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The Scrap Bin

Welcome to our Scrap Bin, this is the area of our community where we discuss software related topics, learn how to use our site, and to report bugs and issues. We have a robust Free For All forum that you can also use to discuss and share anything un-related to woodworking.


  1. Free for All

    The Free For All Forum. Anything unrelated to woodworking, your other passions, hobbies, family, trips, day job, post it all here.


  2. The Classified, Swap and Sale

    Post your items for sale here, tools, lumber, or anything else you like. Swap items and services too.

  3. Patriot Woodworker Member Meetings

    Our Patriot Woodworkers are a sociable bunch, start a gathering in this forum. Do you want to host a gathering in your home? Would you like to plan a meeting at your local watering hole? Put out the news here, schedule dates, and collect names!

  4. The Patriot's Pulse

    Do you have a suggestion for our woodworking community? Please submit your suggestions in this forum to help improve The Patriot Woodworker Community. All suggestions and critiques are welcome, and all will be addressed!

  5. Announcements

    Please check in here for news and items of interest as reported by and to our community.

  6. Network Tutorials

    Check in here for tutorials on how to post images, topics and discussions, upload images and more. We are currently building our database of tutorials, thank you for your patience.

  7. Bugs and Issues

    Please address any bugs or issues you might be experiencing here. Or anything that bugs you period about our network!

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