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  1. This was a Hickory project we finished back in January. I can tell no hand tools were used. We ran the slabs through the dual drum sander to flatten. There was a point I thought about using a hand plane, but that thought passed pretty quick! But it I do love the look of some beautiful Hickory!
  2. Memorial Day Weekend, a time to pause, reflect and remember those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Sometimes it seems as though many just look at it as a long weekend and don’t even think of the meaning of the name of the day we are celebrating. Freedom is not free nor is the price cheap. I’m so thankful for those that answered the call, went, served and secured the freedom I enjoy. A salute to those! This week we’ve been trying to catch up on some projects we stopped on to do the show last weekend. My two sons have been at it hard to finish this “L” shaped Cedar outdoor kitchen Egg table. Tops are done and they are just finishing up doors and drawers. Then part of it will get disassembled so that it can get delivered. Temps are in the mid to upper 90’s here and we are now having to work on assembly outside the shop. Set the tent up for some shade. My my wife and I just finished putting out 50 bags of mulch and we were 20 bags short so it’s back to get more. After this we are planning a little down time for the weekend. So what’s on your agenda this weekend? I love to see your projects and pictures. Share with us your Memorial Weekend plans. Whatever is on your agenda, have fun and be safe.
  3. Arts Alive show over the weekend. After packing up at the end on Sunday, came home and fell in the recliner and didn’t move for a while. Monday we started on filling some orders from the show. My two sons got two Cedar Green Egg tables finished and I worked on engraving a couple of cutting boards.
  4. It has been a busy week getting ready for the first show this year. We had boards on every flat surface we had to oil them. I also cut out some handle cutting boards on the CNC and then made a sample one engraved so we could take orders to personalize. Took several orders so ill so I’ll be busy this week setting them up and engraving. I ran the laser a lot putting my logo on all the boards. Friday morning we got setup for an outdoor show. We were thankful to finally get a booth spot at this show in the shade. Weather turned out great, we had one little pop up shower for about 15 minutes and then the sun was back out. Rain was gone for the remainder of the day. We packed up Sunday at 5:00 pm and headed home after a very good show. hope you all had a great weekend and thanks Ron for putting up a post for me.
  5. I’m with you on this one Larry. Pull some dust from sanding and titebond and you have the perfect filler color and it will stain. If it’s a dark wood I mix a little coffee grounds in the epoxytp match up a knot.
  6. I keep about four or five drills at all times. For a while they were all Craftsman and then as they started to not keep a charge or have problems I replaced all of them so they are the same. I’ve been using DeWalt for the past four years, same drills and they have held up fine. But when they start not keeping up with me then I’ll look at what’s available.
  7. So far this morning it has been good. Got all the corners rounded and the edges rounded on this batch. Ready for sanding then branding.
  8. Mother’s Day weekend will be a bit different this year for the first time in my life my mom want be there. She passed away last June. However I have a most wonderful wife and she is an awesome mother to our children and grandchildren and we will most certainly celebrate her. Today though I’m in the shop pushing to get inventory ready for our first show of the season. Cutting Boards are on the agenda this weekend and next week. Finished this stack yesterday and have a batch in the clamps now. As as soon as these come out we have another batch ready for glue up. And then the ones coming out will join this one as they pass through the drum sander. So we are in a cutting board run at the moment. What’s on your agenda this weekend? If you are getting any shop time share that and if you can I hope you get to spend time with your mom. Have an awesome weekend and whatever you do have fun and be safe.
  9. That was all he ask me to do to it. I’m not sure what he’s plans are. I told him if he had to do more and sand it down, then I’d put it back on later for him.
  10. They must have done well, the Nashville store showed Sold Out!
  11. Feed direction can make a difference. I get mine close with the planer and run them through a dual drum sander and don’t have any snipe.
  12. Sometimes i use them and sometimes I don't. If alignment is important and I don't want to spend a lot of time sanding to get it flat, then yes, use biscuits.
  13. I still own one that was my dad's but it is in storage. Just didn't have room in the shop for it and could do what I was using it for other ways.
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