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  1. Epoxy will be fine. I make hundreds of cutting boards and at times we have to use it to fill in around a knot or other spot. If the wood is dark like Walnut you can mix a little coffee in it to give that brown color and no one will ever know.
  2. The four rods on the mantle go into the shelf just over 6”. My pictures didn’t show you the full length of the rods. Of course you can contact shelfology and they will design the shelf for your particular use. They will pre drill for mounting either match your studs or to screw into a header board. Here are some other examples we did using the shelfology system. https://shelfology.com/shelf-hardware/aksel-xd-3-rod-bracket/ this link show a bracket that will support 55lbs per Rod. Hope this helps. Of course using blocking from the backside is also an excellent option.
  3. I have used these for floating shelves several times. I just finished a solid Cherry Mantle using this hardware to hang it..
  4. Great job Steve! You are a master with those hand tools!
  5. Find out what kind of pistol and you can PM if you like. I’ll see what I can do or find out there.
  6. He’s a really good quarterback. Showed a lot of character last year at Alabama when he lost the starting position but stayed through the year. Hope we “Alabama “ don’t end up having to play them.
  7. Roll Tide right back at you!
  8. Finally some cool weather and some shop time this week. I have been working most of the week on the CNC machine, but I did get another set of cutting boards ready for the next glue up today. I found a guy that had a 3D set of grips available for download and they are very nice models. For the moment I’ve lost his name and link, but I’ll go back through my history and find it to give him credit. I cut one plain set from walnut to try them out and check sizing. I did have to open up the screw hole just a bit but it was close. The other sets ive made this week are still in the blank so I can flip them and made a cut on the back. Figured I’d run several sets before I flipped them so I could do them all at once. So so here is a set from Walnut with an American flag. I did the flag for this set. Bloodwood with checkering. Maple set with checkering. Two sets of Bloodwood with dots. Bloodwood with texturing. Here is a picture of them all. I’ve created several more options that I just need to run. Tomorrow I'm headed to Birmingham to shoot in an IDPA match with a friend. That’s pretty much my weekend. What’s on your agenda? Really love to see and hear about your projects and agenda. what ever you do, have fun and be safe.
  9. Awesome chest and great job on the raised panels. I too love the shop and like John I really love the work bench.
  10. That’s some really nice looking wood. Does the door stay unlocked. I could use some.
  11. I’ve come to the conclusion that the pencils in the shop are running off with the sock that you can never find.
  12. The heat is still with us here in Alabama and we are in a drought situation. Seems like in the spring it rained every day and we had record flooding. But it’s supposed to be cooling off here beginning this weekend and I must say I’m ready for some cool weather, but not yet ready for cold weather. This weekend I’ll be gluing these cutting boards in the end grain configuration. Starting to get get ready for our big end of the year Christmas show. Seems strange to say that with it being upper 90’s today. But it is that time. In the morning I’ll cut them into strips and glue them. I’m finishing this large thick Cherry Mantle. It has a bracket so that it looks to be a floating mantle. These work great as I used them before on some floating shelves. I routed the back so the bracket will be flush on the back and it has four rods that go about 6” into the mantle. I left it a little proud here so I can get it out. The bracket will get mounted to a 2x12 that is in the wall then the mantle will slide onto the rods. They are a tight fit but that’s what you want. Just need to do a bit more sanding and then spray a clear coat on. It’s supposed to have a somewhat rough look. Im also getting started making some 1911 grips this weekend on the CNC. Cut these this afternoon out of a nice small piece of walnut. Tomorrow my my son and his new wife are having a celebration of their marriage. They actually got married back in July while we were in the Mountains. Tomorrow we are having friends and family over to celebrate with them and to pray over their marriage and family. Then we’re having BBQ and fellowship. Thats my weekend agenda, what’s on yours? Share your woodworking and other plans and pictures with us. We love to see and hear all about your weekend plans. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe.
  13. Seems like this year has been flying by. Here we are the last weekend in September, fall is here, football season in full swing and a good time to get in the shop. So I got my digital duplicator hooked up on my CNC and ran the first test. It saves the file in a special format and you have to register the unit to get the software to be able to view the file and export it so you can ring it into VCarve. So to keep this short, it said you had to list the serial number to register it. Well I spent two days going over the piece, the box, the manual and there was no serial number. Called TS and they said it didn’t have a serial number but they would send me the software. A day later and still no software so another call to TS. They told me I had to connect the CNC to the computer via usb cable to register and then it would send me the link to the software. Well the comics in my office and the CNC is 30’ away in the shop. No usb cable that long. So I had to dissembled the computer and move it to the shop, connect it and register. By the way, they emailed me a serial number to use. So long story, I got the software and was finally this week able to see my first test. I had it to duplicate a 1911 grip as my test piece. It was the one for the other side and not the one pictured below. It took just over an hour for it to duplicate. Here red is a screen shot after I was able to import the file. I pretty nice job. I can’t wait to really put this to work and make some pieces. I have a small piece of molding I need to duplicate to repair an antique headboard. So that’s what I’ve been working on. This weekend we’re headed to Nashville to the flea market. What’s on your agenda this weekend? Share with us your projects and pictures. Love to read about and see what you all are working on. Thanks to @Ron Dudelston for putting up the Friday post for me. I was in Talladega and not Stock car racing, but at the 26th annual Glock Sport Shooting Foundation match. A year ago was my first time to complete in this event and I was 183rd out of 253 entries. This year I made some improvements and finished 98th out of 250 entries. In some places it was hundreds of a second separating places. So I was very proud of my improvements. Now just got to move up that much more next year. Have a great weekend and whatever ever your doing, have fun and be safe,
  14. Got my Digital Duplicator for my CNC in and started it on the test piece to see how it goes. First it goes slow! I'll update you all when it finishes, I hope before the week is out.
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