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  1. This week has mostly been a week of cleaning are reorganizing the shop. We have moved most everything that was in the back of the shop to the front, and what was in the front to the back. Trying to improve our work flow through the shop. Wow what a mess I have made. Saturday we are going to Nashville, my CNC came in Monday but haven't had time to make the run up there. The new CNC is part of the reason for the shop rearrangement and should work a lot better. I am also running some new ductwork for my DC. Thanks for all of your wonderful birthday wishes. I have reached the magic 65 number and still going strongly. So what's on your agenda for this St. Patrick's day weekend? Hope the weather is better and warming up so you can get in the shop. Post your pictures and share with us your weekend projects. Whatever you are doing this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  2. Congratulations John! We finished and delivered the Green Egg/grill table today. Woodcraft called this morning and my CNC arrived. It’ll have to wait till Saturday for me to pick it up.
  3. Well I guess you could and I could pick it up from you in April when I’ll be in Indy.
  4. Beautiful plane. I love the lines. Very nice finish.
  5. I got a call late Friday evening from Woodcraft in Franklin, TN saying my new CNC wasn’t on the Friday delivery truck, but should be in on Monday. So no trip to Nashville on Saturday and I’m working five days at the shooting range this week. I guess it’ll just have to sit and wait and go to Woodcraft next weekend.
  6. We finally got a break in the rain. Made a trip to the sawmill to pick up a load of poplar we have needed. At the same time left a couple of Cedar logs to get cut. Got it a call to go by and pick up the nice Elm. At least to 14’ logs. Looks like it has some beautiful grain. Now or we can move on with a couple of other jobs we were on hold with because of all the rain. Im looking forward to seeing the beautiful grain patterns in that Elm.
  7. Awesome saw Allen. Should be just the thing to get any project completed.
  8. I might be able to cut them on the CNC. A laser would probably give you a better cut.
  9. Congratulations to her and to you all. Never apologize for bragging on grandchildren, they are special. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with our youngest. Doesn’t get much better. Friday evening we drove to Birmingham, Al to see our 13 y/o granddaughter. She tried out for and made Allstate chorus. Looked beautiful and sang great. So go ahead and brag when you can, they bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!
  10. @Ron Dudelston awesome job on the bed. Really looks first class just as all your work does.
  11. Gerald I hope so. We went in very competitive but think we will still do well. They really liked the prototypes and paid up front for them. We had just under two weeks to go from design to being able to make one that can be produced in numbers quickly.
  12. Also hard to put screws in. i knew I misspelled that. Thanks for the catch.

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