here are a couple of samples of what was there. I can hardly wait to get back over there. Today has been a long needed rain soaking here and more to come over night. Like a lot of places, we have been in a drought situation for a couple of months. Thanks for the rain. We are in cutting board mode at the time. Getting ready for one of our large shows and the last of the year. This is a three day show and they moved it up a couple of weeks earlier so we are going wide open making cutting boards and other items for inventory. We finished this batch on Wednesday. Yesterday I got a batch in the first glue up and today my son got them cut into strips. Before he had to pickup kids at school he was able to get a couple also glued in the final End Grain set. Last night I got most of these sanded and ready for engraving our logo on them. A few of them had some spots that we epoxied. Also got eight 6x6” Cheese Boards ready for engraving. And lastly before I came in last night I got 2 large size boards oiled and they will be ready to go in the storage box. Tomorrow will be finishing gluing and cutting and engraving and oiling boards. Whew I’m already tired. Sunday afternoon will be celebrating one of my granddaughters 14th birthday. Hard to believe she is 14. Been busy this school year, she made cheerleader for 8th grade. What’s on your weekend agenda? As always we really love seeing and hearing about all the projects you are working on. Share your weekend agenda with the rest of us.
  12. Epoxy will be fine. I make hundreds of cutting boards and at times we have to use it to fill in around a knot or other spot. If the wood is dark like Walnut you can mix a little coffee in it to give that brown color and no one will ever know.
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